Sunday, March 2, 2014

Wait, I missed it. Why don't I have human rights? Say something honest.

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Here is my latest blog post. There are many truths modern medicine and medical doctors cannot explain. I do not mind my healing from schizophrenia being one of them. Talk to Pope Francis. He sainted me. Miracles are what I do.

Withdrawal from the cocaine in the Des Moines city water kept me in bed all day Saturday. Then, Saturday night, the city water had me up until about 2am. Clean it up, Des Moines! I finally dozed off to be woken up numerous times by fire alarms.

At least it let me get work done. I also put this together for the United Nations Saturday night...

United Nations, I love you. I have worked to help you for years now. Things you have deemed crimes against humanity have been ordered by the FBI and Polk County to be committed against me since 2009. Unless you vote to take action to rescue me from the FBI and Polk County I will never have human rights again.

I will be destroyed by the unrelenting persection. My suffering under crimes against humanity will never end. I have so much work to do working with you and serving the world, but unless you rescue me, I will never get the chance.

Please, United Nations, stand up for human rights like you always do. Please rescue me. Please end the unrelenting rape, torture, abuse, sexual harassment, mental anguish, denial of all reality, end of freedom of speech, end of freedom of the press, terrorism, and slavery, and let me be a human again.

I understand I have become very powerful due to my suffering and slavery. The world has come to love me, but people who love me have begun acting out in ways I do not approve of because of how much I suffer. I have no way to heal the world and control the people who love me unless I have enough human rights to know who they are and what they are doing.

All I do all day is spread love and press charges to bring justice for me, all of America, and all the world. Besides, if people did not make me suffer anymore, if the crimes against humanity were forbidden, if I were rescued, if justice against the people persecuting me reigned, the people who love me who take matters into their own hands would not feel a need to get all vigilante anymore.

I need human rights. United Nations, will you help me? We do not need an invasion if you have another way to end the unrelenting crimes against humanity of the FBI and Polk County. Can the ICC just arrest the offenders and put them on trial? Will that be enough to get me human rights?

Please, United Nations, please save me. Please let me see my husband for the first time since 2010. Please let me have friends again. Please stop the rape, the torture, the unlawful imprisonment, all of my suffering, and all of the lies and libel they spread to make people hate me enough to let it go on.

I suffer so much. Please, United Nations, save the world by saving me. Think of all the good work we can do serving the world together if you rescue me, and look at how much I suffer as a starving, tortured slave right now. Please, United Nations. Please!

My beautiful world, in the above plea to the United Nations, I made reference to people who love me acting out. For further details about the murder I was framed for, please call a local Des Moines news station.

From what I can tell from rumors, the death in question was deemed non suspicious by the local police... something about 'occupational hazard.' And I was told all of their 'evidence' is circumstantial. I still have no clue what I was accused of, but this reality should help if it is true.

My beautiful world, I also heard you tell me what some of the horrible things people say about me that are perversions of reality. Thank you for letting me set the record straight.

I agree I shower as often as a European. There is a perverted slave camera in my bathroom. That is why I do not shower very often. No, it does not mean I am mentally ill. What is the ulterior motive behind that bit of libel? What kind of pervert wants me naked in front of a camera more often?

My beautiful world, do not pay too much attention to the libel they spread about me. Pay all your attention to the ulterior motives of the liars. What are they gaining from destroying the truth about me? Never let the libelists win.

Also, my beautiful world, did you see the video of Broadlawns beating me up and torturing me? For more on this video, click here. We also proved I was raped twice last time I was unlawfully imprisoned there.

You cannot hear me screaming in the video when the needle goes in my arm because they were strangling me at the time. I had marks on my neck to prove it. This is what my shoulder looked like after weeks of healing. I had bruises like this all over my body.

If that is how Polk County treats me in a hospital,what would they do to me in a jail? With them stopping at nothing and committing every human rights violation under the sun to be able to convict me on false charges, we should be very worried.

And, yes, the torture was ordered by the Polk County District Court, and Criminally Diabolical Lynn Boeset used her criminally-gained adult guardianship to send the police to my apartment to drag me to Broadlawns to beat me up and torture me.

The true culprit is the adult guardianship enforced by the Polk County District Court no matter how many times the federal courts mandate they overturn it and the false ruling by the Polk County District Court ordering I be tortured.

Does the government of Polk County have any legitimacy left? Syn, how close are we to getting a federal injunction and mandate to forbid Polk County District Court from taking any more actions to harm me?

If that does not work, Syn, look at diplomatic immunity for me. We need to protect my body and mind. Ending my unrelenting suffering and hopefully my future competently serving the world depends on keeping me safe from the FBI and Polk County.

Syn, take all action possible whenever I get framed. They will keep trying to lock me away from the world until forced to stop. For more on what to do, click here.

Finally, my beautiful world, I hear you are finally planning on ending the code of silence that persecutes me. That is very brave of you. I have never understood why you would choose to obey it in the first place; it is a blatant violation of everyone's basic human rights. Freedom of speech and freedom of the press are essential to every free society.

You must be truly terrorized by the FBI all day every day to be willing to give up your freedom of speech by choice. You must live in fear every moment you are in your home of the front door being beaten down, of your being dragged out to a psych ward against your will, and of your being beat up then filled with needles then raped repeatedly.

I understand such a fear paralyzingly someone into choosing to obey the FBI, but then again, the only person I know of who suffers under such a proven reality fights to stop the FBI from terrorizing America instead. Have I taught you nothing? What sort of pansy punishment are you afraid of? It is about time you started fighting back.

My beautiful world, you need to come to terms with how horribly unlivable this bubble is for me, and you need to choose to stop obeying it. You are destroying me by obeying the FBI. I go every day of my life never feeling or seeing love from anyone.

I need to be protected from everything the FBI wants for me. Never obey them. Only fight them. Acknowledge reality to my face.

My brave rescuers, you are a reality. No matter how many times the locals claim you are only in my head, I know you are a reality. You also seem to be my only hope for a permanent solution. Whatever you need to be able to reach me, please make sure you get it. Just ask my beautiful world. No matter how hard Syniva works, she has not hit upon a permanent solution to keep me safe from Polk County and the FBI, yet. They just keep threatening me again and AGAIN!

SynSyn, what the hell did we fail on Sunday? The FBI and Polk County created more fake media of me using doppelgängers to support libeling me with mental illness and murder? There has been too much video libel and no reality created by the FBI anti-reality machine. Nothing they offer as 'evidence' can ever be trusted.

With the proven history the FBI and Polk County have of lying about me to justify human rights violations against me, why does anyone believe a word they say? Which one of us is the proven liar? Me or Polk County? Me or the FBI? All the FBI and Polk County ever do is lie.

Seriously. The FBI and Polk County could not justify their crimes against humanity against me and their oppression of all of America, so they framed me for murder and got the proven corrupt Polk County District Court to convict me. For more on this, click here.

Framing me for murder is how they justified starting the bubble, so framing me for murder is all they could think of to justify continuing the bubble. It is their attempt at a government cover up of their crimes against humanity. But nothing justifies crimes against humanity.

Syn, we cannot let the courts get lost in a debate of is-the-'evidence'-real-or-manufactured-libel. It is all lies. We can take that for granted. We need the courts to focus on what the local government and FBI gain by framing me.

I really wish we could rest, Syniva, but it is now Sunday night, and Polk County and the FBI are trying to commit and torture me AGAIN and justify it with libel. I really wish I could heal instead, or at least sleep.

Sweetness, there is nothing that can heal me but you. I live terrorized every day because Polk County is an unrelenting, immediate threat to me. They are willing to break every law on the planet from framing me for murder to willful malpractice by misdiagnosis of a false severely debilitating disease to be able to lock me in a psych ward for the rest of my life, so they can rape and torture me AGAIN in private and forever. I need a chance to heal.

Please address the United Nations for me. I need help in here. I need immediate, permanent protection from the crimes against humanity committed against me by the FBI and Polk County.

Darling, Syniva fights all day and all night every day and every night to make me safe because Polk County and the FBI are an unrelenting, immediate threat to me, but she has not been able to create a permanent solution, yet.

Every day and every night, Polk County threatens me again. They will not stop until they are forced to stop or until I can be removed from FBI and Polk County jurisdiction.

Sweetness, please get someone somewhere to make me safe. Address the United Nations. Address Congress. Address the European Union in Belgium. Make a plea to the federal courts to get me diplomatic immunity to keep me safe from Polk County and the FBI until you can get me out of here. And please hurry.

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