Friday, June 10, 2011

Iowa is the One in the Bubble.

There seems to be big news coming out of England. I just wish I could hear what it is. I knew the Brits would come around. I have faith that people will do the right thing if they can just get to the truth.

If you look at the political activity of the major Republican candidates, none of them are investing in Iowa. Newt does not plan on being around, and Mitt will not participate in the Straw Poll. This is because Iowa complies with Obama the Oppressor's rules. If Iowa wants to be taken seriously by anyone over anything, Iowa needs to refuse to comply.

Look at how much harm you do to me by complying. You actually choose to follow rules that only exist in order to hurt. Iowa, which one of us is in the bubble? You are choosing to be ignorant and cruel. You are hurting yourself more than you are hurting me, and we have all seen how much you are going out of your way to hurt me by complying with those rules.

Refuse to comply, Iowa. Save yourself.

Dr. James Dennert in the Mercy system claims there is no spy equipment in my head and uses my knowledge of the metal objects in my nose, ears, and eyes to claim I have psychotic symptoms. He also claims there has never been anything wrong with the water, and that Johnny Depp has no idea who I am. He wants to use injection torture on me because of these "symptoms." Yet, he refuses to humor me with an MRI to look for a brain tumor... a well-known possible cause of psychotic symptoms. If he really wants to claim there is no spy equipment in my head, he would order an MRI for me. He is nothing but medical malpractice.

I am not safe in Iowa as long as the people here comply with these rules; these rules are built only to harm. We need to hold everyone accountable for the harm they cause me, or it will never end. If I have to press charges against the state of Iowa for complying with the rules, I will.

Refuse to comply, Iowa. It is the right thing to do.

Meanwhile, we have a warmonger running the Pentagon, again. Panetta is using the same old lies they always tell about having to build permanent bases and kill troops because of "terrorist activity." The only thing that has worked to stop terrorists was a single SEAL team one-night hit. It has been well established for over a decade now that permanent ground troops do not stop terrorists; they only aggravate them.

The Pentagon is mongering for WW3 now that it has changed hands. Find who is pulling Panetta's strings and call out the conspiracy. I highly suspect people like defense contractors who make huge amounts of money off of killing troops and waging war. Remove them from power to end this end prevent WW3.

I clearly care about all of this world. May I ask all of my beautiful world for help? Please put international pressure on Iowa to convince them to refuse to comply as soon as humanly possible. As a bare minimum, I need my rescue effort to be able to safely make in here to get me no later than tomorrow... preferably tonight.

My beautiful world, the time is now. Push on Iowa until the bubble pops open. We have a thirty-six hour limit before Iowa irreparably harms itself with its insistence on complying.

I need to be able to help humanity through Global Climate Change... through the flooding, through the tornadoes, through the droughts, through the fires... No one else is willing to do anything. The only person who can help is me, so you cannot leave me in this bubble any longer. We have reached crisis mode. Do not allow Iowa or Obama the Terrorist stop me from helping this beautiful world. You need me. You need me to be free.

Sweetness, it will work. Push on Iowa until you can safely come in and get me. Start with the police and local law enforcement. I have always been able to count on them, and they want to do what is right for the world and Iowa. It is their job to properly serve the public. They do not want to see Iowa go under due to its own neglect. I love you thoroughly. The new letter is not yet in the mail; I was a mess all day yesterday do to public compliance.

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