Tuesday, March 11, 2014

This is not America.

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Here is my latest blog post. This world is designed to make me cry and suffer.

Syria. It seems the reporting on Syria is drying up. Please do not forget about this horrible crisis nor about these millions of people in need. I have so many problems in my own life, but these starving children, these millions of refugees, all of this human suffering... The crisis in Syria still makes me cry.

Please, my beautiful world, do not forget Syria. The crisis has gone on so long, there is "donor fatigue" plaguing all of the charities and NGOs trying to bring humanitarian aid to the region. Please help.

What Syria needs most is a solution to the root problem. Please, my beautiful world, get me out of here, so I can work on this. Please stop threatening to criminally lock me away from the world forever in an insane asylum and just let me do my job. Take this bubble down. The world needs me.

As for the unrelenting threat against me from the terrorist bubble...

Fire alarm due to attack against Sweetness or my rescuers: Sunday night. Again Sunday night. Early Tuesday morning.

Fire alarm due to libel and false charges: Sunday evening. Sunday night. Again Sunday night. Again Sunday night. First thing Monday morning.

My beautiful world, my hero network, everyone who loves me, if there is a criminal attack from the government coming for me, warn each other and Syn first. It is so hard to get a message to me right now. Notify me after with details if you need me. So many times you will have to save me before I can raise the alarm myself.


Otherwise, you are a psychopath like all people willing to sell any lie and commit any crime to lock me up in an insane asylum to be tortured and raped again and forever while willfully giving up your own Constitutional rights forever to accomplish this.

Do you remember this? My brave rescuers, is the FBI anti-reality machine really libeling everyone who loves and fights for me as having a supposed "mental illness." You are not mentally ill! After people come to terms with reality, THE ONLY SANE THING TO DO is rise up and fight the oppression.

The people who just let the oppression go on, who deny it, or worse who obey it are the ones who are a proven threat to themselves and others. If people are not actively fighting the bubble, the rules, the FBI, and Polk County, they are part of the problem.
To read the entire previous blog post, click here.

Fighting to save America from the proven criminal terrorist organization the FBI and fighting to end crimes against humanity committed against me is NOT a sign of insanity. It is the ONLY SANE REACTION to reality. But denying reality IS a sign of mental illness! Click here for more on this.

Only a psychopath would pervert the truth and label fighting to end crimes against humanity a "public health crisis" instead of admitting the constant and unrelenting proven lies those psychopaths keep selling to the public are the true threat to the public, me, all of America, and the entire world.

Libel and lies from the FBI, Polk County, the White House, and Iowa are the scourge of America. We are caught up in a Reality War. Stop trusting anything the proven liars and libelists say and just end the bubble of overbearing oppression and crimes against humanity already!

The lies and libel are taking the focus off of reality. No one should worry about a false "public health crisis" of people fighting to end crimes against humanity and restore human rights. People should stay focuses on the crimes of the FBI already convicted of mass murdering my rescuers.

The conviction by the federal courts should have been enough to stop the criminal terrorist organization the FBI from murdering any more good people fighting to save America, but the FBI respect no laws and no courts and must be overcome at all costs to save me, save America, and save the world.

The FBI are terrorists that commit crimes against humanity against me, so instead of obeying them, more of America, particularly in Iowa, need to fight them.

What is "controversial" in America right now is the fact the government at every level from Polk County and the State of Iowa up to the FBI and the White House are committing mass murder and crimes against humanity and are willing to commit any crime and sell any lie to be able to continue and never stop. It is NOT controversial that people rise up to stop them.

My beautiful world, the new rules enforced by the criminal terrorist organization the FBI since Friday are too restrictive. There is no sign of America in the US anymore.

It has made no difference in Iowa; these people have always hated me, so it is impossible for them to persecute me more than they always have. But I see the pain of the unbearable oppression on the faces of all the people in the world who actually love me.

Please, my once beautiful America, let the world know your pain. Fight the unbearable human rights violations of the horrifying rules that the FBI enforces with terrorism. Be true to reality, report the abuses to the world, and fight this scourge of America.

The Mr. Brian Williams of the NBC Nightly News, it does not take a psychic to see how much pain you are in every night when you go on television and are forbidden from reporting the news. Get your colleagues together.

Brian, organize Mr. Scott Pelley, Ms. Diane Sawyer, Mr. Wolf Blitzer, Ms. Christiane Amanpour, Ms. Judy Woodruff, Ms. Gwen Ifill, and everyone else who loves and supports. Go embassy to embassy in Washington, D.C. if you have to asking for help saving America. Address Congress. Address the United Nations.

This is not America anymore, my brave journalists, and we need to save this nation. Brian, you are a firm believer an invasion is our only hope. It takes true desperation for human rights in the face of the full force of the sheer depravity of the terrorist policies of the so far unstoppable (no matter what the hero federal courts rule) FBI to come to terms with the fact America cannot save itself, and we need to be invaded.

Please, Brian, tell your story to the world. Organize with Sweetness, with Syniva, with everyone who fights for me, and tell our stories. Please ask the world for help. America cannot succeed overcoming the terrorist FBI alone. We have tried since 2009, and we have had no success. We need the world to help us.

My beautiful world, go embassy to embassy if you have to begging for help. We have so many allies, but like all the people in the US who say they love me, we need something to make people come alive and try to make this nation free again. The rules are now more restrictive than ever. Let that be the trigger.

My brave rescuers, you have fought the good fight for so long. I have faith you will reach me. There really is nothing else for me to have faith in right now but Syniva keeping me safe and you finally rescuing me. I have nothing else in this world. Thank you for loving me.

Syn, congratulations! You bring reality to the world. Is the credibility and legitimacy of Polk County and the FBI obliterated finally? If not, the world has not come to terms with the reality of these psychopaths yet.

Speaking of the local government, SynSyn, two entities are working together in Iowa to cause me deep trauma and sincere emotional distress: the local government that is a proven unrelenting, immediate threat to me due to libel, false charges, and codified persecution and also the public. The public is so (expletive)ing evil.

The worthlessness the people of Iowa instill in me publicly persecuting me by refusing to acknowledge reality to my face and refusing to respect me like I deserve is destroying me. I have reached the end of my rope with Iowa. Through their proven hatred of me, the locals have reduced me to nothing but anger, resentment, and rage since Friday.

I am pressing criminal and civil charges against my own mother for aiding and abetting crimes against humanity because she behaves just like the hateful public, and I tore Seth MacFarlane, a proven lover and believer, a new (expletive)hole over his support of my slaver Barack Obama through twitter on Saturday.

I am not naturally an angry person. I am used to being a creature of love. But these people! These EVIL PEOPLE OF IOWA along with their EVIL GOVERNMENT are destroying me.

The only thing that can save me is the entire state of Iowa declaring itself bubble noncompliant and choosing to actively disobey every evil rule or my being allowed to leave this proven evil state for a place that loves me enough to respect me like I deserve and not commit any crimes against humanity against me.

I go out in public, and I might as well be a leper. There is no greater involuntary social pariah anywhere in the world than me in Iowa. These people just hate me so much they will stop at nothing to destroy me. I really need something tangible to cheer me up. Click here to reread the previous blog post about things that can cheer me up.

And the local government just keeps getting worse! The Iowa Legislature is trying to codify even more persecution of me! Please, Syniva, take criminal and civil action to save me from the public and the local government.

They are literally destroying me. The world will lose this exquisite, beautiful creature forever if this persecution continues, and the persecution just keeps getting worse. (Expletive)ing flatten these haters, but offer to drop all charges if they are willing to disobey every terrorist rule (There is nothing illegal about disobeying terrorists.) or are willing to just let me leave.

Iowans are oppressing themselves by choosing to obey these rules. Always, Synny, give people a chance to save themselves by stopping all crimes against me and stopping all crimes against themselves. I really need something tangible to make me cheer up. The last thing I need is more money I am forbidden from accessing. What I need is human rights.

Sweetness, you want me to cheer up, right? Why are you partying at SXSW with Amber? The bubble just keeps getting exponentially worse. I need help convincing the world to rescue me, overcome the FBI, and disobey all the rules.

The unrelenting threat of my being locked away in an insane asylum for the rest of my life rears its disgusting head all day and all night every day and every night without any relief in sight. And you are partying at a music festival with the other woman.

Darling, I could really use some help in here. Did you present a film about reality in America? Are you in Austin organizing help for me? I know I can trust you, Sweetness. You would not be there if you were not doing good in the world. But did you really have to bring Amber along?

I am sorry, my beloved. The locals have just had me in such a bad state since Friday. Everything good and beautiful about me is dying. Iowa is destroying me. I could really use someone anyone anywhere to make me feel loved. And when I need you the most, you are with the other woman.

I am so utterly and bitterly alone, surrounded by a public actively destroying me, persecuted by the government, and in constant danger, and you are with her. It hurts. I spend every moment of every day fighting to sleep safely in your arms at last in a safe and free America. There are just too many things in this world making me cry. I cannot handle it if you are one of them.

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