Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Possible 30-Day Delay

I am almost through all of the shell shock from being put in a hospital against my will again. I have so much PTSD from being tortured in hospitals that my heart would not slow down at all while I was in there. It just kept pounding and pounding.

I want you all to know that I am okay. I have been through worse. Yes, I have definitely been through worse. And I will soon be recovered from being put in a hospital again. Wish me luck!

I just received an email from my attorney saying that a state attorney just contacted him to say that I am not to travel. I am on a 30-day continuance, you see, that started yesterday. Normally, people CAN travel when they are on a continuance as long as they do not miss any of their doctor's appointments. I do not plan to miss any appointments, so I am sure once we discuss things that I will be able to travel to Chicago as planned. I would hate to think the state was giving me special treatment.

As a worst case scenario, if they do not let me go, it is still only a 30-day delay. Or, we all revert to plan A, and I get rescued by someone who made a psychiatric appointment already for me somewhere in a city where the people do not comply.

You see, I have plans to comply completely and thoroughly with this continuance.

I finally caught up with all of the news from the weekend I missed. My beautiful world, you all had so much to talk about, and none of it was allowed to be broadcast. When are we going to get our freedom of the press back again? I know, I know,... the revolution will not be televised... but it should be.

This situation in which I am persecuted and you are all oppressed keeps getting more and more restrictive on everybody. You all need to refuse to comply. Stand up for yourselves. Fight for your rights. Do what is right for the world. And refuse to comply!

I need you to fight them. I need you to do what is right. I need you to make sure I can travel. Do it for me.

Please use your powers of persuasion to convince Assistant Polk County Attorney Dan Flaherty and the rest of the concerned State of Iowa and Polk County government officials to allow me to travel. I need you to pick up the phone. I need you to write emails. I need you all to make this happen.

Please address your concerns here...
Iowa Clerk of District Court
Mental Health & Substance Abuse Committals
500 SW 7th St. Suite 100
Riverpoint Office Center
Des Moines, IA 50309
Telephone: 515.286.3666
Fax: 515.875.5533
... or to any other place you feel would be helpful.

I need you all to make this happen. I need to be able to travel to someplace that does not comply.

Sweetness, I know how hard you work. I know you will rescue me. I love you madly. What are your plans for your coming birthday?

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