Monday, June 13, 2011

Notes Today are from the Des Moines Public Library...

In forty years, what will people be saying about Obama the Terrorist? Have you seen him lately? He has been trying to ride my apron strings. Tell him no one is fooled. If he actually gave a damn, I would have my full human rights from him by now.

If there were actually some big threat out there that Americans had to worry about, he would have asked me to fix the problem by now. Do not fall for his lies. Defy him. Defy his rules. Claim your human rights.

As for problems I can find a way to make a little headway with, I have already explained what I believe to be the sources of Global Climate Change, but here they are again...

Do you remember learning about the Ice Age? That was a time when the Earth as a whole was much colder. Do you remember learning about the dinosaurs? They were around at a time when the Earth as a whole was much warmer.

The Earth goes through natural cycles this way. The planet happens to be getting warmer right now. This is the Earth naturally doing what the Earth naturally does.

Global Climate Change is bigger than humans, but smaller than your Western God. You cannot stand in the way of a natural force without making an ugly situation a hell of a lot worse. We cannot stop it. We need to make sure humanity can live through it.

Yes, reducing greenhouse gas emissions would greatly help, but it cannot stop nor reverse climate change. The problem with current policies from both sides is a common one: If you misinterpret a crisis as politics, nothing will happen to fix it. Just look at the situation with my bubble.

It would really help if I could get some current academic journals and papers into my bubble. The best thing to do would be to get me out of this bubble ASAP, but until then, please find a way to get me accurate and current research about what we are all going to have to live through now that the climate is changing. People need to be prepared for these things.

As for all of you who try to tell the public that I need to remain in this bubble... You need to learn to trust me. You do not know better than I on who I am, what I need, where I need to go, what I should be free to do, and what I am destined to achieve. This world needs me. This world needs me to be set free.

Maybe a carrot would work better than a stick.
--Dan Dudek, Chief Economist, Environmental Defense Fund

Sweetness, you need to tell me where I need to go be with you, or you need to recruit more help. My father keeps me broke to make sure I cannot be with you; I need to know exactly where to be (preferable in Iowa) at exactly what time if need to meet you. However, how much do you want to bet troops would face a court marshal in a heartbeat if it meant they could get me into your arms? We have more allies than you realize. Just ask around for help.

My beautiful world, please take care of everything my Sweetness needs. Helping him helps me. Let us all get this bubble burst already!

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