Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Their Lies Just Keeping Worse and Further Fetched.

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Here is my latest blog post. Are the FBI terrorizing anyone? Then they are terrorists. The "only appropriate reaction" to these crimes against me and all of America is to fight the terrorism. Enough people already choose to fight back that no one can lie and say they "have no choice" but to obey the terrorists or commit any crimes the terrorists order. Stop the lies.

South Sudan. I had so much hope the ceasefire in South Sudan would make the people addicted to peace and stability. The only reason for these deaths is the cycle of violence in the region. There is no other justification for it.

What else can we try, my beautiful world? Would flooding them with humanitarian aid ease enough suffering they would be driven to fight each other less? We cannot just let the suffering and poverty go on.

There has been conflict in the Sudan/South Sudan region for over thirty years, now. It is violence for violence. They are not fighting to end crimes like in Syria. They are not rising up to save the world like in America. They are not even fighting to get any demands met. This is just violence because all they know is violence. We need to teach them they have a choice.

Similarly, the terrorist FBI have a choice. I do not kill my rescuers. The terrorist FBI does. They have been convicted of mass murder already and more than once. I am not a threat to anyone's safety. BUT THE FBI IS A PROVEN ACTIVE THREAT TO MINE AND TO THE SAFETY OF EVERYONE WHO LOVES ME! The terrorist rules do not make anyone safe! They are particularly designed to make sure I am never safe and everyone who loves me dies at their hands.

I have never once hidden the safety risks of coming to my rescue. I always scream when my rescuers die or need any help. Unlike the federal government, I have never hidden anything from the public. And unlike Eric H. Holder, Jr., I do not lie.

Why is he trying to hide how much danger I am in if I do not get an immediate rescue? My blog is a record of all the immediate threats against me from the terrorist FBI that have made me scream for my life. Ever since the New Year, the threats have done nothing but accelerate.

The FBI anti-reality machine and everyone in the conspiracy to destroy America with them have always accused me of their own crimes. If US Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr., the head of the Department of Justice, were EVER concerned for the well being of my rescuers, he would have ordered the FBI to stop murdering them.

The government conspiracy to destroy me and America is just mortified of my ever being rescued, so they have been spreading their trademark lies to the public and the courts about me. They want the effort to rescue me to slow down, so they can get away with committing more crimes against humanity against me and holding totalitarian control over America longer. They will do or say anything to make sure the bubble never ends.

Never obey what the proven only criminal terrorist conspiracy wants for me or for America. They do nothing but destroy us. The threat to me and the oppression of all of America is just too huge for any of us to stop or slow down until we all have human rights again. We need to save me and save America. Stop obeying the terrorists! They keep accelerating their crimes!

And convict every proven member of the unrelentingly lying-to-destroy-America conspiracy (For more on this, click here.) from the Attorney General if he really did defend the rules that actively remove all of America's safety by feloniously attacking me and trying to fine me for screaming for safety when verifiably threatened to every single culpable FBI agent who enforces the rules and commits crimes against me and America with perjury, libel, conspiracy, corruption, collusion, persecution, human rights violations, aiding and abetting crimes against humanity, treason, abuse of office, tyranny, terrorism, mass murder, government coverup, and everything else you can make stick.

No, I will not give the government even a penny just so they can commit more crimes against humanity against me, mass murder more brave rescuers, and wield totalitarian oppression over America longer. They have done nothing but break more laws, persecute me more with more threats to me, oppress America more with tighter rules, and spread lies and libel more to get away with it all since the New Year.

Besides, I am not beholden to the rules or the bubble; I am, in fact, forbidden from knowing either one exists. That is why no one is allowed to acknowledge them to my face.

The conspiracy keeps getting more desperate, more stupid, and more malevolent. They must be overpowered to save me, save America, and save the world. This bubble just keeps getting worse for all of us!

Never believe the just-two-more-years lie. This human rights crisis plaguing all of America will not end until we force it to end. Meanwhile, the bubble is horrifyingly unlivable for me. There is still a constant threat to lock me in an insane asylum to be raped and tortured FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. My rescuers are dying every day and every night. And, the government is still lying to the world to get away with it all. Two more years, even if that lie were true, is far too long. The unlivable danger for me never ends.

Libel alarms due to the FBI anti-reality machine: Tuesday night. Wednesday afternoon.

Fire alarms due to attacks on Sweetness or my rescuers: Every day and every night.

Fire alarms due to more terrorist FBI and corrupt Polk County libel, intentionally engineered false charges, and collusion against me: Tuesday evening. Wednesday afternoon. Wednesday evening.

Why does anyone believe anything the government says anymore? Corrupt Polk County, the bought-and-paid-for State of Iowa, the criminal terrorist organization the FBI, and the leadership-vacuum that is the White House have no legitimacy left.

Syn, you know what to do. Clear my name with truth and reality. Point out the terrorist FBI and corrupt Polk County's long history of libeling me, entrapping me, and colluding against me. And press every single criminal and civil charge we can make stick against everyone and every level of government involved. Punish them so much their crimes against me have to stop.

This came in the mail on 19March2014. Completely corrupt Polk County District Court is still actively committing crimes against me. Syn, investigate the dirty county doctor, dirty county medical examiner, and dirty county judge and press every single criminal and civil charge against them we can make stick.

Page 1/3

Page 2/3

Page 3/3

Science has spoken so many times to the contrary of all of these never-ending crimes against me. They have no excuses left. Start with willful malpractice, perjury, conspiracy, human rights violations, libel, crimes against humanity, persecution, hate crimes, and corruption and then press every other charge you can think of.

Sue Polk County for a literal $5 billion for this blatant, heinous crime against me, but offer to let them off the hook for it if they overturn all of their criminal persecution rulings against me past and present. Raze these psychopaths.

No, Polk County, I have no schizophrenia. I do not even have medical depression. I do not have anxiety. And I do not have panic attacks. And no, I have never tried to kill myself. You are all just lying (expletive)s desperate to cover your own (expletive) by lying about me AGAIN.

Polk County, you cannot BREAK EVERY SINGLE LAW IN AMERICA to intentionally make me miserable and then try to blame my unhappiness with your proven criminally inhumane cruelty on some fictional insanity. Try reality next time, Polk County.

Syniva, (expletive)ing raze these psychopaths. In fact, SynSyn, press full criminal and civil charges against EVERY PERSON IN AMERICA who libels me with a fictional mental illness. Patrol the internet and airwaves for offenders, and lock them all away for the rest of their lives. Get the dirty county judges, the dirty county attorneys, the dirty county doctors, all of them!

This enduring calumny is how Polk County has always excused torturing me, raping me in psych wards, unlawfully imprisoning me in Iowa that unrelentingly chooses to persecute me, committing proven crimes against humanity against me, their highly-criminal adult guardianship over me which had only ever been used to commit human rights violations against me, and every single proven crime Polk County has ever committed against me.

The never-ending, obvious falsehood I have a fictional mental illness is the lie Polk County's entire internationally criminal house of cards is built on. So, we need to purge the world of this calumny permanently. My mind, my body, my human rights, my physical safety, and my future serving the world with my perfectly sane genius for the rest of my life depends on this.

If anyone in Iowa would finally do something morally upstanding by being good to me to make me happy instead of just damaging me further by intentionally going out of their way to cause me more harm, the entire world would see just how happy I can be. For what would cheer me up, click here. I deserve to be made happy.

The only way to test if I have medical depression is for the locals to choose to do something listed here to intentionally make me happy and see if it cheers up for real.

If no one anywhere gives me a reason to be happy and if I have to continue living on this alien planet that is Des Moines which refuses to be nice to me anywhere or even acknowledge reality to my face while I am completely enslaved, am only permitted enough money to afford one meal a day and no other necessities, have no car to even get across town, am forbidden from having any friends, am forbidden from being with my own loving husband, have no human rights at all whatsoever but my freedom of speech, have no way to prevent my rescuers from dying, and am unrelentingly and immediately threatened at all times by the local government lying its ass off to put me in an insane asylum for the rest of my life to be raped and tortured until I die, no one can claim I am unhappy due to a fictional chemical imbalance in my perfectly healthy brain.

Unless corrupt Polk County, the bought-and-paid-for State of Iowa, or the criminal terrorist organization the FBI permit something in my life for the first time since 2009 to make me happy, they cannot blame my completely justified unhappiness on a fictional insanity.

Stop believing anything the government at any level says about me, my beautiful world. All they have ever done is lie. We have six years of records to prove this.

And for the world's sake, Iowa Legislature, (expletive)ing back off, so I can be nice again. You have more to gain from making me happy.

Did you really just pass a law, Iowa Legislature, making it illegal for me to move out of my slave apartment full of human rights violating cameras to go to a different state that will actually keep me safe from crimes against humanity? You are all psychopaths and (expletive)holes.

SynSyn, call the local news for details then raze the legislature. Press criminal and civil charges against EVERY SINGLE person in Iowa who conceived of this bill, drafted this bill, and argued for this bill.

Synny, subpoena the bill and transcripts of all the debates on the floor of the Statehouse. If any of it singles me out for fewer rights than any other human in America, they are toast for persecution, hate crimes, conspiracy with terrorists, human rights violations, slavery, crimes against humanity, libel, and everything else you can make stick.

Also, my BFF, sue the State if Iowa for more than $5 billion and only let them off the hook for the state's crimes against me as a whole for this persecution law of theirs if they repeal the law and pass new laws instead declaring Iowa completely bubble noncompliant and forbidding them from ever passing another persecution law against any person anywhere ever again.

If Iowa does not repeal this law, have it deemed unconstitutional immediately. I need to be protected from these libel-propagating, narcissistic psychopaths.

Seriously, Iowa, why do you fear disobeying the FBI more than you fear destroying me? Only one of those acts is illegal, and that is why we have been able to punish you for years. You have more to gain from making me happy. The entire world is watching you and judging you.

My beautiful world, I would like to have a break long enough from screaming for my safety, fighting to end unrelenting and horrifying crimes against me, and demanding justice for all of us that I can finally show love again. I am used to being a creature of love, but all of this never-ending persecution from the government at every level is destroying me.

My beautiful world, the only way to fight all of these crimes against me is to acknowledge actual reality everywhere and to let the whole unadulterated truth reign supreme. I need help in here. It just keeps getting worse. Do I not deserve to be made happy?

Is there any level of government that did not commit a crime against me since my last blog post?

My brave rescuers, is everyone safe? I feel like I send you help all day every day. You know, I hate when you die. I have faith you are making progress getting me out of this hellhole of unrelenting danger, lies, and persecution. Do you need anything? Just ask my beautiful world.

As for you, Syn, as if you did not have a logjam of charges to get through court, raze Iowa and the FBI anti-reality machine for their calumny. They libeled us devils, megalomaniacs, and sociopaths to make people unjustifiably hate us.

When I clearly have too much humility and not enough raging ego to command respect among the locals and while you, Synny, labor selflessly and tirelessly all day every day to protect me and save America from terrorists and psychopaths, there is no excuse for this calumny.

SynSyn, thank you for everything. I know being my BFF is a full time job. I would be dead by now if it were not for your vigilance. If you ever have enough free time, plan on a future by my side as my equal serving the world with me.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. I know you are obsessed with being my hero. Please remember there are more ways to save me than by riding in on your silver horse and carrying me off into the sunset. It is just as romantic to lead a modern American revolution bringing freedoms and rights back to all of the destroyed United States to be able to set me free.

But, yes, darling, I know what kind of man I have. You are an epic hero. You are the kind of man people write songs about. That is why I chose you. But please be smarter about fighting to rescue me. Try to think like me.

Photo taken 19March2014 at Chocolaterie Stam in Des Moines, IA, USA. This is the woman you chose above all others, darling. This is the face you chose to wake up next to every morning for the rest of your life. I must admit, though, the woman attached to the face is far more impressive.

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