Friday, March 28, 2014

We Need Immediate Permanent Solutions, Because Their Crimes Keep Escalating.

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Here is my latest blog post. Imagine what I could accomplish with my life if I did not have to spend to much time and energy screaming for my life every night and day. My beautiful world, what do you still need from me beyond the full list of oppressive rules themselves to prove Obama is committing crimes against all of us?

Middle East. The Syrian refugee crisis is only getting worse. Lebanon is about to collapse under the weight of the suffering civilians it is trying to help. This is an emergency situation. What will it take to make the Middle East stable and prosperous? We need to care.

You can help by clicking here and donating or by helping create awareness. Please, my beautiful world, I know you are all reluctant to go charging in to force an end to the war in Syria, so we have to help all the people who suffer waiting for the crisis to end.

It seems all of the international news I regularly scour for problems to solve with my personal brand of love and problems solving is running low on crises. Apparently, the biggest news-making problem in the world right now is my own. So why not address it directly?

Taking down Obama saves me, America, and the world from his compulsive psychopathic crimes. We need to do better protecting us all from him. We need immediate, permanent solutions to this crisis! This cannot go on! I cannot go on like this!

The crimes against me and oppression of the United States by Obama just keep getting worse! How did we fail to take the head off the snake? How is it possible for proven Psychopath Obama to still be free to commit more horrifying crimes against all of us?

Where is the justice? Where is my protection against crimes against humanity the world is supposed to provide?

No one depends on Obama for anything but terror! All America depends on Obama for is totalitarian oppression! All the world depends on Obama for is lies, a complete lack of world leadership, and never-ending crimes against humanity against me, a leader who actually helps you.

I agree, the world cannot afford the collapse of America at the current time, so the world needs to save America. I am suffering! We are all suffering! We need the world to intervene to save us! If America could do this ourselves, the greatest human rights crisis America has ever manufactured would have ended before it began!

Clean out the White House! Clean out the corrupt, power-hungry parts of the Obama administration that continue and enforce his crimes. No, the world cannot afford the collapse of America as a world leader. So, the world needs to save us!

Obama and his crimes against the entire world by committing never-ending direct international crimes against me need to be forced to stop. What is preventing me from having human rights? What snake oil did Obama sell you, so he can continue his rampant destruction of America? We need to be told, so we can fix it.

On the local stage of the human rights crisis, Iowa is still a hostile alien planet hell bent on breaking every law possible to take me away from the world permanently.

Attacks on my brave rescuers, Sweetness, or incoming clandestine to keep me away from my human rights: Friday morning. Friday noon. Friday afternoon. Friday evening.

Attempts by the locals and terrorist FBI to commit crimes against humanity against me by illegally locking me in an insane asylum for the rest of my life: Midnight Friday morning. Again Friday morning. Friday afternoon-- not an easy fight.

False charges or allegations by the corrupt locals and terrorist FBI to use as a retroactive cover story for past, current, and future cruel and unusual punishment and crimes against humanity: Thursday night. Again Thursday night.

I have been framed more times than I can count already for crimes I do not commit because the terrorist FBI and the internationally criminal White House are on an illegal witch hunt of me.

“Where a person’s good name, reputation, honor, or integrity is at stake because of what the government is doing to him, notice and an opportunity to be heard are essential.”

-- Justice William Douglas
Wisconsin v. Constantineau
400 U.S. 433, 437 (1971)

Even if I am "recused" from trials I am unconstitutionally forbidden from knowing about, I am still supposed to have a Constitutional right to a fair trial in which I get to learn what the charges are against me, confront my accusers, hear all their evidence, cross-examine the accusers' witnesses, and defend myself.

If the courts can guarantee me a fair trial without my being there, I will stand by it, but I should always be permitted to know what I am accused of and allowed to defend myself. I AM the world-premier expert on myself, after all.

The RED LINE was established on the Ides of March, 15March2014. Yet every day and every night since I have still had to scream for protection from more crimes against humanity. Just Thursday morning at 2am, I was up screaming for my life.

The locals had created a libel video of me writing a fake suicide note, so they could justify locking me in an insane asylum for the rest of my life where I would be raped and tortured until I died. They intentionally tried to violate national security by intentionally trying to violate the red line.

Then, at 6am Friday morning, Polk County District Court committed the calumny of libeling me a "danger to myself and others" to be able to illegally lock me in a insane asylum FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE to be tortured and raped until I died. And intentionally tried to cross the red line again. The locals are a danger to everyone, not just me!

Clearly, I am the only person in all of Iowa who is NOT a danger to myself. But lies like these are how the LOCALS are a danger to me AND how they compulsively damage themselves by choosing to commit crimes against me.

I have absolutely NO MENTAL ILLNESS! That alone should make it impossible to commit and torture me. I am also NO DANGER TO ANYONE, am always trying to protect myself, and am constantly telling the locals how to save themselves!

Syn, investigate both incidents and make sure every possible criminal and civil charge is pressed against every culpable party from the woman in the libel video to Polk County itself. Convict for two counts of libel, calumny, conspiracy, collusion, hate crimes, persecution, attempted unlawful imprisonment, attempted torture, attempted human rights violations, attempted crimes against humanity, direct threat to national security, terrorizing me, and everything else you can make stick. Thank you.

I heard you, my beautiful world. "Squid, you wouldn't love the locals anymore and would stop working so hard to save them all if you heard what they say about you." Trust me. I can tell by how horribly they treat me what they must say about me.

But, no, I will not give up trying to save them from the compulsive damage they do to themselves by constantly committing crimes. Not only do they need to be saved from themselves, the entire world needs to be saved from the locals.

Did the locals Thursday night just say they illegally watch my private moments in my own apartment because they have libeled me a PROSTITUTE? What a load of bull(expletive)!

The last thing anyone should be worried about right now is how prostitution allegations are a waste of government time and resources at a time when we are about to sue them blind for them, but everyone should be worried about the implications of these alien-to-reality allegations. Witch hunt!

First of all, I only rarely if ever sleep with anyone. We have years of slavery from watching me to prove this. If a woman like me were a hooker, I would definitely be a million-dollar hooker. And I have never have money, so I am clearly not selling myself.

Sleeping with me costs a person his or her heart and soul; I have a number of witnesses to confirm this. That does not make it prostitution, and it also means NO ONE IN IOWA CAN AFFORD ME.

And finally, if they think they can starve me into prostituting myself for the first time in my life just so I can have enough money to leave completely evil Iowa and save my life by moving home to San Francisco where I can finally have human rights, physical safety, and freedom from their crimes against humanity, we must remind corrupt Polk County that forced prostitution is also a crime against humanity.

Syn, investigate who libeled me a prostitute, who in the government (who should know better by now) repeated calling me a prostitute, and who is acting on feloniously framing me for prostitution and press all criminal and civil charges possible. I believe Obama once libeled me a prostitute in 2009 because I had reported being raped, and he wanted it dismissed as "a reality of [Squid's] lifestyle."

Collect my character witnesses if necessary from Pope Francis to Mr. Viggo Mortensen to whoever watches my spy equipment 24/7 and convict the culpable locals for libel, calumny, collusion, wasting our time and resources, attempted defamation, conspiracy, government cover up of human rights violations and crimes against humanity, and everything else you can make stick.

This is beyond ridiculous. And such things should be completely beneath all of us. This may be the cause.

San Francisco recently declared itself completely bubble non compliant to create the first safe haven in America for me. Unfortunately, ever since, the FBI have been terrorizing them with old-fashioned terrorism. Will the crimes Obama commits against America never end?

San Francisco, do not let anyone terrorize you. Stand tall. Fix any problems at the root. You are creatures of love. This makes you strong. Most particularly, watch your city water supply. The FBI always poisons and drugs the water.

Who will stand with San Francisco? Who will help end the domestic terrorism destroying America? Minneapolis? Duluth, city of my birth? Kansas City? Los Angeles, you talk a good game-- will you walk the walk? Chicago, you know you love me! New York City, are you okay with being out done by a bunch of West Coast softies? Dallas, where is your inner cowboy? Rise up, America, rise up!

Yes, Europe, China, Russia, Middle East, and everyone else who loves me, the Iowa locals kidnapped me in 2010, so they could imprison me here just to abuse me. But they did it in conspiracy with Obama to force me to remain under his bubble. I know you are all taking action to save me. Please also take the head off the snake. Take down Obama. This is his human rights crisis, after all.

I was just told today Obama wants to negotiate to save himself. My beautiful world, the only possible diplomatic solution to this crisis in America is ending all the crimes and human rights violations completely and taking the whole bubble down.

I do not understand what Obama thinks he can get out of negotiating except for possibly being permitted to get away with more of his crimes against all of us, and that is not a solution since it does not end the crisis.

Obama has lied too many times already about negotiating for us to trust him. He has pretended to negotiate too many times with Chancellor Merkel, with President Putin, and with former President Carter in the past.

Obama has pretended to make resolutions on a number of occasions just to placate the world from taking him down and then just disobeyed them all. The only way we can trust Obama or the White House to negotiate is if they make an act of good faith we approve of to prove they will hold to the talks' resolutions.

As an act of good faith, Obama and the White House need to return complete freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom to assemble and associate to all of America just to get to the negotiating table. They need to permit me bodyguards, so I can be safe sitting across a table from that terrorist. And they have to allow everyone else at the table I want there.

Yes, my beautiful world, there is no one else Obama should be negotiating with but me and everyone else I want there. Prime Minister Cameron, Chancellor Merkel, President Putin, former US President Carter, and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, would you like to join me at the negotiating table as we work out a peaceful, timely, and complete end to this heinous human rights crisis that has plagued America ever since Obama first took office? I would appreciate your help. And thank you.

Why is Obama suddenly admitting culpability and attempting a diplomatic solution to cover his ass? The truth has come out about him and all his crimes against us all. He cannot explain his bubble, his rules, nor all of the devastation he has wreaked upon me, America, and the world to maintain his bubble. And the world is rising up to set itself free from him. The culpability of Obama is irrefutable, and he knows it.

My slavers in the federal government, I know you are trying to cover your ass and all, but letting me join a union is not a complete solution to your slavery crisis. You cannot take someone off the street at random, force them to do labor, tell them you will pay them at an undisclosed time in the future, and expect it to be legal in anyone's eyes.

To make broadcasts of me legal, I need a contract that fits my terms; I need a tax form to sign; and literally I need to be the person who receives my timely paycheck. I never chose to be broadcast. Until this is fixed, all broadcasts of me except for the hacked webcam in my netbook is slavery, forced labor, and a crime against humanity.

What would be acceptable terms for my employment contract for a legal broadcast of my life? To begin with: absolutely no nudity, no apartment broadcast just the broadcast out of my head, agreement there will be no complaints from any locals about the broadcast out of my head, never show me in the bathroom, just compensation befitting my work experience and genius, union job, get to write off travel and wardrobe expenses on my taxes, all fees for music or television or film or etc. shown in the broadcast paid by my employer, fitting residuals, no broadcast can include libel nor be used to libel me, and receipt of the paycheck by me not a payee weekly during the filming of the broadcast.

I will let my trusty entertainment lawyers of my husband's choosing fill in all the other blanks. If your only other option is being a slaver, I suggest you meet my terms. That is how you make me an employee instead of a slave.

Synny, did you get all of that? I love you! I am sorry if I am giving you more work to do. You labor so tirelessly and selflessly every day and every night fighting to make me safe for the first time since Obama started this bubble. Is the world being good to you?

My beautiful world, please always be good to good people. Lavish all the love and attention you wish you could give me on my BFF. Do everything possible to help my husband help me.

If you cannot directly love and support me, love and support people who can. The best default way to help in all situations is to disobey all oppressive rules at all times. Provide everything my brave rescuers need to reach me.

My brave rescuers, in so many ways the whole world depends on all of you since you are the only permanent solution we have right now to make my permanently physically safe. I was told today my beautiful world is bracing for an escalation of crimes against me by the Obama administration and the corrupt locals.

We have been fighting so long to keep me safe from them, and no matter what I have asked for, we have found nothing that can make me permanently safe from them. That, apparently, is your job, my brave rescuers.

I hate when you die. Your ultimate sacrifices are a burden I will carry for all my life. I know I have to make the world worthy of all of you. I love you all. Thank you for offering me permanent safety for the first time since this bubble began.

Syn, if you and my beautiful world are honestly worried about an escalation in crimes against me brewing, please find a permanent solution to prevent it. I have no idea what you all know out there about what is coming for me. I do not even know every time what all the threats are from the locals and terrorist FBI that you so tirelessly and faithfully protect me from.

Please, Synny, talk to the federal courts. What protections can you offer me? What do we have at our disposal to prevent them from threatening me again? We cannot risk even one failure to protect me, so we need to prevent them from threatening me in the first place. Please see what the courts are capable of. Injunctions? Mandates? Anything?

Also, to prevent more threats to me, my BFF, please raze the locals for their witch hunt against me. I am no fraud. My resume speaks for itself. Press every single possible criminal and civil charges against every culpable party. We need to teach them a lesson. We need to teach them to stop.

SynSyn, investigate and press charges against them for everything from wasting my and the courts' time, money, and energy to conspiracy, calumny, collusion, hate crimes, persecution, attempted human rights violations, attempted crimes against humanity, cruel and unusual punishment, direct threat to national security by intentionally trying to cross the red line, etc. for their witch hunt. Convict for everything you can make stick.

Synny, I need enough human rights that I can finally love Iowa... as if they would ever want me to love them. Iowans do not love anything. For more on this, click here. We need to teach them to at least love themselves enough to let me leave.

Finally, SynSyn, I know you work very quickly. Do not forget to rest and spoil yourself every chance you get, and if you ever find yourself asking, "What next?" you can always work on these five things for me.

My BFF, I understand the first objective listed involves completely removing Convicted Criminal Boeset from my life. To help with this, look at the big picture. Boeset is immediately and irrefutable guilty of perjury, calumny, libeling me with mental illness, unlawful imprisonment, conspiracy to torture, conspiracy to commit crimes against humanity, aiding and abetting crimes against humanity, accessory to systemic rape, and everything else involved in feloniously locking me in the Broadlawns psych ward to be raped and tortured.

But Boeset is also guilty of so much more. She has been starving me to, as she admits, intentionally keep me in evil Iowa against my will. She has been ordered a number of times to yield her adult guardianship and always refuses. And she went out of her way to force the removal of my bodyguard from my apartment to make me vulnerable to rape by my FBI neighbors.

Whether or not my bodyguard Bryce living here was a lease violation is a moot point since my lease has been invalidated ever since my landlord allowed cameras in my apartment, a lease violation and act of slavery Criminal Boeset never protested.

This makes Boeset also guilty of perjury again, contempt of court, disobeying federal court mandates, neglect (repeat offender), endangerment (multiple counts), conspiracy with corrupt Polk County and the terrorist FBI, persecution, hate crimes, human rights violations, aiding and abetting embezzlement by Mark R. Gray, intentional mismanagement of my funds, tax fraud, unlawful imprisonment of me in a proven hostile environment, conspiracy to enforce every crime Polk County and the State of Iowa have ever committed against me, enforcing slavery, aiding and abetting crimes against humanity again (systemic rape, slavery, forced public nudity, and forced public humiliation are all crimes against humanity), and everything else you can think of.

I will never be safe, Synny, until we can get every corrupt Polk County District Court ruling damaging me past and present overturned. Obtain an injunction to press all criminal charges against everyone necessary if you have to. And move all criminal trials to a neighboring state where juries will not be completely biased against me.

My heroic BFF, never take your stiletto boot off the necks of Polk County and Criminally Depraved Lynn Boeset until I am free to go home, hug you, kiss my husband, have full human rights, and serve the world.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Right now, you have a PR problem. The public calls you and Amber "the gentleman and the tramp." I am doing my best to help you. Maybe you should stop appearing in public with her like you promised me. You are the only person in the world with the power to tear me to shreds like you do when you are with her. Please be more careful with your power over me.

My beloved, I will always love you. Even if you leave me, you will be the love of my life until I die. That is why I put this on my Facebook wall...


My beautiful world, I know my husband has a girlfriend. This is not a cheating scandal. It is a reality of our being persecuted by the government for so long. He would be sleeping with me, not her, if we had enough human rights to be together. She is just a stand in for me.

Sweetness has proven to the entire world he loves me above all else. He does everything I ask him for. He braves every danger to rescue me. There is nothing he will not do to make me safe and his for the rest of our lives. We depend on each other for so much.

Both my husband and I are uncomfortable with his dating life being headline news. I know about it. I choose to permit it. I and his children are the only people he needs to answer to about this. I prefer not to be reminded about it by anyone but my husband himself.

My husband has promised me he will keep his dating life private from now on and continue to be completely honest with me about everything. He has also promised to never abandon me, and his never-ending, unconditional, all-possible-levels-of-hell defying love for me is why I tolerate it.

Cheating on me is the only way he has ever let me down. He does so much for me that I allow him to use one solitary starlet for cheap sex. This would never happen if we had enough human rights to be together. I know very well what it is like to always be alone. This choice is mine, and I stand by it.

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