Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Good People Take Care of Good People.

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Here is my latest blog post. The only thing that exceeds the malevolence of the FBI is their stupidity. There is no justification for human rights violations. And let us create a cycle of love, my beautiful world.

Venezuela. Is what we all hear about you the truth or a distorted half truth? The truth is so important, Venezuela. People ask me what my secret is all the time.

People want to know how I am so effective in my fight to save the world all day every day. All I do is tell the truth. I speak what is obvious to me. I learned that just because it is obvious to me, it may not be obvious to everyone else. But because it is true, it resonates and makes sense with everyone.

Please tell us the truth of your crisis, Venezuela. We, the loving world, want to help.

Also, Maduro, I am not plotting against you. I have faith you can maintain a safe, stable Venezuela that meets the needs of your people, but for that to be possible, you have to listen to the needs of your people.

Maduro, why are they protesting? There is nothing wrong with acts of kindness from the government to end protests. Prove you are benevolent and understanding. Have the government commit an act of kindness to end this conflict, so you can keep power and maintain a stable Venezuela.

Sadly, Maduro, talking to Obama will not fix anything for you. He is not the current President of the United States of America. Obama is just a facade.

When he saw impeachment coming for him, he created an executive order that would let him stay as the ceremonial head of the country with all the benefits of the presidency, the bodyguards, the airplanes, the helicopters, the White House, etc. for years to come. He was mortified of not being a celebrity anymore.

Obama is not supposed to create policy now. That is illegal. If he is still creating policy, he is doing so as an unelected dictator and needs to go to prison for it.

I understand Obama getting impeached for abusing his office by creating the executive orders that maintain the bubble I live in has created a leadership vacuum in the White House. But that is no reason to treat Obama like he is the president. That is just lying to the public, and the world deserves better.

Maduro, you can prove you are better than the United States by ending your conflict peacefully and in a timely manner. Rubbing Obama's nose in his own inadequacies and heinous crimes should be reason enough to commit an act of kindness to make your protesters happy. Please think about it.

Ukraine. I am worried about you, Ukraine. Your people just had an epic win over tyranny and injustice. Please hold it together and build a stronger democracy as efficiently as you can. The world loves you, Ukraine, and needs you stable. Please hold it together.

Syria. According to the article, “This resolution should not have been necessary. Humanitarian assistance is not something to be negotiated; it is something to be allowed by virtue of international law,” UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told the council.

The humanitarian crisis in Syria is out of control. We need more unilateral action to feed starving children and to protect the innocent. I have said so much about Syria already. When will I have the human rights to DO something about Syria?

I am currently caught in a fight for my human rights at every level from Polk County up to Iowa up to the FBI and the White House. Everybody is persecuting me.

I really wish the US Legislature would take more action to help me. As far as the government at every level is concerned, I can count on the federal courts and maybe Governor Branstad. That is it. Corruption is everywhere.

What the hell is wrong with Iowa and Polk County? Fighting for human rights is NOT illegal, but fighting to commit human rights violations is!

Iowa got caught committing human rights violations against me, so I pressed charges to make it stop. Then, Iowa claimed I was "ripping them off" by fighting for their human rights as well as my own. All they have to do is give me my human rights and let me leave, and I will finally have the freedom to stop pressing charges against Iowa and Polk County.

Iowa, if anyone is ripping you off, Criminally Delusional Lynn Boeset, your state politicians, and the FBI are. If you would love me instead of persecuting me I would not have to punish you all for hate crimes against me. Clean up Iowa and Polk County, so I do not have to press charges anymore! You are all breaking the law!

Iowa, you cannot blame me, the victim with no human rights. You have to blame Criminally Delusional Lynn Boeset, the Iowa legislature, and the FBI who lie to you. You are having a break with reality. Click here to learn more about it.

But no matter how much you choose to believe lies about me rather than the reality my beautiful world had been flooding you with, there is absolutely no acceptable explanation no matter what you believe for hate crimes against anyone.

Syn, remember, there is no justification for human rights violations. Even if Iowa believes all the libel the FBI pollutes the internet with, that does not explain persecution. Creating a law that singles me out not to have full human rights in Iowa is illegal.

It is persecution, hate crimes, human rights violations, conspiracy with the criminal terrorist organization the FBI, and murder of my rescuers by keeping me away from them. Flatten them to make the crimes end.

There have been more crimes committed against me lately, too. Despicable Lynn Boeset has made sure my bodyguard, Bryce, has had to move out of my apartment. She did this to make the FBI happy. I am a sitting duck to be raped by the FBI, again.

SynSyn, I keep you so busy. Please press criminal and civil charges against Criminally Diabolical Lynn Boeset for intentionally making my living arrangements dangerously unsafe, conspiracy with the FBI, and for aiding and abetting potential sexual abuse. We have proven the FBI will rape me every chance they get. You have my hair.

Syn, press criminal and civil charges against my landlord for the same. I informed the property manager that Bryce was my bodyguard. It is no secret to anyone the FBI are out to get me.

Also, my BFF, get the landlord for allowing the FBI to put cameras in my apartment to enslave me with. Violating my privacy and enslaving me are both human rights violations. So, press criminal and civil charges against the landlord for human rights abuses, too.

The malevolent criminal terrorist organization the FBI are clearly the masterminds, so I would have let it slide against the landlord. But he took my bodyguard away. I already live every day mortified of being raped again, and he just made it worse. Press every charge against everybody you can make stick.

Also speaking of recent crimes against me, the libel alarm went off this morning. My beautiful world, only trust the live eye camera and the life hacked webcam as far as media of me is concerned. And report all libel to Syniva, so she can prosecute.

Libel of me by the FBI creates a hostile environment for me to live in. This libel attempt was to convince Governor Branstad I do not deserve human rights in Iowa and to convince him to sign the bill into law the Iowa legislature broke the law to pass by persecuting me. Never let the FBI anti-reality machine win.

My beautiful world, it has yet again been endless days of fighting the Reality War for me. Thank you for all your help. We need to prove good people take care of good people, so please be good to everyone who fights for me.

If Governor Branstad vetoes the bill to make persecution of me the law in Iowa, be good to him. Find Syniva in Seattle, Washington and spoil her astronomically for fighting so hard to save the world by saving me. Release your frustrations at not being able to be good to me by being good to the people who love me.

Help Sweetness in his epic efforts to rescue me. Do everything possible to get him to my side. And whatever my rescuers need, please take care of it, my beautiful world. Love the lovers and believers. Create a cycle of love. My rescuers die every day and every night fighting to bring human rights to America. Do everything possible for them.

My brave rescuers, I heard you impeached a president again for murdering you. Thank you. Keep impeaching presidents until we get one who will take the bubble down. I only wish you did not have to die to make this possible.

What do you need, my brave rescuers? The UN is taking action now to help us. Raping me, torturing me, abusing me, unlawfully imprisoning me, everything Polk County and the FBI do to me has all been deemed crimes against humanity, and the UN is mobilizing a humanitarian rescue effort to bring me rights and the International Criminal Court to try all the culprits.

If I were Polk County, Iowa, the FBI, or the White House, I would be scared (expletive)less. I would start guaranteeing human rights at every level of the government, and I would start apologizing to the world.

Help is on its way to you, my brave rescuers. Whatever you need, just tell my beautiful world.

SynSyn, I keep you so busy. Whatever the UN needs, please help. You hold so much evidence. Let us take this bubble down!

Also, Synny, Cuddlebunny spoke to me late last week before the FBI hacked his phone and made him lose contact with me. Yes, the legendary Cuddlebunny! Please see if he can help with anything. I asked him to call you to see if he can help the UN save the world by saving me. He is also on my Facebook friends list. Talk about evidence!

Finally, my BFF, CONGRATULATIONS! You have been having epic win after epic win day after night after day lately. Do not forget to reward yourself. We can do this, Syniva. Thank you. And I love and adore you.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. I heard you suggest we go grab a bottle of wine after you show up in my life, and as much as we should be popping champagne (Syniva loves champagne.) the moment you slip my long empty engagement ring (10 to 12 carat emerald set in platinum?) on my finger, I said to myself, "But, Sweetness, you don't drink."

Darling, do not get me wrong. I love a good Brunello di Montalcino whenever possible, and I am keenly fond of Central Coast Pinot Noirs. And everyone knows if you in particular said to me, "You and me in bed with nothing but a bottle of bourbon," it would be enough for me to finally take my bra off. But you gave up the alcohol years ago. Are you sure you want to start drinking again?

I do not want to be a bad influence on you. Clean living is a reward in itself. Is it that you have just been waiting for something to make your life happy like having me in it to be able to start drinking again? That makes sense. I have similarly been waiting for you before becoming a sexual creature again.

Beloved, I sent you a love letter on Monday. It should be in Los Angeles on Wednesday. Thank you for doing everything in the world for me. USPS Tracking Number 9505 5213 4281 4055 0006 10. It can get depressing in parts, and it is not as sexy as letters from 2010. But I promise it is twenty pages of I-love-you.

Darling, you say you feel so useless sometimes. All you have to do is get a little more creative finding ways to fight for me. Mobilize Hollywood to break the media silence. There is so much to do there. I love and adore you.

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