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Here is my latest blog post. It is so easy to earn my forgiveness. More people should bother. Save yourselves, haters and criminals, save yourselves.

Egypt. Um, Egypt? This might qualify as genocide (just like Obama's mass murder of my rescuers might count as genocide). Look, I did not like Morsi's secularization of the government at all, but governments cannot exterminate large masses of people for their beliefs.

Yes, you put people on trial before you kill them, so you allow more human rights than Obama does. (He is guilty of drone assassinations and mass murder.) But that is a very low bar. Did all the people sentenced to death commit capitol offenses, or were they exercising freedom of unpopular speech? Is there an appeals process?

You are at a very important stage of your emergence as a stable democracy, Egypt. This is no time to commit an international crime. Please look in your hearts and look at your logic. Is there any way you can guarantee your national security without killing large numbers of your own people? Please try. People should not be executed for dissent, just like the opposition's freedom of speech and assembly needed to be protected under Morsi.

Europe. Is anyone else a little worried President Putin is more likely to do whatever the hell he wants if he is more isolated from the world? I am not saying you have to keep him in the G8. I am just saying stay in contact with him. I doubt many people can be much of an influence on Putin right now, but would that not be better than losing all ability to influence him?

Also, my ever-loving Europe, you can arrest Obama now for torture, systemic rape, unlawful imprisonment, slavery, mass murder, oppressing media worldwide, etc. since he is there now.

The only reason why I suffer from these crimes against humanity and why America suffers under terrorism-enforced human rights violations is because Obama wants totalitarian control of the US and does not care what crimes he has to commit to maintain it. For more on this, click here.

I know your human rights legislation, Europe, and it is beautiful. Click here to see it. Obama's executive orders I live under violate nearly every article. He has been committing United Nations recognized international crimes against me since 2009. You can talk to anyone in America keeping records, like our reputable news agencies, to learn how oppressed America has become just so Obama can keep hurting me.

Please remember, Europe, I am forbidden by Obama's totalitarian rules from having any way to end this crisis against me. I had to write my own legally binding loophole to allow Syniva to press charges on my behalf as my Power of Attorney, and I am forbidden from knowing anything that happens concerning me.

We should be most concerned right now about my "right to a timely resolution." Unless Obama is forced to stop, this bubble will never end, and all he does is escalate his crimes against all of us instead of end them. I was just told he made an "emergency declaration" against me even while he was on trial at The Hague because we have been effective fighting him. Please, Europe, please. I am told to expect another life-or-death attack tomorrow if you do not stop him first.

Attacks on my brave rescuers, Sweetness, or the incoming clandestine: Sunday afternoon. Sunday night. Monday morning. Monday afternoon. Monday night. Tuesday morning.

Libel to internationally criminally lock me in an insane asylum for the rest of my life: Sunday morning. Sunday evening. Sunday night (very close call). Wee hours of Monday morning. Monday afternoon. Monday evening (even closer call). Monday night (due to direct declaration by Obama himself -- even while he was on trial at the ICC for crimes against humanity against me, he ordered more crimes against humanity against me). Tuesday afternoon.

OBAMA KEEPS ESCALATING! I will not be safe until he is permanently disabled from hurting me and from mass murdering my rescuers! Courts, please stop redacting your rulings that save me. This is a matter of life or death for me and a matter of potential global invasion for America. Unless we can permanently prevent evil Polk County from trying to commit me, everybody is at risk, and they keep escalating and becoming more morally bankrupt.

About the VERY close call Sunday night and even closer call Monday evening, Syn, you know what to do. The hard part is over. That was preventing the locals from committing the crime against humanity of torturing me AGAIN. Thank the atheist heavens reality prevailed.

Beg the courts to stop redacting their rulings; the entire world is at risk, and I am in immediate danger. We need to permanently end this unrelenting life-or-death, nightmare scenario threat I live every moment of my life under.

Now, all you have to do is investigate the incident, arrest every culpable party from Quack Janice Landy, Criminally Depraved Lynn Boeset, the dirty local judges involved, and the dirty county attorneys involved up to the terrorist FBI agents who told or bribed them into doing it and the Unelected Dictator Obama whose hubris ordered it all.

We won big against Psychopath Obama Sunday morning, did we not? I warned in my last blog post that he has to be permanently disabled from harming me, America, and the entire world any longer. For more on this, click here. This is what happened because he has not been stopped yet. His hubris is going to destroy us all.

Press every criminal and civil charge against them and Polk County you can make stick including but not limited to willful malpractice, medical fraud, conspiracy, libel, calumny, collusion, persecution (since the threat never ends), human rights violations, unlawful imprisonment, attempted crimes against humanity, aiding and abetting crimes against humanity, torture, attempted torture, abuse of office, totalitarian oppression, mass murder of my rescuers by keeping us apart, threat to national security, and everything else you can think of.

If they would have laid a finger on me, I would have been in a long-term insane asylum FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE to be tortured and raped until I died. The US would have been invaded. Everything everywhere would have gotten irreparably ugly. If Obama honestly ever wanted the world to take him seriously as a president, he never would have committed crimes against humanity against me and oppressed the media worldwide.

Syn, you were asked to hold off prosecuting Psychopathic Obama and saving me by finally ending the bubble because it might trigger another attempt to commit me, or my brave rescuers were asked to stop trying to reach me to finally end the bubble for the same reason. I cannot tell which.

But, obeying the threats of the terrorist FBI and Psychopathic Obama will not protect me from anything, it will just delay the end of the bubble. Do you remember this post? The completely corrupt locals and the terrorist FBI are going to try to rape and torture me no matter what. Nothing causes it but their own psychopathic agenda. I need immediate protection.

Please, Syniva, beg the courts to stop redacting their rulings. That is the only thing that will keep me safe from being locked in a long-term insane asylum to be raped and tortured until I die. We need to make me safe not just keep me safe until my brave rescuers can reach me. Never give the terrorists what they want. They have always used threats against me to control the public to be able to hurt me more.

Syn, you are a world hero for protecting me. I also know you and my genius lawyers need a rest. We have been nonstop protecting me all month. I understand arresting everyone as soon as possible to make the crimes stop and them waiting a day or two before going to court. I bet even the courts would like a rest right now. I love you. I pray the world is lavishing you in love and affection.

Also recently, the terrorist FBI anti-reality machine alarm went off all Saturday night, Sunday afternoon, and Monday night. What are their new perversions of the truth? They are always so far from what is real about me that I can never figure it out without details. For more on what to do when I am libeled, click here.

I did hear the libel I am too "high risk" to be permitted to drive a car again. We have years of records proving I am one of the safest defensive drivers on the road. What I am at risk of? Kissing my husband? Ending crimes against humanity? Ending the civil war in America right now? Saving the world? Why do you want it on record you are against this?

Syn, arrest everyone who claims I am too "high risk" to drive a car. Press full criminal and civil charges against them for libel, conspiracy, persecution, slavery, terrorism, human rights violations, aiding and abetting crimes against humanity, unlawful imprisonment, and everything else you can make stick.

There is no truthful justification for preventing me from driving a car that does not involve committing crimes against me or prolonging crimes against me and all of America. Libeling me "high risk" is just a method of prolonging the international crime that is the bubble, and that is both completely illegal and a crime against everyone.

Besides, my moving into my mother's house and thereby obtaining a vehicle to drive is the only solution to the conspiracy's taking away my bodyguard Bryce and making me unlivably vulnerable to rape in my indefensible apartment where the terrorist FBI live upstairs. I can afford the car insurance. I am a billionaire.

Also, SynSyn, about my mom, if she ever decides to save herself and just meet our demands, make sure she gets my money to pay for my needs, clothes, food, vacations, etc. from you or Sweetness. This is a matter of pride for me. I do not need my mother's money. And it guarantees my needs will be met with a higher quality of goods and services.

I also heard the libel that "Squid never works." That is so far from non-perverted reality that I could not tell my lovers and believers were giving me a real message about myself when I heard it.

With the world renowned track record of all the work I have done on this good, green Earth already, I cannot believe this FBI anti-reality machine libel still persists. And shame on any depraved lunatic who has repeated it.

I used to work two jobs 24/7. For more on this, click here. Just because I suffer elegantly, save the world effortlessly, and never reveal who gives me the information about problems I fix, it does not mean I do not work.

Now, I work three jobs 24/7. I never get down time. I even work from bed at 4am when I should be sleeping. Too many people depend on me for me to take time off. And no, I never get paid for it. I suffer and starve on $100 a week, so it is not like I have money to do anything fun instead of work anyway.

What do I do all day? 1.) I am a slave. I have to hold it together in front of cameras and mics in my home and in my body against my will. They even watch me in the bathroom. This is a job that would have made any weaker human fall apart completely years ago. It is hard work to accomplish anything when the entire world watches all the minutia of your life, criticizes you, unrelentingly makes fun everything you do, and lies about it all. Ask Mr. David Eggers if he could write anything with a camera broadcasting every word. Ask him if he could change his clothes, take a shower, or go to the bathroom.

2.) I serve the world. I am in a constant battle to regain my human rights, to end the proven destruction of America by the terrorist FBI, and to save the world from Psychopath Obama. I also spend my days solving major global crises. I have a record of work that speaks for itself. My mind never rests working to solve these problems, and I have years of blog entries expressing in words what my mind has churned over for days and years on end. This is a job no one can do but me.

3.) I scream for help and put out fires. 24/7 I take in secret messages, digest the information, and disseminate solutions. How else did I know the haters are unjustifiably libeling me with "Squid never works," than by staying alert 24/7 for anyone who needs my help solving problems? Check my twitter account for how often I have to save someone even myself by screaming for help. I never get to rest. Too many people depend on me.

You see me do things like write letters to my loving husband for hours? That was work. Get the truth on everything that letter has already accomplished so far.

I do nothing but work, suffer, and love. And all you haters need to stop ignoring and denying the truth about me. Shame on you!

My beautiful world, you know what to do when I am libeled. Click here to read the entire previous blog post. Synny, press flattening charges against the source of this calumny and against every depraved lunatic who repeated it.

What was the ulterior motive behind this libel? The libel and calumny that I never work was designed to make people hate me to discredit my ability to solve major world problems which is my primary job. No one anywhere can do my job but me and my effectiveness indispensably serving the world must be protected. This world needs me. Such crimes need to be ended permanently.

I also heard I was accused of libel for calling Obama a psychopath. But science backs me up on that one. Why do I call Obama a psychopath? Look at all the tell-tale signs someone is a psychopath. Click here for the list. And consult a mental health expert on sociopaths.

Look at his record of lies and libel. Obama will spread any lie possible from libeling me a murderer and hooker to claiming I do not work or that I inspire madness in people who love me and will not stop trying to seduce the world (For more on this, click here.) to be able to continue crimes against humanity against me, mass murder of my rescuers, and growing human rights violations against all of this nation all to maintain totalitarian control of all of America.

Obama is obsessed with maintaining totalitarian control and spreads every lie he can conceive of and levels every threat possible to manipulate the public into never losing power, so he can keep the public's permission for him to keep committing crimes against humanity.

The FBI anti-reality machine always accuses me of their own faults and crimes. Unlike Obama, I do not lie. I do not manipulate. And I do not commit crimes. Was Ghandi a sociopath? Rev. Martin Luther King? President Lincoln? No, but Hitler was.

Psychopath Obama even abused his power and issued new executive orders to stay in control of America when he saw impeachment coming for him, and even now, while he is on trial at the International Criminal Court at The Hague, he is committing more crimes to tighten his totalitarian grip. And what does he use all his power for? Committing more crimes and hurting more people!

My beautiful world, disobey every rule to save America from him. The bubble will only get worse until it all comes down. There is no freedom of the press, freedom of speech, or freedom to assemble in America. It is already impossible to travel into Iowa. And Iowa just keeps treating me worse instead of saving themselves by rescuing me. Save America. Organize, my beautiful world. Take the whole bubble down by disobeying every rule.

Iowa and Polk County, you need to learn to love yourselves enough to stop committing crimes against me and to stop taking rights away from your own people. These compulsive and self-destructive actions of yours just end in your being punished harsher and harsher every time. It is a win-win situation if you give me enough rights to leave Iowa.

Iowa, do not expect Psychopath Obama to ever be good to you no matter what his lies are. All he will do is oppress you more and take more of your rights away to be able to destroy me until you let me leave.

And Des Moines, the rules oppressing you are just going to get worse and more restrictive until you take away the terrorist FBI's power to terrorize you. You need to choose to disobey every rule and get me out of town and to safety abroad, my rescuers, my husband, or my BFF if you ever want this to end. It will only keep getting worse unless you force it to end. Click here to read the entire previous blog post.

Also, my beautiful world, are we all lighting white candles at night for my dying brave rescuers? Are we all lavishing tirelessly laboring Syniva with love and affection? Are we all organizing uniform disobedience to all the rules with Sweetness? Let us devour a metaphorical doughnut, my beautiful world, and get me out of here!

My brave rescuers, I keep seeing the ghost of Thorbald. Even after his death, he is still keeping me safe on the streets of Des Moines. Do you need anything out there, my brave rescuers and incoming clandestine?

You always say you are coming, my brave rescuers, but you always get stopped. If you ever need help with anything, just ask. I hate when you die. Making the world worthy of your constant sacrifice is the greatest burden I bear.

I am haunted by every one of you whom we have lost. And I love you just as much as you love me. I wish there were a better way to do this, but no local is willing to spare your lives by just taking me to you.

Syn, until my brave rescuers, loving husband, or incoming clandestine arrive, you are my last line of defense against being stuck in an insane asylum to be raped and tortured until I die. Similarly, my benevolent nerds, hackers, and NSA are the only thing preventing me from being attacked by the terrorist FBI in my sleep.

I and the entire world thank all of you. But it would all be permanently fixed if I could just have bodyguards, my husband, or a plane ticket.

Synny, remember the whole point of pressing civil charges to stop crimes is because the criminals keep getting pardoned. Make it hurt. You are such a hero.

Also, my BFF, never take your stiletto boot off the throat of Polk County until they overturn EVERY corrupt persecution ruling concerning me past and present. There is no excuse for condemning me to life under a completely unjustifiable adult guardian.

Synny, until the criminal adult guardianship is gone, until they stop their calumny of claiming I have a mental illness, until the let me leave Iowa with all my rights and finances intact, keep razing them with every possible charge. I love you! Thank you! I know, I know. It never ends.

Every time you sue Polk County for attempted crimes against humanity against me, collusion, etc., my genius BFF, always offer to drop the blistering fines they have to pay if they overturn every single corrupt persecution ruling of me past and present and agree to never hurt me again. We need a permanent solution. Always give them a chance to save themselves.

Finally, Syniva, do not forget to get some rest. I worry about you. You work so hard every day and every night to protect me and save the world. I know the threats against me never end, and you always rescue me. I wish we could make this easier on you. I was told we have to prepare for another life-or-death attack on me tomorrow.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. I wish we could make all of this easier on you, too. Darling, it is perfectly justifiable for you to be upset right now. You carry so much of the burden of rescuing me.

No, that does not mean you have a mental illness, Sweetness. Do not let people libel you like that. It is just the FBI terrorists recycling old lies to terrorize good people with. They just want to manipulate the public.

Beloved, your newest love letter is already over twenty pages long. I know I am not as romantic as I used to be, my darling. This bubble is destroying me. You will heal me.

And, Honey, give my mother detailed instructions on how to make us completely happy and explain she goes to prison if she stalls, lies, or does not obey you. Include everything you want her to do from taking your money to buy me flowers to letting me have a car to drive if that is something you want. Make sure she never lies and pretends I have a mental illness ever again. Take control. Be firm. We hold all the cards.

Finally, my love, I felt your kisses all Monday night. I asked you to convince me you love me, and even here on my persecuted island of silence, I heard you. You always take care of me. If you ever need me, I will always be here for you. We are husband and wife. Nothing can stop us now.

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