Thursday, March 6, 2014

So Homesick for California

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Here is my latest blog post. When will truth be legal in America and lies forbidden by the government instead of the other way around?

Egypt. I believe in secular government, Egypt. These few paragraphs are not about politics. They are about the necessary fundamentals of a free society. We all need freedom of the press.

Did the journalists report the truth? You cannot blame journalists for true stories they report. You cannot blame journalists for the news. If they lied and if the lies created harm, I understand charges. But that does not look like the case with these three Al Jazeera journalists.

Even opinions, even unpopular and inflammatory opinions by journalists as reputable editorial comments should be protected under freedom of the press. The truth should be available for everyone, Egypt. You do not want to live in a contemporary Soviet Russia; you do not want the totalitarian control of the media we have in America right now.

Please, Egypt, set your journalists free. Please stop persecuting people for telling the truth. Freedom to speak the truth is a sacred public service necessary in every free society.

USA. Ever since US Supreme Court ruling Griswold v. Connecticut (381 U.S. 479, 484 (1965)), we have had our right to privacy officially recognized by the courts in America.

In that ruling, Justice William Douglas told us “… specific guarantees in the Bill of Rights have penumbras, formed by emanations from those guarantees that help give them life and substance. Various guarantees create zones of privacy.”

The right to privacy has been defended by the Supreme Court ever since. In Katz v. United States (389 U.S. 347, 351 (1967)) Justice Potter Stewart stated “…But what he seeks to preserve as private, even in an area accessible to the public, may be constitutionally protected.”

I call this the Mr. Alec Baldwin quote, since he is always sparring with the paparazzi watching his every private moment in public places. I do not believe things we choose to put on the internet, as opposed to things on the internet about us due to slavery, fall under privacy laws, but I agree with Justice Potter Stewart that private moments in publicly accessible places are also Constitutionally protected.

Yesterday, Wednesday evening, during the news, the fire alarm went off. It took hours for me to figure out it was Sweetness who needed the rescue. I never know where that man is nor what he is doing, but I am always here for him.

I worked all evening at my place while watching TV. Then, last night, Wednesday night, the fire alarm went off again. This time it was my rescuers. They were under attack from the criminal terrorist organization the FBI.

I hate when my rescuers die. If Polk County would just let me leave, they could stop dying. Their blood is all over the FBI and Polk County. The FBI was even convicted of mass murder of my rescuers already by the federal courts, but nothing I have done so far, no matter how hard I have tried, has succeeded in keeping my rescuers safe from them. And Polk County keeps slaughtering rescuers by keeping me away from them.

Then, shortly after midnight Wednesday night into this morning, Thursday morning, the libel alarm went off. My beautiful world, for what to do when I am libeled, click here. This Reality War against all of the libel requires all of us. Thank you for all of your help so far, and please kick it up a notch.

I cannot be the only person sick of all the lies about me. When will truth be legal in America and lies forbidden by the government instead of the other way around?

Wednesday night, for the first time in over a week, was fire alarm free for me. I know Syniva worked all night, though. When I woke up, the libel had been dealt with. My BFF is such a hero. She never quits fighting the good fight to save me.

My beautiful world, please remember to take good care of all the good people who fight for me. Please be very good to Syn, Sweetness, my brave rescuers, my village of lawyers, my benevolent nerds and hackers, etc. Take care of their every need and treat them like the world class heroes they are.

This afternoon, Thursday afternoon, the libel alarm went off AGAIN. The FBI anti-reality machine was still falsely accusing me of being insane. This libel that has endured since 2009, has been used to commit crimes against humanity against me during the entire oppressive reign of the bubble.

Science has spoken so many times to bring reality to the masses. NO, I HAVE NO MENTAL ILLNESS. But the FBI refuse to relent lying about me to justify their crimes against humanity against me. This libel is a constant, unrelenting, immediate threat to me, and we need a permanent solution to protect me from further unjustifiable-with-reality crimes against humanity.

Syn, how is the FBI anti-reality machine still getting away with libeling me with insanity? Why does anyone still believe anything the FBI, Polk County, or Criminally Diabolical Lynn Boeset say about me? Science has spoken so many times. My BFF, flatten everyone who calls me insane in any public forum. That is not an opinion, it is a flat out lie.

Synny, trace the libel to its source and raze everyone calling me insane for enabling crimes against humanity against me. Get the source and get everyone who chooses to repeat the OBVIOUS lie for conspiracy to commit crimes against humanity, persecution, hate crimes, libel, enabling human rights violations, and enabling crimes against humanity.

SynSyn, the crime of libeling me with mental illness is so heinous, so obviously untrue, and has a history of causing me so much unjustifiable pain and suffering, that we can now show no mercy purging the world of these lies. My physical safety, my mind, my body, my survival, and my undeniably vital job serving the world depends on this.

Later Thursday afternoon, Jared ended his friendship with me. He had been completely avoiding me since Monday when we saw The Lego Movie together, and Thursday he finally called it quits as my friend. I am now utterly and bitterly alone in the bubble. No one is willing to acknowledge me; no one is willing to love me; all I see everywhere I look is hatred and persecution.

My beautiful world, I am so homesick for California. I miss being loved. I miss having friends, family that supports me, loved ones, and a public that loves and supports me. I miss the happy weather. I miss the human rights. I miss my husband.

California, my beloved home, if you need help fighting for me, talk to New York, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Florida. And I am sure there are more states. Unite the parts of America who love me to really put the pressure on Iowa to give me human rights finally. And thank you for fighting for me.

See how many states who love we can get to declare themselves completely bubble noncompliant with you thereby creating numerous safe havens for me to go to that will treat me like a human, full rights and all, without my needing the passport my evil father stole from me. We need to make me safe until my brave rescuers can reach me.

My brave rescuers, I saw the metaphorical ghost of Thorbald Thursday afternoon while I was at Chocolaterie Stam. He just wanted to make sure I knew people out there love me. I never get to see love in here. Thank you for loving me enough to send a metaphorical ghost to remind me all is not lost.

Also, my brave rescuers, I cannot ask the world to invade America to rescue me. That is your job. I would be charged with sedition and treason and locked away from all the world forever if I asked the world to intervene in this global human rights crisis. Coming to my rescue has to be the world's choice. Just like your rising up to save me was your choice.

But I have to admit, if there is no other way to give me an immediate, permanent solution to the constant, unrelenting, and immediate threat of the FBI and Polk County that has done nothing but get more dire this year, the world probably has no other choice.

If the White House would just give all of America back our freedom of speech and freedom of the press as an act of good faith to prove they are not lying AGAIN and are finally willing to commit to diplomacy, I would understand stalling the global military action, but without any signs of choosing to end the crimes against humanity against me or the human rights violations against all of America, we can do nothing but demand unconditional surrender from the FBI, the White House, and Polk County.

My beautiful world, are you willing to mobilize in your own names a way to save me without my having to ask you to? We have tried everything peacefully. Syniva fights all day and all night every day and every night to save me through court action, but the FBI and Polk County keep choosing to just steal from their taxpayers to pay me money instead of giving me human rights and stopping their crimes against humanity.

Please, European Union and United Nations, put everything in place to grant me diplomatic immunity in America to keep me safe from more false charges, corruption, and collusion, until I can be successfully removed from the jurisdiction of Polk County and the FBI. And please take some stress off of Syniva by offering other solutions to saving me.

SynSyn, thank you for EVERYTHING you do for me. I heard you have been winning all over the place all week. I know I keep you so busy. When you are done clearing the logjam of charges we have been pressing for years, I fear there is more action I need to ask you to take.

My BFF, first of all, did we lose any court battles? Local rumor has it we lost one. Please let me know what you need from me to fix this. More importantly, I heard the Iowa Legislature took more action to keep me unlawfully imprisoned in Polk County which is a unrelenting, immediate threat to me.

Please call the local news in Des Moines to get the details. Was it the bill to forbid my rescuers from picking me up, or did they take more action than that? Click here for more on that bill.

Synny, do you remember what you did the last time the Iowa Legislature codified persecution and human rights violations against me? Please do it again. Criminal and civil charges against everyone. Keeping me away from my rescuers violates my rights, too.

Raze Iowa, Synny. If the locals were civilized enough to acknowledge reality to my face and be friends-in-reality to me, I would have compassion-driven second thoughts about flattening this horrible alien planet I have never belonged to that does nothing but destroy me.

No matter how hard my beautiful world has tried, Syn, we have always failed making Iowa love me; they are all just psychopaths hellbent on destroying me. But even if we cannot make Iowa morally sound enough to love me, we can still take action to make Iowa stop committing acts of hate to destroy me.

Please save me from Iowa, again, Synny. Remind them the only solution to this crisis in Iowa, crisis for America, and crisis for the world is for them to stop committing crimes against me, give me my human rights, and let me leave. Otherwise, they are all international criminals, and the world will declare war against them to rescue me.

Sweetness, I really wish you would address the United Nations to plead for help for me, but I get it. You will never give up trying to reach me. But there are so many other things I need your help with. For the full list of things I need help with, please click here.

My darling, if you choose not to take care of these things I need taken care of, please delegate them all to people we can trust. They simply must be handled, and I thought you would like being the one to take care of it all for me. Please do not leave these important tasks unfinished. I am begging you. Please do not let me down. I have no one else to ask.

Finally, Sweetness, "And as for those whose sustenance is the king's countenance, see how their mouths are filled with sugar of the king's beauty." --Jalal al-Din Mohammad Rumi (1207-1273 CE) Persian Muslim poet, theologian, and mystic.

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