Friday, June 3, 2011

Fist to the Face

If my evil father is home when my husband shows up to get me, dad will end with a fist in his face. I know I am a completely non-violent human, but we also all know my honey can do no wrong as far as I am concerned. And he is not the only person on this planet who wants to knock my father senseless. I think people should be free to express their emotions in this instance.

It is a sin against humanity that my dad is allowed to walk this Earth freely. He is a menace, and his sorry ass needs to get locked up. Dad answers to no one. He has chosen to hurt me just to feed his own ego.

Police, I know you love me. My dad took a road trip to Peoria and will not be back until Sunday. He always speeds, and he talks on his phone while he drives. Please do anything you can to lock him up. You all know what his vehicle looks like and what his plates are. Run him off the road if that is the only way to stop him.

I am unhappy. When I am unhappy, my beautiful world is unhappy.

I am not able to travel on Monday as I had planned. Make my father pay for it out his nose. Make him live penniless and unloved in the bed he has made for himself.

Sweetness, you are the light of my life. Knowing you have never and will never let me down is how I make it through these hard times. Please, sue my dad for every penny he can forage. He hurts me to make himself feel manly. Break him. Do it in my name. Divulge any of my former secrets you need to divulge in order to get this done. The money will pay for all the therapy I will need because of all the horrors he has done to me.

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