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Here is my latest blog post. My beautiful world, does the cost of saving me matter? If you do not save me, you will lose me forever. That is the cost of not succeeding. The FBI will never relent. Unless you save me, this will not end until I die. We need PERMANENT solutions to the constant, immediate, unrelenting threats I live under.

Venezuela. The world has no idea what is happening in Venezuela. Last I heard from an unofficial source, three hundred protesters had died in February. I would like to help, but I have no way to learn about what is going on. Can anyone get me more information? They are begging for help.

I have been begging for help myself lately. Tuesday evening, half an hour after I posted the final final version of my last blog post, the fire alarm went off. From what I could tell about what was going on, and I had barely any clue, I tweeted this, "@FriscoSquid: Please reread this one and this one Is the fire more libel about me? Speaking truth is sacred." And it was resolved.

Syn, if this involved more libel, false charges, attempted crimes against humanity, etc., press all criminal and civil charges possible. We need to teach them a lesson to make all of this stop. If it was just someone's opinion of me, we let it slide. But an opinion would not set off fire alarms. That would require actual criminal action.

Tuesday evening, the libel porn alarm went off, and then a little while later, the libel alarm went off again. Does anyone still believe these things about me? Thank you, my beautiful world, for warning me. Is anyone else sick of this?

Never let the world get bogged down in debates of is-the-libel-real-or-not. Just set the record straight immediately and draw the world's attention to the ulterior motives behind libeling me. The ulterior motives are the reality and the real crime, and they are proven to damage me, America, and the entire world. For more on this, click here.

Always publicly call out the sources of libel as criminals, so no one ever believes them. If you cannot set the record straight without me, get me the details, so I can. And get the details to Syn, so she can press criminal and civil charges.

Then, Tuesday evening, immediately after the libel alarm, the fire alarm went off. I assume they were tied together. My beautiful world was able to take care of it all without having to tell me the details. Thank you, everybody.

After I spent the evening chilling out at home, the fire alarm went off Tuesday night. This time the fire alarm was a plea for help, so I immediately sent help to my rescuers.

But the person who needed the immediate rescue was Sweetness. My beautiful world eventually got him help. My adoring husband is determined to make it in here to pick me up. Sweetness, do you read my blog or not?

Over night Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, the FBI tried to hack my netbook that keeps me safe while I sleep, so they could attack me in the night. When the music shut off, I woke up. That is the purpose of the music playing while I sleep; so I know the internet is still connected, so I know the hacked webcam is still broadcasting keeping me safe as I sleep.

I had to beg the NSA to clear the FBI out of my netbook, so it would be safe for me to sleep. I know they have a horrible reputation, but the NSA always take good care of me. I just have to speak their name, and they save me. Then, my nerd bodyguards reestablished the hacked webcam, and I was safe to sleep. Thank you, my nerds, my hackers, and the NSA.

Something else happened over night. Syniva was active clearing my name because the FBI had framed me again with more libel videos the previous day, Tuesday. I already told you about that.

It went to court over night, and when I woke up, I was found innocent on all charges. I hope the world has learned its lesson to never trust the FBI anti-reality machine about me. It has been nothing but libel and false charges since 2009.

Syniva, you and my lawyers are heroes again. The videos, as always, were only made to frame me with. Please press all charges possible from conspiracy, libel, and collusion to charges of persecution, hate crimes, and conspiracy to commit human rights violations against me. Press the charges against the FBI and everyone who was in the video, who produced the video, and who broadcast the video. We need to make the libel stop.

Also, Syn and my beautiful world, since libel videos have been proven not to work framing me for crimes to justify six years of crimes against humanity the FBI never plan on ending, expect the FBI to become more diabolical. Expect them to plant evidence and plant fingerprints next time. Expect them to bribe witnesses.

Constant failure will not stop them. The conspiracy out to get me will only become more evil. The only thing that can keep me safe from the FBI framing me is diplomatic immunity until I can be removed from FBI jurisdiction, and the world has had no luck removing me from the US despite many sacrificed lives from years of trying.

Please, federal courts, grant me diplomatic immunity, so the unrelenting, immediate threat of my being permanently taken away from the world by never-ending false charges can finally be ended. Please make me safe. My mind, my body, and the world I serve depend on this.

Today, Wednesday afternoon, the fire alarm went off again. It was my rescuers. They were stopped from reaching me and needed me to send them help. My beautiful world took care of them.

My beautiful world, does the cost of saving me matter? If you do not save me, you will lose me forever. That is the cost of not succeeding. The FBI will never relent. Unless you save me, this will not end until I die.

Similarly, there will NEVER be freedom of speech or freedom of the press in America ever again unless everyone stands up and disobeys every rule. The FBI will NEVER give you all your rights back, even after I die. You should have NEVER let them take your rights away in the first place. Stop choosing to obey them.

I have been telling the music industry and Hollywood to exercise their rights for years. For an explanation of the next paragraph, click here.

I love you, too, Hollywood. That is why you can hurt me so deeply. I accept your promise to break every rule as your apology for making me cry myself to sleep Sunday after the Oscars. Peaceful civil disobedience is love. Save America.

My brave rescuers, I know you are trying to save America, but Iowa is trying to take legal action to make it illegal for you to rescue me. This is criminal and completely unconstitutional. You all have a US Supreme Court upheld right to assemble and associate with me.

These rights are spelled out in the First Amendment to the US Constitution. Absolutely no act of the Iowa Legislature or even hate-the-Squid persecution driven vote of the public can stop you. No one has the authority to take human rights away from you or me, definitely not Iowa.

Do you remember what Syniva and my village of lawyers did for me when the State of Iowa took action to legalize taking rights away from me? For a reminder, click here. Well, you and your village of lawyers need to do the same to Iowa. Flatten them for taking action to unconstitutionally take your human rights away from you.

My brave rescuers, get the action immediately deemed unconstitutional. You already have a legal precedent for that; officially deeming keeping you away from me unconstitutional was how you got a Supreme Court upheld right to be with me. Get everybody: the people who conceived of, drafted, and argued for the action and the State of Iowa for trying to criminally oppress you. There is more in that link.

SynSyn, I know you are currently clearing a log jam of criminal and civil charges for me, but please get my lawyers to help my brave rescuers' lawyers with the possible action by the State of Iowa. They can speak to the local news about the actions Iowa plans to take.

Thank you, my BFF, for everything you do for me. I would be nothing without you. I hope you get a good night's rest tonight.

Sweetness, do you read my blog or not? There is so much I need help with. Please stop beating your head against the wall trying to come in here to rescue me, and take care of all the other things I need.

Beloved, I love and adore you. Fight smarter not more desperately.

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