Saturday, May 7, 2011

Love is not a Crime.

There is no justification for treating any human the way I am treated. Obama the Sociopath is the one enforcing that I must be persecuted, tortured, abused, enslaved, defamed, and raped with no recourse for rescue or justice. This has been my reality for two years-- a hell with no goodness, no light, and no human rights.

For two years the only thing I have been allowed is pain and misery. From San Francisco while it was terrorized to the torture facility in Liverpool to this house of my criminal father (May he rot in prison as soon as humanly possible!), this has been nothing but one hell after another.

Once Obama the Slave Driver is rotting in a prison cell, I will dance in the streets chanting "USA! USA! USA!"

It is not illegal to defy his oppression. It is American to demand your human rights. If you let Obama the Oppressor get away with his crimes, you ruin this nation along with him.

We need an authority in this world higher than the US president for times like these when he is only corrupt and evil. The only authority I can think of is the American people. For the sake of the entire population of this one world, let us all pray this nation grows a backbone and stands up... as soon as humanly possible.

Obama the Terrorist is a menace to the once-free world. It is time you all organize, rise up, and stop him.

I have tried finding a safe place to live. I have tried standing up and fighting. I have tried screaming for help.

I am one woman. I cannot do this alone.

It is possible, though, that the entire world really does believe that I am just a disposable, Brown girl. It is possible that despite all of my efforts, I actually do nothing in this world but take up space and use breathable air. Maybe I do only exist the way Obama the Oppressor dictates, to be shat on by everyone.

That is all I see, after all. All I see is people doing what Obama the Asshole wants and shitting on me. If this is not really the case, put blame where blame is actually due, and take down President Asshole.

I have reached the end of what I can endure. Something has to give, and I have given too much already.

Sweetness, have you considered pushing and pushing and pushing at rescuing me until the Feds have to take you in? Then, they will have to admit that you broke no laws, and you will be super-free to rescue me. If you choose to do this, I recommend you bring a lot of friends with you, and know the numbers of some good lawyers. I do not think you would want to go through it alone. Love is not a crime... but being President Obama is.

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