Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Longest Week of my Life

This may turn out to be the longest week of my life. This coming Saturday morning, I will leave for Chicago. It is only for a limited engagement, so get me while you can.

Last Saturday came and went without any zombies. There were also no trumpets heralding nor even a flash in the sky. Sigh... Now do you believe me that is just Global Climate Change and not the end of the world?

Here is a good question: What does President Incompetent have against sitting in his office (away from a TV camera) and doing his real job? Well, why would he protect America's Constitutional rights and why would he ensure a particular, innocent, civilian woman's human rights and physical safety at all when he could make taxpayers pay for his and his office's travel and security?

That is not the sort of trip that sounds necessary for ensuring the safety of this nation. How much of the US is a disaster area right now due to flooding and storms? And he chooses now to take a vacation to "look for his roots"... WHILE HE IS STILL IN OFFICE??? Well, it proves that he has no interest in carrying out his obligations to the US and that he has no idea how to be a president.

Oh, and it sounds like they like Obama the Sociopath in that village in Ireland; he must have put chips in their heads.

It actually made sense that the Queen of England wanted to visit Ireland. They are neighbors. It makes me ask... How are the British these days?

I really want to be able to like the British again. Have they convicted every last one of my torturers, yet?... including but not limited to Dr. Helen Reynolds and every single member of the nursing staff that took a paycheck while I was imprisoned in the torture facility (except for Vinnie and Damian)? Have they swept the petty brats that kept openly lying about me nationally out of their media? Have they taken down the people who put chips in all of their heads? The British really need to sort that mess out. I would really like to be able to like them again. I have more than enough things to worry about as it is.

There is war in Sudan. Look at the horrors of what is breaking out. Would it not be nice if there were a "solar-powered Model T" available world-wide? It would prevent land wars over the control of oil-producing regions. It looked like Southern Sudan would have a peaceful break until the conflict broke out over the oil producing region in the middle. It is so much human suffering. I hear that President Incompetent is so worried that he is taking a trip to Ireland to look for his roots.

Syria... My heart is still broken over all of your suffering. I wish nations would send you help with leading and carrying our your peaceful resistance. I do not have enough human rights of my own to be able to help you more. Maybe the world will listen to me. Let us pray the world sends you help. I hear that President Incompetent is so worried that he is taking a trip to Ireland to look for his roots.

Sweetness, do not let them scare you into running... unless you plan on running after me. You are incorruptibly true and loyal, and you fight the good fight. The corrupt-forces-that-be do not like this. This may end up a very long week for you, too, and you can expect Obama the Dictator and his cohorts to be very unhappy with both of us all week. I know I can count on you. My love for you is sweeter than honey, brighter than a supernova, and tasty to the last drop. I love you madly.

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