Friday, April 1, 2011

G.I. Joe: Knowing is Half the Battle

How did the Patriot Act get extended? The Patriot Act is a removal of citizen rights and a violation of personal privacy that soaks up taxpayer money and has still yet to have any benefit to American society. It is an expansion of the powers of the US executive branch at a cost to civil rights. Have you heard of the penumbra of rights? It includes privacy!

While I am venting issues I have with legislation... What is your opinion of the Health Care Obam-ination? Better question: Why does a bleeding heart hippie like me hate the Health Care Obam-ination? There are some very simple reasons for this... Basically, I can do math.

First of all, all people want health care. No one wants to be caught without the ability to pay for seeing the doctor. The only reason people do not get health care is because it is so expensive.

Do not believe the propaganda. The Health Care Obam-ination does not make health care more affordable. The care in the bill Congress passed is too expensive for lower- AND middle-income families. What percentage of America is not a lower- or middle-income family? And on top of not making health care affordable, they make it punishable by law not to pay more than you can afford for health care.

The bill includes grants from the government to lower- and middle-income families to HELP pay for the health care... but that money comes from tax money. So, the American taxpayer has to pay for the Health Care Obam-ination system; and then on top of that, the taxpayer pays for the grants to HELP lower- and middle-income families pay for health care; and then on top of that, all citizens still have to pay the rest of the money for health care that the grants did not cover. AND if citizens still do not have the money to pay for health care, they get fined. It does not take a math genius to know this is ridiculous.

This is not Health Care Reform. This is a Health Care Obam-ination. If Obama the Asshole wanted everyone to have health care, he would have made health care affordable... instead of making it illegal to be poor.

Apparently Obama the Oppressor skipped out of all of his basic math classes. "When will I ever use this stuff?" is probably what he kept asking himself. You frustrating brat of a child with no long-term vision! President Incompetent, math classes before calculus are not about what you learn. They are about training your brain to think.

How can such a myopic under-achiever even pretend to have a stance on education reform? Obama the Opressor stands by standardized tests and other inconclusive measures of educational competence. Do you know what will save the American education system? Teaching children the value of being intelligent.

It is one thing to get good grades. It is one thing to do well on the SAT. It is one thing to earn a degree... But it is completely invaluable to have actually learned something in life.

People say earning a degree means you will earn more money, as if that is the point of an education. People say good grades will make you more successful in life. No employer I have ever encountered ever looked at my report card. When will we teach our students that the whole point of an education is what you learn?

If students have a chance to see the good that knowing how to think can do in this world, they will choose to learn.

I always preferred being smarter than my teachers to having their approval. I was not a popular child in school. But I did and still do always enjoy learning how to do something new, and it has made me a student of the world. Knowing things makes people powerful. When will we teach our children to value that?

You can learn a lot about a child from the way she or he plays with Barbie dolls. My friends' Barbies were cheerleaders, had boyfriends, and got pregnant. My Barbie had six Ph.D.s and never went on a date.

In my own defense, I had about fifty Barbie dolls, but only one Ken doll. He was not even a Ken. He we Derek from Barbie's 80s pop band called "Barbie and the Rockers." I liked his leather jacket. Barbie gets a bad reputation among feminists, but I did not turn out so bad.

I wonder sometimes if they will ever make a Barbie that looks like me... you know, a short, round, mixed-race nerd with psionic wings. (Have you seen my psionic wings?) She could have a matching Ken doll with tattoos, facial hair, and a motorcycle. Sigh... some love was always meant to be.

I guess if people have super powers they usually end up as an action figure instead of a Barbie doll. We all know I can talk to animals... but that makes me more of a Disney princess than anything else. What would my action figure do? Good question. How much have they revealed to you about my abilities in this world?

Sweetness, do we have a date tonight? I cannot tell, yet. I am only an on-again-off-again mind reader. Let me know!

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