Tuesday, April 1, 2014

More Heliotrope Fuel for the Attentive

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Here is my latest blog post. This bubble of hell and torment is so much worse than Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron, but that was on my mind all Sunday.

North and South Korea. Both Koreas, and I know you both listen to me, was it just a need to release some tensions? Is it out of your system now? I must admit, you had me worried. Please be more careful with your guns. This world needs less fighting.

Ukraine. I love hearing that Chancellor Merkel and President Putin are working together to solve major world crises. This makes me feel loved.

I am a firm believer the Ukraine should be free to decide its own fate, but if they need help achieving that freedom, I like knowing effective world leaders are working on it.

Throw in President Xi Jinping and every other world leader who loves me, and we will have an American revolution on our hands. It is so comforting to know I am loved.

Speaking of America...

I should have a right to know everything people do to hurt me, my mind, my body, my reputation, and my future, particularly if it is the government hurting me. AND I have a right to protect myself from it. I do a lot of protecting myself in this blog post.

The evil locals and the FBI anti-reality machine, all of whom we already know we cannot trust, just started the calumny that people need to worry about my "quality." This blog is nothing but thoroughly-fact-checked-independently-after-I-publish-it truth and impeccable-at-all-times logic.

And if you look at the high performance of my most recent blog posts, you know I am in my prime right now. I have never been in better form nor more effective. It is my effectiveness they are trying to stop with this lie.

The locals probably want an excuse to inject me or call me insane, too, but they are definitely lying about me because they want no one to believe anything in this blog post. That is how opposed they are to all of these truths coming out. And we need these truths, so we can better fight them.

The evil locals and the terrorist FBI are well-documented pathological liars. Never trust anything they say, particularly if it is about me. Always put your focus on their ulterior motives behind libeling me. And speaking of lies...

Why does the conspiracy proven willing to do everything possible and sell every lie possible to destroy me and destroy America keep saying they need to "control" me? Why do they want that lie on record? What? "Squid has too much power; we have to control her." What power that "needs to be controlled"?

I have absolutely no power over my own life! I just have the power to scream for help because of all the crimes these people commit against me, and that power keeps growing with every crime these psychopaths and pathological liars commit in their effort to "control" me! It is only because I am controlled by this conspiracy that I have any power at all.

Do you remember this? The locals said Tuesday night they will break any law and commit any crime to be able to "control" me. What are they afraid I will do if I have human rights? Kiss my husband? Save the world? End the civil war in America right now? Why do they want it on record they are opposed to this?

Everything they have ever done to "control" me has been a capitol offense, human rights violation, and crime against humanity. And that is exactly what "control" me means-- intentionally breaking every law possible to intentionally prevent me from leaving Iowa for a place that will protect me and not commit crimes against humanity against me.

Syn, call the local news, ask them about which locals' want to "control" me, and raze those locals. Press full criminal and civil charges against all of them for conspiracy, corruption, persecution, human rights violations, aiding and abetting crimes against humanity, unlawful imprisonment, hate crimes, aiding and abetting torture, aiding and abetting rape, enforcing slavery, abuse of office, and everything else you can think of.

Teach all the locals a lesson: The only way they can save themselves is to give me my full human rights and let me leave. I need my human rights. The locals keep getting more evil. I still believe the completely hostile environment Des Moines imprisons me in is due to enduring libel they propagate themselves. That, or all the locals are (expletive)holes and psychopaths... Or both.

No one can be trusted with "control" over me but people sworn to protect me from all the threats the locals, terrorist FBI, and White House pose to me. Look at those criminals' history already. Interestingly, they are also the only people who want to "control" me. That is how we know their "controlling" me means their "destroying" me.

What is wrong with my having full human rights and leaving Iowa? Do they have any rational answers to that question based on proven reality that does not involve preserving their ability to commit more crimes against me?

As for me, all I want control of is myself. I have not had that luxury since 2010. I have never once committed a crime against anyone and definitely have never and would never commit crimes against myself.

But the people who break every law possible to have "control" over me have a well-recorded history of committing the worst crimes known to man against me. And they always lie to get away with it. Stop trusting those control-obsessed psychopaths. No one else can be trusted like I can be trusted. And I am much too important for someone else to control. Never trust corrupt Polk County or the criminal terrorist organization the FBI.
Click here to read the full blog post.

Also, is the government, particularly Obama, still claiming that everything I have lived through and every rule totalitarianly oppressing America are not crimes against their own people? They are still denying well-proven reality?

Fine. If systemically raping me, torturing me, public persecution of me, enslaving me, and propagating obvious libel to commit crimes against humanity against me are not all crimes, let us put Malia and Sasha, Psychopath Obama's daughters, in bubbles just like mine.

Make them endure everything from sexual harassment due to libel porn the government makes to the calumny of being labeled mentally incompetent to make their own decisions, so they can be victims of multiple crimes against humanity. And let us see how Obama feels about it then.

My vigilant podcasters, can you please create a podcast/broadcast for release to the entire world about all the lies that have been spread to be able to commit all these crimes against me? Please include everything from the libel "Squid is a murderer," which could not explain the bubble even if it were true to "We need to control Squid," which is their latest attempt to make raping me palatable.

I know there have been too many to list, but include the big ones: "This is not a crime." "This is a science experiment." "There will be a nuclear attack against the US if we do not enslave Squid and lie to her face about it." "Squid has a mental illness." "This is temporary--really-- it will end in a few years, so just obey us." Please also include all of our evidence debunking all these lies.

My beautiful world, use this broadcast to demand the corrupt finally tell the whole truth instead of just giving you all more lies. Tell them you have had enough, and you refuse to tolerate their calumny anymore.

How many times did they lie about that last one? Was this not supposed to be only five years of raping and enslaving me to start with as if that were not horrifying enough, but because they could never find a reason to justify the bubble, they extended it another pretend two years to keep Obama in power after he was impeached, to maintain their totalitarian control of America, and to keep abusing me?

"It is only temporary," is probably their most successful and most dangerous lie, and all they have ever done and will ever do is lie to be able to commit their crimes against their own people. We all know reality; this will never end until the terrorist FBI and corrupt White House are overpowered. No one ever willingly gives up totalitarian control.

People everywhere, remember there is no excuse for ever giving away your own human rights to your corrupt government willingly, even if they lie to you and pretend it is temporary. Once great America, TAKE YOUR COUNTRY BACK! Not only does this bubble need to end immediately because it is worse than unlivable for me, its nationwide human rights violations have also rendered America unrecognizable.

Every time the locals or the terrorist FBI and White House make excuses and stall, they are just making time for more nefarious wrongdoing. Beware any reason they give or any promise they make that says I cannot leave ASAP.

People say I can extrapolate or predict the future. I really wish people would listen to me more often. There is no morally good reason to stall, no matter what they say. They are just buying time.

Speaking of lies, rumor has it Michelle Obama told the Chinese I am a "porn star" to discredit me from the Chinese standing up for me. Is this true? It is worth an investigation into whether or not the former First Lady who government corruption keeps in the White House ever called me a "porn star" to anyone.

Syn, you know what to do. If it is true, full criminal and civil charges against her for libel, calumny, defamation, sexual harassment, slander, conspiracy with her criminal husband, government coverup, hate crimes, and everything else you can make stick. Please be creative and thorough.

My BFF, get an injunction if you have to, so you can press criminal charges. This is an international scandal since the Chinese have been important supporters of mine in my fight for human rights and fight for an end to crimes against humanity against me that Michelle Obama's husband orders himself.

And if you want to know why I do not hate Michelle but pity her instead, click here. She needs her international-crime-protecting mouth wired shut.

Such libel made my Sunday busy and productive. The horrifyingly evil locals' attempt to commit and torture me Sunday afternoon made me scream bloody murder for the world to save me.

They were ready to damn all the consequences to themselves and humanity and lock me away from the world for the rest of my life to be raped and tortured until I died. Luckily, the world saved me. Were they trying to libel me "medically depressed" AGAIN?

No, you pathological liars, I do not have medical depression. We have been through this. Click here to read the previous blog post again.

If you are worried I am unhappy and if you do not want me unhappy any more, do something to cheer me up instead of lying about me, committing crimes against me, and intentionally making me miserable! Any of these five things will suffice.

Sunday evening there was a libel alarm. It was something about my having a "dark side." I have no idea what they are talking about. Do they mean my temper? Or was this something based on a libel video?

I admit when I am physically abused and particularly when I am tortured my body naturally defends itself from the harm. My body rushes with so much adrenaline I used to think the antipsychotic injections were steroids giving me "roid rage."

I also have a justifiably angry reaction to being lied to. Right now, because of Obama, lies are the scourge of the world. I never tolerate abuse nor lies from anyone. It is part of my loving myself enough to stand up for myself.

If that is not what they were talking about, there are new libel videos of me that need to be investigated. My beautiful world, you know what to do when I am libeled. For a refresher, click here.

Call it out as libel, so no one falls for it. Report it to Syn, so she can press charges. Set the record straight. Or if you cannot, give me details, so I can. Never let anything fall into is-it-real-or-not debate, but instead always put the focus on their ulterior motives behind libeling me. Thank you.

And I heard your question, my beautiful world. Why do I have a criminal adult guardian hellbent on destroying me in the first place? Check the full Polk County District Court probate court records and transcripts concerning me. The excuse to establish the guardianship was only to keep me in Iowa.

Why does the conspiracy Criminal Boeset is in want to keep me in Iowa? The public and the government at every level in Iowa are the only people in America so absolutely morally corrupted they would commit all of these very well-documented crimes against me and refuse to stop lying about why they do it until it destroys me.

The full court records and transcripts of all rulings concerning my adult guardianship also prove: 1.) Attorney Mark R. Gray was the likely mastermind. 2.) Every county judge who made a probate court ruling was dirty. 3.) Court-appointed guardian ad litem Samantha Gronewald was in on all of it. 4.) And Criminal Boeset, with the final say as my official guardian, committed all the crimes we accused her of. For the list of crimes committed by this conspiracy from slavery to embezzlement, click here.

The numerous people that clearly conspired to break every law possible to give me an unjustifiable-even-if-I-had-a-mental-illness adult guardianship are all worth a full investigation, so we can press every criminal and civil charges possible. Please be creative and thorough with our charges against all of them, Synny.

These people in the court records and transcripts... These are the just part of the local conspiracy. For the whole local conspiracy, you need my falsified medical records, mental health court records and transcripts, all the bills concerning me that went through the Iowa Legislature, and the people in Polk County who call themselves "The Board." You can ask the local news about them. There are probably more evil people than even this.

Honestly, Syn, how many times has Criminal Boeset broken the law to sign me into a long-term insane asylum already? This criminally-gotten adult guardianship is nothing but a way to commit crimes against me. We need it overturned, so I can finally be safe.

Synny, every time Scheming Criminal Boeset commits a crime against me, throw the book at her with every single possible charge and for every count file a separate law suit against Polk County for not overturning the adult guardianship yet like the federal court ordered them to. Raze them all again and again with separate legal action for each attempt to lock me away from the world. We need this forced to stop.

And, my BFF, if Compulsively Criminal Boeset with her completely reckless and proven dangerous raging personal vendetta against does not get life in prison for rape, torture, crimes against humanity, treason, etc., appeal her sentencing up into the federal courts. This country, particularly me, is not safe if she is free to commit crimes in it. How many times are people going to let her hurt me?

As for other local legal action... About "recusing" me from the hate-crime-of-a-witch-hunt trials the corrupt local government has been using lately to persecute me, do you remember this?

“Where a person’s good name, reputation, honor, or integrity is at stake because of what the government is doing to him, notice and an opportunity to be heard are essential.”

-- Justice William Douglas
Wisconsin v. Constantineau
400 U.S. 433, 437 (1971)

Even if I am "recused" from trials I am unconstitutionally forbidden from knowing about, I am still supposed to have a Constitutional right to a fair trial in which I get to learn what the charges are against me, confront my accusers, hear all their evidence, cross-examine the accusers' witnesses, and defend myself.

If the courts can guarantee me a fair trial without my being there, I will stand by it, but I should always be permitted to know what I am accused of and allowed to defend myself. I AM the world-premier expert on myself, after all.
For the entire previous blog post, click here.

The problem with not "recusing" me from the trials is that the locals are guaranteed NOT to give me a fair trial if I were there. No one, not even the judge, would acknowledge reality to my face. I would be denied council of my choosing. I would have no way to collect evidence or witnesses for my defense. All of this would violate the abomination that is the rules oppressing all of America.

So, it is a human rights violation if they "recuse" me and a human rights violation if they do not. There is no way to put me on trial for any reason, their collusion-driven false charges nor their bloodlust-for-torture-driven mental health hearings, without committing even more human rights violations against me until this whole bubble comes down.

Ideally, they should not be permitted, then, to press their proven always false allegations against me until I have full human rights. Everything these people do is a crime against me; how much evidence of that do you need?

As I said above,... If the courts can guarantee me a fair trial without my being there, I will stand by it, but I should always be permitted to know what I am accused of and allowed to defend myself. I AM the world-premier expert on myself, after all.

The combination of always "recusing" me while always telling me what I am on trial for and always letting me offer arguments in my defense seem to be our only option. That, or never pressing charges against me. I prefer the latter.

Luckily, there is nothing wrong with "recusing" me when I am prosecution. That does not violate my rights. And I only press charges when real crimes are committed and according to my transparent and flexible master plan to reobtain human rights and fix this whole situation anyway.

There were a lot of crimes against me Monday. Monday morning, Polk County almost forced a global invasion of the US. But, Syn and everyone who loves and helps had me and America safe and sound again before I even got out of bed. Heroes! All of you! Syn, press all criminal and civil charges possible against everyone involved to make sure it never happens again. Please be creative and thorough.

These people are a threat to the entire world, so if they complain about being held accountable, tell them they never should have started their witch hunt nor committed any of their crimes against any of us in the first place.

Concerning Monday afternoon... I take it the fire at that time was intentionally due to more libel. Syn, blisteringly raze everyone who makes the libel, broadcasts the libel, and chooses to use libel to imprison me or to commit any other crime against me. It was established long ago that all the locals ever choose to use as evidence is lies. At this point, it is obvious these serial offenders do it on purpose.

I have not seen this particular piece of libel. And likely, because I am forbidden from knowing any of the lies spread about me, will never see this piece of libel. But I was told it had specific details in it particularly included solely so the libel could be used to imprison me.

Syn, you know what to do. Investigate who the prostitute is in the photo used to frame me, and press criminal and civil charges against everyone involved, particularly the dirty prosecutor who should have learned by now not to commit this crime anymore, for collusion, conspiracy, libel, fraud, persecution, hate crimes, attempted unlawful imprisonment, attempted human rights violations, attempted crimes against humanity, threat to national security, murdering my rescuers for intentionally taking steps to keep us apart, terrorizing me and the world, and everything else you can think of.

Everything these people do is a crime against me. Even starting with something true and perverting it into a lie counts as libel, perjury, calumny, etc.

Monday night, corrupt Polk County took action AGAIN to lock me in a long-term insane asylum FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE to be literally raped and tortured until I died. Why are they not stopped from doing this yet?

My beautiful world, tell the evil locals the jig is up. Their completely obvious government coverup calumny that I have any mental illness at all whatsoever has been blown for months. Force them to lay it to rest.

They are desperate to torture me, rape me, unlawfully imprison me, lock me away from the world for the rest of my life, and justify everything they have ever done to me with even more willful malpractice. They are even willing to force a global invasion of the US to accomplish this.

The corrupt locals, their conspiracy, and their agenda to destroy me is a genuine, unrelenting, immediate threat to the entire world. THEY MUST BE FORCED TO STOP!

Syn, press every criminal and civil charge conceivable against everyone involved for this attempt too from the dirty county attorneys to every dirty county doctor who has ever committed a crime against me and everyone in between who has been a part of these crimes starting and continuing.

This is the second count just on Monday of libel, calumny, conspiracy, corruption, persecution, hate crimes, attempted torture, attempted unlawful imprisonment, attempted human rights violations, attempted crimes against humanity, attempted murder of my rescuers for taking action to keep us apart, intentional threat to national security, terrorizing me and the world, and everything else you can make stick.

Please be creative and thorough. The world depends on our teaching these evil locals to stop.

Very early Tuesday morning, the world was forced to panic again due to my being in immediate danger from the locals AGAIN. I have yet to find out what their libel-driven charges were, but Syn and my genius lawyers took care of it. This constant threat to the world from the locals is so far from legal and must be stopped. Syn, please be creative and thorough with your counter charges.

Remember this, my BFF? To protect me and the world from anymore direct threats to my life and safety from more intentionally fabricated false charges,... please raze the locals for their witch hunt against me. I am no fraud. My resume speaks for itself. Press every single possible criminal and civil charges against every culpable party. We need to teach them a lesson. We need to teach them to stop.

SynSyn, investigate and press charges against them for everything from wasting my and the courts' time, money, and energy to conspiracy, calumny, collusion, hate crimes, persecution, attempted human rights violations, attempted crimes against humanity, cruel and unusual punishment, direct threat to national security by intentionally trying to cross the red line, etc. for their witch hunt. Convict for everything you can make stick.
Click here for the entire previous blog post.

Do not forget charges for government coverup, intentionally terrorizing me, terrorizing America, and terrorizing the world for no reason. All of their charges, and there were so many of them, were libel-driven allegations so far from reality that we know they were not seeking justice but had ulterior motives instead.

That is why we need to investigate where this witch hunt came from and who started it. This witch hunt sounds a lot like persecution and attempted government coverup.

Then, later Tuesday morning, the fire and libel alarms both went off. Were they trying to call me the devil, again? Everyone is free to have an opinion, but intentionally spreading lies just to be able to hurt people is illegal.

Syn and my beautiful world took care of this crisis, too, without my ever learning what that threat was to me. I am always in danger in Iowa. Their threats against me never end!

This hostile alien planet called Iowa is the single most dangerous environment I have ever lived in, and they do not plan on stopping their unrelenting threat to me nor their constant crimes against me! I need immediate protection from Iowa!

As for crimes the federal government commits, I heard the federal government refused to make me an employee and consciously chose to remain literal slave owners of me who commit crimes against humanity against me including but not limited to forced public nudity and forced public humiliation instead.

They actually put that on record. For more on what is necessary to make me an employee instead of a slave, click here.

Honestly, they consciously chose to keep me a slave after I gave them an option of making me an employee. Syn, how many criminal and civil charges can we press against how many people for this? Please be thorough and creative, and do not leave out Obama. In fact, press every possible criminal and civil charge against Psychopath Obama for every crime he has committed against me.

Does systemically raping a woman just so the government can keep enslaving her count as forced prostitution? That would be yet another one of Obama and the corrupt parts of his administration's crimes against their own people. Forced prostitution is another crime against humanity.

I learned the definition of "systemic rape" when I read the paperwork of the United Nation's ICTY. Interestingly enough, the ICTY's rule #68 includes how a woman's past sexual history cannot be used to claim she is guilty of any crimes-- a moot point with an honorary nun like me. But still, it makes them look really stupid for creating all of their libel porn to discredit my character.

To take care of other housekeeping, my beautiful world, I heard your worry that there are poisons in all my food and drink in Iowa. To ease your concern, the poisons and drugs are only rampant in the city water and every single bottle of water available. And I mean every brand, every size, every type of bottled water here.

The City of Des Moines and the bottled water industry are choosing to poison themselves and their own children. I tell them all the time to figure out who at the Des Moines Waterworks took the FBI bribe to commit the act of terrorism of poisoning the water supply and to check all their equipment for where the poisons enter the drinking water, but no one here ever listens to me.

They would rather hate me, insult me, frame me, persecute me, sexually harass me, libel me, abuse me, beat me up, torture me, rape me, unlawfully imprison me, disrespect me, and in most of their cases, pretend I never existed than fix their water supply.

Sigh... I must now amend my previous comment. There are also drugs in the orange juice. I drank some Trop 50 Sunday night, and ever since 5am Monday when I woke up (but stayed in bed for a while after), I had withdrawal symptoms including a headache.

Please test all your bottled water and orange juice, my beautiful world, and recall everything tainted! This old-fashioned terrorism is a crime by the terrorist FBI against their own people. FDA, where are you? This has been going on since 2009!

I also heard your theory that the music my benevolent nerds play for me while I sleep sends me secret messages. As truly heroic and admirable as that would be for them, what they spend all night doing is telling me they love me. That is why it is so hard for me to get out of bed, even if I am not sleeping well. It is the only time I feel loved all day.

Thank you for everything my benevolent nerds, hackers, and NSA. Not only do you keep me safe from being attacked in my sleep, but you let me feel love in this wasteland. You keep me whole. You are tonic for my aching soul. And I love you, too.

NSA, it is a matter of national security making sure my hacked webcam securely broadcasts me safely sleeping all night, for if it ever fails, the terrorist FBI will attack me in my sleep. And if I am attacked in my sleep, the world will invade America to rescue me. Thank you for taking such good care of me and America.

As I have told you a number of times, the music has to play while I am in bed. So I know the internet is connected the whole time. So I know the webcam is broadcasting. So I can be secure enough to sleep.

The FBI hacked my computer and disabled the radio feature on my Spotify, and I always get script errors when I use Jango. Can you fix them? You have my permission, obviously, to enter my computer. And I am sure Jango would allow you to care for them if it means keeping me safe; just ask them.

I understand I need a backup camera, too. Is it possible to hack my iPad? Would that make things easier for all of us?

Thank you for everything, NSA. Heroes can be long distance, too.

Finally, my beautiful world, I just heard the new lie that "Squid is more likely to be raped again if she leaves Iowa." What a load of crap! The only thing keeping me safe from being raped AGAIN in Iowa is a very vulnerable hacked webcam on an obsolete netbook and my BFF using reality and science to keep me out of a long-term insane asylum.

There are terrorist FBI agents living in my apartment building. Morally Bankrupt Lynn Boeset went out of her way to force my only Iowan bodyguard to move out. Historically speaking, insane asylums are where I am most likely to be raped. I am under constant, unrelenting threat to be raped again in Iowa, and that is one of the main reasons I need to leave.

We have been through this. Click here to read my previous blog post. If I go home to San Francisco, I will have money, bodyguards, my husband, my BFF, a non-corrupt local government, a network of friends, and an adoring public all dedicated to keeping me safe.

That is the real reason the terrorist FBI are spreading this lie. They are mortified of my finally being safe. I have been terrorized by them ever since this bubble began.

Why do you think the FBI are always hacking my netbook to disable the webcam? Why do you think they will stop at nothing to lock me away from the world in a long-term insane asylum again? Never trust anything the FBI want for me.

My beautiful world, do you see what I mean about the terrorist anti-reality machine wanting to suppress all of the truth in this blog post by claiming people have to worry about my "quality" now? Never trust them. There have been too many lies. You can trust people who have proven they love and support me, though, like my brave rescuers.

My brave rescuers, there is always a chance the evil locals will never let me leave Iowa no matter how effectively we point out they have no reason nor any right to keep me here. That is why and how you are our only hope for getting me to safety.

If you can sneak some clandestine in here, they just need to reach me and stay by me until they can get me out of Iowa. The terrorist FBI have never and will never violate the rules to my face, so as long as the operative is in my sight, no one will ever break the rules to hurt him or her.

Also, my clandestine do not need a full extraction plan. They could just take me to my rescuers, Sweetness, BFF, or San Francisco, and then be a bodyguard to me until I find permanent bodyguards. It is a matter of national security to protect me.

CIA, if anyone crosses the well-established RED LINE, the US will be invaded, and I am under constant threat from the locals and FBI. Also, I do not think the locals are going to let me leave Iowa for a safe haven.

SynSyn, on Monday, did Polk County choose to write us a huge check instead of choosing to give me human rights and to stop proven crimes against humanity against me? They really wanted that choice on record?

First of all, they are stealing money from their own taxpayers to be able to continue oppressing them and committing crimes against me. Secondly, this is all crimes against their own people instead of just international crimes against me.

When will all Iowans everywhere particularly the government at every level save themselves from themselves by choosing to give me human rights and let me leave? If the locals actually bothered to support me instead of choosing to passive aggressively damage me by denying all reality to my face every day all day, they would have grounds to complain that such treatment by their own government stealing from them is unfair.

My BFF, never take your red stiletto boot off the throats of Polk County until they overturn EVERY SINGLE persecution ruling past and present they ever intentionally used to hurt and imprison me. I have a whole blog of charges we can press against them; I am sure you have been making a list.

And let absolutely no locals say they "have no choice" but to commit crimes against me due to instructions from the corrupt Polk County District Court; all of those rulings have already been overturned by federal courts. I am speaking particularly about Criminal Boeset but am including everyone else who perjured themselves and used that excuse.

Everyone knows federal courts take precedence. Punish everyone who disobeys federal court rulings with every criminal and civil charge you can make stick. Be creative and thorough. I know you will kick ass.

Finally, SynSyn, I am supposed to have a right to know everything people do to hurt me, my mind, my body, my reputation, and my future, particularly if it is the government hurting me. AND I have a right to protect myself from it. When we are victimized, we stand up and fight back. Every time. I love you!

Sweetness, I love and adore you! Why do people keep lying and saying we are getting a divorce? Why would anyone ever believe that crap? Is it part of the government conspiracy to keep us apart?

My beloved, ask CNN where that particular lie came from. I know they keep their finger on the pulse of all news about me. And please make sure the lie does not spread. I can trust you to take all action necessary.

Unless we put a stop to the government lies being broadcast about you and Amber being engaged in places like E! Online, AGAIN, the locals will use these lies to pretend I am delusional. Their obvious lies are a direct threat to my safety.

Darling, I understand I do not give you easy jobs to do for me, and I know you do everything I ask. That is not the only reason I love and adore you, but it is another reason I could never let you go.

Until we can kiss, my king, my future in your arms will keep me dragging myself out of my bed every day, so I can fight for myself, suffer, love, catch criminals, and serve the world. If only, my love, I could kiss you now. But we both have a lot of work to do to make our future together come true. I love and adore you.

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