Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Oppression is Meant to be Defied.

Let me start with everything I can say about my job (carrying humanity through Global Climate Change) while I am still stuck here in this bubble of persecution...

Big cities all over the world need to plan for climate refugees. People will be displaced by weather crises and will move to the big cities for perceived safety and opportunities to rebuild. Cities need to be prepared for them.

We also need to find a way to send water from flooding areas to areas of drought. We, as a planet, need to find a way to redistribute water across bodies of land. It will be very important to our surviving these changes to our climates. As the planet gets warmer, the weather will only become more dramatic and severe. We need to be ready.

As for you, America, when was the last time you really paid attention to the amendments at the end of the US Constitution? That was where they guaranteed our freedom of speech and thought they abolished slavery from this land forever. How many rights do you have right now?

They will only stop enforcing the rules that oppress all of America if America stands up and exercises its full rights in defiance of those rules.

Also in the Constitution, the executive branch (the president) does not get to create legislation (enforceable rules). Only the legislative branch (Congress) gets to do that. If a president (Obama the Oppressor) commits that offense, that president is acting as a dictator and violating the Constitution.

I need to thank a great many people for all of their support and hard work. Thank you, my beautiful world. Thank you for everything.

Keep raging until the bubble bursts. This is not over until we all have our full human rights back. It is clearly working. Do not let up.

Demand justice. Demand freedom of the press. Demand your right to peaceably assemble (your right to spend time with anyone who wants to spend time with you). Demand your freedom of speech. Call out all of their lies. Never let them beat you down.

Oppression is meant to be defied.

Sweetness, how close are we? I could feel your approach all day Sunday, but now I cannot tell where you are. Please take care out there. Who would ever believe a lie that I killed someone? The entire world knows I am a preaching pacifist. I love you more than words can bear. I am gestating a new love poem for you... Do you use that journal I gave you?

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