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Here is my latest blog post. I never made anyone my enemy, but my enemies made me. I would never have become an embarrassingly rich, ineffably powerful, super famous world leader if I had not been picked out to unjustifiably suffer crimes against humanity in full view of the entire world.

And the more the vacuous White House, the criminal terrorist organization the FBI, the corrupt Iowa Legislature, the evil Polk County District Court, and the new-to-victimizing-me City of Des Moines make me suffer, the more powerful, rich, and influential I grow. The world is lucky I am benevolent. They could have chosen anyone.

Why? I hear you all the time, my beautiful world, ask me why they started the bubble. There is no way to know but to ask them, but we all know Obama, the current White House, and the criminal terrorist organization the FBI never tell the truth and probably destroyed their paperwork years ago. But there are a few things we know for certain.

Look at what they gained. There is no freedom of speech in America anymore. There is no freedom of the press. The FBI has totalitarian control of the media. Everyone has a brainwashing speaker in his or her left ear. Obama is still creating policy as an unelected dictator already a year after he was impeached. And all of America is terrorized into obeying their every whim be it legal or otherwise. They have totalitarian control of America, and they enforce it with terrorism, unrelenting lies, and mass murder.

If this was not the goal of psychopathic Obama and his terrorist FBI from the start, I do not know what was. And look at them, they made it illegal to stop them. Unless America uniformly rises up and takes this nation back or unless we get benevolently invaded by the global community to enforce human rights in this nation again, America is permanently destroyed.

That horror in plain sight now, I am a firm believer it was supposed to be worse. I am a firm believer the full depravity of their master plan was foiled by the fact my beautiful world chose to love me. And let us be completely honest, when their mixture of egotism, malevolence, and stupidity picked out a cute, innocent, ethnically ambiguous face to put in the middle of all of this, they messed with the wrong woman.

The question is not really, "Why did they start the bubble?" That is a question only a full international investigation will ever answer. The real question is, "Why do they refuse to stop?" They are caught already. Everyone knows who is guilty, and everyone knows the full extent of the crimes already committed.

Clearly, they are not stopping because there is no one willing to stop them. They are getting away with totalitarian control of America with their every criminal, horrifying, and evil whim carried out by the people who willfully obey them. What further crimes do they plan on committing?

I fear they may have intended to use me as an excuse for total US totalitarian global domination. But at least my beautiful world is not letting their poison spread.

And how do we save the US from Obama's unamerican bubble of poison? Truth, love, and resistance to the oppression is the only antidote. Congress has already passed laws to take the bubble down. The Courts have already ruled every single part of the bubble is unconstitutional. But Obama and the people who obey him respect no law and respect no courts.

They will just keep committing crime after crime against me and against all of America in their obvious power grab until people stop them. Truth, love, and resistance to the oppression is the only antidote. After all, at this point, there is no excuse left for obeying the rules anywhere.

Look at all of our years of court records. You will be punished by the courts for obeying the FBI and committing crimes against me and America, but you will always be protected if you exercise your human and Constitutional rights. There is no punishment for fighting to save America. There is only punishment for taking part in destroying it.

At this point, there is no excuse left for obeying the rules anywhere. Stand up and take this bubble down!

Yes, I consider saving America from Obama and the terrorist FBI's brainwashing, totalitarian poison part of my job serving the world. If we save me, we save America. And if we save America, we save the world. We have so much work to do.

Nigeria. I have said it so many times. There is no reason Christians and Muslims cannot be friends. Nothing about either religion says "Kill everyone different from us." Would you not all like the violence to end? Do you not want a safe and stable home?

I love you, Nigeria. You know that. You have always been good to me. Some very dear, close friends of mine are Nigerian. The surgeon I chose to remove the spy equipment from my head to end my slavery is the daughter of your former Minister of Foreign Relations, Mr. Ojo Maduekwe.

While I was at the Nigerian Embassy in Mexico City, one of you even snuck US currency into my wallet for me without even telling me. Okay, that might have been a CIA agent. But it happened while I was under your care.

I love you, Nigeria. Will you listen to me? You need to change the culture of violence. You need leaders of all communities involved to teach peace to resolve your conflicts instead of perpetuating the cycle of violence. You need community leaders from each community and religious leaders from each religion to work together to bring peace and stability.

Start at the roots. Start with your everyday people. And grow a peaceful, loving, society. There is no reason herdsman and farmers cannot come to official agreements about land use. That is what language exists for.

Syria. Oh, Syria, your conflict is killing me. If I could just go there and feed even one starving child, I would feel so much more useful than I have been shackled to Iowa screaming across the internet for help.

Watching the world watch you die just because the West does not want to side with jihadists is just like my staring into the eyes of any Iowan every time the threat to rape and torture me until I die I rears its ugly head. Why does no one care? Why does no one care?

So much could be solved with pinpoint military action followed by all encompassing diplomacy. All the world has to do is get in, grab al Assad, and take him to prison until he can be tried. That is all the military action necessary. And once he is grabbed, bring everyone to the table to work out filling the power gap with democracy.

This does not require going to war. This does not require supplying arms to jihadists. This does not require years of conflict in another Muslim nation. This requires compassion, intelligence, and no longer looking the other way.

Syria is suffering, my beautiful world. This is the most deadly war EVER. There are so many suffering, starving, desperate civilians. This civil war also threatens to erupt at any minute into a sectarian conflict that encompasses the entire Middle East. Then the whole world will feel its pain.

We cannot let Syria go on like this. Where is your compassion? Where is your foresight? Where is your concern for mankind? Solve this, already! Or get me there, so I can.

Ukraine. Russia, I heard the vote of Crimea in the referendum was roughly 93% to rejoin Russia. But your forces are not just in Crimea, are they? If you plan on marching into other parts of the Ukraine grabbing resources as you go, the Ukraine needs a nation-wide referendum.

Please, Russia, allow a fair national referendum. Do not make people vote with guns in their faces. Allow the United Nations' impartial observers to enforce fairness and anonymity. Let the entire Ukraine decide its own fate.

People should be free to choose their own future. Please, Russia, do not march your troops into any more of the Ukraine until AFTER the people there vote to return to Russia. And let the Ukraine choose if it wants to divide itself up into parts.

The US does not get to preach or throw stones, but Europe and the United Nations do. If I were free to choose my own fate, I would have met you in Sochi, President Putin, and would have happily sat beside you watching hockey matches. Free will, President Putin, is so important.

Also, democracy is not just "majority rule." In every democracy, the majority has a responsibility to care for the rights and freedoms of every minority under its control. Please, Russia, be good and fair to the Tatars in Crimea. Prove your humanity.

Those are the major crises in the rest of the world. How goes the crisis on a local level?

Fire alarms due to attacks on Sweetness: Saturday night. Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon.

Fire alarms due to mass murder of my rescuers: Saturday afternoon. Sunday morning.

Fire alarms due to attempted crimes against humanity against me: Saturday night.

Syn, this is ridiculous and evil. Polk County District Court keeps unrelentingly trying to lock me away in an insane asylum for the rest of my life where I would be raped and tortured by the FBI until I die. We need a permanent solution to these crimes against humanity.

My BFF, level blistering criminal and civil punishments against everyone involved including but not limited to Polk County itself, dirty county judges, dirty county attorneys, dirty county doctors, Criminal Boeset, etc. Make it hurt.

Get them for everything: corruption, persecution, hate crimes, conspiracy with the terrorist FBI and each other, attempted human rights violations, attempted crimes against humanity, threatening national security (Remember the red line?) and everything else you can make stick.

Also, Synny, get an injunction to make the government stop redacting court rulings. These repeated and unrelenting offenses are a waste of court time and pose a permanent threat to me, my body, my mind, my rights, my life, and my future as a benevolent, super-genius, world leader selflessly serving the entire good, green Earth. We need a permanent, immediate solution to this unrelenting, immediate threat.

My brave rescuers, a lift out of Iowa where the public, even as I write this, is still passive aggressively persecuting me and where the government at every level will stop at nothing to destroy me is my only hope for a permanent solution to the root problem. It can be easy. It does not need to be so hard. For more on this, click here.

I am trying to make your life easier, my brave rescuers. I know you fight and die every day and every night. It just takes a couple locals to care, or it just takes some sneaky outsiders who love me. And we can save the world. I know these things do not happen over night. Make your plans. I have cookies waiting for you.

SynSyn, are things getting easier for you out there, too? Are you finally sleeping through the night without having to ride to my immediate rescue from the terrorist FBI and corrupt locals? If you ever need anything, just ask me. I will always be your BFF at your side just like you will always be my BFF at mine. I know it will take a while to clear the logjam of charges we are pressing. The locals and FBI are just so evil.

Also, my BFF, I clearly cannot count on my mother for anything but lies. When the logjam is cleared far enough for the courts to reach her, explain to her all she ever had to do was rescue me. She has always had the power, the access, and the capability to save me. But she has always worked against me instead... And still is.

If you want to Syn, investigate my mother. Subpoena her home and mobile phone records. Find out which level of the government she is in a conspiracy with. And get them all.

It is clear my mother will never do anything moral, right, or upstanding like taking me to my husband, so I am at peace with putting her in prison for the rest of her life for conspiracy, libel, aiding and abetting crimes against humanity, perjury, and everything else you can make stick. Just keep that evil harpy away from me. I am tired of her lies.

The last thing my life needs is more lies. Tell her to IMMEDIATELY meet our demands to save herself, and if she lies, stalls, or refuses, just lock her away. Keep the liars away from me, Synny. I deserve so much better.

Finally, Synny, the locals spent time and resources Sunday evening to get in my face and threaten me. They clearly are not hurting enough. They need to learn to love themselves enough, since they will never willingly love me, to choose to stop committing crimes against me.

Syn, really hurt the FBI, State of Iowa, evil Polk County, City of Des Moines, etc. until they stop obeying and, worse, enforcing the rules. I do not care what it takes. We have to protect me.

When you clear the logjam, my hero BFF, start all over again with more criminal and civil charges against everyone until I have enough human rights to go someplace that will not commit crimes against humanity against me and let me have full human rights instead.

It is not just me we need to save, Syniva. It is everyone. Thank the atheist heavens you are a hero not an Iowa!

Sweetness, what the hell are you doing out there? Why do I keep having to send you help? The only thing I have ever forbidden you from is dying before I do, and you better not let me down. Stay safe, okay? I need you.

This is going to make me cry. My darling, I had a dream about you last night. You were asleep beside me, resting in my arms. Your breath was on my face. Your heart beat against my body. And I felt loved. You simply cannot die on me.

Beloved, I asked you to lead America to freedom in my last blog post. Sometimes I wonder if you even read my blog. Please at least put the machinations in place for me.

Sweetness, I know you are obsessed with being my hero. But saving America to save me would be just as noble. You do not need to ride into my life on a silver horse and carry me off into the sunset. It is okay to leave that to the professionals who do not have completely hacked mobile phones. We will have our happily ever after either way.

I refuse to be the kind of wife who micromanages her husband, but I would not have asked you to lead the revolution of the media if it were not important and urgent. Even if you do not want to do it yourself, please make sure it happens. And thank you, as always, for being in love with me.

Sweetness, I love and adore you.

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