Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Yeesh! I am in a Bad Mood Today.

It is not over until I get freedom.

I deserve a better life than living penniless in a house I moved out of when I was seventeen and with spy equipment in my head against my will. This life I lead because of the persecution Obama the Asshole enforces against me is intolerable. And my parents refuse to do anything but break the law in order to keep me miserable, imprisoned, and enslaved.

Exactly how am I supposed to heal from this persecution while the persecution is still being waged against me, while I am surrounded by parents who labor to make sure I never see freedom, and while it is mandatory that I see doctors who will only exercise malpractice in order to serve an agenda of injustice?

The doctors tell me that my knowing the truth of this situation I live in right now is really just a bunch of symptoms they need to medicate out of me.

The quack Dennert even threatened me with injections in order to control me. It feels like they are using their malpractice to try and shut me up from constantly demanding truth be spread and justice be served here in my blog which they call "evidence I am delusional."

Medical malpractice is also something they are trying to use to justify their campaign of lies against me by keeping me illegally misdiagnosed as a "paranoid schizophrenic." It is their enforcement of that very misdiagnosis that is the reason I have PTSD for real, now... and they refuse to treat the PTSD.

What I actually need is a chance to heal. I need be surrounded by people that love and support me and that take the time to understand who I am and what I do in this world. I need a doctor to acknowledge I have PTSD from being in a torture facility in Liverpool for seven months and to work with me to treat it.

My beautiful world, please find a way to SET ME FREE! I will not have the freedom to cheer up until I am completely free again... and all of this enforced suffering is killing me. I feel myself becoming less perfect every day I live in this hell.

Sweetness, please pursue justice anywhere you damn well please until you are happy and satisfied. There have been so many people all over this planet who have wronged me, and demanding justice serves everyone in this world who loves me. Who am I without the people who love me? As the song goes,...

"I want your lovin', and I want your revenge. You and me could write a bad romance..." --Lady Gaga

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