Saturday, April 16, 2011

Please Get the Truth to Ankeny, Iowa.

Ankeny, Iowa is getting worse. I know this town was scarringly cruel to me when I went to high school in Ankeny in the '90s. I know they terrorized me when I was here for 2.5 months in 2009. Is it so wrong that I hold out hope that they will eventually come around? Or is this just my blind faith in humanity speaking?

I know I still cannot see any doctor here without expecting to be harmed. The area still complies with Obama's persecution policy. But on top of it all, this town was so rude to me today. There are only two logical conclusions to draw. People in Ankeny are just not good people, or they have not gotten to the truth, yet.

Please send the truth into Iowa. Metaphorically beat them over the head with who I really am in this world. If they do not come around to treating me like a human due at least basic human respect, then I have to give up on thinking all people will do the right thing if they just get to the truth.

They have gone from treating me like a freak-show porn star to treating me like a celebrity they are too shy to speak with to, now, treating me with inexplicable rudeness. They either have no idea who I am in this world, or they are all ugly people. I am holding out for the fact they just live in lies. I do not want to have to give up on humanity. Please get the truth to Ankeny, Iowa.

I know what I mean to the world. It is so hard to mean so much to so many when I mean so little to the people around me. I do my best.

Ankeny, take a good look at everything I have done and still do in this world. Then look at how you treat me. There is no reason to treat anyone the way you treat me. Stop complying with Obama. He is ruining you.

Sweetness, please, when you can, get me out of here.

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