Sunday, June 12, 2011

Iowa Saved Itself.

I asked my beautiful world for their opinion, and they say Iowa is doing everything it can to help. Yes, Iowa then did save itself. This is good news indeed.

However, I still live in a breathing human rights violation driven by other people's deep corruption and persecution of me. The trouble seems to be the Feds who enforce the bubble. We need to turn the Feds around the same way we turned Iowa around.

This will not be as easy as it sounds. The Feds are invested in enforcing the bubble until they can find a way out other than being held accountable for their offenses. They have absolutely no interest in ever treating me as a human who deserves her human rights. They want me to carry this persecution until they can find a way to kill me. Throwing me away was the only exit strategy they ever had.

As evidence, look at everything they have enforced I endure with no recourse for safety or justice. It is the Feds REAL job to keep me safe and enforce I have my full human rights... They refuse to do that and only persecute me instead.

The best things to do are...
1.) holding the guilty accountable in order to take away their power to keep oppressing all of America with rules and persecuting me with their corruption,
2.) empowering all of the world to stand up to them and defy their enforcement of these human rights violations,
3.) continuing to constantly try new things to carry me to safety and physical security (and the arms of my loving Sweetness),
4.) developing the means of discussion and communication that they try so hard to deny all of us to ensure that the truth gets around, that the situation gets fully mentally explored, and that their lies get countered,
5.) maintaining all we have gained so far while doing all we can to save more people by inspiring them to stand up and just take back their human rights. The general public in Iowa is finally just doing what they want. They should be rewarded for it, and they should make progress towards reclaiming their freedom of the press. Excelsior, people... onward and upward. There can be no going backwards, now.

My parents have been in weak moods lately, and dad told me he is being arraigned. Why does he get to break the rules when nobody else does? Please tell whoever is bringing the justice (and I think I know who is bringing the charges and who is enforcing the charges that are brought) my biggest "Thank you" and to keep up the good work.

Now that Iowa has saved itself and is actively doing good in the world, a run across the border is pointless. Assuming that my father is stopped and that all of the medical malpractice ends, Iowa will be a safe place for me. We need to get Sweetness into my bubble. And we need to do what we can to stop the Feds' illegal rules, so I can have my freedom.

Thank you for everything, my beautiful world. Please keep up all of the good, hard work you do. Look at all of the good you have created in this world. I thank you with all my being.

Sweetness, how far away are you? You will be safe here if we can get you in here. If the only way for this to happen is for me to drive out and pick you up, I will need to know exactly where to find you. Don't you dare let go of me now.

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