Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Stop Your Whining and Save America.

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Here is my latest blog post. No, my mother, everyone in the national media, the public in Iowa, and everyone else whining... No, you do not know what "terrorized"is. I know what "terrorized" is, and I still fight the terrorist FBI to end all of the terrorizing. Fighting back is the "only appropriate reaction," and fighting back is the only thing that will save any of us.

Meanwhile, the crisis in America just rages on...

Cries for help for my Sweetness: Monday afternoon. Monday evening. Monday night. Wee hours of Tuesday morning. Tuesday afternoon.

Mass murder of my brave rescuers: Every day and every night.

Threats to commit crimes against humanity against me until I die: Early Monday morning.

I am under constant, unrelenting, immediate threat from the criminal terrorist organization the FBI who have promised to NEVER stop heinously oppressing all of America to get away with crimes against humanity against me.

And after my last blog post they have unleashed a new barrage of lies to convince the entire world to let this worst human rights crisis America has ever manufactured to continue FOREVER.

They always lie. We have six years of the White House and terrorist FBI's public statements, libel videos, and distorted truths on record already, and they are doing nothing but lying again now to ensure their power grab never ends. Never trust them. If they were actually sorry, they would have stopped.

The only antidote to this poison destroying America that is Obama and his unconstitutional executive orders is speaking the whole truth in all circumstances, loving yourself and all Americans, and fighting the unbridled oppression at every level.

One of our biggest problems with saving America is the fact that the psychopathic rapist and slaver Obama and his henchmen the criminal terrorist organization the FBI are not suffering. They have absolutely no motivation to stop their crimes against humanity against me nor their increasingly horrifying totalitarian oppression of all of America.

These are not creatures of love or reason. Reaching out to them and asking them nicely to stop or offering them sane arguments on why they need to cease and desist will not work. Our only option is to overpower them. Demand unconditional surrender, my beautiful world, and rise up, America, to save this nation.

Our other problem saving America is Obama's brainwashing of the public with all of his smooth snake oil and lies. When he saw impeachment coming, he passed executive orders that would keep him as an unelected dictator for years after being removed from office.

Every time Obama says, "I support women," he is really saying, "I want you to allow me to keep systemically raping a beatified saint." Every time Obama says, "Affordable Care Act," he is really saying, "I don't want you to notice the permanent destruction of all human rights in America."

Every time Obama says, "Let's award unsung veterans," he is really saying, "I am seducing the veterans and US Military into no longer fighting to save my innocent victim from my rampant crimes against humanity."

Every time Obama says, "End the income inequality," he is really saying, "Do not stop my modern slavery of America's sweetheart." And every time Obama says, "I am sorry," he is really saying, "I just fooled you into never making me stop any of my crimes against all of you!"

All the brainwashing of the masses and social conditioning of America just to suffer and wait for someone else to fix this needs to be combatted as thoroughly as the oppression itself.

The "only appropriate reaction" to these rules, this bubble, these crimes against humanity against me, and this regularly increasingly more restrictive oppression of all of America is to disobey and fight it. But that requires people to come to terms with reality first.

Do you remember when I said this to Sweetness? This leaves you only one more mission, my beloved hero and king. Motivate all of America to rise up and disobey every terrorist rule. We have a nation to save. I cannot be free in America unless America is free. And America cannot be free unless I am free.

Organize the leaders of the media, role models, and national heroes to lead America to freedom. Celebrity and celebrities are your comfort zone. Our relationship works, my loving husband, because we are equals. Please take your place at my side and help lead America to freedom. Because of the terrorist FBI surveillance of you, you cannot operate in the shadows anyway. Why not lead from the spotlight?

Tell the musicians we need more battle cries. What happened to music like Jefferson Airplane's "Volunteers"? Is Muse's "Uprising" really the last musical cry of freedom to hit the airwaves?

Talk to the film makers. Take to the television producers. Talk to the book writers. Talk to the magazine and newspaper publishers. Talk to the web developers. Organize through social media. Make your face synonymous with human rights and freedoms.

We need a zeitgeist of revolution. We need a national climate screaming for freedom. Take over the conversation, my beloved, and run the national dialogue. It is time to save the USA. The only alternative is invasion.
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Organize, my once great America. Come to terms with reality. Stop suffering and expecting someone else to save you. We are America. We ARE the ones who do all the saving. America, you need to learn to love yourself enough to save yourself.

Similarly, in Iowa, the locals hate themselves too much to give me human rights. It just means more punishment for them. The only thing that can save the locals is their completely ceasing all crimes against me and just letting me leave. It would also save America.

I was right. FBI bribes have been caught all over the local government including but not limited to the corrupt Polk County District Court, the Iowa Legislature, and the City of Des Moines.

And there are still more shenanigans at the Iowa Statehouse. The Iowa Legislature is still trying to take even more rights away from all Iowans to be able to persecute me all that much more. Sadly, no one is trying to save Iowa by declaring it completely bubble noncompliant.

My beautiful world, remind all of Iowa that their unjustifiable hatred of me will be their demise. Codifying persecution of me at any level is a crime and will always lead to criminal and civil action against them. We raze everyone who takes action to harm me. The only thing that can save Iowa is their ceasing and desisting all criminal activity and making me safe by just letting me leave for someplace that loves me.

Sunday night shortly after Mr. Novak Djokavic won Indian Wells, I tweeted this, "@FriscoSquid: I am heading to Zimm's to give the public a chance to show me love, disobey the rules, and save themselves. No excuse for hating me, Iowa."

Of course, when I walked in the Zimm's parking lot, three cars immediately left. About an hour later, I was harassed by a local hater who justified yelling unprovoked insults at me with, "Do you know who this woman is?" to the bartender. According to Iowa, knowing who I am means you should hate and harass me.

Iowa is so hostile to me. They unjustifiably hate unconditionally.

Monday afternoon, I was crossing the street at a clearly marked crosswalk with flashing lights and everything, and a local tried to run me over. I had a reaction that would make any New Yorker proud.

Ah, New York, I could have been the pride of New York. They are nothing like Iowans. You could never oppress a New Yorker without them knocking you in your place. How is my pride of Los Angeles, my buddy Christian Laffey?

I am so much more interesting to watch when people talk to me. I make everyone a star who acknowledges all fifteen points to my face. I had a friendly chat with my good buddy Christian Laffey on Monday night into the wee hours of Tuesday morning.

More good things need to happen for Christian. Can you take care of that, my beautiful world? He is one of the few people on this planet willing to show enough humanity to have a conversation with me. Thank you.

I used to get my brief breaths of fresh air from Jared, but now the FBI are forbidding me contact with him. They have completely hacked his phone and computer. I have been receiving text messages from the FBI pretending to be Jared for days. If you can save him from the terrorist FBI, I would greatly appreciate it.

Jared Clark
Twitter: @jared982003
Phone: 515-577-6987
Email: jaredc982003@yahoo.com
Snail mail: 3205 Grand Ave., Apt. 103, Des Moines, IA 50312, USA

Jared will be in Los Angeles on vacation from 17March to 25March2014. Track his phone if you have to. Just find him. I stand by my offer to provide him lawyers to get the government off his back. We never leave a soldier behind.

We also give everyone a second chance. All offenders have to do is 1.) cease all crimes against me, 2.) sincerely apologize to my face, and 3.) throw down to rescue me, and all is forgiven. I always prefer to work with people than press charges against them.

Forgiveness is an option for Jared, my mother, the City of Des Moines, corrupt Polk County, the State of Iowa, even the criminal terrorist organization the FBI, and the power vacuum that is the White House. Forgiveness is an option for everyone. It worked for the British. They are sending some clandestine to save me as we speak.

My brave rescuers, the clandestine coming in to pick me up were stopped on Monday, St. Patrick's Day. Were they sabotaged? We have got to learn to do work without any mobile phones; those things are death traps.

My heroes, unless you can get your hands on brilliant and completely untraceable technology, try something so low tech the terrorists would never think you were using it and definitely never be able to hack it... Like a ham radio, or something.

I hate when you die, my brave rescuers. I wish we had a better way to save me. But the locals just keep hating me more. The terrorists just keeping escalating their oppression of all of America. And no one else anywhere in the area is willing to rescue me. You are all such heroes.

Syn, how is my hero in a skirt and heels? Is the world seeking you out to be good to you? Is the public in Seattle keeping you safe? If you ever have problems, just let me know. You are my BFF. I will fight for you until I die.

SynSyn, just some general housekeeping... Leave the foundation money where it is, but move all the rest of my money overseas. I am a foreign citizen, now, right? With foreign passports and everything, right?

Find a nice bank in Switzerland, hedge fund managers in London, or something. I trust you, my BFF. We just cannot trust the federal government right now. Make sure you have access to the money when you need it and keep it safe from the terrorist Feds. Thanks.

As for other housekeeping, press criminal and civil charges against Criminal Boeset if she does not give you all the information you need to file my taxes, particularly if she commits tax fraud and claims she gets to file my taxes for me. Please get our accountants to sort out all of my taxes back to 2009, too. There has been so much criminal activity by Iowans with my finances.

And, Synny, never take your stiletto boot off of the locals throats until every Polk County persecution ruling past and present is overturned, until Iowa officially declares itself bubble noncompliant, and until I can leave. After all, what is wrong with my leaving Iowa? It would make me safer and give us a chance to stop pressing charges against the locals.

Finally, my BFF, thank you for everything. I love and adore you.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Many people have told me lately we have overpowering sexual tension between us. I never noticed before. I just know I want to sleep in your loving arms every night for the rest of my life. Well at least we do not have any of that Moonlighting will-they-or-will-they-not tension. Everyone knows we will.

Darling, do you remember the false news stories about the fabricated volcanic eruptions supposedly in Iceland in 2010 that were used as government coverups for shutting down international airports and stranding passengers all over Europe just so I could not fly from the UK to France and have human rights?

Well, my beloved, there is more completely false news coverage in America right now. The government created a false engagement party for you and Amber and has been selling the false story to the media through a combination of bribes and terrorism.

Investigate Access Hollywood. I am sure Mr. Billy Bush can be convinced to take down the government conspiracy to brainwash the public. CBS loves me. They would never jeopardize my support of them.

Sweetness, your hacked mobile phone seems to be your downfall. Do you need someone inside Iowa to sneak you in? There is still nothing stopping anyone from just driving into Iowa to be with me except the FBI tracking you through your mobile phones and stopping you.

It is not your fault you have not been able to reach me, yet, my darling man. You are always in the spotlight.

My beautiful world, my rescue needs to come from the unexpected. A salesclerk in Minneapolis. An office jockey in Chicago. A housewife in Kansas City. Anyone can just drive in, pick me up, and take me to safety, my rescuers, my husband, or my BFF. It just takes wanting to be a world-renowned hero to win the $250 million Squid Prize. Am I not worth it?

Come save me, anyone who loves me. I live here:

Squid B. Varilekova, benevolent, super-genius world leader
a.k.a. HRH Tanya Hedelisa Albon Depp de Varilek, Royal Princess of Spain
3001 Woodland Ave, Apt. #8
Des Moines, IA 50313 USA
@FriscoSquid if you are on twitter

I am here on Ingersoll every afternoon. And I desperately need someone to make me feel loved. Iowa is a self-imposed wasteland of persecution and human rights violations.

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