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Global War on Terrorism.

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Here is my latest blog post. We all understand solutions do not manifest over night. But while everyone in the world catches up and reacts to old news, the horrors just keep marching along in here.

As a bit of advice to my translators, to make sure no nuances get lost, consider having someone translate my blog posts out of kind-of-poetic, contemporary, American slang into concepts and ideas, and then have native speakers of all the other world languages translate the concepts and ideas into their first tongue. That might help. I understand a lot had been getting lost in translation, and this should prevent it.

South Sudan. Is there even a bandaid we can put over the cycle of violence in South Sudan until people can come up with permanent solutions for them? Do the people of South Sudan even understand they have options other than perpetuating the violence?

My beautiful world, do you remember my list of ten completely Constitutional things people can do to help ease the crisis in the USA right now? The tenth one was working to solve major world problems I do not have the human rights to fix myself, so I do not have to worry about them.

Has anyone asked the violent parts of South Sudan, "Why? Why do you want to massacre these people?" to make the aggressors think about how pointless all of it is?

Syria. How does al Assad and his regime deem the Syrian civil war worth fighting? The people will never allow him authority over them, even if he kills them all. The dictator has no legitimacy in the eyes of the world. The Syrian refugees will never come back as long as al Assad is in office.

The regime just needs to accept reality and backdown already. The jig is up. No matter how many people the regime kills nor how many crimes the regime commits, they will never be able to explain themselves nor regain any credibility or legitimacy.

Ask the regime, "Why? Why do you want to keep killing your own people?" to make them think about how pointless all of this is.

Venezuela. I could not find any news about Venezuela in English. I hope no one thinks only Spanish-speakers care about Venezuela. I have not studied the Spanish language since 1995 when I graduated from high school; but this CNN site avoids slang, so I can read most of it.

It does not seem like a pure socialism vs. democracy crisis. After all, even in actual socialism, the power is still with the people. Maduro needs to come to terms with the fact people do not rise up against governments for no reason, particularly protests in the streets.

Maduro, please make your people happy. Listen to them. Reform your government. The last thing any leaders should do is entrench themselves just because they have inspired dissent. Authorities choosing to be good to people is a perfectly fine way for conflicts to end.

Please ask Maduro, "Why? Why are you squashing free speech and freedom to assemble and associate in your nation? How can a Venezuela without these basic rights be worthwhile?" to make him think about how pointless all of his conflict is.

As for the US, a lot has happened lately. The world is still catching up with my last few posts, but the horrors keep marching along in here. And my rescuers have chosen new steps to save America from Obama's blatant totalitarian-oppression-by-terrorism-and-crimes-against-his-own-people.

To clarify a lot of what is happening right now: The US government has always excused all of its extrajudicial executions of al Qaeda, etc. as part of our nation's officially declared "Global War on Terrorism." Thusly, all US Military, CIA, etc, and our allies' killings of any terrorists must fall under the same rules of warfare and be exempt from murder allegations under Constitutional and international law and recognition.

Similarly, due to the US government's declared "Global War on Terrorism" all actions of Obama, his task force, and his conspiracy of terrorism both on US soil and abroad are condemnable by the non-corrupted parts of the US government, our NATO allies, and anyone else who wants to help protect America from terrorism.

I never order nor condone violence. But my brave rescuers and everyone fighting to save America from Obama and his conspiracy of terrorism have free will, and I respect their choices in how they want to serve America and the world. If you read far enough back in my blog, you will find where I chose to stand by my brave rescuers despite their choosing a path I do not teach.

Someone please just ask Obama, "Why? Why, Obama, are you mass murdering almost to the point of genocide a group of believers trying to save America while violating all freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom to assemble and associate in this nation just so you can keep raping, torturing, persecuting, libeling, enslaving, etc. an innocent woman? How are these crimes of yours worth destroying this once great nation?" to point out how pointless all of his bubble is.

My brave rescuers are not the ones in the wrong. If the White House insists it has the authority to fight an extrajudicial "Global War on Terrorism," those are exactly their own words we will use against them.

My brave rescuers are doing their best out there to finally end this crisis of Obama's manufacturing. If Obama and his terrorists would just back down or not irrationally insist they get to break every law in America to feed their own totalitarian ambition, this all would have been avoided by now.

Please revisit all my blog posts from 30March2014 to the present if you need a reminder of all the crimes Psychopath Obama is committing and refusing to stop at all costs of precious human life and taxpayer resources. We are not the ones committing crimes against our own people. We are the ones trying to end them.

Dearest United Nations, how do you feel about an official declaration of Obama, his task force, and his conspiracy as terrorists? I asked my loved ones to deliver all of our evidence to you of all of Obama and his terrorists' crimes against their own people. You can also reread all of my blog posts from 30March2014 up to my latest blog notes oldest to newest for our grounds proving Obama and his conspiracy are terrorists.

Yes, United Nations, it might take some finagling to get it past US Ambassador to the UN Stephanie Power and her veto authority in the Security Council, but her boss Secretary of State John Kerry might be able to talk reason into her. He understands how heinous Obama's crimes are against everyone not just against me. Or you could ask the General Assembly to vote on it.

Thank you for everything, United Nations. Immediately after I typed these paragraphs about the "Global War on Terrorism," Obama's hubris committed the act of vengeance of escalating trying to lock me away from the world forever in a torture facility again. I need to go deal with that now. But I know I can trust you to help. And thank you for everything already.

I have been hearing a lot of complaints lately about Obama and his terrorists intimidating, harassing, and threatening members of the media, particularly the news media and late show hosts, for some reason. One would think late show hosts are a bit on the harmless side, but Obama's oppression is by definition totalitarian. So, I thought I would construct a few words about how to fight Obama's escalating totalitarian oppression of the media, particularly the television.

First of all, whenever terrorists of any sort try to control you into doing anything, you all know the best thing for the world and the nation is to intelligently find a way not to do it. The best thing to do is take away the terrorists' power to hurt you.

Obama has already rendered this nation unrecognizable. He has proven he is completely untrustworthy, even if you do obey him. There is nothing to gain from doing anything he wants.

What is Obama going to do if you disobey him? Press charges against you? Reread my 14April2014 blog post. We all know the federal courts stand up for the Constitution and human rights in America. We already have the legal precedent supporting freedom of speech and freedom of the press. It is not punishable to disobey Obama's totalitarian rules.

If he threatens you with anything, report all of Obama's threats and actions to the entire good, green Earth. Report all of his oppression, all of his threats, all of his coercion, to the United Nations, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, all sympathetic world leaders, and every single reputable national and international press and news agency. We are all collecting our evidence against him and his terrorism.

And finally, do not forget your power, members of the media. You control the communication of the truth in this nation and in most of the world. You all have the power to take down Psychopath Obama and his bubble that is destroying both me and America.

Have I taught you nothing? Look at everything I, alone, can accomplish by always telling all the truth. Just report the full truth about everything. The truth will not only protect you; it will also save America, serve the world, and help rescue me. The truth and my telling the truth is the source of all my power.

Never underestimate how passionately the world will fight for and protect you just for standing up to Obama's terrorism and battling his oppressive environment of libel, calumny, government coverups, silence, and false allegations.

It is not your job to communicate with me; it is your job to communicate the whole truth with the entire world. Have I taught you nothing? Know your own power. Liberate yourselves. And take this nation back.

Obama really needs to be stopped. Easter Sunday, there was no rest for the angels. After I polished and circulated my 20April2014 blog post, the federal government pressed at least four more intentionally fabricated false charges against me.

As always, they also committed the blatant human rights violations of refusing to tell me what I was on trial for, so I asked my superBFF to reacquaint herself and the entire court with all of my blog posts from 30March2014 to my latest blog notes oldest to newest. I was sure that would take care of everything.

Apparently, my Fifth Amendment protection from "double jeopardy" was violated AGAIN by Obama's recycled intentionally fabricated false charges against me on the night of 20April2014, but when has he ever cared about anyone's human rights?

We have been through this so many times. I am not Obama; I do not kill people. I am, in fact, almost constantly screaming for help for my brave rescuers because Psychopath Obama orders his terrorists to mass murder them. You can revisit my 10April2014 blog post and many more about this. Why does Obama mass murder my rescuers?

Psychopath Obama issued those standing, unrelenting, heinous orders for his terrorists because my brave rescuers exercise their Supreme-Court-upheld rights to assemble and associate with me to try to give me human rights including physical safety and because Obama is mortified of my ever having human rights or liberties or being treated with even the most basic dignity or respect by anyone.

As an example of how I have never been guilty of Obama's crimes against America, I have never in my life ordered anybody to kill anybody. All you will ever find are fat, ugly, Obama-hired porn stars in those obvious government-issued and taxpayer-money-paid-for libel videos committing those crimes.

If I wanted anybody dead, Obama would have bit the dust by now to end his unrelenting crimes against me, America, and the world. I have enough sway with the international espionage community to get that done. We all saw Mr. Tom Cruise in Valkyrie.

But I would prefer to see Psychopath Obama spend all the rest of his life in a Guantanamo-for-the-criminally-insane suffering alive every day of his life thinking about all the destruction he has chosen himself to cause this once-great nation. My epic 16April2014 blog post addressed this, too.

Then, on 21April2014, I heard Obama's conspiracy of blood, snake oil, and terrorism was pressing intentionally fabricated false charges against my angel BFF Syniva to prevent her from being so effective replacing all of his calumny and libel in the courtroom with truth and reality instead.

Synny, please revisit 20April2014, in you need to. The same logic we used to prove my testifying to the truth all the time to love and protect people including myself and my rescuers who are always also loving and protecting good people, too, is never a crime can be used to defend your actions of always using truth and logic yourself to love, protect, and serve me, America, and the world.

You never break the law, Synny. All you ever do is defend me in court and press charges after real, genuine crimes are committed. I have no idea what groundless allegations Obama's pathologically-lying conspiracy is trying to accuse you of right now, but standing up for truth and justice in a court of law particularly in an environment of government-issued libel and government-issued false allegations is no crime to anyone.

And we have a whole hell of a lot of court records to prove we are the ones always on the moral high ground who, unlike Obama and his conspiracy, never break the law nor lie about breaking the law.

Synny, please be creative and thorough pressing countercharges against Criminal Boeset and everyone who enables her for their intentionally fabricated false charges against you that you have ever at any point in our loyal and loving friendship been a threat to me. If you want an injunction from the courts to be able to press criminal charges against them all for it, I am a firm supporter of that action.

Criminal Boeset, just like all of Obama's conspiracy, is a direct, unrelenting threat to me. She broke every law possible to disable you, Syniva, from being able to continue effectively protecting me from all of them and their unrelenting crimes. If their fictions and calumnies had prevailed, we all know what sort of the worst crimes known to mankind they would have committed against me and America. We need this behavior of theirs thoroughly punished. And that is what courts are for.

Speaking of evil locals, Central Iowa is trying to "rebrand" itself as an area of world leaders. No joke. The entire world knows these narcissistic psychopaths are the bane of the entire good, green Earth for refusing to just pick me up and drive my rescuers, but just like Psychopath Obama who leads them, they are boldface lying to the entire world thinking it will fool everyone.

Every single day, I hear about evil locals putting on half-assed public displays of affection for me to promote their delusional facade that Des Moines supports me, but absolutely no one does anything concrete to help me. They need to let me leave, and they need to stop lying about supporting me until they do. Iowa is not fooling anyone.

And while all this smoke-and-mirrors is going on, the corrupt Polk County District Court is still lying through its teeth pretending I have a mental impairment everyone knows I do not have; over a decade ago when I actually did have temporary symptoms of a mental illness, I was still never mentally impaired enough to be committed outpatient nor inpatient. All of that obviously criminal activity started in 2009 with the start of Obama's bubble.

Also, while Des Moines puts on its vain facade of support for me, Criminal Boeset still denies all science and reality at least three times a day to try to lock me away in a torture facility for the rest of my life. The corrupt local law enforcement still press intentionally fabricated false charges against me unjustifiably supported with government-issued libel about me. And there has been more nefarious wrongdoing at by the Iowa Legislature.

Yes, the Iowa Legislature. They refused again to recognize I am a human being in their presence thereby denying I deserve human rights for existing in the world at all. And what else has the Iowa Legislature been doing?

Do you remember when Governor Terry Branstad declared Iowa bubble noncompliant? The Iowa Democrats lead by Jack Hatch filed lawsuits against the Governor's office that the corrupt Polk County District Court upheld to overturn that declaration. And what have the Iowa Democrats been doing since? They have been investigating the the Governor's office for coverups instead of just giving me my human rights and letting me leave.

I am not bipartisan anywhere near as much as I am nonpartisan. We know California Democrats, bare minimum, love and support me just like Republicans all of this country do. The crime of being an Iowa Democrat seems to be the crime of being an Iowan.

These evil locals need to just let me leave. They are committing crimes against themselves and all of America not just against me by keeping me walled into Des Moines in a slavery-and-rape apartment against my will. But the locals just do not care.

And while we are paying attention to the crimes against the world committed by evil locals, Syn, make sure you reread all of my outpatient commitment papers. All of those false rulings are made on the recommendation of the Polk County Mental Health Examiner.

Please have him or her arrested for every count of conspiracy, collusion, persecution, hate crimes, aiding and abetting slavery, human rights violations, crimes against America, etc. that person has committed since 2010. Syn, we all know we can trust you to be creative and thorough. Please make everything stick you can.

To prevent other further crimes against me, if you want to catch my rapists, my beautiful world, all you have to do is watch my apartment door through my intentionally uncovered apartment windows day and night while I sleep. That is why I always leave my living room light on and the shades wide open.

Also, until I pointed out that forced pregnancy was another potential war crime by Obama, he had sent orders to rape me in my sleep until I was rape-impregnated. We know that from how often Criminal Boeset and the evil locals called me a pregnant hooker to unjustifiably lock me in a torture facility, as if that could have been a justification anyway.

I have the panties I slept in the one time they vaginally raped me in my sleep to try to rape-impregnate me, so we likely have my rapists' DNA. The next day they started calling me a pregnant hooker. That is how I knew.

Of course, after I pointed out that according to the United Nation's ICTY forced pregnancy is another crime against women that counts as a war crime committed by Obama, his terrorists went back to sodomizing me as their modus operandi for Obama's systemic rape of me, as if that crime against women were not bad enough.

And now I will do my best to clear up government-issued lies and intentionally-distorted half-truths about me...

First of all, I never give commands to the people who help me. I know I rely on the kindness of volunteers, and I value all of your creativity and input. Yes, I ask for help. I say please and thank you. I offer help and advice when I can think of possible solutions. But I am a firm believer in choice and free will. If people have a better way of doing things than my suggestions, more power to them.

I know people tend to listen to me because I always make sense, but ask anyone who listens to me if I have ever given them a command. I reserve my commands for people who commit crimes against me, my loved ones, or once-great America.

As one example, I am pretty sure I have tried to command Criminal Boeset to give me control of my own finances a number of times, so I could end this conflict in America and just leave. But the irrationally-criminal like Obama and all those in his conspiracy never listen to me, so it is pretty futile for me to give them commands. If my issuing commands to anyone would work, Obama would have backed down by now.

If someone ever finds me telling him or her what to do instead of offering to help solve his or her problems, that is a very bad person who probably should crawl back under the rock they slithered out from.

If the people who love and support me ever feel bossed around, I would like to offer my sincerest apologies to them. I consider all people in this world except for the evil ones we fight my equals. We are a team. I value all good people's input and do my best to respect everyone's free will and freedom of choice.

But we all must admit, sometimes work just does not get done unless I spell things out, so I always listen for suggestions from my team of lovers and supporters about what needs to be spelled out.

I am a loving problem solver. I am constantly asking my beautiful world what they need help with. I am here to serve.

Secondly, no, I do not have insomnia, and that would not be grounds to lock me in a torture facility anyway. Insomnia is not being awakened from sound slumber at all hours by loved ones screaming for help or by criminals and psychopaths breaking every law possible to lock me in a torture facility again.

If Criminal Boeset and the rest of Obama's terrorist conspiracy would respect my sleep and not wake me up with emergencies at all hours of the morning, I would sleep just fine.

Thirdly, I never drink beer... unless in Prague. I think I would also make an exception for Germany. You can ask my bevy of bartenders in San Francisco if they have ever seen me drink a beer.

They know me well in San Francisco. I moved there from Texas in 1999 right after I graduated from college in Dallas. I did come and go for grad school in Baltimore, a job in Monterrey, etc. But San Francisco has been my home since 1999.

They will tell you I avoid beer on purpose. If I were to drink beer, Obama's terrorists would poison and drug them, too, at the source. This way, everyone in the nation gets to drink beer safely, at least. Look at the bottled water, bottled juice, all the energy drinks, etc. It is the least I can do.

Fourthly, I do not have sleep apnea. I sleep soundly and get enough oxygen. I just snore. I would not snore if Obama's terrorists had not torn up the inside of my nose when they stuck a microchip up into my sinuses. I plan on getting the damage to the interior of my nose causing the snoring fixed in the same surgery that removes the microchip. It is the least I can do for my loving husband.

Fifthly, I Skyped with my older sister twice from Liverpool in 2010, and that is the only time I have ever video chatted, video conferenced, or Skyped with anyone.

Sixthly, I think all horror movies, except for the original Nightmare on Elm Street, are stupid. I do not like them, never watch them, and would never try to emulate them.

Seventhly, I have absolutely no interest in having a replacement prom for the one I missed in high school. I am a full grown adult. Did you ever see my real senior yearbook photo? I was gorgeous in high school. It was the evil locals' loss that I had no prom date. And I do not want to humor their narcissistic delusion they were better than me because they could get dates in high school.

I moved out of my parents' house at seventeen years old and have been more than capable of taking care of myself ever since. I do not need some stupid replacement prom. I am a full grown adult. And I demand to be respected as one.

Eighthly, no, I have never had plastic surgery. Where would I have gotten the money from, and what work would I have ever possibly have wanted done? The only work I have ever needed is a tummy tuck, but when my estrogen rebalanced after the testosterone injection wore off, my belly took care of itself.

I do miss my D cups now that they have shrunk to C cups. But I am just not vain enough to care. I do not even wear makeup everyday. Why do people keep insulting me claiming I am so shallow and superficial I would ever get plastic surgery? No offense, Hollywood, but your job is your face; my job is loving problem solving.

Ninthly, I only use chopsticks when I eat sushi, but I never eat seafood. My body cannot digest it. I stick to kappa maki, inari, veggie rolls, that sort of thing. The only lobsters I have seen in my life were blue and still in the tank.

Tenthly, and most trivially, I rarely if ever eat hamburgers. And definitely never cook them myself.

Eleventhly, I have had a massage once in my life. It was at a Thai place in Hollywood in 2011. Los Angeles is still kicking itself for not rescuing me while they could. I have never had a facial. And though I have had pedicures, I have never once had a foot massage, as much as I like Mr. Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction.

Twelfthly, I used to have glasses, but I do not have any glasses now. I cannot afford them. But there are taxpayer-paid, Obama-employed porn stars with Google glass who libel me.

Also, I do not believe in astrology, but I bet star readers are having a heyday. I am a Libra. Sweetness is a Gemini. SynSyn is an Aquarius. If you do not understand the significance, you need to consult an astrologist.

I have a very good friend in San Francisco who reads stars. She has been known to perform stichomancy with a book of Rumi's poems every once in a while, too. I miss her. I miss my whole San Francisco.

As a final point about all the libel, on 21April2014, I was told Obama's terrorist anti-reality machine started glamming up their taxpayer-funded libel porn stars to actually make them look like me. That is much too little too late. My beautiful world, you have already learned to believe only reputable sources.

Feel free to revisit all of my blog posts from 30March2014 to the most recent oldest to newest if you need a reminder of how many lies Obama's taxpayer-funded libel porn stars have spread about me.

My beautiful world, it is not just a crime to traffic; it is also a crime to pay for human trafficking. Stop committing human rights violations yourselves and stop supporting the people who enslave me by paying for their human trafficking and their libeling me.

These people are destroying America, creating human rights crises in the world, and committing some of the worst crimes known to humankind against me. Use your money to end the bubble and set us all free instead. My brave rescuers need that money more than Obama does.

My brave rescuers, last I heard you were in a standoff. Tell my beautiful world, the sympathetic ears in Congress, NATO, everyone what you need. I am doing everything I can from in here to end this bubble, but you are lucky enough to be out there. Take advantage of that. We are transparent, heroic, and stand the moral high ground. Please tell all reputable presses nationally and internationally everything you are comfortable with sharing.

SynSyn, the entire world knows you have never ordered anybody to kill anybody; all you ever do is tirelessly protect me from Obama and his conspiracy of terrorism. You can rest reassured your good name is intact. The truth will always win out.

Also, my BFF, do you remember when I tried to make you my equivalent of a "CEO" (We all know we do not have a business.), so I could pay you for everything you do for me? You refused. Please sort out a way you can be paid for everything you do.

Just for service to the world, Synny, you deserve at least a $1 million a year. Give yourself a salary on the higher end of competitive for all your good work. I know our lawyers get paid. Why not you, too?

We also have a whole hell of a lot of volunteers I wish I could pay. That walks the thin line of becoming bribery, but I am sure we can sort out a way for everyone to earn some just compensation for time and energy spent. I know the crime of hard work with no reward far too well.

I told my brave rescuers almost a year ago to press charges against Obama, the White House, and all of their terrorists every time Obama orders them to mass murder my rescuers for just trying to exercise their Supreme-Court-upheld rights to assemble and associate with me.

I was told that worked. And I was told it was very effective in impeaching a lot of the puppet presidents who followed Obama.

There must be something similar we can do for the rest of America's volunteers. I just wish I knew who they were and what they did including my benevolent nerds who do not want to be recognized. But as much as I wish I could meet them, I respect their anonymity.

Will you at least take a paycheck, Synny? With my complete blessing, you competently control my finances anyway. It would make me feel better. In the meantime, I will start thinking up ways to reward all my volunteers for all their hard work once we get this bubble burst. A successful-project-completion reward could never be called bribery.

Finally, SynSyn, do you remember all of the federal court action you took care of last year during the last time I was unlawfully locked in a torture facility? Among many other rulings, that was the first time Polk County's only-used-to-commit-crimes-against-humanity-and-enforce-Obama's-bubble guardianship was overturned.

At that time, my superBFF, it was also ruled in federal court that due to my intentional choice of wording for my Power of Attorney paperwork I wrote myself in 2009 to make sure people could help me because I did "lose the ability" to make decisions for myself due to Obama's bubble of human rights violations not because of any mental health commitment nor criminal guardianship, you retain all of my legal powers until the entire bubble comes completely down.

Synny, that is old news and an old ruling. If I knew when I wrote my Power of Attorney paperwork that I would be married in 2010, I would have made my husband my Power of Attorney, but I like things this way better.

My ever-loyal best friend, you get to help each other. All of the burden is not on only one person. Pardon the mixed metaphor, but I like birds of a feather thinking alike. Please communicate better with my loving husband.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Did you have an epic court win on 20April2014 and again on 21April2014 and 22April2014? I never know where you are nor what you are doing, but I always know you never stop laboring to rescue me. And soon that will blossom into my kissing you like you deserve.

My beloved, why do people keep saying we fight? We have never even had an argument! Why does no one care about reality but us? Thank you for sticking to my blog and Twitter account for reality about me, darling, and never listening to the gossip mills. We all know how many lies there have been about me and most of them uttered with criminal intent.

Sometimes, darling, when I hear Mr. John Legend on the radio, it is like he is you singing to me. It makes me glow. As much as I prefer my love songs at night and songs of empowerment and liberation during the day, I do not mind hearing you in proxy singing to me anytime anywhere. I cannot wait for the days you and your trusty guitar can make my body dance.

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