Thursday, March 13, 2014

Just Because You Pass a Law, It Does Not Make Crimes Against Humanity Legal.

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Here is my latest blog post. If I can choose how this bubble ends, Sweetness and my rescuers will pick me up, kiss me, eat my cookies, and take me to Los Angeles where I hug Syn and address the world news media. Then, my darling and I sail away.

But I know this will never happen. The White House and the FBI will NEVER allow freedom of the press or freedom of speech in America again. I will never see my own husband again unless I can be carried to him. And my rescuers will always be murdered instead of allowed to pick me up.

Unless everyone in this nation uniformly disobeys all the rules and overpowers the FBI terrorizing everyone or unless we are invaded by a global army that takes over and enforces human rights again, America is permanently destroyed. Why does no one believe America is worth saving but me?

USA. CIA Director John Brennan, if you rescue me, Senator Diane Feinstein will forgive everything. I know the CIA has been fighting for a long time alongside my rescuers, but what if a couple retired CIA agents just procured some fake IDs, drove into Des Moines, picked me up, and drove me out?

They could take me to my rescuers, to my husband, or to my BFF. Jared has already proven no harm befalls anyone who drives me out of state. Years ago Nate, an MI6 agent, found me in a bar one night and tried to sleep with me; he could have easily just driven me to my rescuers. It is so easy to reach me. I just need a driver who knows where to take me and a bodyguard to watch me sleep.

Please, John Brennan, rescuing me can be so easy. Any Iowan could do it if they knew where to take me or had enough love for me to break the terrorists' rules. I also offered the Squid Prize of $250M to anyone who can get me safely and successfully to my rescuers. Maybe Cuddlebunny will do it. He is worth asking.

Something has to happen to prevent more good rescuers from dying. They are desperate to reach me because the threat of the locals and the FBI destroying me is too high right now.

The terrorist FBI's rules are too restrictive for me to feel any love from the world. Everybody in Iowa's choice to passively aggressively persecute me instead of having the proven "only appropriate reaction" of rebelling is destroying me.

And last night, Wednesday night, the FBI tried to attack me. It was a very close call last night. My computer that watches me sleep shut down in the wee hours of the morning. It was either an automatic shutdown after automatic updates, or it was an FBI hacker.

It took some time for the lack of music to bring me out of REM. The moment I woke up, I heard the front door to my apartment slam shut. My hacked computer was down. All shaken up by almost being attacked in my sleep by the FBI who were just feet from me, I rebooted my computer and begged my benevolent nerds to keep me safer.

Syniva and I are doing everything possible to keep me safe until I can be rescued. My nerds are doing everything they can get away with. But the FBI were so close to raping me again last night. The unrelenting close brushes with crimes against humanity we have been having all of March should really set off the Final Straw alarm.

Fire alarm due to libel and false allegations: Tuesday evening. Wee hours of Wednesday morning. Wednesday night.

Fire alarm due to attacks on Sweetness or rescuers: Late Tuesday night. Early Wednesday morning. Late Wednesday night. Early Thursday morning.

It was a close one Tuesday night. Polk County was willing to damn all the consequences, follow the terrorist FBI suggestions, and permanently commit me to an insane asylum for the rest of my life with no justification.

Luckily, Syniva, my village of lawyers, and the ever-just federal courts saved me. Rumor has it, the federal courts permanently took away Polk County District Court's abused authority to ever commit a crime against humanity against me ever again.

If this is true and can be confirmed to me, I am going dancing. Thank you federal courts for these acts of justice! That injunction was THE ONLY THING that could save me.

Syn, make sure you investigate the entire incident. Put away any dirty local judges, Criminally Diabolical Lynn Boeset, dirty doctors, conspiratorial FBI agents, etc. for the rest of their lives for attempted crimes against humanity. Full criminal and civil charges for everything you can make stick. And (expletive)ing raze Polk County for doing this to me AGAIN!

How much do you want to bet the locals took FBI bribes. So much corruption!

Instead of libeling me with mental illness, Iowa, because I am openly upset the government at every level is an unrelenting threat to my safety, the public unrelentingly persecutes me, the problems of the world including Syria need fixing, my rescuers keep dying, my husband keeps cheating on me, and this bubble is completely unlivable, why do you not try fixing the problems to make me happy?

All you ever do, Iowa, by continuing to obey the proven terrorist FBI is anger the giant. Check the fairy tale encyclopedia. If you chain a giant to your village and do nothing but abuse the giant, the giant will keep clubbing you until she can leave.

It is perfectly normal and human to have emotions. It is perfectly normal and human for me to be upset with how I am treated. It is perfectly normal and human for all people to cry if they have no human rights but their freedom of speech and their living conditions keep getting worse. IF I WERE NOT UPSET WITH MY LIFE, THEN THERE WOULD BE A JUSTIFIABLE CONCERN THAT I HAVE A MENTAL ILLNESS.

But intentionally making me miserable is no justification for locking me in an insane asylum for the rest of my life where I will just be raped and tortured until I die. No, I am not upset with my life due to a chemical imbalance in my head. It is perfectly normal and human to hate the way I am treated. Polk County, you cannot intentionally make me miserable then try to blame it on insanity. No one will stand for that.

What are other things no one will stand for? CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!

There was always something about Hitler's Holocaust that never made sense to me. All the Jews, all the Gypsies, all the people marched off to concentration camps, why did they never fight back? Yes, the guards had guns. But the prisoners were being marched into the gas chamber anyway.

There were so many more prisoners than guards. Why did they not just rise up? Would not dying shot by a guard while fighting for everyone else to be free be a better way to die than just willingly walking into the gas chamber?

There is something about the human condition that makes large numbers of people willing to just be oppressed and suffer than take the risk of saving everybody; even if, everybody rising up is a guaranteed success. I have never had that mental block.

We have proven in the courts that rebelling against the rules and fighting to rescue me from publicly broadcast crimes against humanity is "the only appropriate reaction" to this, the greatest human rights crisis the federal government has ever created. Yes, just choosing to suffer and make others suffer by not fighting back is completely unamerican!

If you need good ideas on how to fight back, this blog is full of them. The first thing you should do is disobey every rule. Tell the truth about America to everyone. Start national dialogues about how to fix this. Do not stand for national brainwashing by the FBI anti-reality machine or the White House.

Obama is a slaver who was already impeached for codifying crimes against humanity against me into law; no, he is nobody's hero! His time in the White House is just a facade right now. It is a lie the federal government is feeding to the entire world. STOP THE BRAINWASHING! It just keeps psychopaths in power!

What are other things you can do to help? My beautiful world, I have no source of comfort anywhere in this bubble. I have no friends. I have no family. I have no one to acknowledge reality. I have no shoulder to cry on. I have no one to help me. I have no one to rescue me. And I have no one to show me any compassion or love. I am utterly and bitterly alone.

Send me friends. Jared started speaking to me again last night. After groveling to gain my forgiveness after he chose to obey the terrorist FBI and abandon me, he has promised to see me again on Saturday for lunch.

But I need so much more than one solitary person acknowledging reality to my face. Do I not deserve an army of lovers willing to rescue me to save all of America at last? Please, my beautiful world, work on this.

Also, my beautiful world, I heard there is a federal investigation into why I have absolutely no physical safety. Well, I had a bodyguard, but Criminally Diabolical Lynn Boeset committed the hate crime of making my bodyguard move out. To make myself safer with no bodyguard, I tried to move back into my mother's house.

There are FBI agents in my apartment building. They just tried to attack me last night. That is how close the threat to rape me again is. But, my mother would rather I be raped again and refuses to keep me safe. My only incoming bodyguards are my rescuers, and the FBI mass murders them to keep them away from me.

Iowa will never choose to love me, so the only other option to keeping me safe is giving me my husband and getting me out of Iowa to be out among a public that loves me enough to keep me safe themselves. I recommend a foreign country or California.

This is reality. Everything inside the bubble is designed to destroy me. The only way to protect me is to take the bubble down, completely disobey the bubble, or remove me from the bubble.

In so many ways, my brave rescuers are my only hope for my ever having human rights including my right to physical safety ever again. So far, since the start of the year, Syniva has kept me safe from more crimes against humanity, but if we ever lose even one court battle, I will be locked away, raped, and tortured in an insane asylum for the rest of my life. This is reality.

I have sent my husband and my journalist friends to find international support for my rescue. The criminal terrorist organization the FBI and the proven completely corrupt Polk County will NEVER choose to get any of us our human rights back. They have to be overpowered.

In so many ways, my brave rescuers are my only hope for my ever having human rights including my right to physical safety ever again.

My brave rescuers, we need to make this work. Tell my beautiful world what you need to be able to reach me. Do you need an army? Tell my beautiful world you need an army. We need to overpower the proven criminal terrorist organization the FBI.

Yes, my brave rescuers, keep pressing charges against the White House and the FBI every time they murder you. Keep impeaching presidents until we get one who takes the bubble down. And thank you for all your love for me.

I heard my beautiful world issued me numerous diplomatic passports from various countries. Please make sure you have one, my brave rescuers, so you can take me out of the country after you reach me. Make sure Sweetness has one in case someone wins the Squid Prize by taking me to him. And make sure Syniva has one, so she can defend me from half-baked, completely libelous, false charges against me by corrupt Polk County and the terrorist FBI.

SynSyn, how goes moving that logjam of criminal and civil charges we are pressing through the courts? I hate saying this, but even after everything in my last blog post we need even more charges against the State of Iowa.

The Iowa Legislature just took more action Wednesday, yesterday, against me. Teach them a lesson. Teach them that even if they pass a law, they cannot make crimes against humanity legal. (Expletive)ing raze this place.

Also, the Iowa Legislature is currently working a bill through the state house and senate to make it illegal for my rescuers, husband, or anyone else to pick me up and take me to a place that will not commit crimes against humanity against me.

Subpoena a copy of the bill and the transcripts of all the debates on the statehouse floor. If any of it singles me out or my rescuers out to have less rights or more persecution than anyone else, then they are toast for hate crimes, human rights violations, etc. Also, check the bill and debates for any libel or other perversions of reality.

We need criminal and civil charges against everyone who conceived of, drafted, and argued for either bill for libel, persecution, human rights violations, aiding and abetting crimes against humanity, keeping my bodyguards away from me, conspiracy with the terrorist FBI, hate crimes, attempted mass murder of my rescuers by keeping them away from me, etc. If you can also get everyone who votes for the bill, too, that is the icing on the cake.

We need these charges pressed both by you in my name and by my brave rescuers. My brave rescuers have a US Supreme Court upheld right to assemble and associate with me, and I am supposed to have a right to physical safety.

If the law passes, both you and my rescuers need to sue the State of Iowa for the same reasons as those listed above and immediately get the law deemed unconstitutional in the federal courts.

Investigate every member of the Polk County Board, every person in the Polk County District Court judges and all who have committed crimes against me, the entire Iowa Legislature, etc. How much do you want to bet the haters are all taking FBI bribes?

Raze all the haters in the local government, Syn. My immediate safety and future safely serving the world depends on protecting me from crimes from the local government. Leave no rock these locals slither under unturned.

Finally, my BFF, be firm with the 15March2014 deadline with my mother. She needs to meet our demands by Saturday to save herself. For more on my mother, click here. Hopefully, the changing local climate concerning me can convince my mother to turn away from the terrorist FBI and finally be a loving mother to me.

My mother has done nothing but lie to my face and commit crimes against humanity against me by libeling me with mental illness since 2009, so I am neither above nor below locking that evil woman who refuses to make me safe from being raped again in prison for the rest of her life.

Sweetness, I know you tried to save my mother. Rumor has it you sent her one hundred yellow roses and a heart-felt plea for compassion. Nothing can stop her from being evil but her. Thank you for trying. She needs to choose to be a mother to me herself instead of a conspirator of the FBI.

My darling, I am writing you another love letter right now. I will let you know when I mail it. I have two jobs for you. Since your constantly banging your head against the wall trying to pick me up is best left to the professionals (The only thing I will outright forbid you from is dying before I do. I cannot even forbid you from seeing Amber, as much as that destroys me.), since your partying at SXSW with Amber left you racked with guilt, and since I hate seeing you in pain, I brainstormed things you can do to help me.

Please, my beloved, work with the journalists I listed in my last blog post to convince the world to come in here, rescue me, and save America. Go embassy to embassy or world leader to world leader if you have to. Flood the international presses. Address the UN General Assembly. Etc.

Also, darling, convince all of America to rise up and disobey every terrorist rule. Convince America to take the FBI's power to terrorize and oppress us all away from them.

If you believe the journalists from my last blog post having addressing the world under control after you speak with all of them, organize some celebrity, music, film, and TV leadership in your home town of Los Angeles, and lead America to rise up.

Please, Sweetness. I cannot do this without you. So why not go back to your comfort zone of telling stories and making music and lead this once great America to freedom? The world needs you to rise to the occasion, darling. I need you to help me.

Photo taken 1:12pm 12March2014 at Chocolaterie Stam in Des Moines, IA, USA. In so many ways, the entire world weighs on these shoulders, my beloved. Can you take some of the weight for me?

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