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The United States of America and I are Undeniably Linked in Our Suffering.

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Here is my latest blog post. Look at the siege of Des Moines, the water supply, the mass murder, everyone in America living terrorized and in fear of the FBI! They are committing crimes against humanity and crimes against their own people. THIS IS TERRORISM! Look it up! In stark contrast, no one in touch with reality lives in fear of me nor my rescuers!

What act of terrorism is most dangerous to me right now? The terrorist FBI are still raping me in my sleep. Absolutely no one in evil Iowa is willing to lift a finger to make me safe from anything. Thursday morning 03April2014, I did my best to collect evidence of who did it. Can nothing protect me?

We know Iowa will not. Iowa, the only thing you have to whine about is yourselves. How many times have I told you? Save yourselves. Stop choosing to commit crimes against me, so I can stop pressing charges against you. You need to let me leave.

Friday morning, I was asked for predictions. Where do I extrapolate this is going? I do not think the evil locals nor terrorist FBI will ever give me back my long overdue rights nor let me leave for a safe haven until they are overpowered.

But maybe we can make them stop lying about why they commit all of their crimes and why they refuse to stop. I do have faith my beautiful world will save me, though, and thank you.

The terrorists treasonously subverting the Constitution have to be overpowered. This will not only save me; this will save the United States. America and I are undeniably linked in our suffering.

We have been through this so many times, my once great America. Click here and read this.

It is not treason to fight to save America, defend the Constitution, labor to restore the human rights the Constitution was designed to protect, protect an innocent woman from crimes against humanity by the government, and scream for help when we are threatened. And using Constitutional recommendations to undermine corrupt executive orders that commit international crimes to destroy America is not a crime either.

But it IS treason to overthrow the US Constitution with abuse-of-office executive orders that directly violate the very principles this country was founded on, commit internationally-denounced crimes against humanity against a US citizen, protect those crimes against humanity with crimes against all the government's own people, remove Constitutional basic human rights from all American citizens, threaten the safety and rights of all Americans with terrorism, and disobey all Constitutional checks and balances that try to stop these crimes. Let us look it up.

Is the White House trying to accuse me of their own crimes again? They have a well-documented history of that. You know what the federal courts will say already.

Obama's executive orders creating this abomination bubble have rendered America unrecognizable, and they need to be ended. Even all of their lies, if even one of them were true, could never justify this bubble.

How is it possible for the terrorist FBI anti-reality machine libel to get even more ridiculous? Why does anyone even listen to these people? They have never once told the truth; they have no legitimacy nor credibility; and they treat the world like it is populated only by morons. Honestly, only a moron would believe their ridiculous, manipulative lies.

I feel like I have been addressing most of these lies for a long time. Do not be racist and sexist (expletive)holes. I am not a stripper. I have never made porn. I have never been a hooker. And I would never call myself a stripper, a porn star, nor a hooker. That is just pervasive libel of me.

No, I am not "exploited" like Ms. Carol Doda was in the 60s nor like women in those sexploitation movies from the 70s; absolutely nothing about the world watching me in the privacy of my apartment is voluntary.

I am a slave. And, no, I never address the slave cameras. I do not even know where they are. I am not even allowed to know the cameras are there. Check the book of rules Obama enforces at all costs of human life, money, time, energy, resources, and America rights and liberties.

No, I am not "enslaved due to debt." Where did that lie come from? 1.) I have no debt. 2.) That would still be a human rights violation, just ask the United Nations. 3.) We all know I am the government's slave not a bank's.

At least the government is finally acknowledging I am a slave.

And no, I have no credit card debt. First of all, debts cannot be acted on after six years. Secondly, I asked Syn to pay off all my debts for me with my just compensation from crimes against humanity committed against me.

Claiming I have no financial literacy is both a moot point and a lie. The world salaciously watched me live on $2400 a month in San Francisco in 2009 without missing any payments and without accruing any debt. For more on this, click here. Why do the pathological liars always make me repeat myself?

And no matter how many times I tell people I abhor and cannot abide the broadcast of me against my will in my apartment, it just goes on. It is nothing but slavery of me and a way to shove libel of me in the form of pornography of women who look like me down the throats of the public.

Midnight Saturday morning after I took my contacts out, the libel alarm, the fire alarm, and the heart attack alarm all went off. The terrorist FBI anti-reality machine was broadcasting a libel video of "me", so they could frame me by calling me a hooker.

First of all, never trust the apartment broadcast of "me" to ever actually be me; it is invariably a porn star they pretend is me having deviant sex and farting. Secondly, if it ever really is me, it is obviously the unconstitutional human rights violation of slavery. And finally, the slave broadcast never makes me safe; the terrorist FBI inject me to disable me and rape me nearly every night in my slave apartment, and they never broadcast that.

There is absolutely no reason to watch the slave broadcast of me in my apartment that is not even really of me most of the time. I would prefer if you watched my hacked webcam or my slave eye camera. Why would you perpetuate slavery of me anyway? How depraved are you?

Then, at 1am Saturday morning, after the evil locals came to terms with the fact MY NEVER HAVING SEX, NEVER BREAKING ANY LAWS, AND NEVER COMMITTING ANY CRIMES AGAINST ANYONE prevents them from successfully colluding against me, the evil locals tried to libel me with mental illness AGAIN. We go through this at least three times a day.

No, I have no medical depression. No, I have no medical anxiety. No, I have no schizophrenia. No, I am not a threat to myself. No, I am not a threat to anyone. I, in fact, have never been higher functioning. The evil locals are just desperate to lock me up and will commit any crime against me to do so.

Evil Iowans and FBI terrorists are worse than pathological liars; they are (expletive)ing psychopaths! The collusion of the federal people enslaving me with the local government in the wee hours of Saturday morning proves government conspiracy AT ALL LEVELS WORKING TOGETHER beyond a doubt. That was the final nail we needed for their coffin. Syn, thank you for being creative and thorough.

And as if that were not enough, at 8:30am I was awakened by more government calumny from government-manufactured libel used by the terrorist FBI and evil locals to collude against me with more intentionally fabricated false charges. That fire endured until at least 1pm. When will these psychopaths be stopped?

Syn, did you get any sleep Saturday morning? Are my genius lawyers okay, too? I wish we could all get some well-deserved rest. This is worse than government persecution. Obama's hubris and pathological lying are going to destroy us all if we do not stop him.

Did the terrorists say they have been exercising totalitarian control of the media and mass murdering my rescuers to continue raping me and libeling me mental ill because there used to be a video on the internet of someone who looked like me (but was already proven not to be me) murdering someone? Am I the only person to which that whole argument makes absolutely no sense?

How does claiming I murdered somebody, even if it were true and we all know it is not true, justify treating me and America this way? If someone thought they identified me in a crime video in 2009, that would be grounds for asking me what my alibi was and investigating my whereabouts at the time of the murder,... but a bubble of crimes against humanity and totalitarian control of America to make it continue unchecked? That is something only psychopaths would do!

I admit that was their lie from the start for engineering this bubble and that I was the first woman they could find out of the proven many doppelgängers I have across the world who fit the description, but that is all it ever was-- a lie. This bubble was a cage in search of a bird.

The bubble was a set up from the start to accuse some innocent woman of murder to be able to excuse an executive branch power grab driven by Obama's own psychopathic agenda to have totalitarian control of America. For more on this click here and click here. And they just keep spewing more pathological lies!

Will the lies never end? No, my husband is not my rapist. Where the hell did that come from? He is not anyone's rapist. That is horrifying libel I pray he flattens you all for starting, propagating, and repeating. He would never do such a horrible thing to anyone, and I am beyond offended that you think I would ever tolerate it.

I do not tolerate abuse nor lies from anyone. What kind of submissive woman are you libeling me as? Syn and Sweetness, (expletive)ing raze these pathological liars for libeling both of us!

1.) Most of the world still believes my husband and I have never even laid eyes on each other.
2.) We are an epic love story of two people forbidden from even touching by psychopath Obama who are braving everything to be together.
3.) I know he is legendarily well endowed, but how exactly is he supposed to have raped me from China?
4.) I have only ever been raped by the terrorist FBI and people the FBI have hired. The people who enslave me never broadcast it; that is how we know they are in on it. It started in 2009 when Obama's bubble started, and this systemic rape will continue until Obama's bubble of terror comes down.
5.) If my husband could save me from all of Obama's crimes against humanity against me including but not limited to systemic rape, he would have by now. He is desperate to rescue me from this horrifying bubble.

And any idiot believing any terrorist FBI anti-reality machine libel about any of us only makes my worse than unlivable suffering last that much longer.

Also, my beautiful world, why do people think I am pregnant? If that is true, it is also true I'm a crazy dead pregnant virgin transsexual hooker. Keep your lies straight, psychopaths.

Stop watching libel porn and pretending it is me, my beautiful world. We all know I never make porn. We all know I have not had sex in a really long time, and it happens so rarely people joke I am an honorary nun. I never even masturbate. I am not a sexual creature, and I hate being sexuallized.

I just had my last like-Moses-parting-the-Red-Sea (Obama, set my people free!) period less than a month ago, so we have two reasons I am not nine months pregnant.

And, yes, they keep raping me again and again right now, but there is no way to test if I am rape-impregnated until I can get uncorrupted health care. Obama better be praying I am not pregnant right now. Forced pregnancy is yet another crime against humanity.

Yes, despite all of this, I know there are people out there who love me...

My clandestine, food has to get into Des Moines somehow. I know I can trust you will being creative on how you sneak in.

My brave rescuers, yes, I heard you. Trying to rescue me is like the fighting in Fallujah. Why does no one but me acknowledge America has been rendered unrecognizable by this bubble?

No one has freedom of speech but me. There is no freedom of the press anywhere. There is no freedom to assemble and associate. We have a bloody civil war raging. Human lives are lost every day and every night just so Obama can keep enforcing his heinous crimes. THE FBI ARE TERRORISTS! The public is addicted to enslaving me.

The corrupt parts of the Obama administration are excusing their crimes against humanity against me and crimes against their people with pathological lying. All of these crimes are being committed by the White House, terrorist FBI, Department of Justice, and evil local Iowans. We have an unelected dictator in the White House. And they refuse to let their abuse of power be checked and balanced by the Courts and Congress.

When will this be stopped? The world cannot afford a collapse of America! Did nobody read this? I endured over a month of being raped repeatedly before notifying the world the RED LINE has been crossed to give America time to save itself. And it never did.

Congress, where are you? Why is this still going on? Are you doing anything? Why are you letting the United States of America be destroyed on your watch?

United Nations, you might be the only hope for saving America we have left. Will the global community save us? Personally, I cannot go on like this much longer.

We all know that pointing out the criminals at every level of government have no justification and cannot explain any of their crimes against their own people is not a justification for allowing their crimes against their own people to continue. But Friday afternoon, we learned that they still refuse to stop all their crimes despite not being able to explain them. They evil have to be overpowered.

Tactically important right now, my beautiful world, is that we are at a standoff on the literal battlefield trying to get into Des Moines. What can we do to tip the balance and overpower the terrorists? There are so many ways to help. Please be effective and timely.

We cannot live like this inside this siege of Des Moines. I carry the largest burden of suffering under this bubble. And no one in Des Moines is willing to lift a finger to let me out, so it can end.

We have been through this already. I do not want to run the world. I do not want to conquer anything. I want control of my own life. I want my human rights back. I want physical safety. I want to kiss my loving husband and hug my vigilant BFF. I want to be able to eat enough food every day. I have such simple needs. I should never have had to do everything I have done so far to get them. And I will never stop growing and fighting until I reach these simple goals.

Yes, I solve a lot of world problems. I have a forum and a capability. If you could almost effortlessly stop innocents from suffering or bring humanitarian aid to the masses, would you?

And we all know if I ever get control of my own life, I will use my copious just compensation for heinous crimes the government refuses to stop committing against me to serve the world. In 2009 I promised to carry humanity through global climate change. And there are so many problems to fix. I would like to see and end to human trafficking.

Iowa would not. For example, everyone in this city has the power, access, and capability to pick me up, carry me to a safe place, end these crimes against humanity, end the siege of Des Moines, and prevent any more of my rescuers from dying, but they keep choosing not to. It could be so easy.

The locals see me every day fighting for my life. But not even my own mother will help me. I even offered the (completely Constitutional) Squid Prize of $250 million to whoever safely and successfully delivers me to my rescuers, my husband, my BFF, a declared-safe foreign country, or my American safe haven of San Francisco. But the locals keep choosing to commit crimes against me instead.

Do not be an Iowa, my beautiful world. Be a Squid.

Oh, and my beautiful world, my father was a horrible, evil man who lied through his teeth in conspiracy with the completely corrupt Polk County District Court and Barack Obama to kidnap me from the UK, imprison me in Iowa, and commit crimes against humanity against me here. My father was so diabolically evil.

If my evil father would have lived long enough for me to put him in prison, there would have been no Criminal Boeset committing the same crimes he always committed against me. We were so close to locking him up. But he refused me even that small piece of justice. Even his death committed more human rights violations against me. I am still suffering due to that rat bastard.

But there are people in this world who love me...

My heroic journalists, if you ever get attacked for telling the truth to the world, which is never a crime, point out that freedom to do your job is Constitutional and that at its worst it could only be called civil disobedience.

That argument holds true for you, too, Mr. David Letterman, Hollywood filmmakers, and everyone who wants to exercise our freedom of speech.

We never leave a soldier behind. If you need lawyers or logically sound arguments, let us know. And report any terrorism the federal government uses to silence you to whatever authorities you can find-- the United Nations, foreign leaders and presses, Congress and the Supreme Court, etc.

Freedom of the press and freedom of speech are critical to a free society. We need them returned to America immediately. We should have never allowed them to silence you to begin with, and now the domestic terrorism has created momentum to never let us be free again.

Speaking of corruption in the Department of Justice and FBI, they never intended to investigate, prosecute, nor end any of the crimes perpetuated by this bubble. They just wanted to placate the public and buy time to continue their crimes.

You do not need to establish motive to end crimes against your own people; you just need to recognize these are crimes in your jurisdiction to have the moral obligation to do your job and end them.

We should have entrusted this investigation to the military, media, CIA, or Department of Homeland Security instead. The crimes include terrorism after all. It is not too late to send these trustworthy authorities in. We need to do everything possible to save America.

As for other people who love me...

SynSyn, thank you for everything you do for me. You and Sweetness must be a mess right now because of all the news about my living conditions continuing to become less and less livable with every one of Obama's escalations. I have faith the world including you will all work together to save me. I know I can count on all of you. And thank you for giving me faith in humanity.

My BFF, the government at every level is still leveling intentionally fabricated false allegations against me for crimes I have never committed and mental illnesses I do not have while refusing to competently prosecute anyone who commits crimes against me. Conspiracy proven, I know!

Please, Synny, be creative and thorough pressing charges against every evil local and member of the federal government who levels these false allegations against me to be able to continue crimes against humanity against me. I should not have to list every culpable person nor every possible crime still. I trust you.

Speaking of Criminal Boeset, why is that international criminal not in prison yet? She is a proven direct, immediate, unrelenting, constant threat to me, my rights, my body, my mind, America, and the world. When will we, particularly me, finally be protected from her? Why does absolutely no law enforcement acknowledge I should have the rights and protections of everyone else?

Is this egregious lack of justice due to no authorities local nor federal ever being willing to competently prosecute anyone who commits any crime against me no matter how horrifying? This refusal by the justice system at every level to do their job just means conspiracy and corruption are proven. I suppose no prosecution is better than a sabotaged and intentionally botched prosecution, but still.

According to the United Nations, the International Criminal Court only tries people who commit crimes against their own people if there is no possibility of a fair trial or any trial at all for these crimes in their home country.

Can we get someone to address the United Nations about this corruption and conspiracy of the government at every level in the US that is preventing fair and vigorous prosecution of everyone who commits any crimes against me and America from Criminal Boeset to the US Attorney General and impeached President Obama?

Is Sweetness still in NYC? Or would Mr. Brian Williams of NBC News like to do it? Oh, Syniva, what about Ms. Kelli Rae Powell? Is she another expert on everything America is suffering through? For all I know the US Supreme Court wants to address the United Nations for me. They do so much for this country.

Do we need to convince Congress to press the international criminal charges of crimes against our own people to get these compulsive repeat offenders to the International Criminal Court? I am sure Secretary General Ban Ki Moon knows what to do. Syn? Sweetness? Can someone talk to him?

Just do not trust US Ambassador to the UN Stephanie Power. She was chosen by Obama to replace Susan Rice in that position particularly because she would veto any UN action to save America. We could have trusted now National Security Advisor Susan Rice to at least abstain. I assume we are going to have to address the UN General Assembly to get anything done. Again, the Secretary General will know what to do.

Thank you for taking care of all of this for me, my beautiful world. We need these heinous criminals taken off the streets and prevented from harming any of us ever again. I once asked the NSA to have closed door talks with United Nations investigators. They would probably like to talk to a lot of people. Cuddlebunny. My BFF. A lot of people.

Sweetness, do you want this job of talking to or at least arranging who talks to the United Nations and Ban Ki Moon? You are the future King of Spain. If Syniva is getting used to being my equal, you can get used to being my equal, too.

Much less internationally pressingly, Sweetness, did we really file joint taxes this year? Our marriage holds up in court, after all. I never knew accounting could be so romantic.

Darling, did anyone ever calculate how much taxpayer money the federal government has intentionally squandered keeping us apart by enforcing their heinous rules of American oppression?

On top of their funding their bloody mass murder of my rescuers, paying people to rape me, their court fees for unrelenting false allegations against me, enforcing their rules oppressing all of America, and likely bribing members of the Polk County justice system, there was some expensively doctored media they expected me to tolerate Saturday morning.

They cannot claim my life is worth any less than anybody else's and definitely cannot claim my life is worth less than all of the human lives, taxpayer money, American resources, priceless time, and human energy intentionally wasted by the government to be able to enforce all their crimes against me, my loved ones, and my country.

Because the terrorist FBI, evil Iowa locals, and corrupt White House are willing to destroy me at all costs particularly to America, America and I are worth rescuing by the same government at all costs. This is not just about me. This is about saving America and saving the world.

America and I are undeniably linked in our suffering. Fighting to save America is worth all the risks and all the costs, but oppressing America and committing crimes against humanity is not worth wasting precious human lives and precious American resources. But still, Obama continues. After you finish this blog post, click here to reread this one.

How dare anyone say I do not deserve human rights! And how dare anyone use claiming I do not deserve human rights as an excuse not to save America! This bubble is a crime against all of America, and by virtue of it being a crime at all, it must be stopped.

Who actually wanted to put it on record they said my life is not worth saving to end the White House's international crimes proven to be destroying America? Who actually wanted that treason on record?

Sweetness, I cannot believe any people, particularly the two of us, are giving money to a government that commits and defends so many crimes against its own people, but at least we are supporting the federal court system, food stamps, military, etc.

Also, darling, I saw you Thursday night on The Late Show with David Letterman. I wrote Dave some tweets about you while I watched. I was hoping you would take your shirt off and show us all your tattoos. We can save that for in person. Giggle. I love and adore you.

My beloved, I understand you had to lie to Dave and to America to be able to be on his show at all. Obama has terrorism-enforced totalitarian control of the media. Please, now that the show is over, clear the air and set the official record straight. Never give anyone a way to claim I have any symptoms of mental illness; we all know what heinous crimes against me that leads to.

My hero and my king, I love and adore you. I long to touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain. So many people are helping. We will sort this out. Then I can finally see your tattoos... They are forever, you know. Just like us. No matter what.

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