Friday, May 20, 2011

Jesus will return May 21, 2011.

Obama, you bratty child, I am pretty sure that stealing your ideas for policy from me and not openly and publicly giving me credit for them makes you a slaver. I heard what you have to say now about eduction. I heard what you said yesterday about North Africa and the Middle East. I heard your stance on green energy.

Why do you not always do what I tell you to do? You want to be popular like me, so you steal from me; that is obvious. But if you really want people to like you, why do you refuse to give America back all of our human rights? Why do you lie, cheat, and steal instead?

I also do not think it is working for you. You need to do everything I say, not just pick and choose. For example, aligning yourself with the people fighting for their rights in the Middle East and North Africa is something you clearly got from me, but you did not adopt my stance on Israel and Palestine. Now, both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict neither like nor trust you.

I have always said that of all populations in this world, the Jewish people know better than to commit human rights violations. I have long disliked Netanyahu for all of his human rights violations. I consider Israel and Palestine's current status to be one land with two states. I have never said one damn thing about borders or separating people who need to find a way to live as neighbors.

Clearly, Obama, you terrorist, when you do something good, you steal it from me, and when you think on your own, you create conflict, break international laws, or commit human rights violations against your own people.

In most cases, I think people will choose to do the right thing if they get to the truth and think things through on their own. It clearly does not work for you, President Incompetent. You need to grow up and do as you are told... and give me credit for the good things I do in this world.

How do I come up with so many brilliant things that get stolen from me? My education has been invaluable. But if people compare the things I know now with the things I learned in school at every level, the only conclusion is that I am largely self-taught. The best thing I ever learned was how to think and teach myself. No one should ever let her or his mind slow down.

Do everything you can, my beautiful world, to constantly learn. A diploma is an inanimate object, but knowledge is a source of life. All you really get to keep is what you learned. Even if you have no way to get to a school, learn from everyone and everything you can.

I would be nothing if I were not a constant student of the world.

I learned something recently. I learned that "Jesus will return May 21, 2011." I wonder if they mean it metaphorically. I wonder if they mean a metaphorical Jesus will return to the world after enforced suffering and bleak isolation on Saturday. We can all only hope.

I must agree, though, that the South is flooding like the Apocalypse is on its way. If anyone out there has to abandon and rebuild, rebuild better. Rebuild to survive the next one. And rebuild to survive every one after that.

The planet is getting warmer. We all see the climate changes approaching. We all need to be ready for them. We all need to know the signs of a crisis when it approaches. We all need to have a plan for surviving it. We all need to have a plan for rebuilding after it. Think like a community. Help each other.

I have also been following what has been happening in Syria. Syria, I know this is not an easy time for you, but please stay peaceful. The government has proven its illegitimacy by being violent, and they would shoot you anyway even if you broke down into violence. The difference is more than just the moral high ground. If you become violent, you lose the power that peaceful protest gives you. There is no way to win a violent campaign against a trained army. Peace, solidarity, and organization is your best source of power. I agree, though, it does look like the government will have no one left to govern if things keep going this way.

I also worry about the debt ceiling. It has been breached. It will be exponentially more difficult to pay off our obligations if we allow our debt to continue to grow. This is a real problem. This a real problem that needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

I do agree with Mr. Gingrich that social engineering from any source should not be instigated... but that is why Congress forms bipartisan committees to sort these things out. Let us all use our voices to make sure President Incompetent does not get in the way.

This country needs a way to pay off the national debt which implies paying off more every year than the interest it accrues. If we allow the debt to grow, the interest grows exponentially, too. The longer the country waits to pay off our debt, the harder it will be.

Sweetness, my horoscope for the day said that I will get lucky if I wear a cute outfit tonight. Do not worry, I do not plan on going out. On the contrary, I plan on staying home and making a pizza... while I wear a cute outfit. Hee-hee... Did you get my mail?

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