Sunday, April 20, 2014

Truth Delivery System

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Here is my latest blog post. Obama is still lying to the world to be able to commit more of the most heinous crimes know to mankind against me and my rescuers while leveling his iron fist of blood, violence, and terrorism to enforce his totalitarian oppression of America and crimes against his own people.

Ukraine. What the hell is this? What century are we living in? There is no excuse for this, and the fact it was a hoax does not make it any less disgusting. Ukraine, you all, including your Russian separatists, need go show love to your Jewish communities. You are a nation. Love each other, defend and protect your human rights, and support the democratic power of your people.

South Korea. Our children are our future. We all understand how horrible losing so many of your children is for your nation. Please heal knowing we love you.

The USA is not much better these days.

Obama's terrorists raped me again in my sleep on the morning of 16April2014. I was definitely drugged then sodomized in my sleep. Obama's terrorists live in my apartment building. They throw tantrums every time their attempts to lock me away from the world in a torture facility or jail to be raped, tortured, and abused behind closed doors for the rest of my life fail.

The most hostile place to me in this entire world is my own apartment building. The only place that could be worse is a torture facility. The more control they have over me, the more crimes they commit against me and the more damage they intentionally choose to cause me and the world. This is a fact of Obama's bubble.

This is Obama's bubble. This is Obama's Reality war. This is Obama's domestic terrorism. Obama started this domestic conflict with international aid himself by manufacturing his GREATEST HUMAN RIGHTS CRISIS AMERICA HAS EVER ENDURED and using his iron fist to enforce it at all costs of precious human life and taxpayer resources.

We have proven so many times Obama and his conspiracy of domestic terrorists are the ones committing all the crimes. This ends when the bubble is gone forever. Command Obama and his terrorists to backdown. He started this, but the world can end it.

Unless Psychopath Obama is willing to sit down and talk to me directly, we can do nothing but demand his unconditional surrender. Dismantling Obama's criminal bubble of totalitarian oppression and terrorism completely is the only solution. He needs to backdown.

Do you remember this from my 28March2014 blog post? It still applies today. We need an act of good faith of our choosing from Psychopath Obama to prove he honestly wants to negotiate this time. He has lied too many times before. I have been trying to negotiate with that unelected dictator for years, but he has always lied to the world and refused to meet me instead.

I was just told today Obama wants to negotiate to save himself. My beautiful world, the only possible diplomatic solution to this crisis in America is ending all the crimes and human rights violations completely and taking the whole bubble down.

I do not understand what Obama thinks he can get out of negotiating except for possibly being permitted to get away with more of his crimes against all of us, and that is not a solution since it does not end the crisis.

Obama has lied too many times already about negotiating for us to trust him. He has pretended to negotiate too many times with Chancellor Merkel, with President Putin, and with former President Carter in the past.

Obama has pretended to make resolutions on a number of occasions just to placate the world from taking him down and then just disobeyed them all. The only way we can trust Obama or the White House to negotiate is if they make an act of good faith we approve of to prove they will hold to the talks' resolutions.

As an act of good faith, Obama and the White House need to return complete freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom to assemble and associate to all of America just to get to the negotiating table. They need to permit me bodyguards, so I can be safe sitting across a table from that terrorist. And they have to allow everyone else at the table I want there.

Yes, my beautiful world, there is no one else Obama should be negotiating with but me and everyone else I want there. Prime Minister Cameron, Chancellor Merkel, President Putin, former US President Carter, and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, would you like to join me at the negotiating table as we work out a peaceful, timely, and complete end to this heinous human rights crisis that has plagued America ever since Obama first took office? I would appreciate your help. And thank you.

Why is Obama suddenly admitting culpability and attempting a diplomatic solution to cover his ass? The truth has come out about him and all his crimes against us all. He cannot explain his bubble, his rules, nor all of the devastation he has wreaked upon me, America, and the world to maintain his bubble. And the world is rising up to set itself free from him. The culpability of Obama is irrefutable, and he knows it.

Click here to read the entire previous blog post. How many times have we already tried to negotiate with him? All he has ever done is lie.

And as another point on how little we can trust Obama when he says he wants to negotiate but refuses to meet me,... World leaders, United Nations, and my entire beautiful world, stop allowing Psychopath Obama to make decisions about me without my input. Do not allow bubble talks without my being there. I am the only person who should be permitted to decide my own fate. Have I not suffered completely helplessly without free will long enough?

The complete dismantling of the entire bubble is the only possible resolution. So, if the entire bubble is coming down anyway, what is wrong with Obama meeting me now?

And after I wrote the passages above, Psychopath Obama immediately threatened to escalate again by ending the broadcast out of my eyeball. The world would take matters into its own hands if my eyecamera were interrupted. That is wrath Obama should fear.

Furthermore, Obama and the White House just agreed in negotiations without me on 17April2014 to stop escalating. That is how much we can trust him in negotiations. My beautiful world, heed my warning above, demand acts of good faith to prove Obama is serious this time, and demand I be at those talks myself.

And then, after I pointed out Obama intentionally chose to violate his own negotiations' resolutions, he escalated again and pressed more intentionally fabricated false charges against me. He could not even think of new ones, so he violated my 5th Amendment protection from "double jeopardy" to be able to commit as many crimes against me as possible.

Clearly, Obama's hubris, vengefulness, and irrational sense of entitlement to break all laws everywhere with impunity are on the verge of destroying us all.

Further evidence? While Psychopath Obama was delivering his government-coverup-enabling speech on 17April2014 about "needing to de-escalate" and his fictional dedication to "negotiating a solution," his terrorists were attributing a fake facebook status to my account that I am still forbidden from ever seeing or knowing about, so the evil locals who obey Obama at all costs to the nation and the world could intentionally utter calumny in the courtroom that I am suicidal to excuse further completely unjustifiable mental health commitments of me. Syniva has all the evidence.

Then, because Obama has never been serious about de-escalating, from midnight to 5am CDT on the morning of 18April2014, Syn, my genius lawyers, and I had to fend off even more quackpot collusion and calumny by Criminal Boeset as she regurgitated every old lie of hers we had already disproven as she and the people who enable her broke every law possible to unjustifiably lock me away from the world in another torture facility permanently.

Eventually, Criminal Boeset finally admitted she just does what Obama tells her to do. We promised to reduce her civil fines from our countercharges if she produced irrefutable and damning evidence against Obama and named all names of all people involved. I do not know if she took the plea deal. But Syniva and my legal team heroically kicked burro bringing justice to me, America, and the world for the rest of the night.

I crawled out of bed a little late 18April2014 because I had been kept up all morning, but by the time I was ready to walk out the door to my "office" at Chocolaterie Stam on Ingersoll in Des Moines, the local government was pressing intentionally fabricated false charges against me again.

These government-issued intentionally fabricated false charges were, as always, supported by government-issued lies. We had thought Syn and my heroic lawyers would get the day off finally, but no. Obama was still escalating his crimes against me and America. Tirelessly, Syn and my genius legal team called out the government-issued libel videos in almost no time.

Then, the evil local government whom have all already been proven to do nothing but obey Psychopath Obama as part of his corrupt conspiracy destroying America and fueling global crisis declared that they are "not bound" by the resolution to de-escalate Obama pretended to negotiate on 17April2014.

Apparently, the evil locals' criminal obedience to Obama's orders to escalate their crimes against me and America in defiance of all local laws, state laws, federal laws, international laws, and the US Constitution is not beholden to their maniacal leader's own negotiated resolutions either.

We need these evil locals and the unelected dictator they obey contained.

The entire world needs to stop listening to Psychopath Obama's government coverup calumnies. Clearly, my protecting myself, my rescuers, and my loved ones from Obama's unrelenting escalations ARE NOT ESCALATIONS BY ME. They are all counter-escalation measures.

We are constantly defending me, my loved ones, my rescuers, the American media, my benevolent nerds, etc. from Obama's unbridled aggression. We need Obama, his influence, his crimes against America, and the people who obey him with impunity all disabled from committing any further crimes.

As I said in my 16April2014 blogpost, my beautiful world, we need to better contain Obama, his bubble, and his conspiracy of domestic terrorism. And until we all can successfully contain Obama and his conspiracy of terrorism, we need to increase our effectiveness protecting me, my rescuers, my loved ones, and everybody fighting to end Obama's heinous bubble from all of Obama's unrelenting and escalating crimes.

And, as I updated these notes on the afternoon of 18April2014, Psychopath Obama escalated again by pressing even more intentionally fabricated false charges against me for constantly telling the truth in his bubble of government-issued lies to save America from him, to disable all of his escalating crimes against his own people, and to protect myself and the people who depend on me from him and his constant aggression against all of us.

Syn, I know you and my genius lawyers need to defend me tirelessly. Remember, it is never a crime to tell the truth to protect me and the people who depend on me from the government's aggression against all of us, but it is a crime for the government lie and send direct orders to mass murder to put us all in the original danger in the first place.

Thank everyone for all their love and help fighting this bubble of unrelenting heinous crimes against everyone except Obama's conspiracy who commit these crimes with impunity. Clearly, Obama will never backdown, adhere to diplomacy, nor de-escalate. We need to increase our protections and defense of all of America including me to keep the destruction by Obama's bubble and his iron fist at bay.

If Psychopath Obama does not want to keep getting caught committing all of his crimes against America, all he has to do is stop executing those heinous crimes. His escalating efforts to silence the truth and replace it with his government-issued lies will always just keep getting him in deeper trouble.

Please, entire world, beautiful or doubtful, revisit all of my Twitter activity between 6pm 18April2014 and 6pm 19April2014 CDT. You will find an example of how often I have to scream to protect myself, my loved ones, and my rescuers from Psychopath Obama's constant escalations every day.

First, Obama forbade NBC Nightly News from reporting the truth and terrorized them into replacing actual stories with government-issued lies. I pray the network turned in their evidence of Obama's iron fist enforcing totalitarian control of the media to Syniva, the United Nations (not the US Ambassador to the UN but anyone else there), Congress, the Supreme Court, and all national and foreign news networks and agencies.

These are all of the entities all evidence and witness testimonies of any and all crimes committed by Psychopath Obama and his terrorists should be reported to.

Second, Psychopath Obama claimed my blogging the truth about me, him, and all of his crimes against me to be used as testimony in a court of law was a crime and tried to have me sentenced to death for it. Syn and my genius lawyers saved me.

Third, I had to defend my brave rescuers by reminding the entire nation and world that they have Supreme-Court-upheld Constitutional rights to assemble and associate with me. But Obama keeps ordering his terrorists to mass murder my brave rescuers to keep them away from me to prevent me from ever having free will or even basic human rights including physical safety ever again.

Fourth, I had to remind the entire planet to rely on me and my blog for the truth not psychopathic, pathologically-lying Obama. No, I have never wanted Obama's civil war. I just want my human rights back, full human rights for all of America, and no more of Obama's terrorists nor bubble destroying this once great nation.

To round out the night into the morning, I had to send help to my rescuers twice because Obama was mass murdering them. And Syn had to defend me twice maybe three times from intentionally fabricated false charges from the corrupt local government who obey Obama and were using obvious libel videos of me to frame me with.

On 19April2014 after I woke up, Syn and my genius lawyers had to defend me against Criminal Boeset trying to lock me in a torture facility for the rest of my life again, and then I learned my property manager for this slavery and rape apartment wanted to show it to new tenants.

Apparently, Criminal Boeset had refused to pay my rent for April, so I am at risk of being thrown out. Criminal Boeset who clearly has enough of my own money that she and Obama forbid me from having control of myself was trying to force me into homelessness, so she could justify locking me in a torture facility for the rest of my life. Syn and my genius lawyers took care of it, I think.

And then, Criminal Boeset made another attempt completely in the face of science, reality, and proven hard facts to get a dirty quack of her choosing to "test" me for mental illness again the way all quacks since this bubble began in 2009 have always lied and pretended I am mentally ill to be able to excuse raping, torturing, abusing, and unlawfully imprisoning me in torture facilities. Please revisit my 14April and 16April blog posts about this.

What else happened between 6pm 18April2014 and 6pm 19April2014 CDT? Sweetness won an epic court battle, and I had to send my brave rescuers a rescue of their own again.

That was just 24 hours of constantly having to defend myself, my loved ones, and my rescuers from Psychopath Obama's unrelenting aggression. No, neither I nor anyone who loves and supports me escalates anything. All we do is defend and protect against Obama's escalating crimes.

On 18April2014, I also learned that Psychopath Obama took direct action to prevent the United Nations' efforts to grant me diplomatic immunity because such status would have been effective in protecting me, enforcing some law-abiding behavior over Obama by preventing anymore of his intentionally fabricated false charges against me, and forcing his iron-fisted terrorism to de-escalate.

We have proven Psychopath Obama and his conspiracy of domestic terrorism are the scourge of America. Next, we unite this nation in support of human rights, law-abiding instead of extralegislative-rules justice and enforcement, and true democracy, the power of the people, instead of the totalitarian oppressing by an unelected dictator and his iron fist of blood, violence, irrational threats, government coverups, and terrorism.

The entire world knows no one anywhere can afford the collapse of America under Obama's bubble. We need all of our once-free America to understand that too.

Preach, my beautiful world, preach. Gently deliver the whole truth to the masses. We need to unite this nation in the cause of love, liberation, truth, justice, and Constitutional rights.

It is just as important to get the whole truth about everything to the entire world as it is to get details of all of Obama's government-issued lies and intentionally fabricated threats to me. The truth will set us all free.

My beautiful world, I need you.

Furthermore, Syn, are the proven evil, pathologically-lying locals still perjuring themselves in court to justify aiding and abetting their most heinous crimes know to humankind they commit against me by still calling me crazy?

We all know you have my hair. The only addiction I have ever had in my life is to caffeine. And we all know how hard I fight to protect myself; we have years of my blog alone to prove it. It is obvious calumny to claim I would ever or have ever in my life wanted to kill myself. We also all know I have never had delusions, but the local conspiracy has always denied reality to both me and everyone.

Furthermore, all intentionally fabricated claims that I have ever since this bubble began ever been even slightly mentally ill, mentally impaired, mentally disabled, mentally incompetent, or mentally handicapped have all been crimes against me committed by corrupt Polk County and the evil locals to enforce Obama's grotesque and internationally criminal bubble over me, imprison me in Polk County just to abuse me here, execute government coverups of their own hate crimes and crimes against humanity against me, intentionally violate my human rights, and etc.

Syn, we all know I and all my beautiful world do not tolerate lies nor abuse, particularly lies propagated in the courtroom to excuse and continue abuse. Please revisit my 14April2014 and 16April2014 blog posts about the calumny of calling me insane.

And please be creative and thorough rooting out all the pervasive calumny the evil locals continue to spew to aid and abet all of their crimes against me, crimes against humanity, crimes against their own people, and crimes against America their unjustifiable mental health commitments of me have always covered up.

What more? My period started early this month. My parting-like-the-Red-Sea started on the afternoon of 17April2014 hours before Criminal Boeset used a libel video of a porn star taking a fake pregnancy test that supposedly came up positive to unjustifiably lock me in a torture facility.

I cannot believe I actually have to tell the world when my period starts. Syn, raze those douchebags for libeling me pregnant just so they could lock me up permanently in a torture facility, as if that could justify it anyway. If I were raped until pregnant, the only action they could justify taking if they had "Squid's best interests in mind" would be sending me to my loving and adoring husband.

And now, some random minutia-- I only high five when asked to, and only rarely does anyone ever ask me to. The last time was Mr. Kevin Fisher in 2011 while he was still the Sunday night bartender at The Lift in Des Moines.

Also, no, my husband and I are not distant cousins. Feel free to trace both of our family trees, as long as you only do so accurately; we all know how many lies there have been.

My fraternal grandparents were children of rural Czech immigrants, I have always been told. And my mom, though an eighth-generation descendent of Portuguese royalty on her maternal side and distant Spanish royalty on her paternal side, came over from the Philippines on a cruise ship in the 60s. And it is my understanding my husband's ancestors have lived in the United States for generations.

What else? I have never once had a video diary nor have I ever vlogged. Please revisit my 10April2014 about how I never address the hidden cameras I am forbidden from knowing are there. I am not a comedian. I am not here to entertain anyone. I am a slave.

Much more importantly, my beautiful world, I heard my rescuers need more beds. They made a specific appeal for cots on 16April2014. Please also make sure they have enough hot water, showers, food, medicine, gasoline, generators, etc. Please care for them.

My brave rescuers, I understand. All of you out there are still in a standoff. I was told on 18April2014 the international community launched you some aid because Psychopath Obama undeniably proved he was only pretending to seek a diplomatic solution in his facade of talks in Geneva. I was praying their aid would tip the balance in favor of ending this bubble finally.

But 19April2014, I was told the European Union broke their promise to save America from Terrorist Despot Obama despite all the times America has saved Europe. I can only pray our very loud allies who know the US Military is already on our side will reconsider and finally keep their NATO promises to defend and protect each other. Psychopath Obama and his iron fist of totalitarian oppression just keep getting more evil.

I am an atheist, but my lovers and believers primarily are not. Obama forbade everyone trying to save the world from him even a day of rest on Easter Sunday. And on 20April2014, while my superBFF and genius lawyers were fending off even more direct orders from Obama to his conspiracy of terrorists to commit even more crimes against humanity against me, I was told "Escape is impossible," by my brave rescuers.

My beautiful world, United Nations, loving world leaders, we need more options. What can you do? What are we capable of? Yes, Psychopath Obama's bubble is unsustainable, is actively mass murdering innocents trying to save America, and is bankrupting the USA.

But so too is my beautiful world's bandaid solution of court action to keep me out of another torture facility unsustainable. We need a timely and effective final solution. What are you capable of out there? We need your help in here. There is only so much of this inhumane suffering we all can endure before Psychopath Obama's hubris, vengeance, and irrational sense of entitlement destroys us all.

SynSyn, thank you for everything. I have no idea how you deal with all the bull(expletive) Obama's conspiracy of terrorism spews in court, and I understand it all gets redacted. But, if you keep a journal of all their calumny and intentionally fabricated false charges, that journal can be used as evidence against them.

My BFF, do our genius lawyers still have all of their notes and briefs? I know there has been A LOT of government-issued crap. Put together and keep a journal of all of it including all the dates and times you can make an official record of. Then, Obama and his terrorists can choke on it.

Thank you for everything, SynSyn. Living on a hostile alien planet hellbent on destroying me, it is so rare for me to feel love or affection from anyone. I have been so alone for years. I constantly have to remind myself there is a whole beautiful world out there, a troop of brave rescuers, you my BFF, and my loving and adoring husband fighting out of love for me that I am forbidden from knowing about.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. The world seems to be making peace with the fact I can be trusted to choose my own husband. If you would make more public statements to national and international presses about how hard you and everyone who loves me fight for me, without revealing our top secret means of communicating, of course, it would go a long way to clearing up your PR problem.

Darling, I do not like seeing you take criticism due to government-issued lies about us, so always be as honest and public as you are comfortable with about everything. I would have been destroyed by Obama's bubble by now if it were not for you, Syniva, and everyone who helps us. Our world needs more truth and love and fewer government-issued lies and terrorism. You worship me like a goddess; how can anyone deny that?

My beloved king, thank you for doing absolutely everything I ask and everything you think of, too, to help. At heart, I am an egalitarian. I need a husband whom I can consider and treat as my equal, or our marriage would never work. Thank you for always being the man I need. I love and adore you.

My adoring husband, please keep delivering all of our growing evidence and witness testimony against Obama and his conspiracy of terrorists and all their calumny-as-government-coverups to the United Nations, both houses of the US Congress, the Supreme Court, any and all world leaders with any interest, and all the reputable national and international presses.

And do not forget, my peaceful (at least now) angel warrior, to lead the cultural revolution and renaissance in America, so the people everywhere will choose to liberate themselves from Obama's shackles. We need a zeitgeist of freedom. There are more of us than there are terrorists hellbent on destroying America for Obama. We need to rise up and overcome.

When the music, the film, the television, the internet, the social media, the literature, the magazines, the newspapers, the radio, etc. dedicated to the truth and basic human rights we are all due by virtue of being humans on this planet at all finally reach Des Moines and when someone in the hostile alien planet finally drives me out to my rescuers, we will know America has finally won, and we will know America is great again at last. And there is nothing wrong with the entire rest of the world helping us save ourselves. How many times have we helped the rest of the world?

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