Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Help I Need

Thank you for saying you want to help me, my beautiful world. This is what I need help with...

1.) I need a place to go where no one complies with the rules that persecute me.

2.) I need a way to get there.

3.) I need my husband to meet me there.

It is quite obvious that Sweetness is not allowed to come here to get me. I need help, my beautiful world. I need you to make this possible for me.

Do you know of any places that are already refusing to comply? Do you know of any that are willing to refuse to comply so that I can live there? Can you think of any ways to get me there?

For obvious reasons of security, I cannot trust just anyone who shows up on my doorstep. I know you will take care of it all.

Stay organized. There is no reason to run around duplicating efforts. Your time and energy is as precious as mine.

Thank you.

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