Monday, September 12, 2011

Another Day of this Hell has Passed...

... I am trying to look at the good side of things. It was a day of hell I will never have to repeat. It is gone forever.

I wonder deeply what went on out there outside of my bubble today. Here, stuck in this hell, I trudged through explanations of how my father is ruining my life and actively removing any ability for me to have a job or any semblance of a normal life. I have no idea what is going on out there. I am grateful for all messages from the "beyond," but I could have really used some context for the one I received today.

I have taken to watching movies at The Lift on Sunday nights. Ignore the hours on their website. They are open Sundays from 7pm to 2am and show movies all night. Tip your bartender well.

I was there chatting things up until the wee hours of the morning last night. September 11th anniversaries are odd things. They make me want to be social and connected. I direly miss all of my old neighborhood and still await the day I have the freedoms and rights to spend time with my own friends.

The US Open was particularly exciting this year. I am a tennis addict, as you all probably well know. As horrible as I am at playing the sport, I love to watch it. It gives me an escape from the maddening doldrums that have become my life.

I am constantly threatened. I am constantly persecuted. It is not glamorous being denied doing anything with my days but drinking coffee and writing anguished blog posts; it is boring. Think of everything I could be doing for this world with my intelligence and talents if this bubble would just burst.

And what are the rules on what other people do and do not get to acknowledge under the bubble, again? How is there supposed to be any honest legal proceeding if the truth is not allowed to be addressed? I am caught in a looking glass where reality is suspended for everyone but me, and they are trying to claim I am the one who is confused. If the state of Iowa would just have honest conversations about reality, for once, and travel outside of their bubble more often, they might not be so lost and confused all of the time.

Please, my beautiful world, get the truth into Iowa. Most Iowans have a backwoods view of travel. They never do it and think it is a sign of mental illness. We are going to have to package up truth and bombard the people here with it. The hearing for terminating my father's adult guardianship was moved to 26Sep2011.

Sweetness, I have no idea what has been going on, but is everyone okay? It is okay, whatever it is; I have a camera to keep safe when I sleep at night. Do what you need to do. Just keep trying new things to get me out of this anguished holding facility they call Iowa. I have no idea what you are facing out there; otherwise, I would be more helpful. I honestly have no idea how or why the public is being a party to this bubble. I have no idea what battles you need to fight to get me out. Whatever you need, just ask. I love you.

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