Thursday, March 27, 2014

I Should Never Have Had to Fight This War; This Bubble Never Should Have Happened in the First Place.

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Here is my latest blog post. I am neither impulsive nor unpredictable. Such words are grave insults to people who think and plan all day. If you cannot predict me, it is because you are too stupid to. Everything I do follows a flexible and transparent master plan. I understand people who choose to unjustifiably hate me are too simple to keep up.

USA. Is there an easy fix to alleviate the burden of what the beverage tax is needed to pay for? For example, Polk County and Iowa would not have to raise taxes if they would choose to stop committing crimes against me completely instead of choosing to write checks to me to be able to continue their heinous crimes.

I believe I was told they were even rejected for bankruptcy by the courts because they are choosing their debt instead of choosing to end their human rights violations and crimes against humanity. The people just keep choosing to pay me instead of save me.

As for other mistakes locals make... I AM NOT AN IOWAN! Stop libeling me by falsely labeling me Iowan! I do NOT commit crimes against humanity. I do NOT hate completely innocent women unconditionally.

I do NOT destroy the world, oppress America, commit mass murder, nor conduct witch hunts of benevolent world leaders! I am not from Iowa. I was not born in Iowa. Iowa is NOT my home. Iowa is my torture facility and slave driver. I AM NOT IOWAN!

Iowans broke the law and keep committing heinous human rights violations against me (not limited to the calumny of calling me an Iowan) to make me live on this alien planet against my will just so they can keep abusing me here, and I just want to go home.

What? What did you say? The ordinary people in Iowa love me? Stop your lies! Which one of them will respect me? Which one of the will spend quality friendship time with me? Which one of them will acknowledge reality to my face? Which one of them will give me a ride to my human rights? Which one of the will NOT libel me "stuck up" for avoiding them because all they do is choose to abuse me? Not one of them. Not even my mother. And NONE of those denials are harmless. They all choose to be evil instead. I would NEVER treat a fellow human the way Iowa chooses to treat me. I am NOT an Iowan. I have human compassion.

For the list of the only twenty places in all of Iowa than bother to go so far as to treat me like a human but who still refuse to be an answer any of the questions in the paragraph above, click here and click here.

Remember this? Polk County and the State of Iowa need to learn to love themselves enough to stop committing crimes against me. More persecution of me just leads to more blistering punishments. My beautiful world is dedicated to saving me and will never let me down. Click here to read the entire previous blog post.

Iowa, I am always trying to save you, but you refuse to listen to me. You are choosing to directly damage me, oppress and punish yourselves, destroy America, and hurt the entire world. You need to learn to love something, anything, enough to stop your compulsive crimes against all of us. I am resigned to the fact you will never love me, but you need to learn to love at least yourselves enough to listen to me.

Iowa, the oppression of all of you by your corrupt government will just get worse, and your people will all just lose more and more human rights as you dedicate yourselves more and more to destroying me rather than letting me leave.

And all that will gain you, Iowa, is more blistering punishments from the courts for choosing to break more laws to abuse me more. The only way you can save yourselves is by giving me my full human rights and letting me leave for a place that loves me.

Iowa, you have to learn to love yourselves enough to save yourselves. I know you will never choose to love me. I pray California presses charges against Polk County for kidnapping me and imprisoning me to keep me from going home. I was a golden goose for San Francisco while I was there. California loves.

Did you know that locals I have never had contact with in my life register "official complaints" about me online with the local government to help justify everyone's crimes against me and their maintaining their completely hostile environment for me to live in? Subpoena those complaints, Synny. The local news will tell you all about them. And press every criminal and civil charge against every person possible.

How much do you want to bet they are committing libel and calumny, so they can unjustly blame me for their own choices to commit heinous crimes against me? All they should be doing is giving me back my human rights so I can leave, but look at what they spend their time and energy on instead!

How unlivable is this bubble? Look at how I am treated by the locals and every level of the local government all day every day! This place is increasingly hostile towards me, and I am forbidden by Obama from everything that makes life worth living. I work three jobs 24/7, and if I ever let my guard down, I will my rescuers will die, innocents will suffer, or I will be internationally criminally locked in an insane asylum to be raped and tortured until I die.

Give me anyone one of these reasons to cheer up (Click here.), and I will be able to tolerate these crimes designed to destroy me until the bubble comes down.

Sweetness, my brave rescuers, and/or incoming clandestine blocked from reaching me: Tuesday evening. Tuesday night. Wednesday morning. Wednesday afternoon-- 9 alarm act of mass murder by the terrorist FBI and ordered by Psychopath Obama. Wednesday night--sabotaged.

Direct action by terrorist FBI and corrupt Polk County to lock me in an insane asylum FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE: Wednesday noon. Wednesday evening. Wee hours of Thursday morning-- due to bold-faced libel.

Libel-driven false criminal allegations against me by evil Iowans and the terrorist FBI: Tuesday night. Wednesday night.

With their well-documented track record of collusion and calumny, why does anyone still listen to people who accuse me of anything? It is always lies. It has always been lies. It always will be lies. They have no credibility nor legitimacy left.

For more on my prediction the local government and terrorist FBI will just keep framing me until they can illegally lock me in an insane asylum to rape and torture me until I die, click here. I do not even know what the false allegations are this time. That is another crime against me.

“Where a person’s good name, reputation, honor, or integrity is at stake because of what the government is doing to him, notice and an opportunity to be heard are essential.”

-- Justice William Douglas
Wisconsin v. Constantineau
400 U.S. 433, 437 (1971)

My beautiful world, you know what to do every time there are lies about me. If you need a refresher, click here. Never let it descend into an is-it-real-or-not debate; always put the focus on their ulterior motives behind libeling me. The libel and calumny is the actual crime.

The locals said Tuesday night they will break any law and commit any crime to be able to "control" me. What are they afraid I will do if I have human rights? Kiss my husband? Save the world? End the civil war in America right now? Why do they want it on record they are opposed to this?

Everything they have ever done to "control" me has been a capitol offense, human rights violation, and crime against humanity. And that is exactly what "control" me means-- intentionally breaking every law possible to intentionally prevent me from leaving Iowa for a place that will protect me and not commit crimes against humanity against me.

Syn, call the local news, ask them about which locals' want to "control" me, and raze those locals. Press full criminal and civil charges against all of them for conspiracy, corruption, persecution, human rights violations, aiding and abetting crimes against humanity, unlawful imprisonment, hate crimes, aiding and abetting torture, aiding and abetting rape, enforcing slavery, abuse of office, and everything else you can think of.

Teach all the locals a lesson: The only way they can save themselves is to give me my full human rights and let me leave. I need my human rights. The locals keep getting more evil. I still believe the completely hostile environment Des Moines imprisons me in is due to enduring libel they propagate themselves. That, or all the locals are (expletive)holes and psychopaths... Or both.

No one can be trusted with "control" over me but people sworn to protect me from all the threats the locals, terrorist FBI, and White House pose to me. Look at those criminals' history already. Interestingly, they are also the only people who want to "control" me. That is how we know their "controlling" me means their "destroying" me.

What is wrong with my having full human rights and leaving Iowa? Do they have any rational answers to that question based on proven reality that does not involve preserving their ability to commit more crimes against me?

As for me, all I want control of is myself. I have not had that luxury since 2010. I have never once committed a crime against anyone and definitely have never and would never commit crimes against myself.

But the people who break every law possible to have "control" over me have a well-recorded history of committing the worst crimes known to man against me. And they always lie to get away with it. Stop trusting those control-obsessed psychopaths. No one else can be trusted like I can be trusted. And I am much too important for someone else to control. Never trust corrupt Polk County or the criminal terrorist organization the FBI.

My beautiful world, never trust anything the terrorist FBI say. Definitely never fall for any of their empty threats on my life. They have always used lies to manipulate you. Click here to read the previous blog post about this.

Never do anything the terrorist FBI wants particularly if it involves manipulating you to get it or involves harming me or taking away any of my rights or freedoms. Instead, you are all morally obligated to protect me from everything the terrorist FBI want for me. Look at their history. They and everything they want cannot be trusted. Too many lies and too many crimes!

The slavery broadcast of what should be my private moments in my own apartment is on again? That abomination of a "show" is nothing but human rights violations, slavery, and way to make people believe libel porn of me! It is worse than degrading! According to the United Nation's ICTY, forced public nudity and forced public humiliation are also a crimes against humanity.

Please do your job. Save America. Save the world. Am I not suffering enough? Take the bubble down already. And arrest Psychopath Obama already.

And do not make me start on the crimes of Michelle Obama! She keeps using her ill-gotten celebrity like some sort of presidential "hooker" selling herself to the public to make the heinous crimes against America and the world committed by her psychopathic husband palatable and permissible.

If Michelle loved her daughters, she would take them away from their proven systemic rapist father. That is why she is a failure as a mother. I do not hate Michelle Obama; I pity her. I know she is a complete fraud and a failure.

Michelle was in China trying to convince them not to love me enough to save me while her psychopathic husband was out to seduce Europe into not saving me.

My vigilant podcasters, please make a widely-distributable podcast/broadcast for the world to consume of an accurate simultaneous split screen of my response during Obama's speech to the European Union in Belgium Wednesday afternoon.

Seriously, my once great America, what more evidence do you need that the full list of rules Obama created that take all of our rights away and our well-documented history of crimes against me and America from systemic rape to mass murder to prove all Obama wanted was totalitarian control of America and was willing to commit any crime and pay any price to obtain and maintain it?

"A cage went in search of a bird." -- Franz Kafka, The Zurau Aphorisms

My brave rescuers, I am doing everything I can to get out of this cage, so you can stop dying. You were massacred yesterday. How do I save you? What do you need? Anything. Anything you want or need. Just ask us me and my beautiful world. We all owe you so much.

I also owe my whole team a huge debt of gratitude. Go team! Thank you for everything you do, my beautiful world! We have had epic wins lately! You have kept me as safe as possible! Thank you! Let us finish this!

Synny, I wish Wells Fargo were on our team, but ever since March 2013 when they illegally rejected my Bank of America insurance check from Liberty Mutual under orders from the terrorist FBI just to make sure I would never have enough money to reach physical safety and my human rights, I knew I could not trust them anymore.

I have not stepped foot inside a Wells Fargo since they lied to my face claiming they had to reject that check completely because it was supposedly "high risk." Bank of America? Liberty Mutual? Wells Fargo lied to cover up their conspiracy with the terrorists.

If their corporate offices were in San Francisco instead of Des Moines, we could trust them, but Iowans are all liars, criminals, (expletive)holes, and psychopaths. If you ever need anything from Wells Fargo concerning me, my BFF, talk to their offices in San Francisco. Talk to lovers.

Synny, if you or Sweetness need access to my bank account for any reason, take your Power of Attorney paperwork and a copy of the court ruling that decided you take precedence over the horrifying human rights violation that is my criminally-gotten corrupt Polk County District Court assigned adult guardian, point out Wells Fargo's human rights violations against me (enforcement of slavery, unlawful imprisonment in a deadly environment, etc.), talk to lovers in San Francisco, and get what you want from them.

I do not hate Wells Fargo. I did not press charges against Wells Fargo. I know Bank of America did. But we still hold all the cards against them if they try to break the law and deny you anything. I am pretty sure the lovers in San Francisco will do anything for us regardless of any leverage we have. Be nice first.

Last year, I mailed you one of my payment stubs from Liberty Mutual, so you could contact them about my tax info. You might want to talk to them about this Wells Fargo episode. They are also good people to talk to if you want to sort out my taxes since 2009. I love you. Sorry about this mess.

My BFF, if you ever clear the logjam of criminal and civil charges we are pressing, get some rest. Then, if nothing comes up, please work on these five things. We need to make this completely unlivable bubble at least bearable. Thank you!

More importantly, SynSyn, please speak with former Mayor of Los Angeles Villaraigosa, the LA police department, and Dr. Suzuki at Aurora Behavioral Health in Pasedena. They already told me they were under direct orders from Obama, still president of the US at the time, when they illegally committed me.

That is how they knew where to find me at Mr. Whisky's parents' house in the Westchester neighborhood and the only reason they took me into custody, libeled me insane, committed malpractice, and unlawfully imprisoned me in a psych ward.

Hopefully, one of them has Obama's direct orders on paper, on a hard drive, or in a phone record. I once asked you not to press charges against the City of Los Angeles if they turned in all their evidence against Obama.

Does this count as the direct tie between the crimes against humanity, Obama's totalitarian oppression of America, and Obama's direct culpability everyone is looking for?

At the same time I was in LA, my Sweetness and his friends were chased down by the terrorist FBI every night to keep them away from me.

I honestly do not know how so many people can live through all of this totalitarian oppression and still demand "solid proof," but I will help if people can tell me what they need.

Sweetness, I just mailed you a love letter Wednesday afternoon. The USPS tracking number is 9505 5213 4281 4085 0001 78. Wherever you may be, the letter will be in LA on Friday. I hope you get it soon. It is twenty-three pages of love.

I know you want three more kids, my beloved, and I have never in my life been pregnant. But as much as the entire world wants me to make superhuman babies to delight them, I turn 37 this year. This bubble is never going to end unless it is overpowered. We all know this. I might never get to have children.

Honey, I know I have been giving you the same my-biological-clock-is-ticking talk since 2010. And I know you already brave every danger to reach me. I do not want to more pressure on you. But will you forgive me if I can never have children? This bubble has always taken every single thing worth living for away from me.

Sweetness, can I ask you for a favor? It is my mother, again. Please contact her and see if she needs any help from us or leverage against the government to get all of your and my demands met. I love and adore you. She is your mother-in-law, you know.

And no, darling, you are not a sociopath. Stop worrying about that. You are my sexy, American Che Guevara.

Yes, Sweetness, I forgive you and stand by you. Thank you for always being honest with me. You fight so hard for me; I could never survive without you. Please never stop loving me. That fear of you leaving me is the reason it hurts me.

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