Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Get me OUT! Please!

I spent most of today in bed sleeping off whatever was put in my bottle of fruit juice. They were right. There is something wrong with the juice. I should have listened; but I did not know they meant it literally. I had juice withdrawal most of today.

I did get a chance to watch some Tavis Smiley, though, on PBS. I saw Michael Bloomberg, Robbie Robertson, and Larry Flynt this morning. I needed to pass out from last night's fruit juice incident before I could watch Charlie Rose.

When I got up, I noticed that the CBS signal was not able to reach the house this afternoon. It gave me a fantasy that CBS was being banned from broadcasting around Iowa because they were refusing to comply. It would have been nice, but the signal was back up again by the 6PM news.

I do not mind being denied any broadcasting if it means you are all refusing to comply. I would rather all television and radio be kept away from me if it meant you all could have your freedom of speech and freedom of the press back again. The world needs honest communication.

I have not made it out of the house yet, and let us be honest. It is freaky out there among the Children of the Corn. It is like living in the Twilight Zone. But it is better than being stuck in this house with my hell-spawned father.

He cornered me and spoke to me again today. I refuse to be a party to being his victim. So, now I sit here in my room with the door barricaded as I plead to the world for a rescue.

I did not even make it to Café Diem today. I really think the problem is with their water main. They should really look into the water that goes into that building. I saw a couple dozing off to sleep on the couch as they drank their coffee last time I was in there. It is not just me.

I know the weather is also getting freaky. Just in the States, keep an eye out for floods, fires, and tornadoes. Are you all staying as safe as possible out there?

It is very important to stay prepared for anything Mother Nature might bring. No matter where you are and no matter where you live, stay aware of what severe weather in the area looks like. Know what to do in case of an emergency.

The weather is just going to become more dramatic. Stay aware of climate changes. Stay prepared for what might come. Get ahead of the problems that might pop up where you are.

Right now in Iowa it is planting season, but the wet weather is keeping farmers from getting corn in the ground on time. This is something they should have been able to plan for. This is something that they need to adapt to accommodate. People need to get ahead of the weather to be able to plan for what problems might arise.

The Democratic Party also needs to plan for its problems and its future. Are they thinking about refusing to allow President Incompetent to run again in 2012? Do Democrats remember the Bush Era?

I know Obama the Oppressor is Bush's third term, but the backlash from Obama the Terrorist's policies in this country will be enough to secure a very conservative Republican win if the Democrats do not disown him. Think of this country, Democrats. Do not let the Bush Era continue. Do us all a favor and run a woman in 2012.

Do you remember when I was in the torture facility in Liverpool? Do you remember how I kept telling the newscasters on television that the economy would turn itself around if people would go out and spend money? It seems to be working. We are a consumer economy. People really are capable of saving themselves.

Did you hear that, people? Are you all out actively doing your best to solve these major problems? Are you standing up and demanding your rights?

You can actually have your freedom of speech again. You just need to exercise it. You just need to refuse to be controlled.

Stand up and organize! Refuse to be a part of being a victim! Refuse to comply with their rules! They are not laws. There is nothing illegal about discussing me in a public forum. Just do not lie. Do not plagiarize. Do not create emergencies (like a fake nuclear threat) when there are none, and respect everyone's privacy. Go claim your human rights!

The people in Syria are standing up and claiming their rights. It will be a long hard fight for them, but they are staying peaceful and empowered. The people in Syria are standing up to bring their country into the present as far as democracy and human rights are concerned.

The government there has proven its illegitimacy by firing on its own peaceful people. My thoughts are with you, Syria. The world knows what is happening there. I can only hope that people with more rights than myself are sending you peaceful help.

How is this for a random thought? Do we start children's education too old? If the key to being successful in grade school (and therefore being successful all of the way through high school) is attending a good preschool, should we just add a few grades before kindergarten in order the catch the brain at the right developmental stage? It is something to think about.

As for you, my beautiful world, whatever you are doing out there, it must be working. You must all be doing very successful things out there aimed at getting me out of this bubble of persecution. I can tell because it is getting all that more repressive and intolerable in here. My father, the liquids I drink, and the freakish behavior of the locals are all getting worse.

Thank you for everything you do for me. I might go watch some television, now. After all-- and yes it feels odd to say this-- the television (except for a particular local news guy on Channel 13) treats me in a civilized manner. Please take care out there.

Sweetness, I love you. I cannot wait to hold you tight and press my lips against your face. Until then, take care, and thank you for everything you do for me.

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