Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It is an Eventuality...

My beautiful world, you all know what sort of enemies I have. You all know what dangers I face. You all know how quickly you need to save me if you want me to be able to see this world as a free woman ever again.

They are intent on killing me.

My enemies have resources. They have corruption running all of the way from President Incompetent to my father. They are also deeply frustrated right now by my tenacious grasp on life and are getting a little desperate.

Yes, keep pushing with everything you have to end this completely once and for all. Do not worry about their retaliation against me. I have been taking the brunt of their rape, torture, and abuse for almost three years, now. Just push with everything you have to make it end. If you can burst the bubble, I will be allowed to have a security team finally.

Most importantly, stop doing what they want.

Just plain exercise your freedom of the press. It is necessary for the public to get the news and the truth on current events in order to be a free and functioning society. Journalists, you are doing the world an unforgivable disservice if you are denying the public information they need and deserve. Ask yourself whom you serve. Do you serve the president who oppresses us all, or do you serve the greater good?

It is US policy not to negotiate with terrorists. We never pay ransoms. We never cave to the demands of those that threaten our nation.

This should extend to the people of America as well. Simply stop being an oppressed nation. En masse, just stop doing what they want.

Do you, my beautiful world, answer to the president who oppresses this great world, or do you answer to the greater good? Make your choice.

Sweetness, do not worry so much. My enemies know that if they martyr me, I win all that much faster. They know that if they kill me, the world will rise up and tear them all down with a vengence. That is why they invested so much time and energy on the lost cause of defaming me. The world saw through it. The world will know who killed me if anything but old age gets me. You just need to get me into your arms before they get desperate(r) and stupid(er). Please ask my beautiful world to get me to safety before this gets uglier.

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