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It is Treason to Subvert the Constitution, not Defend It.

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Here is my latest blog post. I understand you are all still catching up with everything from my last blog post. For example, Obama claimed today that taking all of my rights and freedoms away from me so he can sell me against my will is not slavery. What a jack(expletive)!

Rhetorically, let us systemically rape Obama, libel him a literal mental retard, and make him live on $100 a week just so he can have no way to stop people from broadcasting him in the privacy of his own home including his bathroom, and then let us see if he calls it slavery. "It is normal for people to live like this." What a pathologically lying (expletive)ing jack(expletive)!

Speaking of (expletive)hole things to do to people... Syn, please have the hair tested that I sent Sweetness with his last love letter. I have been twitchy and having miniseizures again when trying to fall asleep, have been staying up all night, have sometimes been crying a lot, have found inexplicable cuts and bruises on my legs, and have found myself rocking myself a few times. These are all classic signs I have been drugged and raped in my sleep again.

We all know that ever since Criminal Boeset made my bodyguard move out and since my own mother has refused to let me live in her house for protection, I have been a sitting duck to be raped again. Did the FBI cross the RED LINE? How many times?

No, I have never once lost my mind from being systemically raped. I have always held it together. In San Francisco, when it was still bubble compliant just like Iowa is now, I knew the police would not help me, so I had to stop the rapist from hurting me anymore myself.

After Cuddlebunny was rendered my first bodyguard ever, a new rapist replaced him, so I started a habit of leaving the country to look for physical safety. I left he US. I left Mexico. I left the UK. But the FBI just keep raping me everywhere I go no matter what I do to make myself safe. I just need to finally reach a city or country devoted to my rights and physical safety.

If this is real, if the terrorist FBI are raping me again in my sleep in this evil, slave apartment, the world knows what they have to do. I am such a pacifist. I was praying it was not true. But it just keeps happening, and the locals here refuse to make me safe. When you know, Syn, please tell the world.

Syn, I just heard. My hair tested positive. I have been raped multiple times since my bodyguard Bryce was forced out of my apartment.

The RED LINE has been crossed. Please take all action necessary to save me, my beautiful world. For the definition of the RED LINE, click here. I understand this will take time. It is not like you had an army amassed at the Canadian border. We should all be panicking for my safety right now.

At least we have established I was right all along. The terrorist FBI just want to rape and torture and destroy me not kill me. They have had their hands on me so many times, and they have never once tried to murder me. My blog holds up again. To read that previous blog post, click here.

But there is absolutely no one in Iowa willing to help or protect me--not even my own mother. Is there anything you can do for me out there? This is an emergency.

Is there any way to permanently get the threat to lock me in an insane asylum off my back, so I do not have to worry about that, too. And is there anyone willing to be my bodyguard, or is there a safe house for me? The locals will never let me leave Iowa. I need to be protected while I "hang in there" and pray for my rescue. May they succeed soon.

Did I just hear everyone in America who has been stalling or refusing rescuing me is "scandalized." Scandal should be the least of your worries right now. Why not stop trying to cover your own asses and just rescue me? That is the only appropriate reaction.

Stop your insincere apologies and half-baked excuses and just take immediate action to end this horrifying worse than unlivable bubble of hell. Congress, I could really use your sending in the full force of the US Military to overpower the terrorist FBI and get me out of evil Iowa. Congress, you need to take immediate action to save me and save America.

They are not the only ones stalling. What? The locals just said they are sorry? They feel bad? But they still refuse to give me back my human rights and let me leave Iowa ASAP! Those psychopaths!

Never trust them. They are just buying time to commit more crimes against me. How do we know? If they truly felt sorry for everything they have done to me, they would stop committing crimes against me.

How recently did I just have to scream for my life to prevent the evil locals from locking me in an insane asylum? How many times after their fake apology?

If the locals were truly repentant, I would be in San Francisco already. They are just spreading lies to placate the world to be able to keep me here longer to be able to abuse me more.

They will stop at nothing to lock me away from the world in an insane asylum for the rest of my life. Never trust a word they say. Are they not the ones who insisted this slave apartment where I am systemically raped is a "better place for [me]" to keep me out of my mother's house and away from San Francisco?

Syn, drop no charges. Prosecute all of them. Every charge possible. Hold them accountable for every lie they spew. And my beautiful world, do everything possible to get me out of here. It just keeps getting worse in here.

Did you just hear the evil Iowans' latest lies? No, Iowa, I am not a threat to any of you, and I never have been. But you do keep compulsively damaging yourselves by committing crimes against me and by lying to cover it up, and you are a proven unrelenting threat to me!

How long have I been telling you to save yourselves? You are oppressing yourselves by enforcing the bubble here! You are taking away your own rights and freedoms just to be able to commit crimes against me, and every time you choose to commit a crime against me, the courts punish you!

You are your own worst enemy, Iowa! You need to choose to save yourselves by choosing to stop making me your globally-recognized victim. No one anywhere believes nor tolerates your lies.

Iowa, you are all psychopaths and (expletive)holes choosing to propagate lies about yourselves and libel about me to completely ineffectively justify your crimes against me, and that is why you keep getting justly punished so harshly. You cannot blame me. You really need to let me leave.

Why I would be safer in San Francisco? They used to be as bubble compliant as Iowa; they were in 2009 last time I was there. But they have since declared themselves bubble noncompliant, so I could have my first safe haven ever in America.

San Francisco has saved itself, so they can save me. They have promised not to commit any crimes against me at all whatsoever. San Francisco is a born-again city dedicated to making me safe. For more on this, click here.

Also, my beautiful world, our fighting using the only solutions we have left for ending the undeniable totalitarian oppression of America and worldwide-denounced crimes against humanity committed against me can never be called illegal, particularly since most solutions I offer are more Constitutional than the government crimes we are fighting to end.

I am the only person in America expressly exempt from the rules of this criminal bubble, and besides, disobeying all the rules is civil disobedience. The only appropriate reaction to knowing crimes against humanity and crimes against their own people are committed by a government is to fight to end them. And the people are the true source of all power in a democracy.

More importantly, I need to be protected against rape, slavery, and torture, and it is not a crime to save America. But filing spurious charges to aid and abet crimes against humanity IS a crime.

Do I need to be protected from intentionally fabricated false charges from the federal government being used so they can permit more crimes against humanity against me and enable government coverups from the federal government, too, not just from the evil Iowa locals?

It is worth an investigation, but never trust the FBI nor Department of Justice to investigate themselves nor prosecute themselves. This is a job for the United Nations and Congress.

Beware the real ulterior motives behind Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr.'s long history of false charges against me for my trying to protect myself from well-documented crimes against humanity that started in 2009.

How does a part of a government that orders and enforces crimes against humanity and crimes against their own people have any credibility or legitimacy anyway?

Congress and United Nations, if you truly want to save me and restore America, you have to indict Obama for all his crimes against humanity and crimes against his own people. No one can deny he commits all of these crimes. Why are you waiting?

You cannot trust any investigations the executive branch does of itself... Particularly the FBI and Department of Justice. Obama is getting away with all of his blatant crimes against me and America! Why is there no justice?

Congress and United Nations, the world and I also need you to rescue me and to save America. We need this bubble of hell and totalitarian oppression forced to end.

Just pointing out crimes against humanity and crimes against your own people are occurring on your watch in your country or under your jurisdiction is justification enough to take all action necessary to stop those abominations.

No, you do not have to establish why they are happening before you save the entire country from them. Any and all stalling of immediately ending international crimes that are proven to be happening is aiding and abetting those crimes.

UN, I know you have been screaming for help for me for a long time. And Congress, do your job. This crisis should be your priority right now. Send in the military. This already worse than unlivable bubble just keeps getting worse for everyone.

You are debating right now, my beautiful world. You are doing math, making projections, and evaluating circumstances. Am I worth saving?

If you invade the US, my beautiful world, you cannot be half-assed about it. We cannot have a conflict that drags on. I doubt I could survive that long in here anyway.

My beautiful world, talk to the US Military. Make sure they will stay on our side and keep working with everyone to rescue me. I doubt they would ever let me down. That means this would not be a global conflict but a domestic conflict with international aid.

If we can get the world and the US Military all to take on the terrorist FBI, it will clearly be a one-sided conflict. America needs to be saved. I need to be protected. We have tried everything else we could think of for years. Why not just end this evil human rights crisis once and for all?

Have you ever watched me? Do you watch me now? Then I am your slave, too, and I am your responsibility to save. All crimes against humanity deserve to be ended. All human rights crises deserve a timely resolution.

Am I worth saving? The White House, FBI, and evil Iowans all think I am less worthy than they are to live and have been laboring to throw me away for years. Is my future safely serving the world worth creating?

Do I deserve human rights? The White House, the FBI, the evil Iowans-- we all know they will not stop until they are forced to. Is America worth saving? Did America ever save you?

This is the right thing to do, my beautiful world. We in America have no way to save ourselves. We need help.

It has already been thoroughly established that the only things that can save America from the totalitarian oppression of Obama's bubble are 1.) an invasion by the global community to enforce human rights all over America again, or 2.) both removing me from the jurisdiction of the terrorist FBI and everyone in America uniformly rising up and defying all the rules oppressing all of us.

Nothing else has worked. We already impeached Obama a year ago, but he signed executive orders his corrupt administration obeys to keep him in power as an unelected dictator still free to commit all of his crimes against all of us.

The White House and terrorist FBI disobey every law Congress passes to end this greatest human rights crisis the US has ever manufactured and spits in the face of every federal and Supreme Court ruling that mandates this needs to end.

As I already said,... I agree, the world cannot afford the collapse of America at the current time, so the world needs to save America. I am suffering! We are all suffering! We need the world to intervene to save us! If America could do this ourselves, the greatest human rights crisis America has ever manufactured would have ended before it began!

I am resigned to the fact a global invasion might be the only way to save America.

We all know the RED LINE has been crossed and had been crossed a number of times. The evil locals and the terrorist FBI will just keep crossing it by raping me again and again. But the RED LINE was established to give the people of the US time to rise up and save this country themselves.

I asked my husband to lead all forms of media to create a zeitgeist of revolution and empowerment, so we can save America ourselves. And I did everything possible to prevent the RED LINE from being crossed.

This bubble has already rendered America unrecognizable. If these crimes against all of us are allowed to continue, America is guaranteed to be completely destroyed. And the terrorist FBI promises that this will NEVER end and that only my death can free me from their hell.

The RED LINE was a "final straw" line from the world established to protect me from more crimes against humanity. Why did the federal government want it on record that that was an issue and that they wanted to and intended to commit more crimes against humanity against me? This point should have been moot.

There should never have been any threat to cross the should-have-been-superfluous RED LINE in the first place and definitely not after it was pointed out that the systemic rape, torture, unlawful imprisonment, etc. are all international crimes that should never have happened in the first place and should definitely have been prevented at all costs from ever happening again.

As much as the RED LINE should have been established to prevent ANY crimes being committed against me, it was only established to prevent the worst crimes humans can commit from being committed against me AGAIN.

And the evil locals, terrorist FBI, and corrupt White House need to learn that putting it on official record their alleging protecting me from these crimes against humanity was some sort of "criminal act" was never tolerated.

Unless the domestic terrorists in the local government, FBI, and White House choose to stop their crimes against their own people including but not limited to me, my loved ones, and my rescuers, nothing can save America from their destroying this nation but a benevolent global invasion.

I am was trying to buy Americans enough time to rise and save the US ourselves. It is still not too late, once great America. What are you capable of?

While we wait for America to save itself, my beautiful world, never give up the moral high ground. For example, our logjam of charges against the evil locals is not persecution against anyone but is a search for justice and an act to protect me and the world from any further real crimes these people repeatedly commit against me.

Their witch hunt of me was illegal. It was persecution, hate crimes, libel, calumny, collusion, etc. (For the whole list, click here.) because they used only intentionally manufactured false charges and false mental health allegations and only leveled them to destroy me, to lock me away from the world permanently in a long-term insane asylum to be raped and tortured until I died, and to attempt government coverups.

It was established long ago that I have absolutely no mental illness, that psych wards are the places where I am most vulnerable to rape and where I am always subjected to torture, that every time I have been in a psych ward in my life it has only been human rights violations and crimes against humanity against me and never anything else, that the only times I have even been in mental health facilities were after 2009 when the federal government created the bubble of crime to keep me in, and that all allegations I have a mental illness are just to serve the government coverup to be able to commit even more crimes against me and America.

Yet, the evil locals are willing to do absolutely anything to lock me in a long-term insane asylum. They are trying to keep me away from any possible rescue.

Look at my March2014 court records and transcripts. They actually put their heinous agenda to destroy me on official government record. They actually want to be known all over the world as the people who will do anything to lock me away from the world for the rest of my life to be literally raped and tortured until I die.

Look at the history of charges I file, and look at the history of charges they file. Clearly, I need permanent protection from the evil locals, terrorist FBI, and corrupt White House because they promise to never stop their crimes against me and are only escalating.

Yes, the government has begun raping me again ever since February2014 when they forced my bodyguard to move out of my apartment; I have had to scream for my life every day and every night for over a month because they have been threatening nonstop to lock me in a long-term insane asylum for the rest of my life; and, Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr., and Unelected Dictator Obama alleged that I was the one escalating.

Check my Twitter account. How many times did I have to scream for my life on 01April2014 alone? What can we do to make me permanently safe from all of these threats?

SynSyn, is it Criminally Delusional Lynn Boeset? Is she why I have to scream for my life all day and all night every day and every night? Why is she not in prison for the rest of her life for all of the crimes she refuses to stop committing against me, against America, and against the world? I need permanent protection from her!

If Proven Criminal Boeset is free to roam the world committing crimes against me, I will never be safe. And all she ever does is commit crimes against me. She even commits crimes against me to permit committing crimes against me.

We have been through this is every blog post, Syn. Why does nobody but you listen to me? Even if I had a mental illness, look how highly I function in this completely hostile environment.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO JUSTIFICATION for me to have ever had an adult guardian nor any reason for me to have one now. It is just conspiracy and a government coverup. Click here and read this and click here and read this.

The corrupt-Polk-County-enabled crimes Criminal Boeset will always continue to commit against me until she gets locked up for life are one of the primary reasons I need enough human rights to go home to San Francisco.

As for rumors I sometimes hear about myself, my beautiful world, I never wanted to be a trophy wife. I would rather be called fat and ugly than be sexuallized. Do not worry about what I see in the mirror. Are you even sure you are watching me instead of libel? This is what I look like:

This photo was taken 02April2014 at 2:00pm at the Chocolaterie Stam in Des Moines, IA.

Wednesday while I was at Chocolaterie Stam, I was asked for predictions. I never make promises about my predictions, but I do have a long track record of being able to extrapolate the future. I predict no one in Iowa will ever save themselves nor save me by rescuing me nor by even allowing me to leave Iowa on my own, but my beautiful world will save me.

I have faith in you, my beautiful world. Despite everything I have lived through and everything I still live through, you give me faith humanity is still good, and that humanity is good enough to save me.

I was also asked how people can help. Here is a list of ten ways, some easier than others, people anywhere can do to end this crisis. And they are all completely Constitutional, unlike the bubble we need to take down.
1.) Rescue me. Pick me up, make me safe, and take me to my rescuers, my husband, my BFF, a declared safe foreign country, or my American safe haven of San Francisco.
2.) Be my bodyguard or give me a safe place to sleep while I "hang in there" and wait for my rescue.
3.) If you cannot love and support me directly, love and support people who can. Take care of my rescuers. Lavish love and attention on Syniva. Help my Sweetness help me.
4.) Tell Congress to send in the full force of the US Military to rescue me.
5.) Organize and rise up. My once great America, uniformly disobey every rule oppressing all of us. If you can save America, that will go a long way to saving me. This is not illegal. This is constitutional, the only appropriate reaction to crimes against humanity, and pure civil disobedience. Declare your cities, states, and countries completely bubble noncompliant, so your people can all have full human rights.
6.) Talk to Iowans. Tell them the flat truth about how horrifying they are. See if you can convince them to do any of these things to help.
7.) Hunt down and debunk any and all libel about me. Stay vigilant in the Reality War. You know what to do every time I am libeled and every time a perverted truth is spread about me. Click here if you need a refresher.
8.) Exercise full freedom of speech and full freedom of the press in all media all over the world. This is a Reality War. So much depends on delivering the truth to the masses, and there is so much pollution of the truth out there. Circulate and recommend reliable sources. We can do so much better than word of mouth. This includes giving me messages, so I can know what goes on out there. We all know I can fix anything if people just listen to me. Please keep me and each other in the know.
9.) If you ever find yourself wondering, "What next?" you can work on any of these five things. Any one of them would make me happy.
10.) Fix major world problems I wish I could fix myself including but not limited to Syria, Ukraine, and South Sudan, so I do not have to worry about them anymore.

Thank you, my beautiful world, for even wanting to help me in the first place. And I know I can count on you.

I know I can count on you, too, My brave rescuers, for a rescue despite how much you sacrifice. I got a sick feeling in my stomach Tuesday afternoon. Was one of my clandestine murdered by the terrorist FBI for trying to sneak into Des Moines and rescue me from more crimes against humanity?

Had he or she been successful, that rescue would have ended the contemporary civil war in America, granted me human rights and physical safety, and permanently averted any global invasion. Why do the terrorist FBI want it on record they are opposed to this?

SynSyn, you deal every day with all sorts of egregious things people should never put on record. How do you stomach all of that bull(expletive) they spew? Thank you.

My BFF, you never let me down. I know you are very busy processing our logjam of charges through all the courts, but you always take time to rescue and defend me from court action that all levels of government take against us just to be able to continue their crimes against their own people.

Synny, I know I can trust you to be creative and completely thorough with our court actions designed to bring me and the whole world justice and to protect us all from all the criminals and psychopaths in all levels of government. Thank you. I love you.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. I know you are out saving the world, America, and me right now. Thank you for that. I saw you were just in Asia. They love our romance there, you know. Thank you for giving them a double dose of our love for each other.

On the small scale, please do to US Weekly what you did to E! Online and everyone else who chooses to falsely report you are engaged to Amber. These intentional lies are part of the government plot to claim I am delusional. Thank you, darling. I know I can count on you for everything big and small.

My beloved, keep fighting the good fight, and I will be safely asleep in your arms in no time. I have been nothing but hurt by this bubble, and their damage of me continues. Your love for me is the only thing that can heal me.

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