Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wow! A Whole Week Between Blog Posts...

This is long over due... Please help. Where the hell has my mind been for the last nine days?

Well, it is safe to say that my dad was not happy with my last blog post. He tried to have me committed to a psych ward, so I would not be able to take my trip to Chicago to be with friends and loved ones.

Luckily, medical decisions have to be backed with scientific evidence and actual, logical findings... even in restrictive times like these. So, I am again free to roam about the places my money supply allows me to reach.

I plan on taking the exact same trip to Chicago I had been planning. I leave on Monday, 06June2011. I am giving all of my friends and loved ones fair warning to look for me out and about. You know you want buy me a drink... and buy me dinner... and go dancing. YEY!

Good news! Unlike all of the past times I was in a hospital, this time I was actually treated with care, respect, and dignity. It was the first time I had ever experienced that in any psych ward. I have already written the thank-you cards. They will be in the mail tonight.

I was temporarily stored for the weekend at the ward at Mercy Medical Center- North Iowa in Mason City, IA. For once, the ward was a safe place where the staff actually encouraged healing. The torture facility in Liverpool has a whole hell of a lot to learn from them if they ever want to call themselves a hospital.

Sweetness, I am putting a letter in the mail to you tonight. You can expect it Friday or Saturday. It is a little shorter than usual. I was very busy today. But you are still going to love it. It is knowing that I can always count on you that gets me through the hard times. I love and adore you.

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