Sunday, June 5, 2011

Remembering the Torture Facility... and Other Legal Odds and Ends

Now, you have seen me in the torture facility in Liverpool, and you have seen me in the hospital in Mason City. Both places claimed to be psych wards, but I behaved so differently when you saw me in each. "Why is this?" you wonder. Well, let me tell you. That is because one of the places was a torture facility, and only the other one was a hospital.

My first night in the torture facility in Liverpool I was attacked in my sleep. Do you know that part of a woman's body between the vagina and the back door? We call it the lady taint. Well, when I woke up my first morning in that torture facility, my lady taint was badly bruised.

As we all know from watching me sleep so many times, I do not attack myself in my sleep. When I wake up bruised and battered, it is because someone else attacked me. They tortured me from the moment I arrived at that supposed hospital in Liverpool to the night I left.

If you throw in all of the medical malpractice involved in broadcasting the activities of a person while she is in a supposed hospital, in all of the slander and libel that their media forced me to endure while they refused to let me out, and in the way Dr. Helen Reynolds and every last member of the nursing staff treated me (except for Vinnie and Damien), it is a wonder that I am sane. Luckily, though, I am completely sane... and always have been.

I love and adore the game of tennis, but I will be protesting Wimbledon this year unless my torturers are convicted (for torture) in time for it to begin. Yes, the British are also guilty of malpractice, medical fraud, violation of privacy rights, libel, slander, slavery, trafficking, and sexual harassment, but I need them convicted of torture for me to stop protesting Wimbledon.

Yes, my team of lawyers I have never met, have at'em! While you are at it, also level every criminal and civil charge you can think of on my evil dad who breaks laws to be able to hurt me, the Polk County District Court that listens to my dad, the federal government that refuses to protect me, any provable conspirators of Obama the Oppressor, any one else you can think of, and especially every doctor that has touched me these last two years except for Dr. Kaminsky who removed the chip from the tip of my nose and Dr. Brockway who never once medically treated me like I was insane. Both doctors happen to be in San Francisco.

That means you need to press charges against Dr. Marian Thompson at Fairview Hospital in Minneapolis where they put the spy equipment in my head and never told me about it, Dr. Karen Khoo in San Francisco who refused to acknowledge the spy equipment she saw with her own eyes in my head after I complained it was there, Dr. Helen Reynolds who tortured me in the UK, Dr. James Dennert at Mercy Franklin in Des Moines who put me in a hospital and medicated me for no reason right after I returned to Iowa this last December, and Dr. Rogerio Ramos who medicated me and gave me a false diagnosis in Mason City just a few weeks ago. Dr. Helen Reynolds was the worst.

If we do not hold them accountable for their actions, the medical malpractice will just continue.

Sweetness, with all my being, I wait for you. I know how busy I keep you.

If you break my dad, a lot gets taken care of in such a relatively tiny amount of time. He also stole my passport, which I believe is a federal crime; he did not uphold his end of our agreement under which I gave it to him, and he refuses to return it. Please talk to 'Dabs in San Francisco if you need a copy of my voter registration to prove my father perjured himself. You should still have a copy of my asylum-seeker ID from the UK; I sent you a copy while I was still held in the torture facility. Either is enough to prove I was not under the jurisdiction of the Polk County District Court in August 2010 and that my father lied to the courts when he said I was.

My heart is yours and yours alone. Thank you for keeping me alive these past couple of years, and I cannot wait for the day we finally meet. We have our whole future together to celebrate.

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