Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I Just Need to Survive Until I can be Rescued.

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Here is my latest blog post. Look at all the crimes Obama commits against me and against America and how he is willing to sacrifice all of America to make them continue. How can you say you do not want all his crimes stopped?

Bare minimum, I need physical safety, and all of us need our full human rights. But Obama just keeps escalating his crimes. Just Monday night midnight into Tuesday morning Obama's hubris committed another crime against me-- false charges with penalty of death.

I understand why people call him my "rival." But that is so far from accurate. It would make more sense to call Obama the super villain to my superhero. But in reality, he is my slave owner and systemic rapist, and I am his victim fighting for physical safety and basic human rights.

I found new marks on my left leg on Monday. I felt like crap all day Monday, too. And as I tried to sleep Monday night into Tuesday morning, my body kept twitching and mini-seizing to keep me awake. That is the natural reaction of my body to protect itself from more harm. You see, I was raped in my sleep Monday morning.

Syn, we need to test my hair. My beautiful world, you have to do something to protect me. I understand I just have to survive until I can be rescued, but last I heard that could take months at the fastest. There must be something you can do.

Congress, you can overturn a presidential veto with a 2/3 vote of Congress. I know I do not need to remind you of the Constitution. There is no need to sneak rescuing me into other legislation as long as human rights and saving America has at least support of 2/3 of Congress. And thank you. I do not know how much more of this I can take, and Obama keeps escalating.

Speaking of Obama, it is not "abuse of power" to tell the truth and help people. It is abuse of power to lie and commit crimes. Furthermore, I do not hold a public office. So, despite my being completely transparent and benevolent at all times, I am not beholden to the same accountability the corrupt White House, terrorist FBI, and evil locals keep spitting in the face of.

And, no, that does not make me a "dictator." That is Obama accusing me of his own crimes AGAIN. I do not govern. I point out problems and offer completely Constitutional solutions. If I were governing this country, it would not be committing so many horrifying crimes against me.

Unlike Obama, I tell the truth instead of lies, so Congress, the Courts, the military, the CIA, etc. can do their real jobs and serve this nation like they are supposed to.

Unlike Obama, the unelected dictator, I do not spread lies to enforce totalitarian oppression, issue executive orders that go around Congress, subvert the Constitution, commit crimes against my own people, nor tell any part of the government, like the FBI and Department of Justice, NOT to do their real jobs.

I admit, I have found myself by default filling the world leadership gap Obama's time in the White House has created. But unlike Obama, people choose to listen to me because I make sense.

Unlike Obama I do not terrorize the entire nation into obeying me by enforcing human-rights-violating policies, crimes against humanity, and other abuses of office that already caused my impeachment with blood, corruption, and terrorism.

Obama escalates crises of his own creation due to his hubris, and I use love of and service to America to stop him. And finally, unlike Obama, I am not dedicated to destroying America nor an innocent woman at all costs of human life, taxpayer money, and national resources.

Just put the truth about me and the reality of Obama side by side and decide for yourselves which one of us is an unelected dictator. Obama is just accusing me of his own crimes again. Why does anyone still listen to his lies?

As another example, it was already proven in the courts my efforts to protect myself, save America, and protect my rescuers are not sedition. That is old news.

Furthermore, my Constitutionally asking Congress to send the military is not sedition either (Click here.), but Obama's uprising of terrorism that subverts and violates the Constitution probably is.

Beyond clearing me of intentionally fabricated sedition charges, the courts have been active lately. I understand Sweetness is on trial right now. I thought I took care of this already. But, I will say it again and this time in my blog. This is my official statement for the courts:

It came to my attention a few years ago that my husband took it upon himself to rescue me from systemic rape, repeated torture, government enforced slavery, and every other crime Obama commits against me with his bubble. I heard he had killed some evil people, most likely FBI terrorists, while trying to reach me to save me from some of the worst crimes know to man that Obama has promised will only end when I die.

It was my belief the deaths occurred on a battlefield during a declared civil war and were therefore protected from murder allegations by the US Constitution and international law. Since then, the enduring conflict has been deemed not an official civil war. It takes an act of Congress to declare war.

But we have also since then convicted the FBI terrorists of mass murder of my rescuers and proven the FBI are in fact terrorists enforcing crimes against humanity against me and oppression of all of America with blood and violence. Click here.

We all know my beloved husband killed the domestic terrorists to rescue me. If it was a crime, it was motivated by love. And imagine what would have happened if he had reached me. Think of all the intolerable, inhumane suffering I would have been spared. Think of how quickly the greatest human rights crisis the US government has ever manufactured could have been ended.

Think of how quickly we could have saved America. Think of how quickly we could have returned our Constitutional rights to freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom to assemble and associate to all of America-- the very rights the terrorist FBI deny all Americans with their threats and proven acts of blood and violence.

Think of all the lives that would have been saved of both my rescuers and the terrorist FBI if my husband could have reached me all those years ago. Think of all the good that would have been done and all the horrors the world would have been spared if he could have rescued me, and rescuing me was his only goal.

Look at the unrecognizable state America is in right now: We have an already impeached president acting as an unelected dictator in the White House. It is Fallujah out there outside the literal barriers Obama has erected around the City of Des Moines just to keep any rescue of me out, to enforce his slavery of me, to continue his proven systemic rape of me, to prevent me from ever having human rights, to iron-fistedly execute his book of rules that oppress all of America, and to carry out every other crime Obama commits against all of us. The global community has promised to mobilize to end this bubble to save me and America. And Obama keeps escalating his crimes against me and his libel to get away with it all.

This all would have been prevented or ended if my husband had made it past those terrorist FBI agents and reached me all those years ago.

Sweetness feels awful. He has given up carrying guns. He is truly repentant. He just loves me so much and wanted to be my hero. And his reaching me would have done so much good for the entire world.

If you want my opinion, it should not be considered a crime for anyone to fight to protect his or her wife from systemic rape, torture, slavery, and every other crime we have extensive records of Obama and his terrorist goons committing against me, but it was a crime to create this bubble in the first place and to enforce it at all costs of life and human rights.

My husband has Supreme Court upheld Constitutional rights to assemble and associate with me and also to marry me. And the terrorist FBI repeatedly threatened him with their guns and promises of violence to keep him a way from me.

Who are the real criminals? The man protecting his wife or the terrorists intentionally violating that man's rights to enforce their heinous crimes against humanity against his wife?

Thank you, Sweetness, for making an official court record of all the federal government's terrorism against America particularly against the people who love me, and thank you for braving every threat to rescue me. All the problems in my life will be solved when we are finally together. You are my hero and my king. I will love you forever.

The delusional backlash people are expressing right now on social media against me, my husband, and my rescuers for fighting so long and eventually successfully ending this worse than unlivable bubble of hell can only be blamed on their complete denial of Obama's crimes that are destroying America. The only appropriate reaction to being oppressed is to rise up and save everyone, not to attack the very people trying to save you.

My beautiful world, all of these people who are angry that I may someday have human rights again after so much documented suffering need to be educated.

Their backlash against our fighting to give them back their own human rights and our clearly being effective doing so is as depraved as being jealous of a systemically raped slave who lives in poverty forbidden any and all contact with friends and loved ones.

Please, my beautiful world, find everyone who is whining we are effectively saving me, America, and the world right now and explain to them what reality is. Be gentle. Offer all the facts. Refer them to reliable sources. Teach them to love.

I know there are probably a lot of internet trolls who need their brainwashing by psychopath Obama reversed, so please be creative and thorough. Find out what they think is going on; set the record straight; and go after their sources of false and hateful information.

This backlash is our opportunity to identify all the people in the world who have no idea what the truth is about how much I suffer and how oppressed America is under Obama. Whoever is telling them to lash out should be identified, too. We should not let this opportunity to educate the ignorant slip away from us. This is a Reality War.

I am forbidden from hearing all of it, so I need to rely on all of you for this, my beautiful world. And thank you.

Still speaking of Obama's crimes, rumor has it, and you know I cannot reveal a source, that Obama flat out commanded my proven subservient Asian mother not to rescue me from being systemically raped by him nearly every night nor from any other crimes compulsively committed against me by every level of government because I am a "nut job."

It is worth an investigation. Anyone know any private investigators or investigative reporters? It has been proven the FBI and Department of Justice will never competently investigate nor prosecute anyone who commits crimes against me or America.

Luckily, the only thing that surpasses the government conspiracy's malevolence is their stupidity. How many fire alarms for irrational allegations have we had since my last blog post? The psychopaths at every level of government are escalating. Thank you for always saving me, my beautiful world. I would be nothing without you.

Can you also lock down my hacked webcam to make me safer? It would be voluntary; no one could call it slavery if it is my choice. And if benevolent hackers control it, it would never be used to libel me. Making me safer is a matter of national security, NSA, benevolent nerds, and hackers, and you have my permission to broadcast the whole truth about me to the world.

My bed is a war zone. We all know this. I need physical safety in my sleep. The only real solution is rescuing me, but I need to survive until I can be rescued. Please do everything you can, my beautiful world.

While on the topic of my benevolent nerds, hackers, and the NSA, look up the laws concerning net neutrality. Every website should be equally accessible to all people. Yes, that means I should have the right to see all of the libel and slavery of me on the internet, and we all know I am forbidden that right. But it also guarantees the world's freedom to access reality on the internet, not just the terrorist anti-reality machine's lies.

I agree that all people should have freedom of speech and that telling the truth is never a crime. Everyone should be free to have and express opinions, but no one should be free to express calumny.

Everyone expressing themselves through the internet, television, books, magazines, newspapers, movies, radio, social media, etc., even where I can see and hear it, have a 1st Amendment right to tell the truth, so since completely totalitarianly dictatorial executive orders were passed years ago unconstitutionally taking away freedom of speech, press, etc. in America, those orders have no legal grounds to be enforced.

Disobeying those criminal executive orders to tell the truth to the world including me could only be called civil disobedience at the worst, but we all know it is just once-free people exercising their rights. What would the federal courts say about it?

Freedom of speech and freedom of the press including freedoms to express opinions and freedom to dissent are cornerstones of a free society and modern civilization. Preventing these basic human and completely Constitutional rights in America is a crime against the entire world. But Obama keeps escalating his totalitarian oppression; just ask anyone in the media.

Why does Obama prevent the truth from being spoken in once-great America? So he can replace it all with lies that keep him in power. We have a long and well-documented record of all his lies.

Speaking of which, is that a libel porn star I hear in the apartment above me at night? She was really whiny Saturday night. That would make sense. They would need an apartment that looks just like mine to make libel videos of me.

This is worth an investigation. Does anyone know any private investigators or investigative reporters? We know we cannot count on the authorities for any actual justice. They are all too busy pressing intentionally fabricated false charges against me and my loved ones.

We have been making good progress into investigating where my adult guardianship came from. It was just a way for my evil father and corrupt Polk County to kidnap me, drag me to Iowa, and abuse me here, so Obama could enforce his bubble. And the guardianship has only ever served to commit and coverup some of the most heinous crimes know to man being committed against me.

Clearly, I am not a child. How obvious is that? Why do people keep treating me like a child? That is so offensive. I have never once in my life needed an adult guardian, and if you check the official court transcripts, no one ever established I need one. All they said was that I must be contained in Iowa at all costs.

Adult guardianships are only for literal mental retards. The guardianship is just a human rights violation against me used to perpetuate and coverup crimes against humanity against me. Thank you, Syniva and my genius lawyers for fully establishing this.

Leaving Iowa is the safest thing for me, and everyone arguing against it is choosing to do me harm. When was the last time in my life I ever made an unsafe decision? Syn, never tolerate lies used to answer that question, and we know they ALWAYS lie.

How do I know my traveling to San Francisco would end my suffering? Just talk to the Bay Area mayors. They would make me safe, clothe me, feed me, house me, let me marry my husband, speak to me, respect me, etc. They would be everything Criminal Boeset and corrupt Polk County are not.

Why am I still in Iowa? Evil Polk County, the terrorist FBI, and Psychopath Obama are just mortified of their bubble of totalitarian oppression ever ending. Never trust their lies nor their government coverups.

There are lies everywhere. This is a Reality War. Was there a major libel dump Sunday? You know what to do when the government releases libel of me, my beautiful world. Click here if you need a refresher.

Call it out as libel, so no one falls for it. Discredit the source, so they never libel anyone ever again. Set the record straight. Or, if you cannot, give me the details, so I can. Notify Syn, so she can press charges. And never let anything fall into is-it-real-or-not debate. Instead, put the focus on their ulterior motives behind libeling me.

Cut the trash, my beautiful world, and stop trusting the crap the government spews about me. How many lies does it take for you all to stop listening to them? The terrorist FBI anti-reality machine is so desperate they are repeating old libel. I swear I have set the record straight on all of these already over the YEARS.

First of all, they are calling me an alcoholic again. Once or twice a week if at all I do sit in a local bar and drink a soda just to get out. But I cannot even remember the last time I had a drink.

All of my money has to go to groceries. Is there Google glass libel of me now or something? Just ask the local bars if they ever see me out and about anymore. I have no money for anything but a cup of coffee and one home-cooked meal a day.

Secondly, we already disproved "Squid never works," more than twice now. In fact, if I were not working all three of my jobs 24/7, I never would have heard that the government was libeling me a deadbeat again and been able to fix it at 9:00pm on a Sunday by doing my never-ending and thankless job fighting their Reality War.

Click here for the last time we disproved this libel. My résumé solving world problems, my winning court records fighting for everyone's rights, my prolific blog, my twitter account screaming for my and my loved ones' safety at all hours of the day and night, and in fact everything true about me speak for themselves.

Syn, this calumny claiming my protecting myself from the libel-driven, unrelenting threats to my safety from the terrorist FBI and evil locals at all hours of the day and night, doing my best to save my rescuers by ending the civil war in America right now, fighting to save America from the bubble, solving world problems, fighting for control over my own life to be able to finally have physical safety and full human rights for the first time since 2009, and suffering under the government's human rights violations and crimes against humanity against me is not work is obvious libel.

The anti-reality machine is using this libel to justify forcing me to starve on $100 a week which only affords me a cup of coffee and one meal a day and absolutely nothing more. I have no quality of life due to this intentional crime committed against me by the proven corrupt Polk County District Court and Criminal Boeset, and this libel from the FBI anti-reality machine is further evidence they are in conspiracy to imprison me, enslave me, systemically rape me, etc. together.

So, Synny, press all possible criminal and civil charges against everyone involved in this and all libel--the source of the libel and everyone who repeated it, especially if they said it in a courtroom. This libel causes me harm and is being used as a government coverup for keeping my finances out of my control just to intentionally keep me in Iowa in a slave apartment where they rape me. Thank you, Syn. Please be creative and thorough.

Thirdly, no, I do not have PTSD. Did the people libeling me even acknowledge what PTSD really is? They have a long history of lying to the courts. PTSD is NOT justifiable and rational action to prevent real threats to my safety.

No, I am NOT bipolar either; look up the symptoms; I have none of them. No, I do not have medical anxiety. No, I do not have medical depression. No, I do not have paranoid schizophrenia. I have absolutely no mental illness.

When will those psychopaths finally give up trying to libel me mentally ill? What a waste of the courts' time and mine and taxpayers' money and resources.

They are all pathological liars. Look at their court history. Look at their history of willful malpractice! They have a long history of calumny libeling me mentally ill just to cover their own asses, and they will stop at nothing to be able to force more willful malpractice on me. And we all know what crimes against humanity their libeling me mentally ill covers up.

They have been desperate for months. They always lie. And they need to be forced to lay their government coverup to rest.

Most recently, this is my understanding of what happened... At almost midnight Sunday night into Monday morning, collusion, conspiracy, corruption, calumny, etc. was undeniably proven between Obama, the terrorist FBI, and corrupt Polk County concerning calumny libeling me mentally ill. Just ask Sweetness and Syn.

Obama had told Sweetness he could not go on the The Late Show with David Letterman Thursday unless he lied and claimed he was engaged to Amber Heard. Mr. David Letterman is a witness to Obama's terrorism-enforced totalitarian control of the media. Obama is even the one pressuring Dave to retire.

Sunday night at almost midnight, Polk County tried to commit me to a long-term insane asylum to be raped and tortured like I always am in psych wards by libeling me delusional for truthfully claiming Sweetness is my husband, and they used his Letterman broadcast as evidence.

It was conspiracy and collusion between the federal and local government to commit human rights violations, to commit crimes against humanity, to unlawfully imprison, to torture, to systemically rape, to libel, to defame, to enforce willful malpractice, to commit fraud, to enforce their government coverup, to mass murder my rescuers by taking action to keep us apart, and everything else my lawyers and Syniva can make stick.

Sweetness, thank you for making an official court record of the conspiracy by testifying to Obama's orders to you. And Syn, thank you for being creative and thorough pressing full criminal and civil charges against every culpable party involved. You are all heroes.

Sweetness and I are "married;" we just have not had the wedding yet. Our marriage is officially recognized by the federal government, though, and it stands up in federal court. I call him my husband, and he calls me his wife. He told me we are filing joint taxes, if I did not get my signals crossed. What more do you need?

But "conspiracy proven" a long time ago, right? Obama mass murders my rescuers to keep me in a slave apartment in Des Moines that Criminal Boeset and evil Polk County refuse to let me leave where I am systemically raped, endure forced public nudity, endure forced public humiliation, etc...

All we ever needed to prove Obama commits crimes against humanity is the book of rules he enforces to oppress all of America and protect his crimes against me.

Fourthly, no, Sweetness and I are not divorced nor do we plan on ever getting divorced. My husband and I are happily married; we just have a geography problem due to the US and local government's unrelenting persecution of us. Click here to reread my press release on this topic.

Fifthly, Syn, we all know I get my period. But calling me a transsexual woman and a drag queen is not libel; however, it could be calumny and sexual harassment if it hurts me.

Finally, no, I do not own a gun. In fact, other than squirt guns, suction cup guns, NERF foam guns, laser tag, and other harmless toys, I have never touched a gun. I am a very well-established pacifist. My résumé speaks for itself. I rely on my wits to get me by.

I offer peaceful solutions to this greatest human rights crisis America has ever manufactured in every blog post, but the people who need to carry out the peaceful solutions, particularly the evil Iowa locals, the terrorist FBI, and the corrupt White House, refuse to stop destroying America and refuse to stop mass murdering my innocent rescuers to be able to continue their crimes against me.

Obama refuses all possible negotiations or arbitration. And he has a history of pretending he wants to negotiate, just so he can placate the world trying to stop him and buy himself more time. Obama has forced us only one solution; he and his terrorists must be overpowered. And meanwhile, while I wait for my rescue, my worse than intolerable living conditions keeping getting worse.

As for other lies the anti-reality machine spreads that are not libel of me... The government admitted to raping me in my sleep in this apartment. They lied and said they were not sodomizing me in my sleep but giving me oral sex instead. Yes, they actually put that on official record. I know my own body too well for that lie to get anywhere, but at least they admitted they are raping me.

Also, the Des Moines police department, Polk County prosecutors, and other local authorities behind the undeniable witch hunt of me investigated themselves, said they could not explain their obvious witch hunt of, but claimed it was "not intentional."

Can you say "government cover up"? Corruption and conspiracy has never been more obvious. My court records as both plaintiff and defendant speak for themselves. Does anyone know any good private investigators or investigative reporters?

If Polk County would just stop intentionally committing crimes against me and let me leave, my brave rescuers could finally stop dying; I could finally stop pressing charges against them; I could have physical safety for the first time since the bubble started, etc. Think of all the problems that could be fixed if I could just leave Des Moines.

Oh, here is a new terrorist FBI anti-reality machine lie. Their creativity is refreshing, but the lie is really stupid. They are lying and claiming I spent a month in hell in Mexico City in 2010. Where does this crap come from? Mexico City is the last place I saw my husband. If that was hell, Iowa is some sort of raging inferno eighteen levels deeper than hell.

There was no crime committed against me in Mexico City that has not been committed against me more heinously in Iowa. And Iowa has committed and still commits so many more crimes than Mexico could even conceive of.

I was never once in a hospital in Mexico. I was never tortured with injections in Mexico. I had enough money to eat food, go dancing, and have a more than tolerable quality of life in Mexico. I met celebrities in Mexico. I saw my husband in Mexico.

In Mexico, the locals would literally wash the ground before I could walk on it. I could visit embassies where ambassadors from all over the world were working on safely delivering me to a safe country. The last place I saw my husband was outside the British Embassy in Mexico City, and I never should have let him leave without me.

I wore no contacts in Mexico City and barely blogged through it, so it is clear I would like to keep my tryst there as much to myself as possible. But I will address things people have on record.

I admit the US Embassy in Mexico City colluded with the first hotel I stayed in there to put me in jail over night, but the police were so sweet to me, washed the ground before I could walk on it, provided fake cell mates to keep me company, confirmed on record I have no mental illness, kept vigil over me all night to keep me safe from any harm, defended me in my hearing, cleared my name, and gave me a ride the following morning to a new safer hotel. On a separate occasion, they also proved I have never been a hooker.

I know the police in Mexico City have a horrible reputation, but they went above and beyond for me. They treated me like a saint and a princess. Very few of them could read or write least of all in English, so I pray a reliable translation of my praises for the Mexico City police force reach them. I know there are enough Spanish and English bilinguals out there who can take care of this. I trust you, my beautiful world.

And do not make me start about the recognizable CIA agents, Leon Pannetta making sure he could meet me, Joe Biden pretending to be a European diplomat at the Nigerian Embassy, Ellie Goulding trying to seduce me, and how sweet church office ladies can be. I bet you cannot wait for my memoirs. Mexico City was a hotbed of who's who in diplomacy and espionage.

And to be thorough about the US Embassy there, this was while Hillary Clinton was still Secretary of State, and she turned the State Department around about me. She is a lover and believer, now. If Secretary of State John Kerry knows what is good for him, he will make sure the State Department keeps supporting me.

As for my other world travels in 2010... Did British Prime Ministers Brown and Cameron sing like birds to the United Nations' International Criminal Court about all the crimes Obama asked them to commit?

We all known I can recognize a CIA agent at first glance, so I know it was not the CIA harming me. I even know every way MI6 violated their jurisdiction and tried to help me on British soil... Just ask Jamiroquai.

We all know my husband was in the UK trying to reach me but was kept away from me. We all know I was systemically raped, completely enslaved, tortured with injections, libeled to make people disrespect me, unlawfully imprisoned, etc.

We all know all the people there had speakers in their heads controlled by the US government brainwashing them with lies about me. We know the water supply was undrinkable everywhere I went. It was all the same crimes committed against me by Obama in the US since 2009.

The British theory was that I was being politically persecuted by the government due to knowing a secret about Obama I had not revealed to anyone. They told me they thought I was in a Pelican Brief situation and acknowledged to my face I was a political prisoner.

You can ask former Dr. Who Matt Smith about the Pelican Brief theory. And it was Professor Stephen Hawking who warned me of the radiation torture they would use on me.

Did British Prime Ministers Brown and Cameron sing like birds? If not, I recommend they make a record of all their evidence for the ICC. They know I forgave them already. They will not get in any trouble, and it will only help save me. I am sure Her Royal Majesty the Queen of England has something to say about this.

Now, as for the nitty gritty, my beautiful world, are we all lighting white candles every night for all the brave rescuers the convicted mass murdering FBI keep slaughtering? If only we still had checks and balances... But still, Obama should have never ordered his FBI terrorist goons to mass murder their own people in the first place.

Also, my beautiful world, I do not mind if history or reality prove me wrong about anything, as long as lies, libel, and calumny are never used to falsely prove me wrong about anything. As long as the undeniable and heinous crimes of this bubble end as soon as possible, it was worth my conjecturing to save us all.

Finally, my beautiful world, you have asked how you can help. I told you already, but I will repeat myself... Here is a list of ten ways, some easier than others, people anywhere can do to end this crisis. And they are all completely Constitutional, unlike the bubble we need to take down.
1.) Rescue me. Pick me up, make me safe, and take me to my rescuers, my husband, my BFF, a declared safe foreign country, or my American safe haven of San Francisco.
2.) Be my bodyguard or give me a safe place to sleep while I "hang in there" and wait for my rescue.
3.) If you cannot love and support me directly, love and support people who can. Take care of my rescuers. Lavish love and attention on Syniva. Help my Sweetness help me.
4.) Tell Congress to send in the full force of the US Military to rescue me.
5.) Organize and rise up. My once great America, uniformly disobey every rule oppressing all of us. If you can save America, that will go a long way to saving me. This is not illegal. This is constitutional, the only appropriate reaction to crimes against humanity, and pure civil disobedience. Declare your cities, states, and countries completely bubble noncompliant, so your people can all have full human rights.
6.) Talk to Iowans. Tell them the flat truth about how horrifying they are. See if you can convince them to do any of these things to help.
7.) Hunt down and debunk any and all libel about me. Stay vigilant in the Reality War. You know what to do every time I am libeled and every time a perverted truth is spread about me. Click here if you need a refresher.
8.) Exercise full freedom of speech and full freedom of the press in all media all over the world. This is a Reality War. So much depends on delivering the truth to the masses, and there is so much pollution of the truth out there. Circulate and recommend reliable sources. We can do so much better than word of mouth. This includes giving me messages, so I can know what goes on out there. We all know I can fix anything if people just listen to me. Please keep me and each other in the know.
9.) If you ever find yourself wondering, "What next?" you can work on any of these five things. Any one of them would make me happy.
10.) Fix major world problems I wish I could fix myself including but not limited to Syria, Ukraine, and South Sudan, so I do not have to worry about them anymore.

Thank you, my beautiful world, for even wanting to help me in the first place. And I know I can count on you.
For the entire previous blog post, click here.

My brave rescuers, we all know so much depends on you. Whatever you need, just tell Congress, just tell the United Nations, just tell the global community, just tell all of the once-great America who want to save us all, and just tell my beautiful world.

I know I just need to survive until I can be rescued. And I know you are coming to save me, my brave rescuers. I have faith my beautiful world will save me. And there are so many good people on this epic team.

SynSyn, I was told the locals are still trying to lie their way out of justice and to shift the blame onto anyone else they can find. How do you listen to all the crap these people spew?

Bless you, Synny, bless you. I pray the world is lavishing all the love and attention possible on you. And nail those bastards. If you need anything from me, I will always help. I am here to serve, and I do my best to never let anyone down... Just like you.

Also, my BFF, we know all the intentionally botched prosecutions are due to conspiracy and corruption. Remember how that in combination with all of the intentionally fabricated charges against me proved conspiracy and corruption in the justice system? Click here to read it again.

Appeal everything even sentencing, if we even get that far, up into the federal courts until we get proper justice, and always try to move local trials out of proven corrupt Polk County District Court to neighboring states where the public (the pool for the juries) is not irrationally biased against me. Thank you for everything!

Finally, SynSyn, is my mother being a problem for you? Check my hair for when the FBI started raping me in this apartment again and reread when I told my mother to let me live in her house to keep me safe from it.

My BFF, my mother has no grounds to have an opinion of me, and I have already disowned her for doing nothing since 2009 but harm me and aid and abet crimes against humanity against me.

Tell my mother she can take me to San Francisco or never see nor speak to me again for the rest of her life. She has always had the power, access, and capability to rescue me, end the mass murder, and save America but has always refused.

Synny, this is just like when Criminal Boeset committed calumny by insisting this slave apartment in evil Iowa where I am systemically raped and unrelentingly threatened is "the best place for [me]."

No one in Iowa will ever do anything to make me safe nor let me move anywhere safe, so be as ruthless demanding justice and my human rights from them as they are ruthless intentionally harming me and committing the cruelest crimes known to man against me.

Thank you, Syniva. I hope you enjoy exercising the Power of Squid as much as I love giving that power to you.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. If you ever need anything, just tell me. I tell you every time I need anything from you. You can count on me. I would appreciate a little notice, but I will never let you down.

After our epic win yesterday, I apologize for the drudgery of this housekeeping, my love, but RealBollywood.com and Popsugar.com (Who reads those third-rate-at-best gossip sources anyway, right?) are still reporting you are engaged to Amber and want children with her.

Please, darling, enforce that the truth replaces all these lies. I know what all of them do; they use Amber as a replacement for me in the story then do their best to point out they are spewing crap, but we still need to make all lies about me end. This is a Reality War.

Sweetness, were you ever approached by a doppelgänger for me? I met a few while I was in the UK. They were all deranged, delusional about me, and very whiny about their lives. I would hate for you to think one were really me.

For all I know, darling, you can tell they are not me by the sound of our voices, but still, here is a photo of my face taken Sunday, 06April2014, at Chocolaterie Stam in Des Moines, IA at 3:03pm. Never settle for anything less than the real me. And when we can finally be together and when I can finally rest safely in your arms, the world will be at peace at last, and love will finally shine.

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