Monday, April 28, 2014

Obama is Destroying America! Take his Bubble Down!

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Here is my latest blog post. Not only do we need to do better containing Obama and all his malevolent, un-American influence, we also need to make him hurt more. That is the only way we will be able to force him to surrender. Instead of my and my loved ones enduring all of the inhumane suffering in this bubble, we need to make Obama suffer enough to make him hate his bubble enough to take it all down.

Ukraine. What century are we living in? These are not Cold War spies. Please understand, pro-Russians in the Ukraine, your detaining impartial OSCE observers as prisoners of war and parading them about town like prizes is an admission of guilt by you.

Impartial observers are people you should be making happy. If no one commits crimes, the impartial observers do not report crimes. For your own sakes, I strongly suggest you make friends with them and let them go. Your actions to the contrary just keep getting you in deeper trouble with the world.

Egypt. Please, interim Egyptian government, we have been through this already. Condemning an entire population identified with a common belief system to death for dissent sounds a lot like genocide. I am very aware of genocide right now because my brave rescuers face it under orders from Obama every day, so I must warn against it.

No, I did not agree with Morsi. No, I do not like sectarian governments anywhere. But not only should all Egyptians have more say in the Egyptian government than me, your government needs more legitimacy right now. The last thing you all should be doing is committing crimes against your own people.

You did not give these people a chance to defend themselves in their trial. And what are they condemned for? Speaking their minds? Assembling and associating with each other? Taking an active interest in their government? These are all things democracies should promote instead of condemn.

Egypt, you need a humanitarian government who loves all of your people in all your diversity and you need to love yourselves and your nation enough to prevent crimes not commit them. Please, Egypt, this world needs more stability. And stability is not built on false justice nor oppression.

Sadly, the United States is not faring any better than any other part of the world right now.

On 25April2014, Obama started detaining UN investigators collecting the truth about his crimes against his own people in Des Moines. This nation is increasingly less recognizable as America every day Obama is free to commit more crimes. But at least he is finally admitting fault.

On 26April2014, Obama released a new government-issued libel dump of hate propaganda against me. Please, my beautiful world, replace all of Obama's hatemongering lies with love and truth. We all know how dangerous libeling me is to America and the world, not just to me. Why does anybody still listen to that psychopath; he has no credibility nor legitimacy left! You all know what to do, my beautiful world.

Label all the hate propaganda as calumny; and also label all its sources as libelists, so they cannot libel anyone anywhere ever again. Set the record straight. Or, if you cannot, tell me all the details, so I can. The best resource for truth for fighting Obama's recycled, worn out, old libel is my blog. And finally, report all the calumny to Syniva, so we can add it to our logjam of charges.

This calumny Obama keeps propagating is not just a crime against me by creating irrational hatred of me and a hostile world for me to live in, this repeated offense is also a crime against America, propagates instability, and provides a government coverup for Obama's crimes against his own people.

Most importantly, my beautiful world, remember to not allow anything to fall into is-it-real-or-not debate but to put all of the focus on their crimes by uttering the calumny in the first place as well as on their ulterior motives behind the libel.

For example, please reread my 14April2014 blog post. What is Psychopath Obama and his conspiracy of terrorists' ulterior motives behind compulsively and irrationally insisting I am racist no matter how many times that calumny has been debunked?

Ever since Obama first enslaved me in 2009, some of my most fanatical and beloved-by-me lovers and supporters have been African Americans, particularly educated African American men.

Obama has not only been jealous of me for years because African Americans love me more than him, he has been trying to take my devoted, loving, and truth-inspired base of support away from me.

But it is no one's fault but Obama's for his being so reviled by all reality-educated Americans of all creeds and colors. Psychopath Obama is a modern African American slave owner who labors tirelessly to make this Asian woman even more subservient to him. And all he has ever done about it is lie to the world and libel me more often instead of just ceasing all his crimes.

Obama's bubble has rendered this nation completely unrecognizable! I was just told on 27April2014 that there is widespread rioting across the US. Rioting is nothing I stand for! It just more of the destruction Obama is causing this once-great country!

Who is forbidding this nation freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom to assemble and associate? Obama. Who forbids me all of my human rights except my freedom of speech (which he tries everyday to criminally, permanently silence) just to be able to keep me, his starving human trafficking victim, in a slavery-and-rape apartment? Obama.

Who has flat out libeled me since 2009 with government-issued and government-protected calumnies and has also intentionally distorted everything I say and do just so he can enforce and excuse his violence, rioting, blood, terrorism, death, and destruction? Obama.

How do we know Obama is the one committing all the crimes against me from libel to slavery to torture to systemic rape to poisoned and drugged food and water? Read his ever-increasingly-oppressive book of extralegislative rules. Obama forbids me from ever knowing about any and all of the crimes he commits against me while simultaneously forbidding anyone anywhere from telling the truth about his crimes just to guarantee I and all of America can never be rescued from him. Obama's rules make it illegal to save me or even report his crimes.

Yes, who has forbidden me from hearing or learning about any and all of the government-issued and government-protected libel of me, any and all of the crimes Obama commits against me, and any and all of the human trafficking I have been a victim of completely against my will and initially without any of my knowledge just to make sure I and no one else can ever save me from Obama's bubble of human rights violations, crimes against humanity against me, domestic and in 2010 foreign terrorism, and crimes against his own people? Obama.

THIS IS OBAMA'S BUBBLE! This bubble needs to be ended to save us all!

Why are all of you still drinking Obama's snake oil? You all know better.

Creating Obama's bubble created all of our problems; ending the bubble will end all of our problems. It will end Obama's terrorism. It will end Obama's totalitarian rules which have rendered this nation unrecognizable as America. It will end Obama's systemically raping me. It will end Obama's slavery and libel of me as the disgusting American past time. It will end Obama's war, violence, blood lust, and mass murder of my rescuers. Ending this bubble will bring peace to the world.

Putting it on record you oppose ending Obama's bubble, oppose giving me human rights and dignity I am due by virtue of just being a human in the world in the first place, and oppose America's finally having freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom to assemble and associate, makes you an enemy of America and a menace to the entire world.

Why are all of you still drinking Obama's snake oil? You all know better.

I heard Obama's libel porn channel is on again. Are they still claiming Obama's taxpayer-funded porn stars are me? It is well established the show has never once kept me "safe," but instead intentionally created irrational hatred of me and a malevolent and hostile environment for me to live in.

I can live with my eyecamera until the bubble comes down since it actually makes me safer in this proven hostile alien planet of Des Moines. But the nothing-but-government-human-trafficking-and-libel broadcast has got to end!

Make sure you reread my 12April2014 and 05April2014 blog posts about how broadcasting "me" in a slave apartment has never once made me safe from anything. If those pathologically lying psychopaths genuinely wanted to make me safe, they would not lie to you just to be able to keep enslaving me; they would give me my bodyguards instead. The only real solution is taking the whole bubble down, anyway.

And make sure you reread my 14April2014 and 25April2014 blog posts. I have never once volunteered for nor chosen to be broadcast. I have always been enslaved completely against my will and am, in fact, forbidden by Obama through his rules from ever learning I am his slave to guarantee I can never save myself from him and never have human rights nor human dignity again.

Take this crime against America off the air, and force Obama to surrender!

Or, as long as Psychopath Obama insists he has the "freedom of speech" to broadcast and circulate all the obvious lies, libel, and coverups he wants (And we all know spreading untruths to commit crimes against humanity and oppress the entire nation does not qualify under freedom of speech.), insist that means all of the rest of us have the actual freedom of speech to broadcast and circulate all the truth and reality we want to save America.

If Obama and his terrorist anti-reality machine are free to break every well-established and Constitutional law possible to propagate their government-issued lies and intentionally distorted untruths, we get violate Obama's illegal and extralegislative rules by telling the whole truth. If Obama refuses to obey the law, he cannot be permitted to enforce illegal and unconstitutional rules.

Exercise your rights, once-free America, and empower yourselves! Take Obama's crimes against America off the air, and force Obama to surrender!

Why are all of you still drinking Obama's snake oil? You all know better.

I am not a "Welfare Queen." I have never been on welfare in my life, and, no, I am not on welfare now. I am a billionaire who works three full time jobs 24/7 serving the world, fighting to save myself and America from Obama, and as Obama's slavery and rape victim (My résumé of everything I have accomplished since 2009 speaks for itself.) who is intentionally denied access to my own finances by Obama's bubble just so Obama can criminally keep me in a slavery-and-rape apartment in Des Moines.

If I were ever permitted enough of my own money by Obama and his terrorists to even eat more than one homemade meal a day, we all know I would spend that money to bring peace to America by leaving Des Moines. That is why Obama chooses to forbid me access to my own finances. So he can never be stopped from enforcing his bubble of terrorism and totalitarian oppression over all of America while committing crimes against women and crimes against humanity against me.

Why are all of you still drinking Obama's snake oil? You know better.

I have never once in my life been a "loner," and I am not "socially incompetent." All people everywhere are forbidden from speaking to me by Psychopath Obama's rules of totalitarian oppression. Furthermore, I do not tolerate lies nor abuse, but that is all the locals are willing to ever say to me.

I have managed to build a whole world of friends, though, despite all of this. They are all just forbidden from speaking to me or interacting with me directly by Obama. Reread his horrifying rules. But, yes, me and my friends and loved ones have found secret ways of communicating.

My friends and I are very interconnected together, and we are in constant communication. A good way to identify my friends is by keeping track of whom Obama is trying to oppress into silence most severely. All of my loved ones have stories and evidence of Obama's threats and terrorism against them. I pray they keep turning all of their evidence in. Everyone in the world is a witness to Obama's crimes against me. How can anyone deny this bubble is his?

That is also how particularly ridiculous all of Obama's conspiracy's intentionally fabricated false allegations were of my being slutty, a porn star, and a hooker. No one anywhere is willing to even break enough rules to talk to me. With the entire world forbidden by Obama from interacting with me, how am I supposed to be able to sleep with anyone, even if I wanted to?

Why are all of you still drinking Obama's snake oil? You know better.

Obama's terrorists cannot call libeling me both "quiet and nonverbal" and "so loud she must be silenced" at the same time. They silenced my ear mic, so I cannot talk to my friends on television anymore. They blocked my blog, so I cannot speak truth to the world. The whole world knows I am a constant communicator with everyone. The whole world knows I need and depend on everyone who genuinely loves and supports me and am always doing everything possible to interact with them.

That is why Obama keeps oppressing America more and more everyday to stop people from telling me anything because everything I learn about him makes me tell more truth he wants silenced. He just imposed even more totalitarian rules on 24April2014.

Why are all of you still drinking Obama's snake oil? You know better.

On a absolutely absurd note,... No offense, clowns of the world, I am sure you have a noble profession, but all of you scare me. It is not an attack on your character as entertainers for me to clarify calling me a clown is calumny and possibly libel.

Please reread my 10April2014 blog post, my beautiful world. I am not a model. I am not a performer. I am not here to make people laugh at me. I am not here to entertain anybody. I am a slave. And as soon as broadcasts that are all human trafficking of the real me or government-issued libel videos of "me" can be ended, the safer America will be.

My beautiful world, I have no idea what all of you still need proved. By construction, this bubble and all the worst crimes known to mankind it commits and covers up are all Obama's. All we have ever needed as evidence is Obama's extensive book of rules that enforce all of his crimes against America and protect all of his crimes against me. And the entire world is a witness to Obama's book of rules.

No, it has never been the Italian Mafia enslaving and raping me! Only stupid morons would have ever believed that particular calumny to irrationally shift blame from Obama onto innocents.

The Mafia did not write Obama's rules! The Mafia are not terrorists! The Mafia did not build a wall around Des Moines specifically to keep enforcing slavery of me, systemic rape of me, witch hunts of me, government coverups by evil locals pretending I have a mental illness, etc. that the rules specifically spell out cannot be ended for any reason nor even reported to the public!

How racist is Obama's conspiracy for blaming this on the Italian Mafia? Or even anyone but themselves!

Command Obama to take his bubble down, to stop lying to everyone, and to save America! That psychopath and all his criminal influence need to be contained. My beautiful world, what else can we do? Please be creative and thorough.

Speaking of being creative and thorough, Synny, I heard you hung up Polk County District Attorney Tom Miller by his toenails for his serial offenses of colluding against me with government-issued libel, refusing to investigate my rapists, refusing to competently prosecute anyone including but not limited to Criminal Boeset and every quack at Broadlawns who has committed proven crimes against me, conspiracy and corruption with Obama's terrorists, and the enforcing Obama's illegal bubble by doing all of this.

Immediately following your hanging Tom Miller out to dry, my BFF, the Obama's-revenge alarms started going off all over the Ingersoll neighborhood in Des Moines as the evil locals tried everything to lock me away from the world and silence me by locking me away from the internet permanently in another torture facility again.

Syn, you saved me as always. We need every quack who has ever harmed me locked in prison for the rest of their lives. The malpractice started when the bubble started. I was never in a psych ward in my life before 2009, and pretending I am mentally disabled, which I clearly am not, is one of the calumnies Obama's justifications for keeping my, if I believed in God, God-given, inalienable, and Constitutional rights away from me are dependent upon.

I was not put on Social Security disability until 2010, and every time I get a chance to fill out forms for Social Security, I explain to them I am not disabled. But the quacks keep telling them I am. The medical community has been persecuting me under Obama's orders since 2009, so Obama can keep me in his bubble with no way to save myself.

The entire world knows I have not had a symptom of mental illness since 2005, and none of those symptoms were either severe enough to hospitalize me nor even permanent. Libeling me "mentally incompetent" to do anything in this world is just another one of Obama's government-issued intentional distortions of my reality. The only thing in this world disabling me from anything is Obama's bubble of rampant human rights violations, libel, terrorism, and crimes against his own people.

My brave rescuers, the whole world knows you are our only hope for a permanent solution to the crisis that is my life under Obama's bubble. So please stop telling anyone anywhere including me your plans and timeline for reaching me. Be sneaky, or Obama will keep stopping you. If you need ANYTHING, tell the world. We are doing everything we can for you.

And thank you, SynSyn, for doing everything possible to make me as safe as possible until my rescuers can reach me. Remember how I asked you to donate all of my just compensation from all of Obama and his terrorists' crimes against me to my rescuers in my last blog post?

Just in case Obama intentionally falsely alleges it is even vaguely a crime to provide my brave rescuers with money to buy food, medicine, blankets, gasoline, generators, beds, hot water, showers, etc. just so they can more effectively exercise their Supreme-Court-upheld Constitutional rights to assemble and associate with me, please remind the courts I am just trying to protect my rescuers from dying, trying to make myself safe by finding a permanent solution to my slavery and complete lack of physical safety and human rights (except for my freedom of speech) crisis in Des Moines, and since I am constantly telling my rescuers to be sneaky and just drive me out of town not use brute force, supporting peaceful non-combat alternatives to containing Obama's domestic terrorism and domestic conflict.

On a pressing note concerning my immediate safety, Broadlawns Quack Facility Social Worker Gabe Martinez was banging on my door and screaming through it at me again this morning. Is there any way to prevent him from harassing me? He is such a horror! Treating me like I have a mental illness terrorizes me, especially when it is a big, burly man who refuses to leave me alone.

How did Gabe Martinez get in my building and up to my apartment door when there is a locked security door that keeps everyone outside the building who does not have a key? That is something you are going to have to ask the terrorists who live in my building. Please press harassment charges against serial offender Martinez as well as every other charge you can make stick. You are such a hero, Synny.

Oh, and my superBFF, are Obama's terrorists including but not limited to Criminal Boeset still trying to fight your legally-binding, federal-court-upheld authority as my Power of Attorney? Do you have all the legally-binding federal court papers that Criminal Boeset has no authority over me, too?

Yeah, Synny, Obama and Criminal Boeset's motives behind these crimes against both of us and against all of America are to prevent you from keeping me safe any longer from all of their proven crimes against humanity against me and crimes against their own people.

Criminal Boeset under orders from Obama wants to be able to enforce every single horrible crime mandated by Obama's bubble from libel as government coverup, systemic rape, human trafficking, and unlawful imprisonment of me in proven torture facilities to their mass murder of my brave rescuers and totalitarian oppression of all of America without any of us having our legal rights to protect ourselves.

All you ever do, Synny, is make me as safe as possible from already-convicted-for-crimes-against-me Obama, already-convicted-for-crimes-against-me Boeset, and everyone else in their conspiracy. You tell the truth. You are making progress towards saving America. And that is why you are being attacked with irrational allegations.

Furthermore, it is clearly fraud to be able to commit human rights violations and crimes against humanity every time Criminal Boeset still pretends to have any legal authority over me. Every count of her illegally exercising any control over me has been a federal offense every time since we have the federal court mandate overturning her criminally-obtained guardianship.

Use our court records, Synny, including your own completely admissible personal journal of Criminal Boeset's perjuries to get an injunction for federal criminal charges for every single crime Criminal Boeset has ever committed. Please refer to my 25April2014 and older blog posts for copious lists of even more of her crimes. We need her disabled from ever harming anyone anywhere ever again.

Syn, just assure me you have the federal court paperwork mandating Criminal Boeset has absolutely no authority over me, my medical care, my finances, my legal powers, nor my freedoms and rights, and I will start taking further action to legally incapacitate her. Thank you, my best friend, for all your heroism. I look forward to hugging you and kicking burro by your side very soon.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. I saw you replaced your diamond engagement rock with a solid gold wedding ring. I could not stop smiling and giggling for days. Sometimes it is the little things that do all of the talking.

Darling, I just mailed you a new love letter today. The USPS tracking number is 9505 5213 4281 4118 0004 58. Never fall for fake love letters sent by the government to mislead you, HoneyHoney. I will always blog a USPS tracking number. I love and adore you. It was just far too long since I had written you a love poem.

My beloved, if Psychopath Obama actually supported marriage equality, we would have rights to have our wedding ceremony finally, live as a marriage couple, start a family, and make delicious love in complete privacy or at all, for that matter. Make sure Obama and the terrorists who obey him are held fully accountable for every crime they commit against us be those offenses big or small.

And as a very trivial matter, my king, that I feel a little embarrassed to include... Please get rid of all your ugly pants. No, I am not telling you to stop wearing pants. I would never sexually objectify you. Just please get rid of all your ill-fitting pants, especially the ones with pleats.

Please, darling, do this for me. Did Vanessa used to dress you, or something? Is that something I have to look forward to? I love you so much. I absolutely adore your unconventional fashion sense. We really need to do some shopping for both of us.

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