Friday, April 15, 2011

Save America. Stop Obama.

Hypothetically, let us pretend Obama the Sociopath said, "Make people like me or there will be a civil war." That is an example of terrorism. He is (hypothetically) terrorizing you with the threat of civil war to control you.

If he says it to you, demand that he explain his lies. We all know that there is no threat of war from me. We also all know that the greatest problem in this country that is forcing people to fight with each other is Obama the Asshole's insistence on persecuting me. So, if he would say the above lie to you, he would be terrorizing you into controlling you, so he can get away with persecuting me and oppressing this nation longer.

Obama the Oppressor is a sociopath. He charms you all into situations where he gains control of you in order to hurt you. Do not fall for his lies anymore. Do not let him control you any longer. Break free from his oppression.

I am a completely benevolent soul, and even I must admit there is no way to save President Incompetent until AFTER he stops oppressing all of America.

Obama the Sociopath is currently in a push to use his charms to oppress America and get away with persecuting me longer. Do not fall for it. Call out the snake for what he is.

Do not fall for his lies and get seduced by him again. Do you remember all of the lies he told in order to get elected? He promised hope and change, but instead he has proven to be more Bush than Gee-dub ever was.

He is trying it again. He is trying to seduce America with his lies again. When you hear his propaganda, point out the source and call out the lies. Please, do not fall into this trap of trusting your oppressor again.

You cannot trust Obama the Oppressor. He is a man who has built his reign of terror over America on the back of his charming lies. He is the man preventing you from having your freedom of speech, any freedom of the press, and the right to assemble or associate with any one you want. If you do not believe the last one, just try it with me.

You need to fight Obama the Terrorist. You need to stand up, you need to demand your human rights, and you need to fight him. You need to stop letting him control you. You need to liberate yourself from his oppression.

Stand up. Organize. Pick a date and time. And universally refuse to comply. Just reach out and snatch your human rights right back for yourselves. There are enough of you. It will work.

If you do not do this for yourselves, do this for me. I cannot have my human rights until all of you demand yours. If you do not do this for me, do this for America. Do not let Obama the Terrorist force America to fall apart.

Obama the Oppressor is already driving this country to ruin on his quest for money and power. When he is done ruining this nation, he will just move on.

Save America. Stop Obama.

Sweetness, I love you. I love you madly. I love you more than words can bear. Please keep an eye out for that letter I mailed you yesterday. It professes so much of my love.

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