Thursday, September 1, 2011

Risk? Risk of What? Impeaching Obama to get to Freedom?

Pray tell, what could anyone possibly claim I am at risk of? If there were some entity in the world that could threaten me (other than the US government that mandates the bubble), that entity would not be stopped by a mere bubble... a bubble, I might add, that enforces I am not allowed to have a privatized security team keeping me safe at all times. If there were some great, awful, peace-and-love-hating threat to me out there in the world, refusing to allow my beloved Love of my Life near me would not stop that threat from harming me.

Look at how I have been treated because of this bubble. Clearly, the bubble is the threat to me.

I have been tortured, abused, raped, drugged, and etc... to appease this bubble. The horrid mistreatment of me in the English torture facility is what taught me how to hate.

Yes, I am at risk. I am at risk of learning to hate all of humanity because I am stored in this bubble.

I have yet to figure out how the public was brainwashed into abiding by the bubble in the first place. By mere existence, a bubble cannot serve the greater good. If we all have to live without our "God-given," inherent, human, and Constitutional rights, what could anyone possibly claim this bubble is protecting?

It is not protecting me from anything... It just prevents me from better helping the world. And no one can argue I do not do that. No one can argue that is not my dharma, my calling in life.

What am I at risk of? I am at risk of leading this once great nation to impeach President Incompetent, so I can finally be treated as a human in this world. I am a force for good in this world, and since this world needs me to be free, this world also needs this sort of intervention.

Obama, you bratty child, you seem to have a chance to save yourself right now. I recommend you do what is right for once and set me free... I would hate to see what would come and get you if you did not. What goes around comes around tenfold in this world (Or was it sevenfold?)... Have you ever read the Bible?

Sweetness, once we are together we will be an unstoppable force for good in this world. What kind of person stands in the way of that? You are right, the evil are the only ones who could ever stand in the way of that. What does this tell us about the people spreading lies to be able to hurt me with their bubble? Your latest letter should be in LA by Saturday. I love you so (ironically enough) madly.

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