Friday, March 7, 2014

Ich weine viel in meinen Einsamkeiten.

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Here is my latest blog post. I am just a beginner with German. The title of this post is a quote from Mahler's Das Lied Von Der Erde. But it is true I am utterly and bitterly alone in this bubble. Not one local, not even my mother lifts a finger to rescue me, to be a friend to me, or to acknowledge reality to my face. That is why Iowa is pure evil. This persecution by the public and the government is completely unlivable.

Venezuela. Maduro, in both socialism and democracy, the country is not "majority rule." Instead, the majority has a responsibility to care for every minority and the rights of every minority in the nation.

People do not rise up and protest to create instability. The only reason protesters assemble, associate, and exercise free speech is to fix problems.

Please, Maduro, satisfy the needs of your protesters to end the protests. Fix the problems plaguing your nation, so there can be peace again. The responsibility to commit acts of kindness to bring stability to Venezuela is yours.

Ukraine. Please, Putin, let the United Nations do their job in the Ukraine. Russia is part of the United Nations, too, and you derive much power from your veto rights in the Security Council. This is no time to make an enemy of the humanitarian organization the United Nations of which you are a vital part.

I know you are very tactical militarily, President Putin. Why not be tactical diplomatically, too?

The way it looks from here, the world is gearing up for some last-ditch-effort diplomacy to save me, too, before taking matters into their own hands.

Thursday night, the libel alarm went off. Does anyone still believe the FBI anti-reality machine anymore? The government keeps wasting taxpayer money intentionally denying the truth from the public and filling the gap with lies about me. My beautiful world, you know what to do. Click here if you need a refresher.

I cannot be the only person sick of all the libel. Do you remember this?...

The FBI anti-reality machine just keeps distorting the truth to make people hate me, to create a hostile environment for me, to excuse their heinous human rights abuses of me as if anything ever could justify human rights abuses, to make people take action to destroy me, to convince people who love me to commit violent acts in my name, to ruin my holy reputation, to prevent me from being able to do my job effectively serving the world, and to keep the public under their oppressive and tyrannical freedom-of-belief violating totalitarian control.

We need to put an end to the practice of lying about me, so we can bring peace, freedom, and love back to the world. Put your foot down, world. Make the libel stop. It is destroying me, you, America, and entire world.
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My beautiful world took care of the libel porn for me, but later Thursday night, the fire alarm went off. It was my rescuers. They were under attack from the FBI. I screamed for help, and I hope they got it. In so many ways, a rescue is my only hope for a permanent solution to this the greatest human rights crisis the US has ever suffered under.

Shortly after sending help to my rescuers, the libel alarm and fire alarm went off at the same time. I took a shot in the dark and tweeted, "@FriscoSquid: I can't ask the world to save the USA by invading to end the biggest human rights crisis ever in the US. FBI would call saving USA treason." And the fire alarm was dealt with.

My beautiful world, as necessary as it may be to save me, save America, and save the world, I cannot ask the world to save us all by invading the US to protect me and to end the biggest human rights crisis ever in the US. The world has to decide themselves that I am worth rescuing, that America is worth saving, and that the world needs me safe, alive, and protected.

The FBI have been on a criminal witch hunt of me since 2009. Their anti-reality machine would call my saving America treason and take me away from the world permanently. For more on this, click here.

I had to send help to my rescuers again before bed Thursday night. I hate screaming "emergency," but that is what it was. The FBI was slaughtering them.

My brave rescuers, I hate when you die. Please tell the leaders of the world what you need to be able to reach me finally. Let us end this bubble once and for all.

The fire alarm only went off once during the night, so I sent emergency help to my rescuers again. Syniva worked all Thursday night, and the libel was taken care of by morning. She is such a hero. There is now a verified and reliable source for media of me online. Do not trust anyone else.

SynSyn, thank you for everything. I hope you treat yourself after every win. What I would do to have you in my life again! I am so utterly and bitterly alone! I need a good friend I can count on like you to keep me company in here. This bubble is so unlivable.

When I woke up on today, Friday, the criminal terrorist organization the FBI had thought up newer, harsher, and more oppressive rules for America to live under and had started enforcing them. The only thing people should do with these rules is disobey them. The FBI are destroying America; I am just their excuse to do it.

This afternoon, Friday afternoon, I had a falling out with my mother. She refuses to protect me from being raped again. I fear I may have to take legal action against her.

My mother is so evil; she obeys the FBI at all costs to me. She is my own mother, but she denies reality to my face. Save my mother, or I will have to take criminal and civil action against her. No one wants to put their own mother I prison for the rest of her life. Please, my beautiful world, convince my mother to save me instead.

Syn, my mother had the chance in 2009 before the mandate was passed to tell me everything, to tell me I was framed for murder, to tell me I had spy equipment in my head, and to save me from suffering all these years, but she refused.

Since December 2010 my mother has taken repeated criminal action by lying to Polk County District Court to falsely commit me to psych wards at least five times thereby aiding and abetting crimes against humanity against me. You have all the Polk County mental health court records, Syn.

SynSyn, prepare all the paperwork to put my mother in prison for the rest of her life for torture, rape, libel, unlawful imprisonment, conspiracy, persecution, human rights violations, etc. and to sue her for every penny she has, and then once the papers are ready have my lawyers call her. When she meets our demands, we will drop all the charges.

Synny, explain to her we are giving her until 15March2014 to dedicate herself to taking me out of Iowa and closer to my rescuers on a vacation at least once a month until I get rescued (If she complains she does not have money for this, she can ask Syn or Sweetness for enough money... same goes for her buying me groceries.), to letting me live in her house again (which does not, in any actual reality not controlled by the terrorist organization the FBI, require her to quit her job) to keep me safer from being raped again, and to letting me have wifi in her house to allow my benevolent nerds to watch me as I sleep and to enable my job serving the world from her place.

Syn, I have endured my mother choosing to obey the FBI instead of being a loving mother to me since 2009, and it is time it ended. If she does not meet our demands by 15March2014, flatten her. That is what we do to all people who hate me enough to deny all reality to enable the bubble of persecution and crimes against humanity.

If my mother does not start acting like a mother to me for the first time since 2009, every crime she has committed against me since the bubble began will come back to haunt her. No one wants to put their own mother in prison.

I would rather save my mother, but she is choosing to be evil and is enabling crimes against humanity against me AGAIN. I am desperate to be kept safe from being raped again. The FBI got so close to disabling my watchful bodyguard nerds this week.

My beautiful world, I am begging you. Please save my mother from her obedience to the FBI and make her an ally to me, so I do not have to take her to court. If I had a choice, I would have her an ally instead of flattening her. Please help me.

Do you remember this? I said this it Sweetness not long ago. Please, darling, turn my mother into an ally. My mother spent her entire adult life as a subservient Asian wife to my evil, overbearing, racist, sexist, homophobic father. She has a permanent condition from how much he used to verbally abuse her. When my father died last year from cancer, she became subservient to the FBI to fill the gap.

Beloved, no matter how many wonderful things I do in this world, she will never do anything good, moral, or right concerning me. She will never fight for me because the FBI are White men who keep her oppressed and tell her what to do.

Darling, we need to turn my mother into an ally. We need to convince my mother to fight the FBI. We need to convince my mother to save me.

I hate being racist, but that is the reality of my mother. She is racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. And you, Sweetness, are a powerful White man. She will listen to you. I need you to be good to my mother. Convince her to love me. Give her the courage to fight the terrorist FBI.

Sweetness, my mother does not live in reality right now about how much I suffer, how much of a threat the FBI and Polk County are, and how much I need a rescue. She is in denial because evil White men control what she believes. Please save her. Please save me.

My beloved, my mother always uses money as an excuse not to help me. So, please explain to her money is no issue when it comes to rescuing me. We have enough money.

Send her yellow roses, her favorite flower, every day. Call her unrelentingly and be kind. Write to her nonstop. Send faxes to her office. Contact her sister my Tita Levy in El Cerrito, CA, the Bay Area and have her put you in contact. My Tita Levy is a lover and believer. Contact more lovers and believers, my aunts and uncles on my dad's side in South Dakota, and ask them to relay your messages to my mother.

Save her, Sweetness. Please save her. Convince her to get me out of Iowa and into your arms. I have a sister in LA we can "visit." Her extended family lives in the Bay Area, and they are always telling us to go there.
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My beautiful world, my husband clearly had no luck saving my mother. I am begging you now, my beautiful world. Please make my mother someone I can count on for the first time in my life. Convince my mother to save me.

Friday afternoon I was told Polk County District Court and some local person were persecuting me AGAIN by pressing false charges against me AGAIN! Syn, please call the local news station in Des Moines to find out what the persecution and libel is now.

There is a chance this was a mixed signal. It was an imperfect warning. But we should take all precautions and be as proactive as possible. Shortly after the warning, the fire alarm went off, so I do not think it is a mixed signal.

The locals and the local government are a constant, unrelenting, immediate threat to me. They do not care how much money they have to spend to be able to continue their crimes against humanity against me and will libel me with anything.

I am utterly and bitterly alone. The locals refuse to lift a finger to rescue me. The nation is too terrorized by the FBI to even acknowledge me on television. I really need the global community to intervene to save me. Someone somewhere capable of reaching me must love me enough to rescue me.

During the news Friday, it became obvious to me the US has already officially been destroyed by the criminal terrorist organization the FBI and their horrifyingly oppressive rules. THIS IS NOT AMERICA! No one anywhere is free. I am panicking.

Please, my beautiful world, America is not going to save itself. The oppression and persecution just keeps getting worse. Please, global community, save us! Talk to my brave rescuers. Talk to Mr. Brian Williams of the NBC Nightly News. Talk to Syniva and Sweetness. Everything just keeps getting worse, and nothing anyone is doing right now is working to create permanent solutions.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Please, darling, if I ever ask you for anything, it is urgent and important, and I have no one else I can count on to ask to take care of it. You do not need to do these things yourself; just make sure they get done. Delegate the tasks to trustworthy people if you have to. For the full list of urgent and important things I need help with, click here.

My beloved, I lost Jared, my only friend inside the bubble, to the terrorist FBI on Thursday, and I have never had my mother to count on. I though being nice to her would turn her around, but you proved nothing can make her love me. That is it for people inside the bubble who are willing to even come near me.

I am so bitterly and utterly alone in here, and I am constantly in danger of the terrorists attacking me again or locking me in an institution for the rest of my life. What gets me through is knowing you love me and knowing I can count on you.

Please, darling, beg the United Nations for all the help they can send us. No one in the global community is sending any warnings to the White House, FBI, and Polk County yet demanding any action to save me.

Please address the European Union in Belgium. Ask European diplomats to help you speak with Russia, China, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Australia, etc. We need to convince the world to send us help. This is beyond urgent and important.

Yes, Sweetness, I love and adore you. I always will. I need help convincing the world to rescue me through whatever means they deem necessary. Please, Sweetness, I want to rest in your loving arms as soon as possible. Thank you for always helping me.

My love, I understand how you feel. I will love you until I die. The feeling is mutual. You work so hard and so tirelessly 24/7 for me. I know this. Please help me.

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