Saturday, March 15, 2014

So Easy to Rescue Me. Any Iowan Could Do It.

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Here is my latest blog post. My beautiful world, all I need is two bodyguards, a passport, and an international plane ticket (most safely from MSP or KCI) to save me. To save America, we need complete disobedience to all the terrorist FBI's rules or a benevolent invasion.

Syn and my beautiful world, we can only expect the criminal terrorist FBI and the local government to get even more desperate, even more stupid, and even more malevolent between now and when I get rescued. Please be as vigilant as possible keeping me as safe as possible.

Fire alarms due to attacks on Sweetness or rescuers: Thursday evening. Late Thursday night. Friday morning. Late Friday night.

Fire alarms due to verified threats of crimes against humanity by the FBI: Thursday evening. Late Thursday night. Wee hours of Friday morning. Friday afternoon. Friday night.

The threats against me are unrelenting and immediate. We need permanent solutions. The terrorists and the people who obey the terrorists keep libeling me, pressing false charges against me, trying to commit me to insane asylums to be raped and tortured for the rest of my life, etc.

What if warning me or Syniva accidentally fails? What if court action to protect me ever fails? We need a permanent, immediate solution to protecting me from these terrorists.

Friday afternoon I was framed AGAIN with a libel video. Every time there is libel, my beautiful world, you know what to do. Call out the source, so no one ever believes it. Report it to Syn, so she can press all possible charges. Set the record straight or give me details, so I can. And put all the focus of the world on the crimes, criminals, and ulterior motives behind the lies instead of on an is-it-real-or-not debate.

Syn, press all possible criminal and civil charges against the people in the libel video, who produced the video, and who broadcast the video. Also press criminal and civil charges against the culpable parties in the FBI or Polk County, whichever tried to press the false charges.

Get everyone for libel, collusion, persecution, hate crimes, attempted human rights violations, attempted crimes against humanity, conspiracy, and everything else you can make stick. Thank you, Synny.

FBI, if you keep threatening me and oppressing all of America to get away with it, you make invasion the only option. My beautiful world WILL save me. You lost a long time ago.

After all, what does the world have to lose? We are already at war. The US Military is on our side. It is just a question of how soon the war ends. Meanwhile, this bubble is unlivable for me and only getting worse. And a benevolent invasion to overpower the criminal terrorist organization the FBI would save America from them at last.

All the FBI has to do is back down to avoid this. My beautiful world and I are after unconditional surrender. But just letting me safely leave the US avoids the invasion. This is reality.

Speaking of reality, we need to take extra precautions to protect national and town cryers of truth and reality. Are our journalists and members of all media, recreational of otherwise, safe?

Does Brian Williams of the NBC Nightly News need a rescue? I know he is thoroughly terrorized by the FBI every day just for doing his job. Please check on him and see if he needs anything. We never leave a soldier behind.

I have been receiving strange messages lately. People have had concerns about me that are neither immediate nor urgent efforts to protect me. This is about as important as the time I had to explain and prove I have never had plastic surgery.

My beautiful world, seriously? We are in a fight to the death to save me and America right now, and you are all debating whether or not I am a virgin? Stop letting the FBI anti-reality machine run the national conversation.

Focus, people, focus. No matter what ridiculous lies they distract you with, always turn all discussions back on how to overpower the FBI, how to rescue me, and how to save America.

They are distracting you with salacious fluff, so people are less concerned with rescuing me. Please, my beautiful world, stay firmly grounded in the real and urgent. My brave rescuers are dying. Please focus on saving them instead of frivolous trivialities.

My brave rescuers, are you really sending in some clandestine operatives? I was asked yesterday if Des Moines is a death trap to undercover agents trying to help me. First of all, I maintain all rescuers' cover stories. Secondly, just stay in my sight, and no one will break the rules to attack you.

As I said, I just need two bodyguards, a passport, and a plane ticket, and I am rescued! There are so many options, though. The Iowa Reserves could pick me up and take me to Canada, my rescuers, my husband, or my BFF. Any local could pick me up and even without a passport take me to you (my rescuers), my husband, or my BFF.

It is so easy to rescue me, and whoever picks me up and takes me to safety wins the Squid Prize of $250 million. But it is the unwillingness of the locals to do anything moral or upstanding to save me or themselves and the bleak impossibility of outside people reaching me due to FBI terrorism that is driving this hugest human rights crisis the US has ever manufactured towards an invasion to end it.

My brave rescuers, you told me, "Mission Accomplished." From what I can tell from how nothing has changed in here, that means the global community is motivated to invade to save me. Thank you, my beautiful world.

If the FBI, Iowa, or Polk County cross our RED LINE, I know you will not bat an eye and just invade to save me, my beautiful world. Thank you for being a world we can count on. What is our red line?

If anyone puts me in detention, be it a psych ward, insane asylum, jail, prison, basement, dungeon, tower, etc., the red line is crossed. If anyone rapes me, attacks me, tries to kill me, beats me up, tortures me, or harms me in any way, the red line is crossed.

If anyone violates any other restrictions you want on the government conspiracy hellbent on destroying me, my beautiful world, the red line is crossed. I know if this happens, you will invade to rescue me, my beautiful world. I will not even have to ask you to do it.

Even if this unlivable bubble goes on too long, I know you will rescue me. Please give my rescuers, the clandestine, and the locals a little more time to reach me. If we can avoid escalation of the civil war, that is best. Give the FBI a chance to back down and just let me leave. In the mean time, Syn, Sweetness, and I will try to make this bubble more livable, so I can survive until I am rescued.

Syn, is it time to put my mother in federal prison for aiding and abetting crimes against humanity against me? Also, make the civil charges blistering. Prove my mother should have loved me instead of lying to everyone instead. I called her today, Saturday, and she said she "needed a couple more days" to meet our demands. It is up to you, Syn, whether or not we believe her.

If my mother ever cared about me, she would have always consulted me before making supposed decisions 'in my best interest' for me, and she would always do what I tell her to do. If we are pressing charges against her, she clearly did not meet our demands for my minimum physical safety.

I am the premier world expert on what makes me safe. Syn, you and Sweetness are the only other authorities. If she spreads more lies to try to get herself out of trouble, bury her further.

No, my mother does not have to quit her job for me to live in her house. No, she does not need more time to decide to be a loving mother to me. Yes, she has enough money for me to live in her house; if it is even an issue, all she has to do is ask you or Sweetness for enough cash to meet all my needs; I do not even need to know about it.

Again, Syn, as much as I would love to lock my evil mother in prison for the rest of her life, so she can think about why she does not love her own child, I made a promise. If she meets our demands, we drop all charges.

We demanded 1.) she let me live in her house to diminish the threat of my being raped again, 2.) with wifi so I can do my job from her place, and 3.) that she take me out of Iowa and closer to a rescue at least once a month until I have full human rights and the threat of crimes against humanity against me is completely gone.

Thank you, Synny.

SynSyn, you are such a hero. You are out there where I cannot see you metaphorically kicking (expletive) all day and all night every day and every night. If we ever lose anything and you need me to say something obvious to fix it, just get me details. I will always help you with anything... For the rest of my life.

I also heard you cleaned all the haters out of the Polk County and Iowa governments. Please keep an eye on them. They are all going to be replaced, and we have no way to guarantee they will only be replaced with people with morals and values. The FBI can be so evil.

We should take this opportunity to get all of the Polk County District Court's corrupt persecution rulings concerning me past and present overturned and complete bubble-noncompliance passed by the Iowa Legislature. This is our window to bring back human rights for all of Iowa.

Also, my BFF, the locals are proposing new rules on the people of Des Moines in particular to make it even more illegal to even speak to me it sounds like. Please talk to the local news. Please subpoena the proposal. It is an act to take even more human rights away from all Iowans, but it is also an act of persecution against me and a possible hate crime.

If the proposal or any of the debates on the proposal mention me in particular for special treatment, they are toast. Treat this like you did the state laws to persecute me. Press full criminal and civil charges against everybody who conceived of, drafted, or argued for the proposal. Sue the city if it was a city bill. Etc.

The Iowa Legislature is still trying to make it illegal for my own rescuers to pick me up. For more on this, read my previous blog post. We still need to stop this bill and hold them accountable for it.

Ask them, my hero BFF, what is wrong with my leaving Iowa? It would mean I finally get to stop pressing charges against the State of Iowa, Polk County, and the City of Des Moines. They are just keeping me here to commit crimes against humanity against me here. It is a win-win if they just let me leave.

Finally, Syn, do you need bodyguards? If you feel threatened, hire bodyguards. Let them watch you awake and asleep. If you need to, work from Vancouver, Canada. I will pay for everything if you need me to. Whatever it takes. Do everything possible to stay safe out there. It is impossible to be too careful.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Stop your worrying, darling. You will not have to protect me alone when we can finally be together. We will have highly skilled world class bodyguards forever. In fact, I hope you have some now. If anything ever happens to you, it would destroy me. Stay safe. I need you.

I could really use some husband and wife time. I really need a chance to heal.

Darling, I heard mission accomplished on motivating the world to rescue me. Thank you to you and everyone who worked on this for all the good work. Please continue to flood the national and international presses with reality about how dire this situation is, though.

This is no time to get lazy or take help for granted. Please make sure there is always someone to answer all their questions. The rules are too restrictive and violate too many human rights of the entire nation just to protect the terrorist FBI and White House as they commit crimes against humanity against me. Make sure the world knows the rules just keep getting worse.

This leaves you only one more mission, my beloved hero and king. Motivate all of America to rise up and disobey every terrorist rule. We have a nation to save. I cannot be free in America unless America is free. And America cannot be free unless I am free.

Organize the leaders of the media, role models, and national heroes to lead America to freedom. Celebrity and celebrities are your comfort zone. Our relationship works, my loving husband, because we are equals. Please take your place at my side and help lead America to freedom. Because of the terrorist FBI surveillance of you, you cannot operate in the shadows anyway. Why not lead from the spotlight?

Tell the musicians we need more battle cries. What happened to music like Jefferson Airplane's "Volunteers"? Is Muse's "Uprising" really the last musical cry of freedom to hit the airwaves?

Talk to the film makers. Take to the television producers. Talk to the book writers. Talk to the magazine and newspaper publishers. Talk to the web developers. Organize through social media. Make your face synonymous with human rights and freedoms.

We need a zeitgeist of revolution. We need a national climate screaming for freedom. Take over the conversation, my beloved, and run the national dialogue. It is time to save the USA. The only alternative is invasion.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Please speak with my benevolent nerds about singing me to sleep some night. Make me feel your kisses.

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