Thursday, April 10, 2014

It is All in Your Hands Now, My Beautiful World.

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Here is my latest blog post. We have reached the point where I have done everything necessary to get the truth to the world, so the world can save America. Everything else I achieve before I am rescued is just the frosting. Now, I just have to survive until I am rescued.

We all know the North fought against slavery, not the South. Lincoln won the Civil War, not Nixon. Human rights will prevail. This is a domestic conflict with international aid. Obama cannot commit international crimes and crimes against his own people without expecting an international response. Thank you for choosing yourselves to save me and save America, my whole beautiful world.

It has been increasingly difficult lately to find news stories about world problems I can help with. I seem to be most of the international news these days, so I am forbidden those stories. But nothing soothes an aching soul better than helping others, so here we go...

Central African Republic. How much peace could we bring to Africa if the world could finally prove Christians and Muslims can prosper together in peace? I have said this so many times.

Argentina. People do not rise up for no good reason. The best thing to do is listen to your dissent and see if you can solve your problem instead of continuing it. I have faith you can fix this, Argentina. You have a receptive government.

Ireland and the United Kingdom. All they ever needed was common ground. So much can be achieved when both sides want peace, not just one. I look forward to their prosperous future working together for everyone's benefits.

Planet Earth. Oh, the problems we could fix with safe electric- and solar-powered cars everybody could afford. And we need more green spaces. What would it take to get rooftop gardens on every building in urban areas worldwide to process the carbon out of the air? I also have grand ideas for algae lights. Have you heard of algae lights? There is so much work to do.

And how are things inside the hostile alien planet of Troy?...

My twitchiness and miniseizures are keeping me awake every night. I think they are sneaking into my apartment, sedating me with injections, and sodomizing me in my sleep every morning. Please read my previous blog post.

Syn, we need to test my hair, again, but I was told Obama suspended my outgoing mail delivery specifically so I cannot get evidence to anyone about crimes committed against me. Is there any way to make me safe in here? These are all the fresh injection wounds on my left arm. You can click the image to enlarge it.

Also to keep the truth of the horrors I live through every day away from the world, as I write this, Obama has blocked all people in the world from reading my blog. Did we ever need more proof I am always right about him and his bubble? He is increasingly silencing truth in America while simultaneously escalating replacing all this truth we fight for with his lies and false allegations.

Please, my benevolent nerds, hackers, and NSA, make sure I can have my last remaining human right returned to me, my freedom of speech. I used to be the only American left with that right. Now, we are all silenced. In this reign of government lies, demand the truth be spoken.

"In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act." --George Orwell

"Be the change you want to see in the world." --Mahatma Gandhi

I was told Tuesday, 08April2014, to expect a "heart attack" and "raging fire" that night. My beautiful world, if you know an attack on me is coming, please take preventative action to disable it.

Communications to and from me in this increasingly unlivable bubble Obama keeps escalating are just going to become more difficult. The only thing that can save us all is the whole bubble coming down.

So, tell the world everything you know and please contact me and Syn with full details as soon as you know them. We need to do everything possible to protect me while Obama just keeps escalating.

Speaking of Obama, did you see Obama's speech at Fort Hood on 09April2014. He spoke of "love" and "tragedy" and giving up our "sons for America." At the very same time, he was mass murdering my rescuers and acting out of revenge against me.

We never needed more proof all of Obama's lies and politics are government coverups for his crimes against all of us. And we already proved he is a psychopath because of this behavior. Click here.

Obama's-revenge alarm kept going off all day on 09April2014. First, he ordered the locals to commit calumny to lock me in an insane asylum AGAIN to keep me away from the world and the internet.

Then, in the evening, rumor had it Obama ordered intentionally fabricated false charges of "attempted murder" be pressed against me. Was it due to yet another libel video used to frame me?

The proven corrupted parts of the government at every level have no excuses left for using libel to justify their calumny of intentionally fabricated charges against me.

My brave rescuers, is it you they are claiming I killed? Everybody knows I hate when you die. How often do I send you help while screaming, "No dying today!"

The terrorist FBI are already convicted by the federal courts for their never-ending mass murder of all of my rescuers while those rescuers all just try to exercise their Constitutional rights to assemble and associate with me. I was not the one who ordered their murders; that was Obama who ordered it because he is hellbent on preventing anyone from ever saving America from his bubble.

If anyone needs to defend me from Psychopath Obama falsely accusing me of his own crimes AGAIN (He has a long history of this.), please recall that this is an official "domestic conflict with international aid" now, and deaths on a battlefield are not subjected to murder allegations according to the US Constitution and international law, anyway.

If Obama would just stop enforcing his crimes against all of us, all of this death and violence would finally end.

It is my opinion Psychopath Obama, his terrorist FBI, and evil Iowa should pay for my rescue and pay for taking their own bubble down. It is their unrelenting crimes against me and against America no matter what we do to force these crimes to end making my physical rescue necessary.

All anyone in Iowa has ever had to do is pick me up and drive me out, and all the corrupt local government had ever had to do is just let me leave. Instead, the local news was instructed on the evening of 08April201 to preach that Des Moines needs to "embrace" the barriers around them. Just call WHO Channel 13 in Des Moines and ask them.

And still, instead of letting me leave, so we can end this conflict... The locals are libeling me crazy to keep me in Iowa AGAIN? We go through this at least three times every day. They are compulsively committing the same crimes against me day in and day out. Which one of us is it who has the delusional mental illness?

If they insist I need to be "checked out." They can always let me go to San Francisco for a supposed diagnosis and therapy from doctors who will acknowledge reality to my face. We all know the locals will only commit willful malpractice again if they ever get their hands on me again. Look at their long, well-documented history. I need to be protected from them at all costs.

Have you ever see me in a psych ward? Those proven torture facilities do not "make Squid well." They have always been weapons used against me since they started in 2009 with the start of the bubble.

Syn, let science and history speak for itself. Use their own court history as evidence against them. How obvious is it I have absolutely no mental illness? They are just psychopaths. I need to be protected from any and all torture facilities. They need to lay their obvious government coverup to rest.

And (expletive)ing bury them every time they try it, Syn. We all know their raping, committing, and torturing me started in 2009 when the bubble started. We know what crimes against me and crimes against America their repeated calumny aids and abets. We need Obama's house of cards torn down.

And, Syn, did the locals just repeat the same old lies AGAIN? Must I repeat myself constantly? Here is the same link I always have to post.

How many times have I had to say this? THE FBI WILL NEITHER KILL ME NOR HIRE SOMEONE TO KILL ME. This lie has been disproved so many times. If they wanted to kill me, they would have killed me by now instead of raping me at night when they sneak into my apartment undetected.

No, no one will kill me if I leave Iowa. We have disproved this one the most. I have left Iowa often (LA, San Diego, South Dakota, Twin Cities, Kansas City) while the terrorist FBI lied that they would kill me if I left, and they never did. I was never safer than when I was in LA, and San Francisco has promised to make me even safer yet.

This same worn out old empty threat on my life by the FBI has always been used to manipulate and terrorize the public into committing crimes against me even crimes against humanity against me. Everyone should know better by now than repeating it, especially in a courtroom. Syn, you know what to do when people lie. Please be creative and thorough.

Making me safe from everything the FBI and Psychopath Obama want for me is the only real solution to all the threats and danger in my life. If the corrupt locals have any genuine concern for my well being, instead of just lying about it to be able to harm me longer, they will let me go home to San Francisco. The only solution is making me safe for real.

Of course, I am not holding my breath that the proven evil and corrupt locals will ever make me safe for real nor stop spreading every lie possible to lock me up in a long-term insane asylum to be raped and tortured until I die. Obama wants me in an insane asylum.

Look at how many times he has ordered me into a psych ward since the bubble began in 2009 despite my having absolutely no mental illness, and note I was never in one before hand. And letting me go to San Francisco would make me physically safe, something Obama is mortified of.

Why else is Obama waging a battle rivaling Fallujah outside the walls Obama has erected himself around Des Moines just to be able to prevent me from ever leaving and being genuinely safe?

Obama has ordered every single crime that has been committed against me ever since he chose to put me in this bubble. Why else are these crimes happening? Why else does Obama know everything the terrorist FBI do to me and refuse to stop it? Preserving and upholding human rights is supposed to be the job of every president.

Why else are the rules Obama enforces that oppress all of America designed particularly to enforce I be enslaved, raped, tortured, abused, sexually harassed, libeled, etc. and have no way to protect myself? Read the book of rules; that is all the evidence anyone ever needed.

The rules specifically mandate that I am forbidden from knowing I am enslaved, that I am forbidden from seeing or hearing any of the their libel, and that no one is permitted to rescue me from any of Obama and the terrorist FBI's crimes against me. How many lies have been spread to justify Obama's bubble? We know where the libel comes from.

There is evidence everywhere this is Obama's bubble. It is his executive orders! What the hell do people need proved?

It was Obama who put all of the brainwashing speakers in everyone's heads in San Francisco, San Diego, Des Moines, Mexico City, and the United Kingdom. He justified being able to broadcast Sampo and everything from the mic the terrorist FBI put in my ear with "Everything picked up by the mic in Squid's head is the government's to broadcast since the government owns the mic." They admitted to slavery on official record.

If those comments were redacted, we just need witnesses to everything they stated. I am sure the Supreme Court and federal judges remember everything.

Do you remember that from my lawsuit against the terrorist FBI for broadcasting my intellectual property? I won $5 billion in that lawsuit. Everything was already proven back then.

It was proven it is the government enslaving me years ago, that is why the government never stops and only enforces my slavery. And the people running the slave broadcast of me, the terrorist FBI, never broadcast anyone raping me because they are in on making sure it never ends.

Was that not why Obama was impeached in 2013? That too is on official record. That too was all proven a long time ago. If it was redacted, we just need witnesses. I would talk to the judges. They are reliable sources for what happens in their own courts.

Claiming we need more proof than the crimes we all live with every day is just a way to stall giving human rights back to all Americans, particularly physical safety and basic civil liberties to me, and a way to stall taking down Obama's totalitarian oppression of America. And all stalling is aiding and abetting Obama's crimes. How many times have I had to say this?

Among things already established, the government asserted, "Yes, we are raping an innocent woman we enslave every night, but do not end our crimes against humanity and totalitarian oppression of America; it will end in two years anyway." That was always a lie and used to placate the public into permitting all of these crimes to continue. Click here and read this. It is as accurate as the "It is just five years," that they said when this started.

If you know these crimes are happening, you are morally obligated to end them as soon as possible. Looking the other way is the same as aiding and abetting every horror I live through every day and excusing Obama's totalitarian oppression of America. And my worse than unlivable bubble just keeps getting worse for me in here and for everyone out there. Obama keeps escalating. Is it me or Obama who needs to be "further isolated from the world"?

On a local level, there was more nefarious wrongdoing by the Iowa Legislature, too. They gave themselves impunity to commit all the crimes they want against me and even all their citizens by passing a law we cannot press charges to stop crimes committed against us by the state.

Syn, we need it deemed unconstitutional. These evil psychopaths need it beaten into their heads the only way they can save themselves is by STOPPING committing crimes not by giving themselves permission to keep hurting themselves and me. Who do they think they are forbidding everyone from stopping them from committing proven crimes? Obama?

Also, did Criminal Boeset and proven completely corrupt Polk County actually put it on record that "Squid needs an adult guardian because Squid is Obama's human trafficking victim"? Syn, (expletive)ing bury them for that lie, especially if she said it in a courtroom.

It is very well-documented that the adult guardianship is used specifically to enforce I must live in this evil apartment in evil Iowa where I can escape neither slavery nor systemic rape by being forced not to have enough of my own money to eat food specifically to make sure I can never leave for a place I can have full human rights, liberation, and physical safety.

They are just mortified of my ever having human rights and ever having physical safety and will spread any lie possible to enforce Obama's bubble over me.

Then Criminal Boeset said I need to be committed to a psych ward to be raped, tortured, and abused again because I am raped in my apartment? Clearly, the evil have no logic.

First of all, Criminal Boeset is one of the main causes of my being raped in my apartment. She made my bodyguard move out and refuses to let me move somewhere proven safer by just letting me leave Iowa--the only true solution to my physical safety problem.

Secondly, I am always raped in psych wards. How exactly is committing me supposed to make me safe from anything? I will have even fewer rights and protections and will be abused more.

If Criminal Boeset had any genuine concern for my well-being, she would let me leave Iowa and would stop threatening to commit me. She is just lying AGAIN to be able to commit crimes against me AGAIN. Look at her history of lies and crimes against me. I need to be protected from EVERYTHING Criminal Boeset wants for me.

Did she really vow that "one way or another" she will get me? Seriously, Syn, use her own words against her to destroy her in court once and for all.

Criminal Boeset's ulterior motives for committing me to a psych ward when I clearly have no mental illness are obvious government coverup, silencing my ability to serve America and the world by forcing me offline, enforcing injection torture of me again alongside systemic rape, intentionally causing me harm, and taking me away from anywhere a rescuer could reach me.

Criminal Boeset is mortified of my ever having physical safety and human rights and will enforce Obama's bubble of crimes against humanity against me and oppression of all of America at all costs. Syn, (expletive)ing raze her.

As for other local ridiculousness, why are locals claiming my brand is "Christian values"? What does that even mean? I am a well-established atheistic world leader. I do not have Christian hypocrisy like evil Iowans who commit any crime possible against me and spread every lie possible to try to justify it.

And before this lie starts... No, I would never claim Jesus had Christian hypocrisy. He was Jewish. Jesus had a Jewish persecution problem.

And again, Syn, the evil psychopaths are still, after all the ways they have been disproven, idiotically clinging to their libel that this is not work? Have they seen everything I can accomplish online in one day? No one else can do what I do, and I never get rest. I even work fighting the Reality War to save America online from bed at 4am.

Why do you think Obama is always trying to intimidate me into spending less "screen time"? People cannot both call me a deadbeat and claim I work too much. Tell the psychopaths to at least keep their calumny consistent.

Also tell the psychopaths to STOP PROPAGATING THEIR LIBEL VIDEOS AND ACKNOWLEDGE THE WORLD-CLASS ONLINE FORCE OF NATURE! Reality really makes haters look like morons. Click here to read the last time I proved they are idiots for libeling me.

I feel like evil Iowans keep making me repeat myself about everything. Remember this? To read this entire blog post (and I recommend you do) click here. Were the locals lying in court again, Syn?

What? What did you say? The ordinary people in Iowa love me? Stop your lies! Which one of them will respect me? Which one of the will spend quality friendship time with me? Which one of them will acknowledge reality to my face? Which one of them will give me a ride to my human rights? Which one of the will NOT libel me "stuck up" for avoiding them because all they do is choose to abuse me? Not one of them. Not even my mother. And NONE of those denials are harmless. They all choose to be evil instead. I would NEVER treat a fellow human the way Iowa chooses to treat me. I am NOT an Iowan. I have human compassion.

For the list of the only twenty places in all of Iowa than bother to go so far as to treat me like a human but who still refuse to be an answer any of the questions in the paragraph above, click here and click here.
Point restated and proven AGAIN.

Then, Wednesday night I was told Iowa just put it on official record, "We stand up to Squid! We are going to stand up to the entire world!" They seriously live on an alien planet.

First of all, they do not stand up to me. They commit every crime possible against me and spew every lie they can think of to get themselves in more trouble for doing so. Reality says, I am the victim standing up to them.

Secondly, please call the local news in Des Moines and ask them what promises Obama has made to Iowa if they destroy America with him. Seriously, conspiracy proven. Please see my previous point about Psychopath Obama, the terrorist FBI, and evil Iowa paying for my rescue. They are why I have no power nor means to rescue myself.

I was also notified Wednesday night that the anti-reality machine is now claiming my husband and I cannot be married because we are cousins. I have not heard that lie since I was in Liverpool. Does this mean everyone heard from the British about 2010?

As for other housekeeping, before anyone can commit the libel of claiming I asked Syniva to move my money overseas to not have to pay taxes on it, we moved my money, so Obama cannot freeze my assets.

I have a lot of good work to do with that money, and if I can protect anything from Obama's at-all-costs-of-everyone's-human-rights totalitarian oppression, I will do so. I assumed we already paid taxes on it anyway.

And now for some general advice...

What is a good way to tell me apart from my doppelgängers? There are many ways, but here is one example: If you ever see "me" put on a show or address a camera, you know you are watching a doppelgänger.

I am not here to entertain anyone. I am not a performer. I am here to tell the truth. I am here to serve the world with problem solving. I am here to survive slavery, rape, public persecution, etc. until I can be rescued.

No one should enjoy that I am enslaved and libeled. How sick is that? And if I ever "use the cameras" to save myself, you better believe they will broadcast a doppelgänger farting instead.

I understand. You miss "Octopus" from my time in North Beach. But this is not San Francisco. This is hell. And it keeps getting worse. Do you want to cheer me up? Any of these five things will do.

Also, I rarely if ever have sex. I do not masturbate. I am not violent. I do not drink alcohol anymore. I do not do drugs. I have no mental illness. I do not sleep safely. There are so many ways to tell if you are watching a doppelgänger or me.

My beautiful world, I have faith you will save me and America. The work is in your hands now. Everything else I accomplish before being rescued is frosting. I just need to survive until you show up.

My brave rescuers, I heard you were massacred the morning of Wednesday, 09April2014. There is no denying it is Obama's domestic terrorism you fight. Did anyone die? I hate when you die. Did everyone injured get medical care? What do you need to make yourselves safer?

SynSyn, I heard you are winning all over the place. Thank you, as always, for everything. I consider you my equal, Syn. We are going to have a beautiful future beside each other spending my money serving the world just as soon as we have enough human rights to do so. I owe you so much. So does the world.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. I know I say that all the time, so it may have lost its meaning on you. But I know what those words mean, and I put my heart and soul behind every ounce of breath it takes me to utter them.

Darling, you are my hero, my king, and my reason for living. Your love is the reason I can drag myself out of bed every day and fight the same battles again and again, so I can serve the world. I long to touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain. We always said death could never break us apart, so I do not understand how life ever could either.

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