Saturday, September 10, 2011


Tomorrow is a big anniversary. It marks ten years since the biggest event to change this nation forever. It is time we looked at ourselves and asked some big questions. Are we a better people now? Are we a safer people now? Are we a freer people today than we were then? The answers might surprise you.

Are we a better people now? We are definitely a different people. When I hear about the conflict over whether or not a mosque has the freedom to be built near ground zero, I wonder. I believe we still need to work on including more people and singling out fewer. If we rise from the ashes of 9/11 to build a nation of love instead of war, then, yes, we are a better people.

Are we a safer people now? We are more vigilant everyday citizens; we are more aware of each other and our surroundings. I believe both the people and the government learned a big lesson on that fateful day ten years ago. When we stop instigating hatred in other nations and in other peoples, then there will be no fuel for the terrorism. Our safety depends on our role in the global community. Are we creating good in the world?

Are we a freer people today than we were then? You know my answer to that one. Our freedoms and rights are exactly what terrorists want to take away from us. The problem with no longer being a free people is that it means the terrorists have won. Why did we allow the terrorists to win? Ask yourself that. Ask yourself that every day until you fight the oppression poisoning America today.

We have allowed 9/11 to make us vengeful and angry. We have allowed terrorism to take away our freedoms and rights. When will we fix the real problems? When will we change from a weapon in the world to a creature of love? Please, America, consider the big picture when you look at our once-great nation tomorrow. We can rise out of these ashes, but we have to bother to do it.

Sweetness, what are your plans for tomorrow? I plan on having a quiet day and going out for a movie at night. I love and adore you. How much longer is it until we have the rights and freedoms to be together?

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