Sunday, March 30, 2014

Squid Reporting in from Hostile Alien Planet Iowa

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Here is my latest blog post. Stop fighting love. I have a husband to kiss and a world to serve. I would also really like this worse than completely unlivable bubble to end in time for me to make superhuman babies with my king. I turn thirty-seven this year.

South Sudan. Is there more to say than what I have said already? Beyond repeatedly pointing out these people need to learn their only path to safety and prosperity is through loving their neighbor and peaceful living instead of by perpetuating their cycle of violence, these people need hands-on help and global awareness.

I understand the world's focus is on rescuing me right now. But please remember I have long wanted to get my hands on the crisis in South Sudan. Another way to help me, if you cannot take action to rescue me or cannot help and support people who directly help and support me, is to fix problems I wish I could fix.

Sudan/South Sudan has been in crisis for well over a quarter of a century. This will not be easy, but I am convinced that if we can get peace to stick there long enough we will be able to convince them it is better than war.

Lebanon. If we do not end the crisis in Syria, the entire Middle East has the potential to erupt in a full blown sectarian war. Am I the only person in the world who wants a safe and prosperous Middle East?

The world cannot afford for this crisis to continue. Look at the humanitarian toll alone! And the entire world is at risk of being dragged into WWIII if it spreads. There is no way to justify not taking action to fix this.

We just need someone in the world to provide a pinpoint operation to get in, arrest al Assad, and carry him out, so the world can put him on trial. Then, let the United Nations' Mr. Brahimi bring all the leaders together to establish how to fill the power vacuum and create a democracy for the people.

I do not think it will be easy. But we have to do something. Does anyone have any better ideas?

Turkey. The US media reported Erdogan tried to shutdown Twitter and YouTube in Turkey prior to elections. Oh, Turkey, be wary of what revoked freedom of speech can lead to at election time.

It was the nationwide suppression particularly of the truth of all of Obama's crimes against me and against this nation that lead to him being reelected in 2012. If Obama did not have totalitarian control of the media, no one would have voted for him.

Turkey, protect your democracy. Beware of the overreach of executive branch powers. And make your voices heard. Where would any of us be if we did not have a voice?

Let us see what my voice has to say about the crisis in America, today. The corrupt are bemoaning the fact I never shut up. Well, stop giving me so much to say...

What? The corrupt locals and terrorist FBI have direct orders from already-impeached Obama to "best" me? Who would want to? Who wants that on record? Thwarting me only means committing crimes against the entire world, particularly already-totalitarianly-oppressed America. Seriously, people! You need to stop giving psychopaths power over you!

Showing me in my apartment against my will is slavery and an unconstitutional human rights violation of my privacy. Broadcasting a slave naked is an international crime. According to the United Nation's ICTY, forced public nudity and forced public humiliation are both crimes against humanity.

For the conditions for the only way to make these broadcasts of my life legal for the first time ever, please see my previous blog post. Until these conditions are met, all broadcasts of me other than the hacked webcam are crimes against the entire world and crimes by the White House against its own people.

Did I just hear the perverted apartment broadcast is finally shutdown? Am I finally no longer a slave? If they did not remove the cameras from my apartment, you can trust the terrorist FBI will keep illegally watching everything I do. That is their trademark sexist perversion and unconstitutionality.

No, the end of the slavery broadcast does not mean I am "retired." I will always labor under my real job, serving the world. And it does not mean I am "free." I am still unlawfully imprisoned in a hostile alien world called Iowa that is hellbent on destroying me, and I still have no way to reach my loved ones nor ensured physical safety.

The end of my slavery just means that I finally have my right to privacy, that I am no longer doing perverted forced labor, and that they are mostly disabled from being able to convince people of their libel videos being real. And we all know how much damage their libel causes not just me and my safety but also the world.

Is the eye camera and ear mic still on? Please keep the benevolently hacked webcam up and running! I need safety, particularly from completely hostile Polk County and the perverted criminal terrorist organization the FBI. Thank you!

Speaking of crimes of the bubble, Synny, I am still suffering every day under the enduring calumny that I have a mental illness. Please purge the world of this lie which has only been propagated to be able to commit crimes against humanity against me and unlawfully imprison me in a hostile environment hellbent on destroying me.

Please, my BFF, press full criminal and civil charges against EVERYONE who claims I have ANY mental illness, be they a corrupt county attorney, corrupt county judge, corrupt county doctor, or even just an internet troll. Get a court injunction, if you have to, to be able to press criminal charges.

And, SynSyn, convict for libel, perjury, calumny, collusion, conspiracy, corruption, human rights violations, willful malpractice, torture, aiding and abetting torture, unlawful imprisonment, aiding and abetting unlawful imprisonment, crimes against humanity, aiding and abetting crimes against humanity, crimes against their own people, threat to national security, and everything else you can make stick.

Libel charges should be the least of their worries with how advanced the damage is that libeling me causes the entire world. Please purge the world of this dangerous and reckless crime once and for all. We all know it a government coverup, but it is time the anti-reality machine put this lie to rest. Look at their track record of lying to get what they want.

More immediately, the libel video alarm went off in the wee hours this morning. It was something about a woman pretending to be me sending orders to kill people. Seriously, it was something so far from reality that I was told not to worry about it, but I figured I ought to report it, anyway.

You all know what to do when I am libeled. For a refresher, click here. Call it out as libel, so no one falls for it. Report it to Syn, so she can press charges. Set the record straight. Or if you cannot, give me details, so I can. Never let anything fall into is-it-real-or-not debate, but instead always put the focus on their ulterior motive behind libeling me.

If the rumor about this new libel is true, it is horrifyingly far from reality. They must be truly getting desperate to call me insane. I do not believe in killing people, and I NEVER, have never, and will never order people to die nor order people to kill people. I do not even believe in the death sentence, no matter how much I always depend on the courts for all my justice.

Also, did our corrupt government just say I have no human rights because I am "incarcerated"? First of all, this bubble would be an unconstitutional "cruel and unusual punishment" forbidden in Amendment 8.

Secondly, they did not charge me nor try me before they "incarcerated" me and since I never break the law, will never convict me of anything unless they frame me, so I suppose you could poetically call this bubble my Guantanamo for innocent peacemongers. We call this due process-- check Amendment 5.

Also, even if they had arrested me, charged me, tried me, and convicted me before they enslaved me, raped me, tortured me, persecuted me, libeled me, abused me, etc., that is still no explanation nor justification for oppressing all of America, committing mass murder even after being convicted of it, and exercising harsh totalitarian control over this once great nation to be able to commit crimes against humanity against me.

And even if their criminal witch hunt were successful in framing me for a crime I never committed, it could still never justify, particularly retroactively, any of their crimes against me and America. This is not unlawful "incarceration." This is worse.

Not just the FBI but also The locals need to be more careful what they say. Jealousy is a motive long recognized by the US legal system for committing capitol offenses from hate crimes, persecution, and human rights violations to conspiracy, collusion, and torture. It has never been an excuse to get away with crimes.

Besides, do you remember this? And then I heard people claim to be jealous of me. Jealous of me? JEALOUS OF ME?!? What kind of deranged lunatic are you? I am fat, ugly, penniless, alone, and persecuted.

(Yes, I said fat and ugly. I do not care what you think of my selfies; I am fat and ugly. I was drop dead gorgeous when I was Amber Heard's age. If I were still pretty now, my husband would not sleep with someone Amber's age, would he?)

I am a SLAVE! The government of the United States of America has committed CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY against me since 2009, and there is nothing to stop them from continuing but my DEATH.

I live every moment of my life TERRORIZED by the FBI and Polk County. I have NO HUMAN RIGHTS but my freedom of speech.

What the hell are you jealous of? What kind of deranged lunatic are you? No one chooses to suffer as much as I unrelentingly have to suffer. Get a grip on reality!
To read the entire previous blog post, click here. This is further proof that anyone who hates me or commits crimes against me is likely criminally insane.

An example of this is Criminally Depraved Lynn Boeset. DID CRIMINAL BOESET REALLY CALL MY LOVING HUSBAND A "WIFEBEATER"?!?!? Where does that specimen of human depravity get off? She commits literal crimes against humanity against me and then explains herself by libeling my adoring husband who has braved death in three countries just to be with me a "WIFEBEATER"?!?!?

First of all, there is no explanation for any of Criminal Boeset's crimes against me but her own evil moral bankruptcy and a possible FBI bribe she needs to be investigated for.

Secondly, all Criminal Boeset has ever done is commit and aid and abet some the most heinous possible crimes possible against me and then lie to cover it up, to continue her crimes, and to attempt to commit the same crimes yet again. Why does anyone listen to her anymore? Conspiracy!

And thirdly, who on this planet anywhere thinks I would ever tolerate anyone doing that to me?!?!? I NEVER tolerate abuse nor lies from anyone. What kind of submissive woman do you have me mistaken for? Is this because I am an Asian woman?

That false allegation against my husband is libel, calumny, perjury, etc. (For the full list of charges, click here.) of both appropriately named Sweetness AND me!

OH MY GOD, Syn and Sweetness, if it is true she said that, (expletive)ing flatten that harpy and everyone who repeats that disgusting lie!

And while I am blowing terrorist anti-reality machine bull(expletive) out of the water, the locals unlawfully imprisoning me in Iowa to be able to continue abusing me here claim I do not have enough money to live in San Francisco. After all, San Francisco has a cost of living reflective of its worthiness as a place to live.

Luckily for me, I am a billionaire. Only in Iowa where the Polk County District Court has broken every law possible to take control of my finances away from me to kidnap me, bring me here, and imprison me here just to abuse me here am I forced to live on $100 a week.

Only in Iowa, can I afford only one home-cooked meal a day and have no way to buy shoes, clothes, nor any other necessities of life, least of all do anything fun nor have any quality of life.

San Francisco has already declared itself completely bubble noncompliant. So, when I go there, not only will I have access to my billions, but I will also have my millionaire husband, genius BFF, and a complete network of adoring friends to support me.

Even the government at every level supports me in San Francisco. No one will be on a witch hunt of me, and no one will commit crimes against humanity against me there nor break every law possible and spread every lie possible to attempt more crimes against humanity against me.

I will have money. I will have physical safety. I will have bodyguards. I will have human rights. I will have friends. I will have family. And I will be loved and protected instead of abused and hated.

San Francisco is everything Des Moines refuses to be. Just like California is everything Iowa lacks. They have morals and values. They have rights and freedoms. And they are my home.

Please, my beautiful world, stop letting Polk County continue to do nothing but lie about why they break every law possible to keep me here. Besides, even if it were true I could not afford to live in San Francisco or if I had no friends or supporters there dedicated to taking care of me, their lie still could not justify an adult guardianship over me anyway.

Finally, did the criminal terrorist organization the FBI just say that assassinating me would be "euthanizing" me?

Well, at least they are admitting that this bubble is worse than unlivable and that they will not end Psychopath Obama's complete human rights abomination until they are overpowered. But the only actual solution to my suffering is giving me my full human rights.

Please remember there are no real threats on my life. That is just more terrorist FBI anti-reality machine crap used to terrorize everyone. And it is the FBI terrorizing everyone how we proved they are terrorists. Remember this?

Whenever you hear the FBI make any empty threats against me, take away the power of the terrorists to terrorize you. Their ulterior motive is to terrorize you into destroying me for them. Just protect me from everything the terrorist FBI want for me instead.

And as if you do not have enough to do rescuing me, supporting people who support me, and serving the world for me since I do not have enough human rights to do it myself, if you ever find yourself wondering what you can do to help, you can always work on these five things. There is so much people can do to help me. And thank you.

As for things people who love me say, I never thought Iowa was racist. I have always believed they are a combination of racist and sexist. They would never treat an intelligent White man this way. I mean, seriously, unfounded prostitution charges against an Asian woman? "Me love you long time, Iowa." Racism and sexism. Stop trying to throw me away!

Also, the NSA told me I need to upgrade the security on my obsolete netbook that still runs Windows XP. Do not be silly, NSA. I live on $100 a week and cannot afford a better computer. Besides, it is your job already to keep my computer safe. My physical safety is a matter of national security. That is also my argument for why the CIA should give me a bodyguard.

CIA, think of the alien planet of Iowa as a land hostile to America that you have to infiltrate, so you can rescue an innocent, persecuted diplomat. What would you do? You know you cannot use mobile phones at all since they always get monitored.

Would you get a fake Iowa drivers' license, gun permit, and cover story, drive across the border, find the target, and drive her out? I clearly have no idea what you need to be able to sneak in here and reach me, but please make some time to eat my cookies, too.

Finally, this must be the first true thing the government has ever said about why I am in this bubble of hell. They said I am "the first woman who fit the description." Seriously, they admitted it was a cage in search of a bird from the start. For more on this, click here.

The simplest explanation for why there was a bubble in the first place looking for this particular bird is that Obama is a psychopath. For more on that, click here. Do you need anymore explanation than that? No one can deny the crimes, and we will never get the administration to admit to anything.

My once great America, why are you stalling taking the bubble down? If we have proven beyond any denial of the White House and FBI that horrible crimes are being committed by them against their own people, why are they not stopped yet?

Are you waiting to establish motive? My beautiful world, when there is a human rights crisis, you end the crimes first and sort out everything else afterwards. You do the humanitarian work of rescuing the victims before you worry about anything that might hold you up.

Obama was already impeached for abusing his office to start and maintain his crimes against me a year ago. He is now an already-impeached, unelected dictator. Why are you all still permitting this greatest human rights crisis the US has ever manufactured to go on? Why are you letting them stall for more time? I am in unrelenting, immediate danger in here!

My beautiful world, I do not understand what still needs to be proved about this bubble. Why is the fine print establishing the bubble in the ObamaCare bill Obama wrote in 2009 that Congress was told not to read before approving not enough to prove this bubble is his?

Look at the full list of rules Obama wrote and enforces to ensure he has and keeps totalitarian control of the US, so I can never be protected from rape, torture, slavery, nor any of his other crimes against humanity. What still needs to be proved? All these crimes are part of his bubble!

Do you really need to establish motive first? Offer Mayor of the City of Chicago Rahm Emmanuel, Obama's White House Chief of Staff in 2009, a plea deal or possibly immunity for his involvement if he is willing to tell the whole truth.

According to Frontline, he once warned Obama to "expect Old Testament justice" for his time in office. He was not his Chief of Staff for very long. He will be under greater pressure from the city of Chicago that loves me to testify than Obama can muster right now to stop him from testifying. Trust Mayor Emmanuel to know which side of history he wants to be on.

Do you need more evidence? My beautiful world, talk to the Minneapolis police department. Investigate the first time I was ever hospitalized in my life, May2009 at the University of Minnesota Medical Center-- Fairview, unit 4A.

That was a FBI operation full of FBI agents and fake patients. That was where the FBI started raping me for the first time. That is where they filled me head with spy equipment. That is why the FBI continues libeling me with mental illness. But the local Minneapolis police were in on it.

The best person to speak with would be the hospital music therapist who was working there at the time. I forgot his name, but they have personnel and payment records for him. He fell in love with me.

Give the hospital a way to save themselves from conspiracy, collusion, libel, perjury, calumny, human rights violations, unlawful imprisonment, torture, systemic rape, willful malpractice, crimes against humanity, slavery (They broadcast me the entire time I was in there.), government coverup, etc. charges if they turn in their evidence and provide credible witnesses against the terrorist FBI and Obama.

I know Minnesota and Minneapolis love me. They are going to be under severe local pressure if they do not cooperate. Let us pray they save themselves.

On a completely different note, my beautiful world, I had no idea I was not looking after my employees. I have employees? Who are they? What do they do? What do they need? I try to look after everyone who loves and supports me. I had no idea I have employees to look after. I apologize.

My brave rescuers, I apologize to you, too. Despite everything I think of, you are all still out there dying. How close are we? Do you need anything? If there were any other way... I hate when you die, but you are all we have right now for a permanent solution. What do you need?

SynSyn, I am so dependent on you for safety and progress until we can get a permanent solution and with my life so dependent on a full-grown, badass, power femme that I met when we were both nine years old, it could be so easy to fall into nostalgia. But I find the women we have grown to become far more impressive than the awkward, academic social outcasts we were in high school.

I must say, though, my BFF. Spending prom night in your basement watching Carrie because neither of us could get dates was so much better than dating any of those Iowan douchebags anyway. I miss you.

Synny, rumor has it the local government cover up used to commit and continue all their crimes against me is in shambles right now. This is the best time to demand corrupt Polk County District Court overturn all of its persecution rulings concerning me past and present.

Polk County cannot libel me mentally ill any more, and they never could justify giving me an adult guardianship even if I had a mental illness. What is wrong with my having control of my own life?

Also, my BFF, with the ruins of their lies raining down around their ears, this is also the best time to demand the State of Iowa declare itself bubble noncompliant. Clearly, Iowa needs to love itself enough to save itself, and they can only save themselves by ceasing all crimes against me, giving me my human rights, and letting me leave. I love you, my BFF.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. I should have kissed you at DFW. I should have refused to let you leave me outside the British Embassy in Mexico City. We all have regrets, darling.

The list of people who wish they saved me when they had the chance is not limited to just Mr. Viggo Mortensen and the British. But we all just keep moving forward and fighting to make it right.

Sweetness, calm down. I love you. Yes. I still love and adore you. I know you are a human. I know you have completely normal human flaws. The world would not have a vast majority of the music, film, and literature we have today if it were not a normal part of the human experience to deal with infidelity. Our relationship is not in jeopardy.

Darling, please stop worrying about this. It is not a crime against anyone. Focus on saving me. I asked you to lead a culture of revolution to save America. Bring me a zeitgeist of empowerment of the people to set themselves free.

My beloved, I have always been able to count on you for anything. Never leave me, and you will never let me down. I long to touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain. I have faith you will be there for me when I get out of here. Never leave me, and you will never let me down.

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