Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Still Unrelenting

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Here is my latest blog post. As I polish up this blog post on Tuesday afternoon, there is yet another threat over my head from the FBI, Polk County, or Criminal Boeset that I am forbidden from knowing about. My life for the last seven days has been an unrelenting emergency. My life under these conditions is completely unlivable, and we need immediate, permanent solutions.

Ukraine. You know how I feel about this. I believe the Crimea should have the right to decide its own fate. I agree with John Kerry that the world must do something to help, and if Europe wants me to help with diplomacy with Russia, all they have to do is get me to the talks.

It is not strange for countries in Europe to split or rejoin. The Czech Republic and Slovakia had a peaceful split. Germany peacefully reunited. The former Yugoslavia broke up into its constituent parts. Let the Crimea decide where it belongs.

I do not think Obama should be creating foreign policy still; he castrated himself from ever being an effective world leader by committing crimes against humanity against me. Besides, Obama was impeached already. Allowing him the create policy makes him an unelected dictator.

The American weakness of allowing an impeached criminal stay in the Oval Office is what President Putin is capitalizing on. He knows there is nothing the US can do to stop him as he tactically protects Russia's interests at the expense of the Ukraine. If we had a real president instead of a leadership vacuum in the White House, this would not be the case.

While the Crimean Crisis had all the world news, what has been happening here in Polk County has been unrelenting horrors. Yes, Syn, my friends, and my village of lawyers have saved me every time, but it has been a never-ending onslaught of framing me, false charges, and attempts to commit and torture me again.

Sunday night, I watched the Oscars. I think Ellen DeGeneres did a wonderful job, and it was a good show. I love seeing good people happy. But I was distraught that absolutely no one at the awards show, no matter how many times in their lives they claimed they loved me, was willing to acknowledge me to my face.

I curled up in bed after the show and cried myself to sleep tweeting completely distraught things like, "@FriscoSquid: I live in a world of hatred and persecution where no one ever acknowledges me. If you love me, you better tell me, or you really hate me."

Denying reality to my face is not harmless. It is a crime against all of us. Why else is the FBI ordering it than to get away with its crimes against humanity? It is as bad as the rape, the torture, and the libel if its only purpose is to enforce the rape, the torture, and the libel. I need to be protected from everything the FBI want for me. For more on this, click here.

I was quickly snapped back to fighting mode, though, so I dried my eyes and screamed fire all night. Sunday night was a bad night for me. It was nothing but screaming fire and crying. When the FBI and Polk County keep me up all night every night screaming fire, no wonder I sleep so late.

Polk County and the FBI were trying to lock me in an insane asylum for the rest of my life because they had framed me for murder. Luckily, Monday morning, truth had prevailed. Syn, my friends, and my village of lawyers saved me by speaking reality. And Monday afternoon it was confirmed for me that I was acquitted on all charges.

Please, my beautiful world, as a thank you to everyone who saved me, be good to good people. Serve me as I serve the world by taking good care of my heroes. Thank you.

Then, Monday evening, after the FBI and Polk County had it beat into their heads that it is felonious to libel me to justify their crimes against humanity against me, the libel alarm went off again. The FBI anti-reality machine had created videos of people who look like me to libel me with.

There was some libel pornography, and there was a libel video of one of my doppelgängers ordering the world to murder Barack Obama. And the FBI anti-reality machine tried using the videos they created themselves to libel me with to lock me up for the rest of my life for a capitol offense.

I hope the world has finally learned to never listen to the FBI anti-reality machine sources of media about me. Only trust media stamped with official approval by Sweetness or Syn. Yes, Sweetness and Syn, I need someone to officially review all videos of me before they get put on the internet, so we can have an expert witness as to whether or not videos are really me.

My beautiful world, call out all sources of libel as criminals. Tell me the details of all libel, so I can set the record straight. And report all libel to Syniva, so she can press criminal and civil charges against everyone involved in it. For more on this, click here or here.

Have we reached the point yet where no one believes anything the haters, libelists, and FBI say about me? Stop listening to them except to disobey them.

The FBI libeled me, so they could arrest me. That was their ulterior motive. They wanted to take me away from the world permanently. They wanted to libel me to justify crimes against humanity against me, to stop me from doing my job serving the world, and to make sure I never for all my life ever have human rights again.

Syn, my friends, and my beautiful world heard the libel alarm, set the record straight, and saved me. But that was the second time in two days I was libeled by the FBI just so they could lock me up for the rest of my life.

And then, Monday night, while I was in bed, Criminally Diabolical Lynn Boeset pressed more false charges against me hoping to justify crimes against humanity against me and to take me away from the world forever. I have yet to figure out what these charges were exactly, but after a night of screaming the truth, I was acquitted on all charges by morning.

This was the third time in forty-eight hours false charges had been pressed against me, so Polk County and the FBI could justify locking me up for the rest of my life, making sure I never for the rest of my life ever again have human rights, and committing crimes against humanity against me until I die.

The FBI will never relent. They will never choose to give me human rights. They will not stop until they are forced to stop. They will stay an unrelenting, immediate threat to me until I am removed from their jurisdiction. I live terrorized by them every moment of every day. For more on this, click here.

I need diplomatic immunity to make me permanently safe from the FBI, Polk County, and Criminally Diabolical Lynn Boeset. Have I not earned diplomatic immunity, yet, by my tirelessly and effectively serving to bring peace, love, and understanding to the entire world?

I serve as a sort of ambassador for the entire good, green Earth. I am a living saint of the Catholic Church and a Spanish princess, for heavens sake. If anyone in America has earned diplomatic immunity through service, I have.

Please work on my diplomatic immunity, my beautiful world. We need permanent solutions to the unrelenting, immediate threats that terrorize me. Thank you. Does the government really want it on record they do not trust me, but they trust the FBI, Polk County, and Criminally Diabolical Lynn Boeset?

Then, again, after I was acquitted, in the middle of the night Monday night and into Tuesday morning, I was up screaming fire. I was told Polk County and the FBI were trying to commit and torture me again having been completely thwarted pressing false charges against me to be able to lock me up for life. When will they love themselves enough to stop? It never works. I have no mental illness.

Did Criminally Diabolical Lynn Boeset really just perjure herself by saying on record I am safer in a psych ward where I will definitely be raped and tortured than with my own loving husband, BFF, bodyguards, or public who loves me enough to keep me safe which is exactly where I would go if I had human rights?

San Francisco, Los Angeles, Kansas City, Chicago, Minneapolis, New York. This is the short list of cities in America where the public would die to protect me. Do not let me start about London, Paris, Berlin, Buenos Aires, etc. Think of how safe I could be if I could just leave Polk County which is proven to be an unrelenting, immediate threat to me.

We have proven the only place I am in physical danger is in a psych ward, or worse, in jail. Never let Criminally Diabolical Lynn Boeset's proven lies since she is part of the FBI ant-reality machine (How many times have we caught her lying on record already?) keep my physical safety, rights, and freedoms away from me!

Criminally Diabolical Lynn Boeset does not have my best interests in mind. She is active in enslaving me for the rest of my life and recently forced my bodyguard out of my apartment. For more on this, see where I talk to Syn below.

Criminally Diabolical Lynn Boeset is ALWAYS trying to lock me in psych wards to be raped and tortured. We have extensive court records proving all she does is take action to destroy me.

That is reality. Do not listen to her lies. In fact, arrest her for her lies. She is still trying to lock me in a psych ward FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE instead of letting me be safe and free by leaving Iowa to be with people who will love and protect me.

Testing me for the schizophrenia gene will accomplish nothing. Most people who have the schizophrenia gene do not have schizophrenia! For more on this, click here.

To have schizophrenia, you have to have the gene, AND the gene has to be triggered or expressed. Whether or not someone has the schizophrenia gene, that person will still have to be checked for schizophrenic symptoms, and I have absolutely no symptoms of any mental illness except nightmares only when I get tortured with injections.

Yes, I did cry Sunday night. That was a bad night for me. It is human to react naturally to the world around you. It is perfectly normal and perfectly human to have emotions. If I never cried ever in my life, then you should worry, my beautiful world.

No, there is no chemical imbalance in my brain causing sadness. My reality and all my suffering is why I cry every once in a while.

And then I heard people claim to be jealous of me. Jealous of me? JEALOUS OF ME?!? What kind of deranged lunatic are you? I am fat, ugly, penniless, alone, and persecuted.

(Yes, I said fat and ugly. I do not care what you think of my selfies; I am fat and ugly. I was drop dead gorgeous when I was Amber Heard's age. If I were still pretty now, my husband would not sleep with someone Amber's age, would he?)

I am a SLAVE! The government of the United States of America has committed CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY against me since 2009, and there is nothing to stop them from continuing but my DEATH.

I live every moment of my life TERRORIZED by the FBI and Polk County. I have NO HUMAN RIGHTS but my freedom of speech.

What the hell are you jealous of? What kind of deranged lunatic are you? No one chooses to suffer as much as I unrelentingly have to suffer. Get a grip on reality!

Syn, follow the pattern of what you did after every other time the FBI, Polk County, or Criminally Diabolical Lynn Boeset persecuted me by pressing false charges, by libeling me to get away with crimes against humanity, or by trying to lock me in an insane asylum to be tortured and raped for the rest of my life. Click here if you need a reminder.

Synny, raze every culprit. Leave no brick standing. Teach them a lesson to make me safe from them ever doing it again.

As for you, my beautiful world, I heard your theory, but only a psychopath would murder someone to be able to frame me for murder to stop me from pressing more charges against them. Stopping committing all crimes against me in the first place is the only sane method for Polk County, the FBI, and Criminal Boeset to save themselves.

I really wish we could get ahead of whatever crime they plan on committing against me next, but none of them have never made sense to me because I cannot think like a psychopath.

What hurts most is that Polk County and the FBI had to actually murder somebody to be able to frame me for murder. I pray his or her family gets justice against the government conspiracy who slaughtered that life just to be able to commit unrelenting crimes against humanity. May justice come swiftly for that lost soul.

My beautiful world, can we concentrate on creating cycles of love again? Or do we still have to rescue me every day and every night from the FBI, Polk County, and Criminal Boeset? It is hard for me to love the world while all of them are actively taking immediately harmful action to destroy me. It is hard to love when you have to fight.

Finally, my beautiful world, check out this blast from the past. This blog post is from June 2012. I apologize to Prime Minister David Cameron and Homeland Security for what I used to believe. It has since been proven to me that my real enemy in all situations was the FBI and that you both support me.

My brave rescuers, yes, I know many of you are British. And thank you. I keep hearing good news that you will be coming to get me. I trust you all to be able to accomplish this yourselves. You do not need to tell me about your efforts to reach me unless you have an emergency and need me to send you help.

All of the constant good news of, "Oh, they are coming to pick you up today, Squid!" keeps getting in the way of my hearing about crises for myself or others that I need to take care of.

Let us be honest, you tell me every day and every night you are coming, but you never show up. Please only tell me when you need help. I will always help you. In many ways you are my only hope for a permanent solution to all of the immediate threats over my head.

And I already know that every day and every night you are coming to rescue me. Please do not confuse the content I have to pick through with any more messages on the topic unless you need help from me. That would mean so much to me. Thank you, my brave rescuers.

Thank you, my BFF, too, for always saving me. The FBI, Polk County, and Criminal Boeset have really picked up the speed at which they persecute me. They are not giving us any time to breathe or sleep anymore. We need permanent solutions.

We need me permanently safe from ever being committed again. We need me permanently safe from any more false charges. We need me permanently safe from their persecution and crimes against humanity. Or we will be fighting this same fight every day and every night until I die. They are an unrelenting, immediate threat to me.

Synny, explain to the courts how close we have come to the world losing me forever due to the FBI, Polk County, and Criminal Boeset's constant, unrelenting acts of persecution against me and explain the frequency at which these attacks are coming. This is an EMERGENCY for me and for all the world that needs me.

Please ask the courts for an immediate injunction and mandate forbidding Polk County from having any more hearings or taking any more action concerning me to protect me from them.

Please ask the federal courts for immediate diplomatic immunity to protect me from the FBI until I can be removed from their jurisdiction.

And please ask the courts for the immediate overturn of the criminal adult guardianship no one can justify to make me permanently safe from Criminal Boeset.

SynSyn, Criminally Diabolical Lynn Boeset never protested my landlord invalidating my lease by enslaving me and violating my privacy by putting cameras in every room of my apartment. In fact, she condoned it. But Criminal Boeset took action to make me vulnerable to rape. There was no other motive for her to notify my landlord that he had to kick out my bodyguard.

Need more evidence? Criminally Diabolical Lynn Boeset is a serial offender. We have extensive court records proving she jumps at every chance she can get to 1.) lock me in psych wards, 2.) torture me, 3.) enable the FBI raping me (The last two rapes occurred when she locked me in Broadlawns against my will despite my having absolutely no mental illness, and she keeps trying to put me back there.), 4.) press false charges against me (Did she perjure herself again?), and 5.) endanger me.

I need permanent protection from Criminally Diabolical Lynn Boeset. She is a constant, unrelenting threat to me. Lock her up for the rest of her life for crimes against humanity and get her criminal adult guardianship overturned. We already have her for systemic rape, torture, and unlawful imprisonment... all of them crimes against humanity.

Sweetness, I need your help protecting me from the never-ending crimes against humanity. Please hunker down for the long haul. I know we have federal- and Supreme-Court-upheld rights to marry and assemble and associate, but the FBI are not going to allow you near me until the bubble comes down or until I am removed from their jurisdiction. I know they cannot arrest you for exercising your rights, but do not get yourself killed or shot at.

Please, darling, reread my last seven blog posts or so. Save my mother and make her an ally, so she can get me out of Iowa and into your loving arms. Get a local in Des Moines to speak to Jared about reality, so he can have enough faith and reality to be motivated to save me.

My beloved, address Congress; ask for the military to get me out of Polk County. Address the United Nations; ask for all the help we can get in here. Since you are a world-renowned expert on all things me, flood the national and international presses with reality and pleas for help.

My king, address the European Union in Belgium. Ask Prime Minister David Cameron or Chancellor Angela Merkel to help you speak with Russia and China as my official diplomatic representative. We need the help of the world, and you, darling, are a charmer. Consider all of this practice for when we travel the world together solving crises.

Sweetness, I know you want to be the hero who gives me the lift out of here, but there is so much more work to do than just beating your head against a wall by trying to get in here to pick me up. Can I count on you? All of these things need to be taken care of, and I have no one else to ask. Your friend Ms. Angelina Jolie is a world humanitarian activist. Ask her for advice and help.

Darling, we have to come to terms with the reality you will never be permitted to reach me as long as the bubble is up. We need to hunker down for the long haul and do this right.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. I want to be in your waiting arms immediately, too. I long to touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain. If you ever miss me, look up at the moon and remember The Moon Represents My Heart.

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