Thursday, June 9, 2011


I hate saying this. I love the sport of tennis so much... but do you think I could inspire a number of fans and professional tennis players to protest Wimbledon with me? Invent injuries. Take college courses. Do anything you have to do to be able to protest Wimbledon until my torturers are convicted. Do I get to ask you for solidarity?

If the (supposed) medical community is not held accountable for all of the atrocities they commit against me, the atrocities will never end. I just had a run in with another doctor in Iowa, Dr. James Dennert with Mercy Hospital, a few moments ago who tried convincing me that believing there is spy equipment in my head is a psychotic symptom. He then recommended the same injection torture they used on me in Liverpool... despite the fact he knows I have no symptoms.

They comply here. I am not safe here. Hold them accountable, and get me out. Tear every last quack to shreds, and get me to safety.

I need actual and appropriate care for my actual problems. As long as they comply with Obama the Asshole, they will only torture me instead of offering me care as the torture survivor I actually am.

If needs be, ask the military for help carrying me to safety. The (supposed) medical community here cannot be trusted. The Polk County District Court is corrupt. My father is still running rampant. THIS NEEDS TO END!!!

Did any place volunteer to refuse to comply yet, so I can live there and have safety? There must be people in this world somewhere that actually want me to live among them. There must be people somewhere who care.

There must also be some way to get me there. I really want to make Obama the Terrorist have to swallow a military rescue. My darling US Armed Forces, how do you feel about that? Are you willing to be my hero? I really really really need your help. Do I get to ask you for help?

Sweetness, when I am done crying, I am going to write and mail you a letter today. How was your birthday? It broke my heart that I had to miss it. Please find me a trustworthy doctor or two that I can see when I get out of here. They cannot all be quacks, can they?

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