Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Obama is the Terrorist Threat.

You cannot argue that there is a terrorist threat controlling America with fear to keep all people to set of rules of oppression. That is what terrorism is. It is keeping control over people with fear.

This terrorist threat has taken away human right after human right from all people every place I have been for the last two years. Have you ever wondered how they get away with it?

I live in danger's path because Obama the Terrorist threatens me.

If there were a mysterious entity out there strong enough to frustrate the entire US government with all of its resources to the point we all have to bend to its will and if that entity wanted me dead, I would be dead by now.

In the Western world, we do not humor terrorists. We do not negotiate with terrorists. We do not do anything terrorists want us to do. That has been our policy since Hitler.

Obama the Sociopath has even proven that he kills terrorists without putting them on trial first.

How are they getting away with terrorizing all of America, then? They get away with it because corrupt leaders in our government are part of the mysterious "they" enforcing the oppression of all of America. They get away with it because Obama the Oppressor is a part of the terrorist threat.

In a world where even the President of Iran, Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, loves and adores me, do you not think it is telling that my persecutors have never been caught or stopped?

This is a threat fabricated to control the world with fear, and they get away with it because Obama the Terrorist is in on it. Obama the Oppressor has no interest in ever giving me back my rights, freedoms, or liberties. He has no interest in my ever being physically safe. He has chosen to oppress all of America to serve his own ends.

After all, he can send Navy SEALs for a 40 minute assassination operation half a world away, but he cannot find a way to keep me physically safe. I am not safe because I am Obama the Terrorist's victim.

The water in Ankeny is poisoned. They poisoned the water in San Francisco, Mexico City, Wigan (UK), and Liverpool (UK) while I was in all of those places, too. But the FBI never thought to keep a lookout over the water in Ankeny... or Des Moines.

The government refuses to keep America safe. The government, at Obama the Terrorist's wishes, enforces that American citizens give up their rights and freedoms. The government is corrupt. It is a big part of what persecutes me. It, in fact, enforces the persecution.

Do you remember all of the lies they told about me? Obama the Sociopath has called me a hooker. He has called me a stripper. He has called me mentally ill. He has claimed I am dead.

Why and how do you trust anything that man says?

It sounds a lot like "They found pornography is Osama bin Laden's compound," if you ask me.

I have been tortured, battered, abused, raped, libeled, never allowed to defend myself, and never allowed to hear the lies.

The ability of the public to discuss this situation openly with me or with each other has been prevented from the start. The situation was built this way, so that you could all be controlled with lies. It has been and still is nothing but lies used to control you.

Obama the Asshole is the weakest domino in the line up. It is his job to never negotiate with or even humor a terrorist threat. It is his job to uphold all American's full human rights. It is his job to keep me safe. He chose to pick me out, use me, and then throw me away as a disposable, Brown girl.

Obama the Terrorist is the weakest domino in the line up. If you push on him, they will all fall down.

Push, my beautiful world. Push, now. All together. Push until it all falls down.

The threat I face is Obama the Conspirator and his cohorts. Go get'em. Get them and tear them to shreds.

Sweetness, I have no idea what you are up to, but thank you. I hugely need a rescue from this place. I have been so drugged lately that I have been sleeping fourteen or so hours at a time. Just as always, they are still putting the drugs in my food and drink. I know you are my hero.

My beautiful world, do anything my husband needs. And keep him safe.

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