Friday, June 24, 2011

Violence in the World

I heard a little rumor that women are trying to honor me by looking like me. I hate telling people what to do unless they ask, but if you really want to flatter me, try acting and behaving like me instead. I have always said that people should be their natural, beautiful selves. This is the beginning of being like me.

We all know what justice looks like... But it leaves us wondering sometimes if justice is enough. I consider it a starting point.

I am not a vengeful woman. Justice lets people start to heal. Vengeance perpetuates the wrongdoing. It is what the victims do with their lives after obtaining justice that says so much. We need to help survivors of atrocities flourish and blossom again. It is the only way to prove we are better than the violence.

A major part of preventing human rights violations is the freedom of the press. It creates an open and honest discussion of the truth in a public forum. Only by learning from past atrocities can we prevent them in the future.

Still on the topic of world news, war, and violence, I think that as long as the "drawdown" (Is that a word?) out of Afghanistan happens, the military should decide HOW it happens. I think Obama the Sociopath has been listening to the wrong set of experts... and we all know he does not do his own thinking. This decision of his is an example of his campaigning not his leading.

I know it will take time, but human rights organizations like the United Nations need to find ways to help populations in need that do not involve sending in armed forces and rewarding violence with violence. Sending humanitarian aid to help the masses suffering amidst the violence or in refugee camps would really go a long way. We should be empowering the rebels to form and support a new democratic government independent of the dictators, not humoring the dictators' preference for violence.

Were you following CNN today? It looks like it is time to enable the Libyan people to run their nation without Ghadaffi. If Obama the Terrorist or NATO needs help or advice from me on how to do this, they are going to need to burst the bubble to be able to ask me. It is time to end the military engagement and bring in something that will actually work.

I constantly hear that my freedom is imminent, but until it finally comes, keep raging, my beautiful world. Keep walking the path of the peaceful warrior. Do not give up the fight until we ALL have our full human rights, again.

Sweetness, I keep hearing rumors. Are you on your way again? Yes, I will wear my contacts until I feel I will be safe. Yes, Iowa ticked me off by carding me last night, but it is up to all of you whether or not charges get pressed. I mailed you a letter yesterday. You can expect it Monday. I love you, and I wait for you...

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