Sunday, March 9, 2014

Iowa is Just Getting Worse, and No Local Anywhere is Willing to Help Me.

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Here is my latest blog post. It seems all the international news mentions me right now, so I have not been able to get any more international news about new problems I can fix. We are going to jump right into the crisis in America right now.

Iowa is an alien planet where it is the codified law that I matter less than everyone else and am, therefore, granted fewer human rights. And the public, THE EVIL PUBLIC, they choose to obey the laws instead of fix them or fight them because they hate me. It is part of the culture in Iowa to hate unconditionally.

No one here, even though they could save the world, lifts a finger to help rescue me. No one here acknowledges reality to my face. No one here makes me feel wanted or loved.

Yet, they refuse to let me leave to be among people who would actually want me. They just imprison me here, so they can keep committing crimes against me and libelously blaming me for them. And the local government, THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT, never lets up as an unrelenting, immediate threat to me.

Friday night the fire and libel alarms both went off. Syniva and my beautiful world fixed the libel. The fire was with Sweetness, so I sent him emergency help.

The fire alarm also went off Saturday afternoon. It took a while to figure out why, but I sent help to my rescuers and Sweetness. And they were saved.

Saturday evening, the fire alarm never even went off, but Syniva, Sweetness, my village of lawyers, my loved ones, and my entire beautiful world protected me from yet another plot by the completely corrupt Polk County and the criminal terrorist organization the FBI to unjustifiably lock me away from the entire world unjustly and for the rest of my life.

What was the give away? There are FBI living in this apartment building with me. That is how close the threat to rape me is. At night when I am asleep, now that my bodyguard has been removed by Criminal Boeset and my landlord, they roam through my apartment poisoning my food and drink and threatening my safety.

This immediate threat by the FBI is another reason my mother will not let me live in her house. She is evil. When their plot I was forbidden from knowing about was foiled, I could feel their contempt for me fill the building.

Proven-to-be-completely-corrupt Polk County and the criminal terrorist organization the FBI are an unrelenting, immediate threat to me. And now, I do not even get to warn my beautiful world to look out for incoming attacks before they come. This bubble was already unlivable, and since January, it has done nothing but get worse and worse and worse.

My beautiful world, the only thing that can protect me from the never-ending, immediate, and unrelenting threat the FBI and corrupt Polk County pose to me all day and all night every day and every night is diplomatic immunity. Europe, are you willing to foil all the future plots against me by arranging my diplomatic immunity with the US State Department?

You did issue me an EU or British passport, right? Making me one of your citizens, right? And I am a completely benevolent world leader, right? I am begging you, Europe. Please take care of this for me. I need permanent protection from the plots of the criminal terrorist organization the FBI and the proven completely corrupt government of Polk County. Please help me.

Then, just minutes after that invisible threat was extinguished, the fire alarm went off. I think the second threat Syn, Sweetness, my village of lawyers, my loved ones, and my beautiful world saved me from Saturday night was Polk County District Court trying to libel me crazy again, so they could lock me in an insane asylum for the rest of my life.

Overnight Saturday night, my brave rescuers were stopped from reaching me. They fight so hard, but all they do is die. Please, my beautiful world, help them. Do not let them die in vain. They are fighting to save me and bring rights back to all of America.

Sunday afternoon, this afternoon, just moments ago, two emergency fire alarms went off within minutes of each other. No one ever told me what they were, but I trust my beautiful world took care of it. We need a permanent solution as soon as possible.

The new rules the criminal terrorist organization the FBI started enforcing on Friday are designed to destroy me, to stop people from rising up and toppling the bubble, and to prevent anyone in America from ever having rights again.

We have been so successful fighting their lies about me that the government is now instructing Americans to seek out and believe less truth. So much brainwashing and totalitarian oppression!

Iowa, Polk County, and the FBI are guilty of hubris. How dare this penniless slave command them to give her and America human rights! The US government at every level, if not stopped, will destroy the entire world just to destroy this one woman who leads the world to defy their tyranny.

I can only pray America finally gets fed up with all the totalitarianism, rises up, and peacefully exercises all Constitutional rights at last.

My beautiful world, the threat from the FBI and Polk County to lock me away for the entire rest of my life is unrelenting and immediate. I know I say this in every blog post, but that is because the threat never goes away and only changes for the worse.

If you believe the criminal terrorist organization the FBI will choose to give any of us any of our rights next year, you are believing more FBI anti-reality machine lies. This lie is used to justify their continuing their human rights crisis right now.

Everyone who says "Later," or "It will end soon," or "Maybe next month." Is just a liar stalling for time, so they can continue their current crimes right now with your permission. They will not give anyone more rights "next month" or even "next year."

The FBI, Polk County, and the State of Iowa are buying themselves time to keep trying to get libel and false charges to stick to me, so they can lock me away from the entire world for the rest of my life.

And if they fail, they will just keep lying and stalling and pretending and persecuting and oppressing and committing their crimes and saying "Later," or "It will end soon," or "Maybe next month," again to get away with it again.

This bubble will never end. Polk County and the FBI will never CHOOSE to give human rights back to any of us. All of America and all the world have to take their power to hurt us and oppress us away from them.

The only thing that can save all of America is an invasion by the global community to enforce human rights in America again OR both removing me completely from the jurisdiction of the criminal terrorist organization the FBI and Polk County along with all people in America rising up and defying every rule criminally and unconstitutionally oppressing them.

And from the way America behaves, particularly the Des Moines locals, we have a better chance of the first one happening. My beautiful world, am I worth saving? Is the dream that used to be America worth restoring? Please say yes to both. Please save us. This is an emergency.

I do not know what to think about US Ambassador to the UN Stephanie Power. She is dedicated to vetoing any help the United Nations Security Council can offer me, but she still asks me for favors dealing with Russia. So much hypocrisy! I wonder if Secretary of State John Kerry could set her straight.

My brave rescuers, is the FBI anti-reality machine really libeling everyone who loves and fights for me as having a supposed "mental illness." You are not mentally ill! After people come to terms with reality, THE ONLY SANE THING TO DO is rise up and fight the oppression.

The people who just let the oppression go on, who deny it, or worse who obey it are the ones who are a proven threat to themselves and others. If people are not actively fighting the bubble, the rules, the FBI, and Polk County, they are part of the problem. My mother is a prime example of passively destroying me.

SynSyn, at least I can count on you. Thank the atheist heavens you can multitask. How are things going clearing the logjam of charges we have been pressing? Did you ever figure out what the Iowa Legislature or Polk County passed this time to violate my human rights to keep me living unrelentingly threatened in Polk County against my will?

I am sure the local news in Des Moines knows all about it. Click here for what you did last time. I hate having to be mean to people, but they just will not stop persecuting me. The oppression from every level of government just keeps getting worse.

My BFF, you are a global figure, too, now. Please tell my beautiful world what you would like help with to make keeping me safe from Polk County, Iowa, the FBI, and Criminal Boeset easier on you. You have powers, Syniva. You have legal muscle, intelligence, and you wield the Power of Squid.

Are there permanent solutions to keeping me safe you are after, Synny, that have eluded you so far? Please tell the right people in my beautiful world what you need, and they will provide.

My BFF, it would be a waste of your sizable intelligence if you waited for me in all of my obvious blindness to do all the thinking for you. I trust you, Syniva. The world trusts you. Do what you need to do.

Finally, Syn, we never leave a soldier behind. Offer Jared our lawyers to get the FBI and the local government off his back if he comes back to me. We should be able to get the whole bubble deemed unconstitutional if the FBI is trying to control where Jared goes, whom he talks to, what he says, what he does, etc. Remind Jared this will make him a hero.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. I picked you out from somewhere around seven billion people to stand beside me as my king. Do not be afraid of the world. I know you are naturally shy and socially awkward. I would not love you if you were smooth and slick.

But, darling, you have so much star power. And now, because you have been fighting for me so long, you have hero power. You shine like never before.

Please, my beloved, wow the world for me. Compel Congress to send the US Military, Europe to send NATO, the United Nations to force global action, the world leaders to cause all the pressure they can, and do this with all of your expertise about the reality of me, my work, and my suffering and with your honest experience not being able to reach me no matter how hard you try.

Sweetness, flood the foreign and national presses. Tell my brave rescuers' stories. Tell Mr. Brian Williams and Mr. David Letterman's stories. Tell Jared's story. Tell Syniva's story. Tell my story. Tell your story. Tell America's story. Talk about all of the rules, how they always change to oppress America more, and all of the oppression they cause.

My hero and my king, you work so hard for me. Will you allow me to ask you for all of this, too? Will you rise to the occasion and take your place beside me in the eyes of the world? If you can convince the entire world to fight for me, I will be able to sleep safely in your loving arms finally. This is the change we need to happen. Please.

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