Saturday, March 22, 2014

Obama Keeps Escalating His Crimes.

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Here is my latest blog post. Obama keeps escalating his crimes against all of us instead of stopping them. He must be permanently disabled from damaging me, this once great America, and the whole good, green world any longer.

India. The complete eradication of polio from planet Earth is hampered by widespread misconceptions about the vaccine in the few areas where the disease still runs rampant. No, the polio vaccine does not hurt your children. It only helps. For example, my beautiful world, I am vaccinated against polio. Think of everything your children can achieve if they get vaccinated. I love you all.

While mentioning causes we should support that are working tirelessly every day to save the world...

My brave rescuers keep dying every night and every day trying to bring freedoms and rights back to America. Please light white candles in their honor every night. In every single blog post I offer peaceful solutions to this bubble of inhumane oppression and crimes against humanity.

But Iowa hates me too much to pick me up and carry me to my rescuers, so they can stop dying. In fact, they keep choosing to murder more rescuers instead by taking more action to keep us apart. Never trust the locals. They are all murdering, libelous haters. Light white candles every night, my beautiful world, until the FBI stops their mass murder.

Fire alarms due to attacks on Sweetness or incoming rescuers: Wednesday night. Wee hours of Thursday morning. Thursday evening. Thursday night. Wee hours of Friday morning. Again Friday morning. Friday afternoon. Friday night. Saturday morning.

Fire alarms due to direct action by Dictator Obama to destroy me and lie to cover it up: Thursday morning. Friday evening.

We had a Cuban Missile Crisis early Thursday morning when the terrorist FBI hacked my computer and shut it down. It was almost impossible getting it to boot up again. The world went berserk because they could not see me to keep me safe.

After I got the hacked webcam working again, I asked the NSA to permanently keep my computer safe from the FBI to prevent another Cuban Missile Crisis. The terrorist FBI are the biggest threat to this nation. If they refuse to relent, they will force America to be invaded.

Later Thursday morning, Obama escalated his crimes against me with new executive orders. He was impeached over a year ago! He is acting as an unelected dictator and creating harsher executive orders to destroy me and America faster! HE MUST BE STOPPED!

My beautiful world, get ahold of a copy of these new completely criminal executive orders and make sure they can never be enacted. And when you are done with that, get a copy of all the executive orders oppressing America and committing crimes against humanity against me and take it all down. Show Obama it is the people with the power in this democracy.

Congress, where are you? How dare you let one psychopathic president destroy America completely on your watch! For more on this, click here. If you do not start working with the federal and Supreme Courts to end these malevolent executive orders and save America immediately, what are you there for?

SynSyn, start investigations and press the same barrage of criminal and civil charges against Obama that we pressed against the Attorney General and the terrorist FBI. For more on this, click here. Instead of fighting human rights violations and crimes against humanity all over the world like they are obligated to, this conspiracy of psychopaths keeps escalating them against Americans on purpose.

My beautiful world, we need to isolate Dictator Obama and the terrorist FBI further from all of America and the rest of the world. We must take their power to hurt me and destroy America away from them! They keep escalating!

Have you considered international sanctions against Obama himself and the culpable members of his administration? The State Department, Homeland Security, CIA, NSA, and US Military all fight for me. I do not trust the rest of them.

My beautiful world I have always been able to trust you to never believe the terrorist FBI anti-reality machine lies about me or about why Obama should be permitted to rape and torture me longer. Thank you for doing everything possible to protect me, my beautiful world.

All I do all day is love, suffer, solve world problems, and catch criminals. It is a highly-skilled and very taxing job serving the world all day, and it is role no one else in the world can fill. I barely get to eat, and my sleep is always interrupted. I love serving the world. I just wish I could do my job without suffering so much all day every day.

There was libel about me Friday. It was something about some fictional "dark side." I am not dark. The world is just watching me be destroyed. My suffering will never end until I can kiss my husband, hug my BFF, and be surrounded by people who love and fight for me.

I do not care how many lies you spread about me, Iowa. San Francisco has been my home since 1999 when I moved there from my college in Dallas, TX, USA. I do not care where I go. I do not care what I do. I do not care how many lies you spread about me, Iowa, to justify illegally imprisoning me here just to abuse me; San Francisco will always be my home. San Francisco loves.

When you have to choose which of contradictory laws to obey, Iowa, you are morally obligated to choose the law that does not rape, torture, persecute, destroy, or create human rights violations. You are obligated to protect the innocent, not libel us so you can destroy us.

On the local level, this means Governor Terry Branstad is morally upstanding and the Iowa Democrats like Jack Hatch who keep breaking every law possible to keep me imprisoned against my will in Iowa where the Iowa Democrats mandate international crimes and crimes against humanity against me are not.

I am a politically independent, screamingly liberal, openly bisexual, mixed race, benevolent, super-genius world leader and environmentalist that Iowa Democrats break every law possible to destroy. California Democrats love and adore me. The crime of being an Iowa Democrat seems to be being an Iowan.

I am told there is a local contest offered by the local government-- a $1000 prize for any local who can frame me well enough I get arrested. And the locals just keep trying. They are even so morally depraved as to have murdered some poor soul just to be able to frame me for murder.

Syn, investigate and root out all the corruption. This collusion is completely illegal and is clearly engineered by the terrorist FBI and hateful local government to destroy me. This explains the raging national wildfire of the witch hunt out to get me. We need to protect me, my body, my mind, and my future safely and effectively serving the world.

Des Moines asked me for help on Thursday. Yes, the haters actively destroying me by choosing to ignore and not acknowledge me asked me for help. I fear the Mayor of Des Moines who always loved me got in trouble with the terrorist FBI. Please hurry and check on him, my beautiful world. Lend him lawyers if we need to. We never leave a soldier behind.

And Des Moines, the rules oppressing you are just going to get worse and more restrictive until you take away the terrorist FBI's power to terrorize you. You need to choose to disobey every rule and get me out of town and to safety abroad, my rescuers, my husband, or my BFF if you ever want this to end. It will only keep getting worse unless you force it to end.

Similarly, Polk County and the State of Iowa need to learn to love themselves enough to stop committing crimes against me. More persecution of me just leads to more blistering punishments. My beautiful world is dedicated to saving me and will never let me down.

On the short term, my beautiful world, our priority is keeping Syniva safe. If anything happens to me, if I get threatened again, or if the red line is officially crossed, we need Syniva free to take the whole bubble down to get me out. We already had a Cuban Missile Crisis Thursday morning.

Our second priority is keeping me safe until I can be rescued. Again, a critical part of this is keeping Syniva free to rescue me. Lavish all the love, protection, and adoration you wish you could give me on my BFF, my beautiful world. She and my genius lawyers have a lot of hard work to do.

My brave rescuers, you are our priority, too. You need to get me out of the corrupt White House's and terrorist FBI's jurisdiction as soon as possible. I am not safe until I am rescued.

The world is taking action to take down psychopathic Obama as I type this. He was already impeached a year ago and enacted criminal executive orders to keep himself in power even after his impeachment when he saw federal justice coming for him. What crime will he commit now that he sees global justice coming for him?

We should be worried about Obama acting out of desperation or in keeping with his trademark psychopathic spitefulness right now. What if he hits the self-destruct button to destroy as much as possible since he is going down anyway?

My beautiful world, we need International Criminal Obama disabled as soon as possible from damaging me, America, or the world any further. Personally, I will not be safe until I am rescued. What will make the whole world safe from him?

We also need to permanently disable the terrorist FBI from further mass murder of my rescuers. The terrorists and their terrorist leader Obama respect no laws, respect no courts, and have promised to only escalate their crimes instead of stopping them.

Please help, my beautiful world. I will not be safe from these psychopaths until I am rescued. No one will be safe from them until they are overpowered.

SynSyn, let the world spoil you. Let the world keep you safe. There is so much repressed love for me in America right now. Let them vent it on you. You deserve nothing less than being worshipped for all the virtuous, selfless, and tireless work you do for me, America, and the world.

You are also the only person, Synny, who can fill the spiritual gap that will be left if anything happens to me. At a time when the unchecked unelected dictator Obama is willing to do anything to destroy me, it is important for the world to remember how important you are.

Also, my BFF, concerning my evil mother, all she has to do is behave like a loving mother to me by meeting our three demands and we drop all charges against her. That is the only method she has for saving herself-- showing real love for me by respecting me and acknowledging me. I am at peace with never seeing her again. It is better than enduring her crimes against me and all her lies.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. When the timeline for my being reinstated as a human in the eyes of the federal government is hammered out, I am going straight to your loving arms. You need to make sure the first moments of our happily ever after are properly planned out. I just need you. What do you need?

Thank you for addressing the United Nations, darling. I know I can count on you for anything. You will heal me, my hero. The suffering. My never-ending, unbearable suffering in this completely unlivable bubble. It all takes such a toll on me. You will heal me, my hero.

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